Muharram: The Start of the Islamic Calendar

Happy New Islamic Hijri Year (credit: iStock by Getty Images).

Muharram is the month with which the Muslims begin their lunar Hijrah Calendar. It is one of the four sanctified months about which the Holy Quran says, "The number of the months according to Allah is twelve months (mentioned) in the Book of Allah on the day in which He created heavens and the earth. Among these (twelve months) there are four sanctified".

These four months, according to the authentic traditions are the months of Zulqadah, Zulhijjah, Muharram and Rajab. All the commentators of the Holy Quran are unanimous on this point, because the Holy Prophet in his sermon on the occasion of his last Hajj, has declared:

"One year consists of twelve months, of which four are sanctified months, three of them are in sequence; Zulqadah, Zulhijjah, Muharram, and the fourth is Rajab."

The specific mention of these four months does not mean that any other month has no sanctity, because the month of Ramadan is admittedly the most sanctified month in the year. But these four months were specifically termed as sanctified months for the simple reason that their sanctity was accepted even by the pagans of Makkah.

In fact, every month, out of the twelve, is originally equal to the other, and there is no inherent sanctity, which may be attributed to one of them in comparison to other months. When Allah Almighty chooses a particular time for His special blessings, then it acquires sanctity out of His grace.

Thus, the sanctity of these four months was recognized right from the days of Sayyidina Ibrahim. Since the Pagans of Makkah attributed themselves to Sayyidina Ibrahim they observed the sanctity of these four months and despite their frequent tribal battles, they held it unlawful to fight in these months.

In the Shariah of our Holy Prophet the sanctity of these months was upheld and the Holy Quran referred to them as the "sanctified months".

The month of Muharram has certain other characteristics peculiar to it, which are specified below.

Fasting during the month

The Holy Prophet has said:

"The best fasts after the fasts of Ramadan are those of the month of Muharram."

Although the fasts of the month of Muharram are not obligatory, yet, the one who fasts in these days out of his own will and choice is entitled to a great reward by Allah Almighty. The Hadith cited above signifies that the fasts of the month of Muharram are most reward-able ones among the Nafl fasts i.e. the fasts one observes out of his own choice without being obligatory on him.

The Hadith does not mean that the award promised for fasts of Muharram can be achieved only by fasting for the whole month. On the contrary, each fast during this month has merit. Therefore, one should avail of this opportunity as much as we can.

The day of Ashurah

Although the month of Muharram is a sanctified month as a whole, yet, the 10th day of Muharram is the most sacred among all its days. The day is named Ashurah.

According to the Holy companion Ibn Abbas. The Holy Prophet , when migrated to Madinah, found that  the Jews of Madinah used to fast on the 10th day of Muharram. They said that it was the day on which the Holy Prophet Musa (Moses) and his followers crossed the Red Sea miraculously and the Pharaoh was drowned in its water.

On hearing this from the Jews, the Holy Prophet said, "We are more closely related to Musa than you" and directed the Muslims to fast on the day of Ashurah. (Abu Dawood)

It is also reported in a number of authentic traditions that in the beginning, fasting on the day of Ashurah was obligatory for the Muslims.

It was later that the fasts of Ramadan were made obligatory and the fast on the day of ''Ashurah was made optional. Sayyidah Aishah has said:

"When the Holy Prophet came to Madinah, he fasted on the day of Ashurah and directed the people to fast it. But when the fasts of Ramadan were made obligatory, the obligation of fasting was confined to Ramadan and the obligatory nature of the fast of  Ashurah was abandoned. One can fast on this day, if he so wills, or can avoid fasting, if he so wills."

However, the Holy Prophet used to fast on the day of Ashurah even after the fasting in Ramadan was made obligatory.

Abdullah Ian Masud reports that the Holy Prophet preferred the fast of Ashurah to the fast of other days and preferred the fast of Ramadhan to the fast of Ashurahh. (Bukhari and Muslim)

In short, it is established through a number of authentic hadith that fasting on the day of Ashurah is Sunnah of the Holy Prophet and makes one entitled to a great reward.

According to another Hadith, it is more advisable that the fast of  Ashurah should either be prefixed or suffixed by another fast. It means that one should fast two days: the 9th an 10th of Muharram or the 10th and 11th of it. The reason of this additional fast as mentioned by the Holy Prophet is that the Jews used to fast on the day  of Ashurah alone, and the Holy Prophet wanted to distinguish the Islamic-way of fasting from that of Jews. Therefore, he advised the Muslims to add another fast to that of Ashurah.

Some traditions signify another feature of the day of Ashurah.

According to these traditions one should be more generous to his family by providing more food to them on this day as compared to other days. These traditions are not very authentic according to the science of Hadith. Yet, some Scholars like Baihaqi and Ibn Hibban have accepted them as reliable.

What is mentioned above is all that is supported through authentic sources about Ashurah.

However, there are some legends and misconceptions with regard to Ashurah that have managed to find their way into the minds of the ignorant, but have no support of authentic Islamic sources, some very common of them are these:

This is the day in which Adam was created.

This is the day in which Ibrahim was born.

This is the day in which Allah accepted the repentance of Sayyidina Ibrahim.

This is the day on which the Qiyamah (dooms-day) will take place.

Whoever takes bath in the day of Ashurah will never get ill.

All these and other similar whims and fancies are totally baseless and the traditions referred to in this respect are not worthy of any credit.

Some people take it as Sunnah to prepare a particular type of meal in the day of Ashurah. This practice, too, has no basis in the authentic Islamic sources.

Some other people attribute the sanctity of Ashurah to the martyrdom of Sayyidina Husain during his battle with the Syrian army. No doubt, the martyrdom of Sayyidina Husain is one of the most tragic episodes of our history. Yet, the sanctity of Ashurah cannot be ascribed to this event for the simple reason that the sanctity of 'Ashurah was established during the days of the Holy Prophet much earlier than the birth of Sayyidna Husain.

