The Sapiential Album (Vol 1)

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Sami Yusuf’s ‘The Sapiential Album’ dives deep into the world waiting just beyond the superficiality of daily life. Lyrics in this collection come from contemporary songwriters and poets as well as from mystics of centuries past whose words burn even brighter today. Each song tells a story of a step taken on the path to the wisdom, love and compassion that’s the destiny of us all. 

‘The Sapiential Album’ includes new releases ‘ONE’ and ‘The 99 Names’ as well as ‘Light Upon Light’ with A.R. Rahman. The artist is launching a new, previously unreleased, single in this album: ‘Come See / Ben Yürürüm Yane Yane’ recorded live at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music.

The Sapiential Album:

- One (00:00)

- Ateshgah (10:20)

- Nasimi (Live) (13:11)

- The Centre (20:06)

- Pearl (23:32)

- Cadence (27:55)

- Al Faqir (32:06)

- Let Us Not Forget (36:50)

- Circle (40:19)

- Prism (43:14)

- Light Upon Light (46:54)

- Lament (52:03)

- Come See (55:58)

- Meditation (Live) (01:02:53)

- Khorasan (01:09:08)

- Healing (01:13:09)

- The Key (01:16:55)

- The 99 Names (01:20:40)

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  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Videos  Values: Compassion, Love, Wisdom  Channel: Nasheed
Views: 2492

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