It is in the Heart, not in the Money

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The way people relate to wealth influences most aspects of their personal lives. For many people, where there is wealth there is attention.

If you became wealthy overnight...

- What will the first thing you would do?

- Is charity one of your primary focuses?

- How much more charity will you give? ... and what is your proof?

Biblical text encourages each person to give in proportion to the way God has blessed them [Deuteronomy 16:17] Many believe that the more they have, the more generous they'll become; but is that really the case. To become more generous, you have to have a spirit of generosity in the first place.

It's Not really about the Money, It's actually about the Heart

Real generosity is not dependant so much on income as it is on the capacity of the heart. There are many who have the means to give, but not the heart to give. And there are many, who, the more they have the less they give. Henry Ward Beecher warned; "watch, lest prosperity destroy generosity".

Father, Unlike Son

In the 1950s J.P. Getty was the richest man in world. He is known to have disliked the attention his wealth brought, but not because of his humility but because of people's request for donations, he "despised passive acceptance of money"; had a pay-phone installed in his house for guests; delayed ransom for his grandson's kidnapping for 6 months and only paid a fraction of the ransom after his grandson's ear was cut off and sent to him.

J.P. Getty Jr. inherited relatively a small part of his father's estate yet gave millions in charity saying, "I am privileged to be the heir to huge wealth and I regard myself as custodian of that money for the benefit of people who need it more than I do."

Even when you do give of your material wealth, do not give merely from the top of your wallet, but rather give from the bottom of your heart. Also, it is not material help only. Whatever one can do to enhance the situation of others is considered generosity. Prophet Muhammad said; "There is charity due on every part of the body every day." He went on to say: " to bring justice between people is charity, to help a person with transport and helping with baggage is charity, a good, kind word is charity, every step towards prayer is charity, removing harmful things from the way is charity and giving water to the thirsty is charity. A person's true wealth lies in the good they accrue for the Hereafter through good deeds in this world. When a person dies people say 'what has he left behind?' while angels say 'what has he sent forth?' "

To give of your self is the best kind of giving. Prophet Muhammad said: "When you give of yourself then you truly are a Believer".

The great Lebanese poet and writer Khalil Gibran echoed the same sentiments when he said: "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."

So, if you genuinely desire to become a generous person, don't wait for your income to change; change the attitude of your heart.


As for those who are stingy due to fear that generosity will deplete their wealth, Prophet Muhammad said: A person says, " 'this is my wealth, my things' but all that he really has is three; What he consumes and digests, what he wears and wears out, or what he gives in charity and it continues to benefit; The rest you leave behind when you depart from this world."

Martin Luther King Jr. said: "Every person must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness."

Note that the stingy person is far from people, far from Allah, far from paradise and closer to the fire of Hell. (Prophet Muhammad )

Positive Aspects of Giving

- The Company of the generous is delightful. The generous focus on other than themselves, and their generosity not only makes them likeable but also makes the world a happier and better place.

- Life should not really be about how much money we accrue, but rather how many people we serve; because the greater your giving, the greater your living. Giving does not devalue your worth and the Prophet said that "charity does not decrease wealth". Remember, we are here to enrich the world, and if we ever forget that we impoverish ourselves.

- In helping others we enhance ourselves, for when you light another's path you can't help but cast light on your own path. Realize that no one stands taller in success than the one who bends down to help those in need. We become enriched by enriching the lives of others. The Prophet said that a Believer feels good doing good. So do not do good merely to feel good, but rather feel good doing good.

- In a humorous incident, a beggar asked a woman for money and she said; "I'll give you a dollar, not because you deserve it but because it pleases me". So the beggar said; "Thanks Maam, why don't you give me $100 and you could feel really, really good about it."

- By living a life that is helpful, one's life becomes significant. "Life's most persistent and urgent question is ... What are we doing for others?" (civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr.) How we answer that question is in a way a good measure of our spirit of generosity.