On the contrary, it is one of the merits of Sayyidna Husain that his martyrdom took place on the day of Ashurah.

Another misconception about the month of Muharram is that it is an evil or unlucky month, for Sayyidna Husain was killed in it. It is for this misconception that people avoid holding marriage ceremonies in the month of Muharram. This is again a baseless concept which is contrary to the express teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. Such superstitions have been totally negated by the Holy Prophet . If the death of an eminent person in a particular day renders that day unlucky for all times to come, one can hardly find a day, free from this bad luck, out of 365 days of the whole year, because each and every day has a history of the demise of some eminent person. The Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet have made us free from such superstitious beliefs, and they should deserve no attention.

Another wrong practice related to this month is to hold the lamentation and mourning ceremonies in the memory of martyrdom of Sayyidna Husain.

As mentioned earlier, the event of Karbala is one of the most tragic events of our history, but the Holy Prophet has forbidden us from holding the mourning ceremonies on the death of any person. The people of Jahiliyyah (Ignorance) used to mourn over their deceased relatives or friends through loud lamentations, by tearing their clothes and by beating their cheeks and chests. The Holy Prophet stopped the Muslims from doing all this and directed them to observe patience by saying "Inna lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji oon". A number of authentic hadith are available on the subject.

To quote only one of them:

"He is not from our group who slaps his cheeks, tears his clothes and cries in the manner of the people of jahiliyyah."

All the authentic jurists are unanimous on the point that the mourning of this type is absolutely impermissible. Even Sayyidna Husain shortly before his demise, had advised his beloved sister Sayyidah Zainab not to mourn over his death in this manner. He said:

"My dear sister, I swear upon you that you, in case I die, shall not tear your clothes, nor scratch your face, nor curse anyone for me or pray for your death".

It is evident from this advice of Sayyidna Husain that this type of mourning is condemned even by the blessed person for the memory of whom these mourning ceremonies are held. Every Muslim should avoid this practice and abide by the teachings of the Holy Prophet and his beloved grand child Sayyidina Husain.

Blessings of Muharram

It is the first month of the Islamic Calendar.

The meaning of the word:- The word "Muharram" means "Forbidden." Even before Islam, this month was always known as a scared month in which all unlawful acts were forbidden, prominently the shedding of blood.

A blessing of Muharram:- There are many bounties of this month, especially the tenth of Muharram.

Two of the many virtues of the 10th of Muharram:-

On this day he who spends more lavishly for the sake of his family members, Allah Taala will bestow blessing upon the sustenance of the following year.

Abu Qataada has related that the Prophet has reported to have said, It is my thought that by fasting  on the 10th of Muharram Allah Taala will pardon the sins of the past  year. (Tirmizi)

Events of Muharram

Hadhrat Hussain was martyred in this month.

Shaykhain Tirmizi & Haakim has narrated from Anas that the following verse:

"Allah may forgive thee of thy sins that which is past and that which  is to come." (Al-Fath) was revealed on the 10th of Muharram.

The Prophet Muhammed went to defeat Bani Muhaarin and Bani Tha'laba (Tribes of Bani Gatfan) in the year 4 A.H. (Asahhus-siyar)

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Older Comments:
dear admin, you wrote a very good article. Happy Islamic new year. But I did not say you Happy Muharram Day. Because of Muharram day is not celebrating for happiness. There was a very soulful and pathetic story behind Muharram. It is the story Battle of Karbala Muharram is the death of Islamic Region

Masha Allah another new Year the Hijrah is dawning.May Allah accept
us we all become the means of hidayah to the entire mankind.Happy
New Year to all visitors of our Universal IslamiCity the
Enlightening Website beneficial for the Muslims and the whole
humanity in general. Jazakumullah Khair for your continued
dedicated effort to guide the humanity to the truth.

ASA. JAK. I liked reading the article, alH.

However, do Muslims who fast do so on both 9th and 10th of Muharram rather than just on the 10th?

Now, is this not an excerpted from a writing done some time ago by the Late Br. M. Taqi Usmani?

If I am correct, then I wish it was mentioned.

Also, then, I hope you can add a few lines about the late illustrious brother with a more complete sourcing information of the article.

Masha Allah another new year has dawned reminding us we are closer to our death. Therefore we should start making preparation as Rasulullah(S.A.W)had said the wise person is he who controls himself and makes preparation for the life hereafter. We should make Shukr to Allah for allowing us to see another new year Month of Muharram. Ask yourself how many new years have you seen? Did you make the best use of them. Allah (S.W.T)in His Infinite Mercy has given us and is still giving us chances to rectify ourselves by turning to Him. Our resolution for the new year is to make intention to bring Taqwa in our lives avoiding all vices which our Creator hates by following all the Commandments of Allah and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.)May Allah give all of us taufiq to follow the Deen in its totality. Marhaba the new Year 1435 Hijira coinciding with the beginning of November 2013 and we should make intention to fast on the 9th and 10th of Muharram.

I don't see any contradiction whatsoever in this article written by this well known Mufti Taqi Usmani as pointed out by brother Ahmed Nadim which is very unfortunate.Our brother Nadim was trying by all means to find fault so as to cast aspertion and doubts in the hearts of our brothers and sisters causing more division which is very very unfortunate. I dont want go deep into the argument of Ashura and the way Muslims celebrate.As far as we are concerned the Muharram is one of the sacred Months in Islam. The Ulama as pinted out by the Mufti were unanimous about the three sacred Months that came in sequence Zul Qidah,Zil Hajj and the new Year of Muharram it is only Rajab which is part of the four sacred Months that came separate.There was no contradiction whatsoever as our brother Nadim tried to point out and cast aspertion pointing out the mistake which he thought was against the Quran and Sunnah which is very unfortunate.Although they say to err is human yet Alhamdu Lillahi the Mufti tried his best to bring out clearly the purpose of this Month of Muharram May Allah increase him in knowledge and raise his status in both Duniya and Akhirah and forgive him and all of us for any mistake that we might have commited knowingly or unknowingly.As far as we are concerned his intention was clear from the way he presented the article therefore we could say he was sincere he was not suopporting the Mushrikin as Nadim tried to point out.May Allah also forgive our brother Nadim myself and all those who read this article.So we should renew our intention in this new year.

