Laylat al Qadr: Transform Lives via Knowledge

Laylat al Qadr, or the Night of Power, have you ever wondered where its power comes from?

Meccan society before prophethood was a city where the religio-economic system exploited the masses in order to maintain wealth and power of the elite. Recklessness, arrogance, and egotism were the order of the day, and a supereminence in wealth instead of honor. The night of power was when the Quran was first revealed for the prophet (pbuh). It marked the change from his mere reflections on the ills of a society to his ACTIVE effort to create social justice.

We can’t but draw parallelism to our times, where the middle class is marginalized, the poor are stuck in poverty, while the rich are amassing enormous wealth! Inadequate health care system is causing senseless death! Hatred to the point of dehumanising the other! Rampant pollution and environmental destruction jeopardizing our planet’s future! The night of power is a reminder that to be walking in the footsteps of the prophet PBUH is a duty to instill justice, kinship and benevolence in our society.

 “BEHOLD, God enjoins justice, and the doing of good, and generosity towards [one's] fellow-men; and He forbids all that is shameful and all that runs counter to reason, as well as envy; [and] He exhorts you [repeatedly] so that you might bear [all this] in mind. 16:90”

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Dr. Rami Doueiri received his masters from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in cancer biology, his PhD from the Ohio State University in molecular virology, and went to do a post-doctorate at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) developing HIV vaccines. He volunteers at IslamiCity's parent organization HADI since 2003. 

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HAJJ said:
Assalamualekum, MashaAllah the way you write is a joy to read. The Knowledge gained from this lot, InshaAllah I'll try to carry it with me forever.