Spirit of Generosity

Characteristic of a true Believer: When asked about the characteristics of a Believer, Imam Zainul 'Abideen said: "Righteousness in privacy, generosity even when needy, patience during misfortunes, sense of control when angry and truthfulness even when fearful."

Kindness: Giving requires compassion, mercy, and love. Each person should give what he has decided in his heart to give; not reluctantly nor under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. [2 Corinthians 9:7]

Selflessness: Eventually, what we do for ourselves alone dies with us, but what we do for others outlives us. Wise are the words that reminds us:

He who lives for himself, lives small, and dies small and will be forgotten,
And he who lives for others, lives big, and dies big and will be remembered

Our function in life is not merely to have and to hold, but to give and to serve, to get and not to forget. "The service we render to others is really the rent we pay for our room on this earth." (Dr Wilfred Grenfell) Prophet Muhammad said: "Allah is at the assistance of a person as long as that person is of help to another."

Remember the promise, people will enter Paradise; by the Mercy of Allah, through the generosity of their spirits and the soundness of their hearts. (Prophet Muhammad )

O Allah! I seek refuge in Thee from anxiety, grief, incapacity, laziness, stinginess, cowardice; from the burden of debt and from the domination of people. (Prayer of Prophet Muhammad )

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  Topics: Heart, Money, Ramadan, Sadaqah, Zakat  Values: Charity, Compassion, Humility, Mercy  Channel: Ramadan - Day 19
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Yes ,very nice article ,now a day,s ,I am surprised, no one talking, to each other,I
think ,ego problem,s,we ourself making our life difficult,at least,what we can do talk to
each other,share the problem,s.If we can do something o.k. But if you share half of
the problem is solved,you will feel yourself very , very happy,and if you will pray,as
much as possible,and try to control your anger ,you are controlling your high blood
pressure .Try as much as possible not to critise all the time,just encourage ,on good
act of every one,don't think all the time about yourself.Think about other,s.your,s
problems,will be solved, try then write to,me,on,[email protected].

this is really an inspiring article,much concerned about giving charity in the way of Almighty which most people have forgotten.


The Sage Hatem Asem said hastiness comes from Shaitan (Devil)
except in five cases i.e to give food to a guest,to bury the
dead,to give a grown up daughter in marriage,to clear off debt
and to repent for a sin.According to Imam Ghazali there are six
rules of entertainment of guests:They are to invite,to accept
the invitation,to attend the invitation,to present food,take
meal and then to depart. The Prophet said don't take trouble for
a guest,lest you think bad of him.HE who thinks bad of a
guest,thinks bad of God and God also thinks bad of him.The
Prophet once passed by an owner of many camels and cattle who
did not entertain him.A woman who had some goats only
entertained him by sacrificing a goat.At this the Prophet said :
Look at these two persons and (their) conduct is in the hand of
God.He gives it to whom He is pleased with.The Prophet was once
asked what is Faith? He replied: Not to be miserly in giving
food and tendering Salam.Giving food and praying at night when
people remain asleep expiate sins and increase rank.Rasulullah
was asked about the Hajj Mabrur ( An accepted Hajj)he said
Giving food and talking sweet words. Therefore as the title says
It is in the heart not in the money is exactly.We can either
chose to be generous or miserly all depends on our intention
created by the heart through the natural intuition created by us
.May Allah make us generous not miserly as generous person is
closer to paradise and closer to people while the miserly is
closer to hell and away from people.

nice article may Allah (S.W.T) guide and bless you all over there(ameen) mashaAllah

This is an article one should read at least once a day to remind oneself of Allah's mercy and His blessings upon us.

Very nice and practical article. Good job sir. May Allah reward you for enlightening us with this invaluable knowledge.


Allah hafiz.

MashAllah, this is truely a wonderfull artical. barak Allah feek brother in islam for this reminder. May He reward you for every letter written.Ameen.
hiyyak Allah

i was looking for islamic wewb sites during holy month of ramadan.on search i found islamic city .com. i found this website very useful while internet world is crowded by funny websites .iam posite muslims aal over world learn more about islam specially young generation.may allah almighty help us to be true muslims.