The author of the article is a well known Mufti. But the article is full with contradictions and even undermines the Quran at places. It begins with the assertion that it Allah has sanctified four months and one of the reasons for this is that Pagans also accepted their sanctity. This is not an valid argument. He then says that there is no inherent sanctity. This defies the Quranic statement that says the months are sanctified. Then he says that the months were sanctified from the days of Prophet Ibrahim. This is against history. Then he says that the best days of fasting after Ramadan are the days of Muharram. Well, similar statements are mentioned about Shawwal, Rajab and the fasting on Monday and Thursdays.
What the authordd does not tell us that Rajab and Zil Hijja were the months where pilgrims will come to Makkah to make their offerings in the Kaaba. Thus the hostilities and fighting were prohibited in these months. Zilwaad and Muharram were included because many pilgrms used to arrive early and leave late. So When Allah is sanctifying these months, it is for the purpose of ensuring that the human life of pilgrims is not threatened by hostilities and people can come to the house of Allah without fear. It is this main and simple fact that the author does not tell us.
As far as the Ashura is concerned, the greatest defeat and not the tragedy of a Muslim community took place in this month when its scholars and masses allowed its rulers to brutally murder the family of the Prophet in the battle that took place in Karbala.


Hijra / Muharram is the start of Islamic Calendar/First month of Islamic Calendar.

Hijra is not the start of Islamic History (You may call it as an important MILESTONE / EVENT.

Islam (PURE/ ABSOLUTE MONOTHEISM) was there from the time of Prophet Adam and Quran
mentions HANIFA (faith of Abraham) which was finally called ISLAM by Allah swt in Chapter

To other brother Khan: If the crescent is sighted anywhere in the world that is first day of
Islamic month. We have One Allah, one message, and one Ummah with no man made

Ask any Jew about 10th of Ahsura they will be "what?"
Ashura is only for Seyedena Hussein. And so what it was established during time of our
prophet he prophecized it (fortold it). Assalamu Alaika Ya Hussein! Brothers and sisters of
Islam DO NOT take Ahlulbayt so lightly.

As we are entering the new year we should renew our intention and commitment to Deen with intention to please Allah and benefit the humanity bringing them to the right path.We have a great task in front of us, but every one unfortunately is only concerned with his/her little problem making it as if it is the main maqsad which Allah has created us for.May Allah give us taufiq to come back on our maqsad like the Companions of the Prophet (S.A.W.)who pleased Allah in this Duniya and hoping they would get the highest position in the Hereafter by the Grace of Allah.

Thank you for the clear explanation to the above title.

Kind regards

May Allah empower u all and make its lessons beneficial to all mankind amin al-fathia

Jazakumullahu kairon fidudiya walakirah

The crescent moon was not sighted anywhere in the world on Nov 25 Friday. The first crescent in the world was sighted in Australia on Sat Nov 26th. []

Muharram Hadith: "When you see the new moon of Muharram then count the (days) and observe fast on the 9th (Taasoo'ah). I said to him: Is it how the Prophet(s), observed the fast? He said: Yes". [S. Muslim Bk 006, # 2526 Narrators: Hakam b. al-'Araj Ibn Abbas]

On what basis the Muharram starts before any sighting of crescent in the world??

Alhamdullilah. May Allah who reward every deed, should reward you for this great article. I learned alot from it and wish to spread it for the cause of Allah. But, please i would like you to do more concerning other Islamic issues because, many of us Muslims does not have access to this kind treated topic in a pamplet form. Again, i would appreciate if you will be sending me any treated topic like to my email. Thanks and God bless you.

Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
i read your article Mash Allah it was good but i feel that it is not
a ritual but a way of showing respect to the martyrs of Karbala to
not to hold any festive occasion... for after all Sayidina Hussain
Radhi Allahu taa'la anhu's sacrifice was not confined to the shiiaas
only rather he sacrificed his life for the establishment of truth
through his great sacrifice he gave an example to the Ummah of our
beloved Rasul Allah Sallalahuwalye wa sallum that we should not bow
our head to falsehood and wrong doings..Even before his martyrdom he
prayed for the Ummah of his beloved grandfather Sayyidina Muhammad
sallalahuwalyewasallum so we being our RAsul Allah
sallahuwalyewasallum's ummah can't we spare ourselves from not
involoving in any festivities atleast for one month or for first 10
days??????? Lastly I would and with the hadith of our beloved rasul
Allah sallalahuwalayewasallum The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu
Alayhi Wa Aalihi Wa Sallam) stated:

"None of you can be a true believer until I become more beloved to
him than himself, my progeny becomes more beloved to him than his
own offspring, my family is more beloved to him than his own family
and my personality is more beloved to him than his own personality."

Narrated in at-Tibraani, Ash-Sharf-ul-Mu'abbad Page 85

MashaAllah, a very beautiful article indeed. I read it over and over again. Very informative, i love everything in it, but what captured my attention particularly is the part that debunked the superstitions related ignorantly to the Month of Muharram. We, Muslims should stick to the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad(saw).Nowadays,we Muslims are committing many sins related to shirk, knowingly or unknowingly,directly or indirectly. May Allah keep guiding us on the right path. May Allah Bless us with more Bounties, in this new year, May He elevate our ranks, forgive our sins,and bring down a sustainable peace & unity in the Ummah,and all over the world regardless of our beliefs and origin.

mashallah , i was searching for a comprehensive article on this topic and found one.
It is well explained with all the evidences; one must not ignore the authenticity of this. we must pass it one to others who are still ignorant in our Deen.
jazak allah khairan

It is good article by Br. Taqui Usmani. unfortunately, majority of Muslim and Muslim countries around the world know more about Gregorian calendar than Islamic calendar. In his own country Pakistan, people will celebrate comming of new year 2010 than Islamic new year.

