Hajj: The Last Message

Muslim pilgrims cast stones at a pillar, symbolizing the stoning of Satan, in a ritual called "Jamarat," the last rite of the annual hajj, in Mina near the holy city of Mecca (photo: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar - 6 November 2011).

The actions of Hajj transmit the message that the Qur’an relates in words. Before the completion of Hajj, it is recommended that you read the whole Qur’an at least once and learn a lesson from its final chapter. Why the final chapter?

The last words of the final chapter of the Qur’an warn of a DANGER while the last action of Hajj is the STONING! At the end of Hajj, you are to "stone the three idols" while the end of Qur’an "denies the three powers". In the last part of Hajj, a Muslim is warned of a "danger" and in the last chapter of the Qur’an, he is warned of a "mischief".

Surprisingly, the Qur’an comes to an end but the mischief will not; the prophecy ends but the danger still exists! The last two chapters of the Qur’an speak of "seeking refuge from mischief" and also warn Muhammad (S) the last prophet of monotheism who completed the prophecy of Ibrahim. And, the last two days of Hajj are to be spent in Mina where one must struggle and where Allah warns Ibrahim, the man who started this prophecy.

And you, Oh follower of Muhammad (S) and Ibrahim's tradition, you are to understand the "codes" and not only to follow the acts. Where are you going after Mina? Oh Hajj, before we leave Mina for our homes, let us sit down and read the last two chapters of the Qur’an to discover what danger our victorious prophet was cautioned about. Let us listen to these revelations to know from what Allah told his beloved messenger to seek refuge:

Say (Oh Muhammad), I seek refuge in the Lord of dawn. From the mischief (evil) of that which he created. From the evil of darkness when it is tense. From the evil of malignant witchcraft. And from the evil of the envier when he envieth. Quran 113

Here Allah refers to the foreigners and foreign enemies who are strangers to you and your country. You must fight them!

As in a dark night in which everything is obscured, the darkness of evil and ignorance covers the valley of Mina and the vision of Arafat. The insight of Mashar and the ideal faith of Mina are all lost in the dark! As a result, you are in Mina but you cannot see nor realize important matters. You have love but do not know for whom! You have faith but do not know in whom! And, you will sacrifice your "son" not for the sake of God but before Satan! Darkness is everywhere! You shoot not at Satan but at the angels! You sacrifice man not the sheep! You perform the Sa'y not willingly, but in response to the pull of the enemy's bridle! You begin circumambulation not by having Allah in your intention, but as if it is a dance to the ring of Nimrod.

Oppression is everywhere! There are secret as well as obvious plots by clever politicians, brain-washer and hooligans gossiping to cause disunity and animosity and to create the "uprising fists" from the "up tiding hands". They conspire to alter the ties whereby your brother becomes your enemy or your enemy pretends to be your brother, to break all relationships, to paralyze all decisions, to weaken your faith, to cause sectarianism in religion and to promote disunity within the community.

This is done so that each sect can be easily manipulated by the imperialists and their agents finally, the jealous ones must be considered. Such a person is not one who is sick and keeps his jealousy in his heart but the envious one. He is neither a foreign oppressor who obviously acts by force not an agent who works secretly for his "boss" and for money. No! It is an acquaintance, a mate, a relative, a deceiver, a puppet that commits treachery and pretends to be your friend, a murderer who claims innocence, an unsuspected corruptor or an unintentional troublemaker who is motivated by the most incurable disease - jealousy. This complex shatters victorious revolutions, knocks down the freedom-fighters at the peak of their devotion and sacrifice and realizes the shedding of blood between friends.

Consequently, the righteous believer becomes a puppet of the non-believers. The non-believer performs this so intelligently that people are not aware of his plans. This is why you see the "oppressor's" dark tent at the top of Mina and the "agent's" ambush near it. But, what about the jealous one who is ill and does not seem to be the enemy? Although he may hate your enemy more than you, he is the puppet! So in terms of the evils, he is the last one and therefore the last idol to be shot on the first day. This is the hidden enemy of your faith and aspirations. Here again, the trinity exists.

Oppressor: The cruel oppressor (i.e. first idol) Agent: The agent who corrupts the morals and intelligence of people (i.e. second idol). Jealous One: The oppressor's spy, the agent's puppet and a friend in service of enemy (i.e. third idol)

However, it is not very difficult to defeat these evils. Wait for the first beams of the dawn which will overcome the darkness and illuminate the valley of Mina. They will ignite the enemy's tent and overthrow the darkness and ignorance. The agents who hid in the dark behind the rocks will be forced to flee. The complexes of jealousy will remain untouched but will be buried in the hearts of ill-friends!