They prefer others even though poverty is their lot.That was the qualities of the Companions of the prophet described in the Quran which unfortunately now a days we don't have such qualities.The Sahaba used to sacrifice their needs to fulfil the desires of their brothers and sisters what we are expected to do is at least to sacrifice our desires to fulfil the needs of our brothers and sisters.Non of you can be a true believer unless he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.Therefore it means we still far away from the reality as we have no real Iman,as Allah described the villagers who said we believe but Allah replied don't say You believe but just say you submit ie become Muslims.Iman has not yet entered your heart.The stories of the companions are all there as lessons for the Ummah so we must strive to attain the real Iman and make effort to keep this Iman alive especially in this blessed Month of Ramadan.Rasulullah used to be more generous and he encouraged others to show generosity as Allah has commanded in His Book "Coperate in righteousness and piety and don't coperate in sin.." So may Allah in His infinite Mercy soften our hearts and reward the brother who has written the Article and the Islamicity drawn our attention towards it.So continue to do these sort of goodness.Wa jazakumullahu khairan.

The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) Said : " ALLAH does not look at your body and face; rather, HE looks at your heart." ( Related by Muslim).

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) narrated: Once a man complained to the Prophet (pbuh) about the hardness of his heart, and the Prophet(pbuh) said to him; " Put your hand over the heads of the orphans and give food to the poor". (Related by Ahmed). This Hadith commands us to be kind to the orphans and take care of the basic needs of the poor.
As narrated by Anas Ibn Malik (May Allah be pleased with him). The Prophet (pbuh) Said : " The son of Adam grows old, but two things remain young in him- greed for wealth, and hope for a longer life." ( Bukhari and Muslim)

Thanks a great deal brother, Sadullah Khan for this very good piece. There are so many people on ALLAH`s Earth who are very generous, who would give what ever they can, but sadly, they are poor; and there are those upon whom ALLAH has bestowed wealth but are close-fisted/stingy and If they ever happen to give, they give it for show off or to get fame. it is the willingness to give that paramountly counts and is of a tremendous importance, as there are those who are willing to give but unfortunately lack the means to do so. You put it very correctly when you`ve germanely quoted the Prophet`s noble words of "......Giving yourself of....". ALLAH is exceedingly Merciful and Compassionate that HE looks to people`s hearts and not to their wealth, body or the things they have. Most certainly, this makes those who give because they have the means to do so and those who want to give but they lack the means to do such a thing, Equal in the sight of ALLAH; as ALLAH knows best that they would give If they had the means. ALLAH is the best of Judges, HIS justice is exceedingly unparalleled and perfect

Loved your article...cant wait every morning to read your articles specially abt Islam and Prophet Muhammad (SAW)teachings...thru this I am able to educate my self and my family and especially in these days when we have to educate ourselves and others that Islam is peaceful religion. We have to stop beating our chest everytime we kill innocent people and realize that we will not be forgiven and by writing these articles I beleive you are doing your share of generosity.

My Mother (May Allah Grant her Jannatul Firdous) did not have much in her life, while her brothers and sisters had very affluent lives. In the country my parents lived in there is lots of poverty and lots of beggars. Someone could easily get annoyed by the constants knocking on the door, My Mother, though, could never turn a begger away from the door, even if she gave only a sandwich. When she passed away, there were many people at her funeral. My one uncle was so surprised by that because he thought, her being not rich, would make poeple not care or know her. But my mom had a generous heart and when she passed away her good deeds remained behind in the hearts of those whom she had given to and their duah was more valuable than anything else to her. When we die people will not remember us by how much money we had or the big house we lived in or the fancy car, but by our charity.

may allah reward you for the wisdom, muslims should give more to the needy to make the world better, and to get reward in here and hereafter, remember this wisdom reminds us the zakat,

This is the best article I have read in a very long time and it really touches my heart. This I believe is the true spirit of Islam and the essence of fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan. Thank you for an article well written.