As per the article, the Prophet went to Madinah and he found that the Jews were fasting. So, he asked Muslims to fast on the 10th of Muharram.

Also, later in the article, it mentions if one wants to perform the fast, then one should fast two days in a row, such as the 9th and 10th or 10th and 11th.

So it seems that Muslims want to be different.

What a contradiction. We started fasting on the 10th of Muharram because of the Jews, and now we want to be different.

O Muslims, think on this issue. Please see the following speech:

maa salama

I am a Sunni Moroccan by practise but Shia by heart in a sense that I give my total support & loyalty to AHL ALBAYT (PBUT) and no one else!!!
I must admit that I find some Shia way of mourning the death of Imam Hussain (PBUH) & YES BRS AND SRS WHEN YOU MENTION AHL BAYT DON'T FORGET TO SAY (PBUT). In fact our prayers are void and null if we don't praise Ahlul Bayt. I said I find the Shia way of mourning the death of Imam Hussain quite disturbing but what I find disturbing most is our Sunni Egyptian & Saudi leaders betrial of Islamic values and the fact that they are still sleeping with the ennemy: IsraHelli Zionists & American Crusaders. In fact, Iran & Lebanon's shia leaders never betrayed Islam so far. Their behaviour & their defense of Islam & the Palestinian cause honours the memory of AHL BAYT so br author don't worry too much about their way of mourning & don't fall into the Salafi way of treating Ahlul Bayt but worry a lot about those Sunnis among us that betrayed the prophet and Ahlul Bayt by rejecting the Sunna: Defending Islam and Muslims!

Best wishes for a peaceful&blessed Hijri New year to all .May ALLAH bring peace to the World AMEEN

Alhamdu lillahi the Ummah Sunni and Shia are all united on the importance of the Month of Muharram especially the 10th therefore it is requested that we should make intention to fast on that day and probably on the 9th of Muharram.The Prophet is reported to have said if he were to be alive next year he would fast the 9th also So therefore it is going to be Friday and Saturday if one is used to fasting on Thursday he can also fast Allahu a'alam.To my brother Kris Macpherson whom we have missed so much on this site as we have not seen you or your usual casual response or article on this sight for quite long time we want hear from you .We hope you celebrate the new year you and your family in Malaysia. MAy Allah guide you and protect you both you and your family wherever you may be.Jazakallah Khairan for the response from your brother.

Correction: All Muslims hurt on that day, but let that hurt NOT turn to hate.

Islam is the best way of life. enything you do, you must do it acording to the teaching of islam.


Again I echoed and support the views of Brother Babandi A. Gumel. I think that should be the common stand of all Muslims whether Syiah or Sunnis. In honouring and respecting the Muharram, let us put perspective right.

We take that Muhharam has many significance and also rewards for those who honour the month either by fasting or other acts of worships. But if the Syiahs wishes to show more reverence to Hussein ( r.a ) then let it be so. As long as the acts do not contradict the pillar of our faith. But I have no comments on certain acts, again I repeat as I had said in my post in the article " History of Hijrah - Migration for peace and justice, I did stress that let ALLAH be the Only JUDGE of everything including matters that we may disagree "

Sunnis also love Hussein ( r.a ) and there are many Sunnis who disagreed with the war then and what had befallen upon Hussein ( r.a ). But every events has it's hikmah Sister Zaynab. And to Brother Muhammad Taqi Usmani, the learned author of this article, while I appreciate your well reaserached and good article, let us just go above the differences between the Sunnis and Syiahs.

Let us be positive about both mazhab and let us disregard our minor differences. In observing the Muharram, let ALLAH be the JUDGE of our good deeds and intentions.

And on the same note, I honestly feel that it would also be meritous for me to offer prayers for Sayyidina Hassan ( r.a ) and Sayyidina Hussein ( r.a.). And at the end of the day, what I ardently hope for is the Rahmah from ALLAH.

And I similarly hope that our Sunni and Syiahs brothers and sisters would also be conferred by the same Rahmah and Baraqah.

ALLAH is the Knower of every events and everything that we do.


As-salam alaikum,
In regard to the contents of the article, overall I am personally in favour of it in this Muslim website (presumably Sunni). However, in this think tank driven environment, of provoking a Shia-Sunni Civil War to create fertile ground for European style REFORMATION & ultimately a secular "ENLIGHTENMENT," we should be aware & sensitive to our intemperate provacative language. This presumably American-based website, is either accidently or deliberately playing into the hands of these nefarious think tanks & there are many a rogue Trojan Horse, as in the days of the DIVIDE ET IMPERE British Raj. In regard to Shaheeds, there were many, including the incomparable blessed Muhammed Mustafa (Sallalahu alaihi was-salam), yet do we lament over there mawt? The answer is no, & they of all deserve our love. Excessive love can lead to irrational evil as described in Harun Yahya's book "Romanticism" e.g. emotionalism which turns beauty of love of ones people into hatred of another etc. For the record, my community, Hanafi Sunnis of Sufi orientation, traditionally commemorate the occasion in a quiet low profile manner by drinking red coloured sherbet & being generous to the poor. A case of balance, insha'Allah & respect for one another, avoiding needlessly provacative emotive sectarianism. All Muslims hurt on that day, but let that hurt turn to hate.

Sister Zaynab we all love Sayyidina Hussein Radyilallahu Anhu whether Sunni or Shia.The most important thing to remember is the Sahabas or the Companions of the Prophet migrated from Mecca to Medinah to establish proper Islam.Of course other things good or bad in the Month occured such as the matyardom of Sayyidina Hussein which were recorded in history.Now it is time to bury our differences whether Sunni or Shia as believers of Allah his Prophet and come together so to be better examples for all to see attracting the humanity to the teachings of Islam which is so distorted unfortunately by our conducts.It is not time for apportioning blame this and that but rather we should look for a better and bright future for the Ummah which all of us are responsible collectively and individually.Our Akhlaq should be the best showing good example to others to follow but this only given by Allah through His Taufeeq which we should all pray for.