As Imam Fakhr Razi noted, Sura Dawn points to one characteristic of God, while Sura People, points to three characteristics. This indicates a more serious danger which seems to be more difficult to get rid of it. In Sura 113 (Dawn) Almighty God is called upon as the "God of dawn". This chapter describes the darkness and its power at the enemy of the sun; but by SUNRISE they will die. In Sura 114 (People), Almighty God is called upon as the "Lord" the "King" and the "Love"; these are the three powers or enemies of man who live among the people and claim to be their Lord.

Say I seek refuge of: Lord of the people, King of the people, God of the people or Love of the people. Quran 114:1-3

Sura Falaq (Dawn) refers to this world, the society, the power of darkness when it takes over, those who knowingly and secretly brain-wash people and the selfish treacherous ones. It speaks of three social disasters - darkness and injustice, corruption and straying, selfishness and treachery!

Who is sacrificed here?

Mankind, human society and revolutionary movements! Sura People speak of social systems, social structures and the governing power that makes decisions for the people. It refers to the existing relationship between the people and their lord or their god-father. It mentions the real evil, the usual enemy of the people.

And who is sacrificed here? Not the human being, not the human society but the "people themselves"!

Idols are created and worshipped. They claim God's special attributes and place themselves only in relationship to the Lord and the people NOT in relationship to the world or nature! Simple minded people are enslaved by them. In contrast to the opinion of some educated individualists who search for the truth by reading texts rather than facing the facts, monotheism and polytheism, are not two philosophical theories or disputes in the temple; they are live and productive facts in human nature and life. Monotheism and polytheism are in the heart of movements and socio-economic struggles of people of all times. In other words, polytheism is a faith as well as history's dominating faith. Yes, it is the opium of the people! On the other hand, monotheism which is the blood, arm, nature and guide of the people is history's condemned faith!

The biggest, worst and most discreet "tragedy of mankind", as yet not well understood by many intellectuals, is the "slavery of mankind by his only means of freedom" and the "torturing and killing of people by their only source of honorable living"! How? Through converting one faith into another (such as concealing polytheism behind the visage of monotheism)! This is demonstrated by the great hypocrites of history - Eblis disguised as a holy man; Tawheed in the service of Shirk!

Shirk, the faith of the Godfathers who represent Satan!, and the mischievous Khannas; the enemy of people! Therefore, the word "people" is repeated several times in Sura People. Who are these godfathers that live among people and have such influential power? Who are the oppressors that rebel against God and disrespect human rights? Once again they are the three oppressors, the Trinity! They usurp the three positions that belong only to God and are described in Sura Nas (People).

Monotheism: Unity of the attributes.


Disunity of the attributes; the Trinity; "Cain the murder" who appears in three faces and rules the children of Abel. (There is one Cain and Pharaoh, Croesus and Balam are his three faces. They are not three "persons" but three "faces”. Surprisingly, in all the Trinities of history, God is symbolized as "one" head that has "three" faces!)

Long ago, people lived as a brotherhood. Forests and rivers were their common wealth. They all had their share sitting at the free table of nature. Fishing and hunting was a means for acquiring food for survival. God was the only owner and all people were considered equal. People adhered to the morals of Abel and lived like him. But, later Cain became the farmer and claimed the land as his own, thereby restricting its use.

The unity was broken! Worshipping one God was replaced by worshipping many; Cain appeared with three faces and people worshipped him instead of God. An inauspicious triangle, the Trinity, is the graveyard of all the messengers, freedom-fighters and martyrs. It is an "ill-omened chain" which like the "chains of slavery" is used to enslave "the obedient of God" and make them "slaves of the rulers"! The Trinity is like a three way partnership in one company; one partner propagandizes, one robs your pocket and the third gets a share of the profits. The last one pretends to be a spiritual man and whispers so-called "heavenly words" in your ears:

Oh my brother, be patient! Leave this world to the worldly, people. Suffer in this world in order to go to heaven during the hereafter. Even if you die of hunger, have tolerance. Had the people concerned with this world only known the rewards in the hereafter for being poverty stricken and oppressed, they would have been envious of your future happiness!

