A Woman Found a Quran in the Garbage, Then She Converted to Islam: Here’s Why

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One day, Barbara was walking down the street when something caught her eye. Among the discarded items in a trash can, she noticed a book. It was a copy of The Clear Quran®. Intrigued by this bizarre find, Barbara decided to take it home. Little did she know, this moment would change her life forever.

“Good morning, my name is Barbara. I found a book, The Clear Quran®, translated by Mustafa Khattab, and I have really enjoyed - I’m still reading it because I found it a couple weeks ago, and I cannot tell you where I found it because you will be very sad,” Barbara said.

Barbara’s initial curiosity led her to open The Clear Quran® and begin reading. She was immediately struck by its words, its teachings, and the complete peace she felt within herself. She connected with those blessed words in a way that she had never connected with a religious text before.

She said, “I really enjoy reading the Quran. I am a Christian, but this enlightened me more than anything in any religion.”

This curiosity then quickly fueled her deep interest to learn more about Islam. She began to research more about the religion, and never felt more sure about anything in her life than to take that next step of converting to Islam. In the back pages of The Clear Quran®, she found a number that could put her in touch with a trusted individual who would help her take this step.

According to Ahmed Abouhaiba, the Development Manager of Furqaan Project, he says that on their phone call, Barbara admitted she could not stop reading The Clear Quran® until “she finished 20 pages. 20 pages was enough for her to call me and ask more about Islam.”

At the age of 83, Barbara took the Shahada and found the path of Allah (SWT). “But what was more amazing for me [was] that that person who threw the Quran, somewhere he thinks that he insulted the Quran. Somewhere he thinks that he can fight the word of God. He didn’t know that that specific action, that specific copy that you threw in the garbage, will be the main reason for someone to find the road to Allah,” said Abouhaiba.

Barbara’s story clearly illustrates the impact that Dawah and Quran distribution can have on individuals. Imagine if that Quran had not been there for Barbara to find. Her life-changing journey might never have begun. This underscores the critical importance of ensuring that the Quran reaches as many hands and hearts as possible. Each distributed Quran has the potential to transform lives, ignite curiosity, and lead to a deeper understanding of Islam.

Dawah, the act of inviting others to understand Islam, is not just a recommended act; it is a necessity. Every day, countless people like Barbara are searching for meaning and truth. When you participate in acts like Dawah and contribute in the efforts of Quran distribution, we provide them the best resource that contains the best answers and lessons to connect with Allah (SWT).

The fact that a copy of The Clear Quran® was found discarded in the garbage is a stark and shocking reminder of the ignorance and misconceptions that have festered for far too long in people’s minds. This is not just a mere oversight; it is a blatant disrespect towards a text that holds the answers and guidance so many are desperately searching for.

We cannot idly stand by while such acts of disrespect to the Quran persist. It is imperative that we ramp up our efforts in distributing more copies of The Clear Quran®, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to understand the truth about Islam. By doing so, we can confront and dispel the baseless hatred and misinformation that has poisoned perceptions for too long, providing clarity and enlightenment to those who need it most.

Barbara’s story is not just an isolated incident; it is a powerful testament to the broader global efforts to combat Islamophobia and promote religious understanding. In a world where misinformation and prejudice about Islam are rampant, the need for accurate information and genuine connection has never been greater.

This is where the importance of Quran distribution comes into play. By putting the Quran in the hands of those who are searching for answers, we break down barriers of ignorance and build bridges of understanding.

Furqaan Project is at the forefront of this critical mission, tirelessly working to ensure that the transformative words of the Quran reach as many people as possible. But we cannot do this alone. We urgently need your support.

Donate to Furqaan Project today and be a part of the movement to dispel hatred, foster enlightenment, and spread the truth about Islam. Every contribution counts and has the power to change lives, just like Barbara’s. Act now and make a difference.

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