I think the most important event happend in moharram and specifically on the day of Ashura was killing the grandson of the prophet (sawws) HOSEIN IBN ALI(as) and most of his family members with the order of YAZEED IBN MOAWIYA IBN ABI SOFYAN;the islamic ruler at that time!The prophet(sawws) said:"Hosein is from me and i'm from Hosein;Allah loves who loves Hosein."

i can not believe what i just is all wrong and disrespectful....imam hussein was a great man who deserves our lamentations. He died for islam not so we can say "thanks but no thanks" and prophet mohammed was like his dad and he said "i am from hussein and hussein is from me" and whoever says don't lament over hussein is just slapping prophet mohammed in the face because he too cried for his a right book please and you too if allah wills will find out the truth.

It is quiet interesting to note the Hindus are commemorating the New Moon in a City called Allahabad which means Allah should be worshipped I hope they will start worshipping Allah who has no partner.The commencement of Muharram named Month of Allah is the beginning of Hijarah when the Prophet and his devoted companions migrated from Mecca to Madinah to safeguard their Religion.May Allah give guidance to the whole humanity in this new Hijirah.

salamu-alaikum thanks my brother usmani for ur information about the month of muharrum it is realy nice and benefit article to all muslims allah bless u peace be upon u

why do you call the prophet MPBUH 'holy'?what is the exact meaning of 'holy'?

Thanks for the wonderful article, very insghtul

Very well written article. However, I can see why this would serve yet again to open a can of worms between the ever so popular arguments of the Battle of Karbala. Whatever events have transpired during those times, one must always restrain from ignorantly cursing anyone from that particular event and just be wise to say "Allah knows best".

I really appreciate the way it is explained. most of the them do not know the details of Muharram.

tks and jazakallah khair

Assalam alaikum : Jazakumullah khair brother, after reading this aritcle I got an opportunity to know very useful information about Ashurah and four islamic months which I was very curious to know. Also thanks for mentioning about avoiding the events those are practiced today by most muslim brothers. Also thanks to Islamicity for giving such an excellent article.


First of all,thanks are due to Islamiccity for bringing these useful informations and the Islamic world`s current man-made problems(mainly created by the west) to our bedrooms. Your article is enlightening and educationally beneficial.Unfortunately,there are many of our sisters and brothers whereever they may be on ALLAH`S earth,who need to be educated about these worthy of respect Months.I hail from a country called SOMALIA which is one hundred percent a muslim,but sadly,the somali people(not all of them,but many of them)have been brutally,inhumanely and savagely fighting,killing one another,looting the possessions of the weak for more than 14years.When the country`s last dictatorial regime(president mohamed siad barre)was overthrown in Dec,1990.From that coup and uptil now a barbaric civil-war has massively destroyed the country,murdered uncountable numbers of innocents,women and children included.Somalis are living (The guilty ones,not the innocents) in the age of JAAHILIYA,Days of Ignorance,the pre-islamic era.The civil-war and the massacring of the innocents(whose crime is only that they belong to a particular clan)never stopped during these Holy months,even the month of ramadan included in these long years and until is sad to say,the arabs before they reverted to ISLAM gave more respect to these months than many muslims do today.The arabs in the days of (JAAHILIAY-Ignorance) would cease fighting, and the two sides of the enemies that were fighting would worship in the Ka`ba together in the course of these months(some of these months).In our so-called Islamic countries,their tyrannical rulers have done their utmost to emulate the west and have imposed the west`s example forcefully upon their societies,thereby leaving the Mandatory Islamic Education deliberately behind

Jazak Allah brother, very well written. This is excelent because many Suni's who thought this was a month only for Shia mourning should find out the truth. Also thank you for mentioning the Hadeeths.. I recomend this for all sunis to read so they can find out why is the day of shura important, and how to celebrate a muslim new year.


Well written article and actually highlights the issues that we tend to neglect in general. Beating and a special focus on elimination of 'matum and crying' during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) does give an insight into the change that was brought through Islam in his time. Contridicting the Quran and hadith then itself means contridicting Islam itself!

Thank you brother.
Maybe you be rewarded for your good deed. Ameen

Your article on muharram seem to be of biased and racist nature. Usually your articles promote peace and harmony but unfortunately this was not the case in this particular one. The writer has deliberately kept the martyrdom of imam hussain on the backburner and tried to make it sound like some sort of small affair. he fails to highlight the enormous and huge importance of this tragic event.
Him criticising the shiahs on majalis is again a very racist approach as we all know that majalis is for the dhikr or "remembering the sacrifices of imam hussain" rather than beating chests. As for matam we all know that prophet yaqub cried and did matam for prophet yusuf. So why should we not beat our chests for the prophets grandson who happens to be the leader of the youth of paradise and who used to ride on the back of the propht muhammad (pbuh)
I sincerely hope that such racist and irresponsible articles will not be published in your esteemed and otherwise useful website. Thank you

Nasir!! How dare you curse all of Banu Umayyah?! Among them were people of knowledge and moral uprightedness, such as Uthman ibn Affan the third greatest of the Companions, Mu'awiyah, who was a close friend and scribe of the Prophet, and Umar ibn Abdul Aziz - radi allahu anhum. You and the concepts of the rawaafidh and Shi'a are the birth of a munaafiq Jew, Abdullah ibn Saba. The tragic events at Karbala were the direct result of the tricks and games of those who claimed to love the Ahlul Bait, but cowardly joined the side of Yazid out of fear of Ziyad. The evets of Karbala did not progress Islam. Banu Umayyah continued their dynasty until the Abbasides, who used the Alawites (Shi'a), took over and massacred them. How could the death of one of Islam's shining stars help the deen?! As a matter of fact all of the notable Sahaba who were still alive, such as A'isha, Abdullah ibn Umar, Abdullah ibn Abbas, and Abdullah ibn Zubair, radi allahu anhum, warned him not to go, several times. However he refused the good advice and proceeded, showing us the dangers of being heedless of the advice of the scholars.
May Allah guide you and all of us. Ameen.