Nothing can be done. What is happening to us is our predestined fate. The poor are born poor and lucky ones are born lucky. Any objection is an opposition to God's will, so be thankful for what you have. Leave your judgments to the hereafter. Be patient and don't complain about your poverty and oppression or you will lose the rewards in the hereafter.

Don't forget that complaining about people is like complaining about God. The right of justice belongs only to God and not to people, not in this world but in the hereafter. Any judgments are to be made only by God, therefore, be careful so that you do not feel shame on the Day of Judgment when you see God, the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful who forgives the oppressor whom you did not forgive in this world! Everyone is responsible for his own deed. In order to persuade people to do good and prohibit them from doing bad, you must be first righteous, knowledgeable and effective. However, do you think it is dangerous, then you are not obliged to do it.

So the three friends are close to each other. Cain who wears three masks is the eternal God of the Trinity. It does not matter if they act under the banner of Islam or are anti-Islamic, if they act under monotheism or poly theism. They are the ones who in the name of faith make the laws and constitutions to rule the people everywhere and always! The three oppressors are the three faces of Cain, the "owner" who killed his brother Abel, a shepherd and became the guardian of Abel's orphaned children. The murderer became the heir of the victims!

Surprisingly, all the Ibrahimian prophets who proclaim monotheism and justice, the true heirs of Abel during the first common period - were all shepherds! Our illiterate prophet Muhammad (S), the last in a series of these messengers, was a shepherd in Gararit.

There is no prophet who was not once a shepherd.

And it is the tradition of Cain, that his children, "Wolf", "Fox" and "Rat", have tried their best throughout history to herd the children of Abel (people) as sheep by means of oppression, brain-washing and despotism! This is why occasionally at different periods of time - instead of a philosopher, learned person or a chief of a center of civilization, educational institution, scientific society or religious temple - a shepherd or illiterate one from the heart of the desert suddenly arises and leaves his flock to become the leader and liberate the victims of Cain's power! They arise to use their sticks to knock on the heads of those who call themselves the "Lord of the earth". Here is how we realize the beauty of the meanings of Allah's words in the Holy Qur’an:

Certainly We sent Our messengers with clear arguments, and sent down with them the Book and the balance that men may conduct themselves with equity; and We have made the iron, wherein is great violence and advantages to men, and that Allah may know who helps Him and His messengers in the secret; surely Allah is Strong, Mighty. Quran 57:25

Hence, throughout history, whenever a messenger came forth from amongst the people to carry on his mission or when a responsible person supported the cause of justice and called upon the people to be united, to struggle for justice and to be aware of what was happening in their society, immediately the ruling powers would wholeheartedly attempt to assassinate that individual or his character. For one generation or more those same assassins would mourn the deceased, become heirs to his mission and assume his leadership.

Lo! Those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah and slay the prophets wrongfully and slay those of mankind who enjoin equity: announce to them a painful doom. Quran 3:21

However, if the prophet was victorious in the battle, the opposition temporarily ceased their efforts, changed their positions and masked their faces only to succeed him and inherit his book and sword a generation later.

- There is one Cain with three faces, seven colors, seventy masks, seven thousand names and seventy thousand tricks!

- There is one Cain who is the murderer and killed his brother!

- There is one Cain who is the owner and all the people are owned by him!

- There is one Cain who is the ruler and all the people are his servants.

- There is one Cain who made two enemies of two brothers!

- There is one Cain who changed two equals into unequals!

He divided mankind into two races, society into two classes, made history bi polar and converted the unity into a duality; The Qur’an uses the term despising to describe the act of making people weak and vulnerable.

- There is one Cain who acts (despises) from three bases by using his three children:

By force: Despotism, Politics, Pharaoh By blood-shed: Exploitation, Economics, Croesus By deception: Brain-washing, Faith, Balam.

It is one "ruling class" that has three faces (or powers). There is one Cain who converts the unity into a Trinity! He employs many approaches - openly or secretly, belief or disbelief, unity or trinity, anarchy or law, dictator ship or democracy, slavery or freedom, feudalism or bourgeoisies, faith or science, spiritualism or intellectualism, philosophy or Sufism, happiness or suffering, civilized or savage, regression or progression, idealism or materialism, Christianity or Islam, Sunnism or Shi'ahism! These faces go and return. You kick them out of your door but they enter through your window! For instance, slavery was opposed but the master became a Feudal Lord and the slave became a farmer. Feudalism was defeated by the success of a great revolution, but it became capitalism and the farmer became a factory worker.

