25 Amazing Photos from Hajj (1953)

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Catch a glimpse of how it was like to perform Hajj in 1953. Though this was only just over 68 years ago, a lot has changed mainly due to the increase in the number of pilgrims going to perform Hajj.

arriving by ferry at jeddah port

Many pilgrims would travel to Makkah via a ferry or a ship, in those days commercial air travel was still in its early stages and it was not as widely available as it is today.

arriving by plane to hajj

For those who could afford it, they would embark on their journey on board small planes from nearby countries.

bus for hajjis

Like today, coaches and buses would be used to transport pilgrims from place to place.

only moslems

Muslims are only allowed to enter the places to perform Hajj.


Homes and hotels can be seen outside of the sacred mosque’s perimeter. Much of these historical buildings have had to be demolished to make way for the mosque’s expansion.

Makkah street

A busy street in Makkah. An Ottoman style minaret can be seen.

masjid haram entrance

One of the entrances to the Masjid Al Haram.


Worshipers outside the Mosque’s entrance.

masjid haram

The Ka’ba and the Mataf area. There were no other floors back then.

kaba mataf

A close up view of the Ka’ba.

kaba door

Worshipers were able to enter the Ka’ba.


Performing Tawaf was easier as it was not as crowded as it is today.


Markets and stalls near the Masjid Al Haram.

market 2


female pilgrim pallenquin

Horse and carriage were used as a means of transport.

choosing animal

Pilgrims were able to choose the animals they wanted for Udhiyyah/Qurbani.


Pilgrims would keep their livestock with them during their Hajj.


Donkeys were used to transport carcasses of sacrificial animals.

cooking at mina

In Mina, food would be cooked using fire and stove.

pilgrims pray

Pilgrims pray near their camels.


Tents can be seen pitched in Arafah next to mount Arafah.


The Jamarat used to be small pillars which would be stoned symbolizing stoning of the devil.

shaving hair

A pilgrim has his hair shaved.


Pilgrims keep themselves cool by drinking ice cold fizzy drinks.

Photos courtesy of the National Geographic Magazine.

( Source: IlmFeed )

  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Middle East, Photos
  Topics: Hajj, History, Kabah  Channel: Hajj - Day 5
Views: 15901

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