It seems that our muslim brother has some misunderstanding regarding the sanctity of Muharrum. I hope that all who read this article have the wisdom to make sure that they make themselves familiar with the true facts regarding the martyrdom of Imam Hussain A.S. and its importance to the survival of Islam. Had Imam Hussain A.S. not made the "supreme sacrifice" that exposed the so-called Islamic government of the rascal Yazid bin Mawiya( may Allah's curse be on them both) then Islam would effectively ceased to exist. The fact that Islam continues to exist to this day is owing to the great miracle of Karbala. As Allama Iqbal so beautifully stated and I loosely translate " Islam is indebted to the stroke of Imam Ali's sword and the prostration of Shabbir"(Imam Hussain A.S.).

Please take advantage of the current Muharrum activities to discover the true Islam so you too may benefit from understanding the true spirit of this great religon. It is owing to the propaganda of the cursed Bani Omayya and their misguided followers that so many Muslims do not even understand the history of their religon to this day.

The tragedy of Karbala saved our religion from extinction and it is the blood of the martyrs of Karbala that gave life to our religon. This great sacrifice deserves to be recognized and acknowledged by all humankind since it has kept alive the spirit of sacrifice for truth, justice and human dignity for all time.

All muslims need to show respect for the hardships suffered by the Prophet's family in this month for the cause of Allah s.w.t. religon by refraining from all forms of entertainment and parties and by attending the majalis to comemorate this great and inspiring event. Please ignore all the malicious propaganda and judge for yourself. You can even listen to the majalis on the internet. May Allah s.w.t. grant us the courage to recognize and acknowledge the sacrifice of the Prophet's beloved grandson.

Holding of the lamentation and mourning ceremonies in the memory of martyrdom of Sayyidna Husain by the Shiyas' are also attended by the Sunnis, this practice is to be discourged strongly as on the world-media (which works mainly against the muslims) shows beating and mourning ceremonies. Even in muslim countries like Pakistan, these ceremonies are telecasted as a sacred ceremony, can Islamicity do something at top level for discouraging such activities?

In this article only the month of MUHARRAAM was discussed, please do provide information about the sanctity of the other three months, Rajab, Zulqadah & Zulhijjah.

I would also like to point out an error in the following para of the article, in which "sacred" is written as "scared".

The meaning of the word:- The word "Muharram" means "Forbidden." Even before Islam, this month was always known as a scared month in which all unlawful acts were forbidden, prominently the shedding of blood.


This article provided me with correct knowledge about the month. I must thanks Janab Muhammad Taqi Usmani Saheb for providing some usefull information. We do not consider this month as unlucky, in fact one of my brother got married in the month of Muharram. I was not fasting on 10th of this month but were preparing lavish food. Now I will fast inshaallah.

Wa'alaikum assalam Nadxile. Actually, I am wondering about a much simpler approach than what you appear to think I am asking about. I was merely mentioning arranged marriages as an example. I am also not suggesting to 'invite' anyone to Islam -- other than through what they themselves consider to be the outward signs of success, such as kindness, modesty, family values, etc.

What I would be proposing would at most be an effort to increase, in any way possible, the "ambient" piety within our local communities. I am not trying to sell Christians on the religion of Islam. I AM trying to sell Christians, for example, on the benefits of such things as chaperoned events for young adults (in the near-total absence of such things). My point is not about what you or I feel is appropriate but rather about what other parents would like to see which would be expected to lead to 'increased morality' in their children's surroundings -- and thus in the surroundings of our own children as well.

Another way of perhaps looking at this is that it requires less energy to heat water within a room that is itself already warm (than within a room that is cold). At the risk of sounding overly political, call it the 'coalition for morality' if you like. My thanks (to Allah) for your response, Nadxile.

Salamu alaikum Yahya. I believe that you are asking me two separate is easier to answer then the other. You asked (not exactly in your words)"how we might repackage Islam in order to sell the concepts to the Christians whom the muslims are losing their kids to." Personally, I think that we need to focus more on emphasizing the religion to our own children and less upon the Christians. Please don't misunderstand me, I do think that we should continue to inform others about the goodness of our religion&values. However, OUR kids are OUR future. Without them there isn't an Islam. If our children don't understand their religion or the why of the religion, then we can't expect them to want to stick around because they see no point. As far as they are concerned, why not go to Christianity or another religion-after all do not all these religions have the same values, don't we all believe in why not? We must make our children understand and enhance their beliefs in the religion of Islam, the beauty and the simplicity of it. We must show them through EXAMPLE what we should be doing. When you let your child grow up as simply an "American" you really can't expect them to do more then that-be an American. They don't know what the Quran says about rights of women, or understand why we should pray, eat halal, pay zakat,dress modestly, involve ourselves in community, give charity etc. This is not to say that all muslim American children are this way but I think that I can safely say that a large majority of them that I have met are ignorant of their own religion. We can't sell a religion to someone else if we have limited knowledge of it ourselves. I will answer the other question separatelt because I have run out of characters. And of course, Allah knows best. Ma'asalam

Thanks for this article really it is good. today i understand the importance for MORRHAM . i hope in future u publish other artices which helps us to know the ISLAM

Wa'alaikum assalam Nadxile. You invited comment and I would like to ask a question in response to your comment. How might someone propose to go about "unjoining" or perhaps limiting the scope or application of what was clearly good when it was enjoined -- but in the past century or so has perhaps seemed to become somewhat "dysfunctional" (without further fragmenting or fracturing the Ummah)?