With the help of Allah, Moses (as) drowned Pharaoh in the Nile, buried Croesus and used his stick to struggle with the magicians. Soon after, the Pharaoh who drowned in the Nile reappeared by coming out of the Jordan River. He called himself Sham'oon, the successor of Moses (as) and carried Moses' cane instead of a whip. Pharaoh’s magicians became the children of Aaron and the companions of Moses. They carried the Scripture instead of the magic ropes in their hands. Balam became the spiritual leader. Croesus, held the treasury and became the trustee of the nation of unity. All three (Pharaoh, Balam and Croesus) assisted each other in embezzling Palestine as the "promised land"; the old Egyptians are now called new Israelis.

Then, Jesus (as) appeared. He abrogated Judaism and overthrew the Roman Empire. However, Caesar changed his name to Pope, the Jewish rabbis were replaced by Christian monks, the old Roman gents became clergymen and Vatican cardinals, the palace was called the church and Jupiter assumed the name of Jesus (as).

Then Muhammad (S) came. Caesar and the Persian King were defeated, the priest and Mubed were rejected and Persian and Arab aristocrats were no longer recognized. But later, Caesar and the King were replaced by the Caliphs, the priest and Mubed became the Imam and Quzil and Zorastrian social classes (Dehganan, Aswaram, to Kmedaran, Aristocrats, feudal...) were called the companions, children of the Imam, the honorable, the nobles...The Roman Empire and Persian Kingdom changed their names to the Caliphate of God's messenger, massacres were labeled acts of Jihad, plunders were considered as Zakat and the suffering of people was viewed as the will of God.

The Prophet Muhammad's (S) family was killed, imprisoned or exiled. The right to continue his prophecy was disregarded. The family of Abu-Sufyan, and the Abbassians became his successors. Ali sincerely tried to follow and support the tradition of Muhammad (S).

He and his followers resisted the Caliphate for two hundred and fifty years but they were all martyred. Their devoted followers opposed the ignorant traditions and aristocracy of the Caliphs. They sacrificed their lives to overthrow the cruel and oppressive regimes. Imamate and Adalat (Justice), were chosen as the slogans of their party. Suddenly, the caliph became a Shi'ee and the Safavi King assumed the position of Shi'ah leadership. The Caliph's house became the King's palace and so on!

In Europe, the scientific revolution overcame the church. Science took the place of religion! The old theological schools were transformed into modern universities. The spiritual people were expelled to the corner of the temples by the scientists; Balam left the church and appeared at the university! The French Revolution eradicated feudalism but Croesus who was defeated in his village rushed to the city and established a bank! Although Pharoah was beheaded by the blade of a guillotine and buried in the Wersa Palace, by a democratic vote, he was resurrected and supported by Croesus' money and Balam's magic! DeGaulle came to power.

We will never get rid of our cousins, the children of Cain who always support each other. If you defeat one by seizing his arm, the second one will try to buy you with his money; if this fails, the third one will cheat you in the name of faith! If none of these methods succeed, they will try to achieve their ends by using science, art, philosophy or ideology. And, if one of these are effective, they will resort to mourning, crying, begging, praying or simply keeping your mind occupied so that you will not realize what is happening! They will make you believe that history is responsible for all the faults and hatreds which exist and that all the love belongs to the hereafter! If none of these approaches work, they turn you into a "crazy consumer" whereby you spend all your earnings in order to live luxuriously. As a result, you are constantly in debt and working all day for nothing.

Is this what is called "your living" - to work and overwork so that you have more "conveniences" and simultaneously kill yourself all day and night yet still feel lagging many years behind? All human values and freedoms are sacrificed for the sake of living luxuriously! The ease and comfort of life is sold to pay for the luxuries. All your life, you hurry and worry to the degree that you do not have time to stop and think; you do not even have a change to understand what is going on! And finally if none of these work, there is the propaganda of sex, jazz ... "getting high" on heroin, marijuana, LSD and a thousand other ways. Right or wrong, anyway will be employed to keep your mind occupied, to prevent you from thinking about the present and to push you astray with or without faith!

We are the "orphans" of history; that is, the poor and oppressed on this earth. We, the children of the martyred Abel, are the true believers in God. We are the children of Adam demonstrating high qualities, supporting brother hood, loving equality, representing the original pure nature of humanity and representing the true picture of monotheism, unity and peace ...! We are a memory of the era when there was only one community which ate at the common table of nature. But ... all of this was buried after our father, Abel, was martyred. Through trickery and treachery, his blood was shed. He became the innocent victim of capitalism (Cain's ownership)!