Also, I don't necessarily mean to suggest "reforming" practices that are still thought to be sensible. In some cases it might work well to "repackage" them for new societies. At the risk of sounding provocative, selling (or more accurately re-selling) Christians on the concept of arranged marriages or at least chaperoned courtship would seem to have the potential for easing the burden on Muslim parents who are striving to prevent their own children from straying, in predominately Christian communities.

Salamu Alaikum..yes our Holy Prophet did mourn for Sayyadina Husain but he DID NOT rip off his clothes, tear his hair or flog his body. There are rules to mourning in Islam and there are for eveything.I don't believe that the author is attacking "beliefs" of certain people, and I don't believe that there needs to be this flogging to remember the murders of Karbala. Where in Islam does it say to do these acts? What muslims in the days of the Prophet saw him do these acts? The answer is no one. When you are arguing your points PLEASE back them up with Quran or Hadith or the acts of our holy Nabi (pbuh). Yes weeping is allowed, yes we should mourn for at least 3 days, yes we are allowed to visit the grave etc but the author is correct: flogging, wailing, causing oneself to bleed etc these are acts of the Jahaliyyah. There really should not be a dispute about this. If you really want to honor the martyers then pray for them and ask Allah to bestow everlasting blessings upon them. The problem with todays muslims is that a lot of culture has been incorporated into the religion and it needs to stop. Please feel free to comment. And Allah knows best.

The article on Muharram was good. The practice of mourning by beating chest and self inflicting injuries, on 10th of Muharram,still continues among the Shias. It is deplorable that despite our Holy Prophet(may Allah's peace be upon him)condemning and forbidding such acts, it is still being practiced.

I thought the article was very balanced and well presented. To consider muharram an 'unlucky month' is just superstition and thus people forget the numerous Allah and His Messanger mentioned concerning it.


The article is very good. However, I would to correct two issues that we use that are incorrect. In Islam, there is no such names as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Quran. The Prophet (PBUH) never called himself the Holy Prophet nor he ever called the Quran the Holy Quran. The Quran should be called by AlQuran AlKareem. Nothing more and nothing less. And the Prophet (PBUH). By calling either one a Holy is distorting what Islam stands for.

JazakumuAllahKulaKhair & Salam.

- Nizar I.

I really like that imformation about the month of Muharram. It be appriciated if we get more information or incident about each month.I will also like some information or qotations from the holy Quran and hadith about kids right to parents and parents rights to kids.


after reading this article I find that it is very knowledge full an dcovers all important aspects regarding Muharram

That the month of Muharram was sanctified as a holy month during the days of the Prophet have no relevance to us today. The idea of creating "holy" months during those times was to avoid fighting with the Pagans who accepted these limitations. These type of hadith are irrelevant to us in the 20th Century and should be deleted from the books of hadith and added in history books

as salam o alaikum,
you say about muaram that it is a misconception that it is an evil or unlucky month and people for that reason do not avoid holding marriage ceremonies. i think you will find that these ceremonies are not held as a way of respect for sayyidna hussain, and the tragedy of karbala, which some of you will never understand.
jazak allah

It would have really been nice if the article would state on which day the month will start, and what year it will be, instead of leaving it to the reader to guess.

This is a very good informative article to avoid all misconception about Muharram, mainly about its unlucky or evil concept about the month. Also it narrates importance of the month in the history and about Ashuraa

Prophet wept for Sayyidna Husain, and did not forbid weeping for martyrs.
See following evidence:

Mustadrakul Sahihain
One day the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s) was in my house and Husain (a.s.) was also there. For some moments I forgot about him. He entered into the Prophet's room. I tried to pick him up but the Messenger of Allah restrained me. Then he stood up to perform the prayers while holding Husain (a.s.) in his arms. When he went into ruku (bending in genuflection) or sajdah (prostration) he put down Husain (a.s.) and again took him in his arms when he stood up. Then he sat down and wept. When he finished his prayers I said, "O Messenger of Allah! Today I have seen you do something that I had never seen before."
He said, "Jibraeel came to me and informed me that this Husain (a.s.) will be killed by my Ummah."

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 23,Number 336:
"Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah :
When my father was martyred, I lifted the sheet from his face and wept, and the people forbade me to do so, but the Prophet did not forbid me."

Sahih Bukhari Volume 2, Hadith 338:

It is related from Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, "Zaid took over the flag and was martyred. Then it was taken by Jafar who was martyred as well. Then Abdullah bin Rawaha took the flag but he too was martyred," and at that time the eyes of Allah's Apostle were full of tears.

Tarikh al-Tabari,Volume 9 (English trans):

Abbas narrates: "I heard Aisha saying "The Messenger of God died on my bosom during my turn, I did not wrong anyone in regard to him. It was because of my ignorance and youthfulness that the Messenger of God died while he was in my lap. Then I laid his head on a pillow and got up beating my chest and slapping my face along with the women".

This is confirmed by Musnad of Imam Ahmad Hanbal Vol. 6, page 274: Aisha mourned the demise of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) with other women by hitting her head.
There is more but no room to post.

Very good Article

Salaams, After reading your article I found many interesting facts however I believe that your attack on the mourning of Hussein is unfair. You attribute mourning of the dead to Jahilliya when in fact it was done by many Prophets before. Most Notably, Prophet Ya'qub who cried so much for his son Prophet Yusuf that he had become blind. Therefore, you attribute Jahilliya to a Prophet of Allah. I suggest that before you make such statements that you review the hadith carefully and separate truth from falsehood.

Allah knows best

Though the article throws light on many aspects,it ignores to accept and give due importance to the sacrifice made by Imam Hussain(RA).The rules for posting comments contradict the claims presented in the article.If group of people believe in commemorating the martydom of such uncomparable figure,then why anyone should have complaints and objections?Thereby the article condemns the beliefs of some people and doesn't pays due respect to the martyrs of Karbala.

Good article. The author neglected that he is writing about the lunar year not the solar year in the subtitle "Day of Ashura" and mentioned 365 days of the year. Lunar year is 355 days.