The desire to revenge him has always remained in our hearts as a hope and wish. Impatiently, we have waited to one day see a prophet who would help us with our cause! Monotheism is the torch of this hope and the signal of the prophecy which was carried on the shoulders of the shepherd throughout history.

They transferred this flag from hand to hand and from generation to generation. It went from Abel to Ibrahim, from Ibrahim to Muhammad, from Muhammad to Hussein and from him to everywhere and every day until the very last day, the day of judgment! It went to the world-wide revolution of justice, the leadership of the victims of oppression and the heirs of the poorest on earth! The flag is carried on hand to hand, drawing a "red line" on the earth! In contrast, the flag of the non-believers which signifies cruelty, ignorance and being blood-thirsty passes from hand to hand of the three false gods.

Belief or disbelief is not fanaticism or a lack of unity nor is it the simple imagination or dispute of a Sufi or philosopher. It is intended to guide mankind to the right path of maturity and evolution instead of being misled and going astray. The meanings of these two words are clear and the differences are as obvious as those between "justice" and "injustice". Any other description is wrong and false; it is intended to confuse and deceive us. Be careful not to be cheated by falsehood since throughout history which has been full of "hypocrisy", only "Cain's" children have had the right to speak of justice and faith; they could not even talk about their martyred father! In order to know the story of Abel and his children, listen only to the Holy Qur’an and NOT to those who want to speak for them.

Since some of Cain's descendants are commentators for the Qur’an, you should read the text itself and comprehend what it says because it is the only document which has been saved from their embezzlement. Listen to the Qur’an to learn the story of mankind and the meaning of the "prophecy".

Mankind was one common society, having the same equity. God sent the Messengers to warn those hypocrites who knowingly blocked justice and caused oppression. Quran 2:213

This was not done because of simple differences in opinion or being prejudiced; it was done intentionally and out of jealousy! Listen directly to the words of Allah who explains why He appointed the prophets and sent them to us.

Verily we sent our messengers with clear proofs and revealed with them the scripture and the balance so that mankind may observe right measures ... Quran 57:25

Search the Holy Qur’an again. You will be told in a simple and clear way not by philosophical theories, not in sophisticated language and not by the use of confusing scholastic theological terms. The Qur’an is written in such simple language that it is even understood by illiterate people.

Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of false gods. So, fight the Minions of the devil. Lo, the devils strategy is ever weak.  Quran 4:76

Fight the Minions (servants) of the devil? Yes, the false gods of Trinity!
- Oh you who love to help the cause of Almighty God,
- Oh you who protect yourself from the devil's constant attacks by your knowledge and awareness
- Oh you who resist the devil's magic and gimmicks by your righteousness
The enemy, like a spider, has spun a web whose texture is money and power in order to trap people and suck their blood. "Do not be afraid of dying and do not call off or delay the battle. Be righteous and you will not even face a trace of danger."

- Oh you who believe in monotheism and the responsibility of vengeance for Abel's blood-shed,
- Oh you who shoulder the responsibilities of the prophets - "the Book", "the Balance" and "the Iron".
- Oh you who are a "child of Adam",
- Oh you who are from amongst the people,
- Oh you who are an example of "ability", "freedom", and "intelligence ",
Seek refuge in Allah, "the Owner of mankind, the King of mankind and the Love of mankind!"
- Oh Hajj who has marched the red path of martyrdom by going from Arafat to Mina,
- Oh Hajj who has stepped on the grave of the last idol
- Oh Hajj who has ascended to the peak of freedom
- Oh Hajj who has conquered the land of Mina (your Mina),
- Oh follower of the tradition of Ibrahim (as) and Muhammad (S),

Be alert and very careful! You are in danger (the danger of Cain and the fear of the return of false gods)! The messenger is in danger! His message is in danger! Be careful of the danger of the idols. Seek refuge in "the Owner, the King and Love of the people". There are three idols that represent one evil, one Cain - so fear:

The evil of a sneaky whisperer, The one who whispers into the heart of mankind, The Jinn and mankind. Quran 114:4-6

What or who is the "Waswas" (whisperer)? The dictionary defines it as the one who whispers a rumor or hint; the state of melancholy which is a disease that disturbs the mind creates a feeling of uselessness in one's consciousness. What is suggested to you enters your subconscious; it appears to you and speaks to you. You can hear it but not with your ears! You can see it but not with your eyes! How is this whisperer who disturbs minds? He is a sneaky "Khannas". What is a "Khannas"? The dictionary defines it as whatever leads you astray, attracts you, absorbs you, follows you or cheats you. Even though you try to escape, it will persist after you. What does the "sneaky whisperer" do? It promotes temptation and inspires evil suggestions into your heart.

What is "Temptation"? The dictionary defines it as enticing someone to commit an unwise or immoral act; to cause a disease which disturbs one's wisdom and creates a state of deliriousness, perplexity and uselessness! What is the "sneaky whisperer" made of? It can be of a "Jinn" or mankind. What is a "Jinn"? It is a mysterious, invisible and inhuman power which handles mankind. How clearly it is defined, yet more clever and tragic today. Those three idols are hidden but visible. They go, change colors and return. They will be defeated and will rise again. Today capitalism and ruling colonialism are covered up by neo-colonialism. The three idols are involved in alienating and brain-washing mankind with the help of their experts and advanced technology.

As "Shandel" says, "Today's greatest danger for mankind is not the explosion of the atomic bomb, but the transformation of human nature. The human element in mankind is being demolished with such great speed that a non-human race is being produced. A machine with the appearance of a man is created neither by God nor nature. Man becomes a slave who does not see or know his master. His only freedom is to try his best to be a better slave. He is exchanged for money, but he pays the price himself. He will wait for hours in the long lines of the "house of robbers" awaiting his turn to be robbed! He is like a slave who grows no more. He gets whatever he wants for the price of whatever he has! He believes only in "business" and this faith makes him pay for more than what he gets. His life pattern is designed before he is born. This way his life is an assignment rather than true living! Now he has the chance to discover the world, but he has lost God and humanity "forever ... "

The tragedy is beyond one's imagination. Human nature is changing. Those three tempting evils are not only the force of "arms", the power of "gold" or the deception of "beads". They have also employed the extraordinary power of "science", the surprising magic of "art" and the huge power of "technique" in their tricks and cover-up plans!

Nowadays it appears as if there is no yoke of slavery existing, but in reality, people all over the world are enslaved by invisible chains. People are free to vote for whom they want, but long before they vote, "sneaky whisperers" have whispered in their hearts.

Today's tragedy is one of "alienation". To alienate means to become unfriendly and indifferent. The alienated is the insane, someone whose true personality or consciousness is hidden. Political despotism, social discrimination and old western exploitation methods are gradually disappearing, but they reappear in a worse shape - as capitalistic regimes hiding behind the masks of liberalism and democracy. Slavery, plundering of "Tatars" and Gengisian Laws (Yasa), oppression and torture by the cruel regimes of "Teimoor" and "Halakoo" have disappeared in the east, but they are all returning in a more deceptive fashion, in the name of modernization and civilization, only to hide the true face of colonialism.

The tyrannical rulers and the professional murderers of old colonialism are disappearing in the third world, but their economic systems, political regimes, social relations, education, arts, morals, freedom of sex, ideologies, propaganda of the media, literature, fashion, cultural madness, nihilism, super consumerism and westernization all invisibly reappear in the new colonialism. They appear not as men in military bases administration offices, streets or markets.

In an invisible way, they enter with insensible hands and secret relations to shape the economic structure, social system, beliefs nature, spirit, morals, "values", "votes" and minds of the people (alienation).

In these fourteen centuries there has never been a better time to translate the meaning of this wonderful chapter (Qur’an 114). In over five hundred centuries of the life of mankind, the "sneaky whisperer" has never sacrificed human beings by his obvious and secret temptations. The "evil whisperer" has never destroyed the hearts of mankind by his mischief. Oh yes never! These last verses of the glorious revelation were translated so clearly through history!

Today's intellectuals and sociologists, who are familiar with capitalism and neocolonialism, know very well that these systems "will burn a whole market if they want a handkerchief." They know how to abuse science in order to achieve their ends and promote ignorance in the name of civilization. They know how witches and sneaky whisperers corrupt the nation's culture, faith, will consciousness and leave their hearts empty. This causes alienation whereby they have a negative opinion of themselves. An attempt is made to make them mere imitators and consumers and nothing else!

Today's conscious humanitarian workers whose vision is not limited by traditional and sectarian views are not preoccupied by local problems, historical prejudice, professional, educational and familiar situations. They are not satisfied being mere observers to unstable political operations; neither do they superficially evaluate what is happening to the people nor do they feel happy to suggest simple resolutions. Rather, they care for human-beings and humanitarian rights! They are the ones who realize the effects of colonization, stealing the natural resources of poor nations of the third world, appointing cruel agents to run these countries and disregarding humanitarian rights ... All these are true tragedies caused by outsiders. The real fearful tragedy is what is happening in the hearts of people. The dangers of outsiders, the evil rulers and mischief and jealousies of the complex people were not considered that important. They were mentioned in the chapter before the last (113).

The most dreadful tragedy threatening the world population is the "alienation of mankind" ... becoming inhuman! The tragedy is the whisperer who damages not only the body, but the spirit as well. That is what scares the conscious and responsible intellectuals of our time. He is the one who knows the people as well as the whisperer. He understands the severity of "alienation". He has seen "humanity" sacrificed wherever "humanitarian rights" are disrespected. He is the one who knows the evil-doers and idol makers who can't always be seen. Sometimes they are hidden or they may be a mysterious power. They don't have to use the yoke of slavery; they may whisper in the hearts. Covertly and quietly, they may enter the mind, disturb it, change the personality and replace "one" by someone else! This is "Alienation"! Yes, the danger lies in ambush, worse than ever, not behind the rocks or mountains but deep in your heart or in your conscience. It is not an ambush for your life or your money, but for your faith, your "humanity", your knowledge, your love, your victory, your struggle, the inheritance of your history, your way to become like Ibrahim and your way to approach Almighty God.

Your enemy is not always arms or an army. It is not necessarily a known outsider. It may be a system or a feeling, a thought or a possession, a way of life or a type of work, a way of thinking or a working tool, a type of production or a way of consumption, culturalism, colonization, religious brainwashing, exploitation, a social relation or propaganda. It can be neo colonialism, bureaucracy, technocracy or automation. At times it is exhibitionism, nationalism and racism while other times it is antifascism, bourgeoisies and militarism. It may be love for joy (epicures), love for ideas (idealism), love for matter (materialism), love for art and beauty (romanticism), love for nothing (existentialism), love for land and blood (racism), love for heroes and central government (fascism), love for individuals (individualism), love for all (socialism), love for economy (communism), love for wisdom (philosophy), love for feeling (Gnosticism), love for heaven (spiritualism), love for existence (realism), love for history (fatalism) love for God's will (determinism), love for sex (Freudism), love for instincts (biologist), love for the hereafter (faith), superstition of idealism, gluttony of economism ... These are the idols of the new polytheism.

The new civilization is like Latt, Ezza, Asaf and Naelah of the new Quraish. How do you realize the meaning of pure worship of Almighty God and love for Allah? How broad is the meaning of monotheism and how great is its prophecy? People today are more apt to use "reason" rather than to be obedient to God. Because of the influence of science, they care less about faith. By so doing, they have denied God and rejected faith and have done nothing in return for their disobedience and refusal of worship. The new polytheism in this civilization has many meaner gods (Idols) than the old polytheism of the "time of ignorance".

The ancient Arabs used to worship statues made of gold and covered with jewels. They were symbols of power, beauty, perfection, abundance, goodness and charity. They were sacred and respected but the symbols of today's new polytheism are as low as the lower part of the human body. The three everlasting false gods are oppressing more than ever. Today's Pharaoh is not a person; it is a system! Croesus is not one; it is a class. Balam does not speak of faith anymore; rather he speaks of science, ideology and art!

Surprisingly, in the chapter before the last, the Qur’an speaks of three evils who are unique in sharing one quality! In the last chapter, it talks of one evil with three characters - the "Owner" the "King" and the "God"; and this is more dangerous!

The three evils mentioned oppress, brainwash, deceive, murder and plunder. They neglect human rights and freedom, enslaves people, and keep them poor and ignorant. Somehow, humans will survive the heavy pressures of these tragedies! Today's greater tragedy is when these anti-human super powers try to paralyze human values by emptying the hearts of the people for their own exploitation. History has taught these powers that in order to take over economically and politically, they have to destroy those values cherished by the people and then they have to change their human nature. In other words, they should be alienated.

This "evil" is much worse than the previous ones even though their trouble making ability is the same everywhere. In the system of trinity, the "Khannas" is the damage to human nature. It is the danger which threatens the conscience of the responsible individual. The enemy of mankind goes and comes back! It is everywhere with three faces and each time it has a different mask.

The "whisperer" is a killing poison that is injected into the human body by this "three-headed, hundred-faced" snake. Is it not true that Satan tempted Adam and expelled him out of heaven? He did this by showing himself in the shape of a snake! The "whisperer “is born of three evils. The "Khannas" (sneaky) is the representative of those idols and his mischief is much more tragic. In the last chapters of the book of revelation, we learn that the sneaky whisperer is more dangerous than the three idols. A heavenly consciousness is to cut the dark curtain of night by dawn to fight the three powers that enslave mankind.

To oppose the Satanic power of "Khannas" (the sneaky whisperer), one has to seek refuge in unity. To eradicate the structure of polytheism in human consciousness and in society you have to find the three powers of "ownership", "sovereignty" and "divinity" in Almighty God alone. By doing this, you are able to establish an Abelian society (i.e. a society based on equality and oneness of mankind).

We have to build an "exemplary community", the type that was the goal of Ibrahim's prophecy. The last prophet Muhammad (S) gave us this responsibility. We understand the tragedy and it is our responsibility to solve it. We are heirs to Ibrahim's tradition therefore; we must teach his message to the intellectual generation who is struggling for social justice. We must save the declining world population. Having the Qur’an, the family of the Prophet (PBUH) and Hajj gave us a greater responsibility.

The darkness of evil is overwhelmingly ruling the world. The malignant witchcrafts are more powerful than ever. The sneaky whisperer is stronger and more tragic!
- Oh you who hold the position of Ibrahim and the last revelation, you have been given the responsibility of carrying on the mission.

- Oh you, conscious man, representative of Allah and heir to the prophet Muhammad (S), you have to adopt the prophet as an example for your deeds and make yourself an example for others.
- Oh you who have the responsibility to establish the "umma" your faith is based on "the book", "the balance" and "the Iron".

- Oh you, who are to establish social justice on earth, fight the enemy and help the innocent.
- Oh you, the Muslim freedom-fighter, hear the cry of the people, the mourning of the oppressed and the voice of those who complain of the mischief of the "sneaky whisperer"

Toynbee sees human civilization threatened by "internal enemies" (i.e. the foolish enthusiasm for "consumption, consumption and consumption")! Marcuse has warned that humans are becoming as "one dimensional" as a tool. Erich Fromm like Diogen, is searching in the town for a "conscious person". Camuss is raising his voice to say that a "plague" is becoming an epidemic in "Oran" and in the "temple of civilization", innocent children are dying of a mysterious disease. John Isolet is talking about the "armed prince" who is suffering from an "incurable disease".

The Conscious Sculptor of the Netherlands, in a square of the new city of Nether dome, has designed the sculpture of a man, but his joints are falling apart! Eliot and Joyce have described the idol (Trezi) as a hermaphrodite taken from old Greek stories as a symbol of today's man! Eugene lonesko describes the disastrous situation of a man where the "Khannas" has entered his spirit and changes him to a Rhinoceros! Kafka describes the picture of a man who was supposed to be the representative of God and was given His spirit. Then he shows how he changes totally. Yes, the "The Picture of Dorian Gray" is not a picture of Standal but a picture of an alienated man.

Take advantage of the dawn and escape - Oh you, conscious victim of the tragedy!
- Since the dark night is "covering everywhere"!
- Since the "clever magicians are whispering in the hearts"!
- Since "those jealous people are the puppets of the night magicians and the friends are serving the enemies"!

Seek refuge in the God of dawn to kill the dark by raising the sun in Mina. And watch!
- Since the false gods have returned cleverly masked by a popular army and secret arms.
Oh "heir of Abel", "avenger of your father's murderer" - Cain is not dead! Oh "heir of Adam" "to whom the angels prostrated" - Satan is revenging now! Get away from this evil that has three faces, seven colors, seventy thousand tricks and "whispers in the hearts of people".

Seek refuge in Allah, "God of the dawn", "Owner of the people", "and King of the people “and” Love of the people". And you, Oh Hajj remain in Mina after the "Eid of Sacrifice" and stone the three idols seven times every day! Every day is like the day of immolation, every month is like Zul-Hijjah and every land is like Mina and ... life is like Hajj!

Excerpted from a section of the book "Hajj" by Dr. Ali Shariati and translated by Dr. Ali A. Behzadnia.

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