Everyone seem to emphasize the importance of islamic months. In this case Moharram, but no one try to explore the virtues of a Hijri (Luner)calander. This calander was chosen over solar calander. Why is it that we ignore it completely in our daily lives. I ask the scholars to please shed some light on the importance of Hijri Calander as a calander of choice. Jazzak Allah

Thank you very much for a your opinions on what can and cannot be done in the Holy Month of Muharram.
May I mention that the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) was a triumph and not a tragedy as many including yourself have stated. Martyrdom in the cause of Allah is a tiumph not a tragedy. Imam Hussain's Martyrdom distinguished the Momineen from the Munafiqin namely YAZID the commander of the Banu Umayaa for all time and he (Yazid)is cursed for all time.

this is very informative and well written artical
i hope who will read that artical anytime any where he/she wil try to live their life according to the priciples of ISLAM..

The Qur'an is the BEST of speech and the only infallible source of writing. The authenticated Sunnah is next in the hierarchy as it explains and further clarifies the Qur'an. The Fahm of the Salaf is third as it explains the application of the Sunnah. They are kind of like the Trinity of Christianity. So if you believe in these three things and followt them, as you have stated, then you are practicing the deen the way it was meant to be practiced. May Allah preserve you, Akhee.


This I don't mind.

This is excelent.

But I do lower these last two somewhat to slightly higher in standing to the Torah and Injeel For the Quran praises them too. I am also careful of how to interpret the Quran by the Hadeeth rather than the other way around.

It is dangerous to read the Quran by the Hadeeth...

As Salaamu alaikum.
To Amin and people who do not like the Manhaj as Salafi. First of all, I don't think it is wajib to call yourself Salafi. Second, you can say what you want about the leadership and da'ii's of the manhaj (esp. in the West) and what often times looks like Hizbiyyah. You can say what you want about how the ruling house of Sa'ud used Sheikh Abdul Wahhab and his teachings to further their agenda. You can say what you want about the harsh and oftentimes ignorant salafi commonfolk. BUT YOU CANNOT TALK BAD ABOUT THE MANHAJ AS IT IS SAHIH! We believe in the Qur'an and sunnah on the understanding of the first 3 generations. The Prophet (saws) said they were the best of humanity. The Qur'an also teaches to follow the Hudaa (Qur'an), the Rasuul (Sunnah) and THE Believers (who at that time were the companions) - Surah An-Nisa 115.
Your point that the movement is intolerant-from where is this based? Am I intolerant to you? And anyway there is the preaching of tolerance and intolerance in BOTH the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Again it is situational. Some would argue that the Sunnah makes the Prophet look soft and weak. Other ahadith show him being hard and tough. If you follow the manhaj properly youwould know that there is a time and place for each position. I know many so-called salafis make people hate the da'wah, but we are commanded to be the most merciful on and for the people. The manhaj does not remove the ability to make ijtihaad, or Qiyaas, but it puts qualifications upon the person who does. Please reconsider your position in light of this:

This is indeed a very informative and well written article. To all those who criticize it whether they be shia, sunni, or anything else I would advise them to first educate themselves on this issue rather than criticizing the author. There is nothing controversial about what Taqi Usmani has said. It is all supported by the Quran and Sunnah and does not include his personal opinion. If anyone refuses to accept either of the above two sources then he/she is outside the bounds of Islam. Blind following of one's family members is indeed an unwise choice and we must question the authenticity of what we are taught. This is why God has blessed humans with the ability to reason. For people who insist on mourning once the mourning period has passed clearly do not understand the meaning of the term "Inna lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raajiun". May Allah show the true path to all his followers (Ameen).

Bismillah, Alhamdulillah wa Salat wa Salam 'Ala Rasulillah Amma'Bad
Salam u Alaikum Amin, You fail to realize that The Qur'an and The Authentic Sunnah are both revelation form Allah(SWT), thus it would make sense to treat them the same. They both have the ability to legislate and the two cannot be seperated. How are you going to implement the Qur'an without the Sunnah? You can show me where the Qur'an says to fast and make salat but you cannot find the deatils of these 'ibaddat. So where are you getting your Islam from? Khutbah al-Hajjah "The Best Speech is the Book of Allah and the Finest Guidance is the Guidance of M(SAW)." Learn, implement and practice Islam according to how Muhammad(SAW) taught His Companions(radiAllahu 'anhu ajmaeen) and how they practiced and understood based on Knowledge; stop where they stopped and do not exceeed beyond their understanding. They were the most righteous and correct people in ('aqeedah and manhage)and the two generations after them. So my dear brother/sister in Islam follow the Salaf in 'Aqeedah and Manhage as did the A'immah of the Salaf. M(SAW)said "...My ummah will be divided into 73 sects all going to the hellfire except 1...those who are on My way and the way of My Companions."(Tirmidhi,ibn Majah, Abu Dawood)
Allah Musta'an, Subhanaka Allahumma wa bihamdika ashadu an la ilaha ill Anta, astagfiruka wa 'atoobu ilaik, Salam u Alaikum wa Rhamatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Wahabism is an innovation and is therefore haram, it is not a reformation except by making what was tolerant intolerant, and what was free tied. Wahabis treat the Sunna as if it were the Quran and the Quran as if it were the Sunna.

This is one of the most absurd articles I have read. All the facts pointed out are wrong, and the event and sacrifice of Sayyidina Hussayn has been highly under stated. I am sorry to say but the writer does not know what he is talking about, his facts and references are wrong. The day of Ashura represents the darkest day in the histroy of Islam, when oppression and evil reached its peak and the the truthful, brave warriors of islam were massacred on the desert of Kerbala. How can one under state such an incident. I ask readers to do their own research before believing the content of the articles such as this.

I was disappointed to read this.

To Ali: There is no guidance outside of the Qur'am and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (saws). Is it anti-Shiite to repeat the dictates and commands of the Prophet (saws)? If he commanded people not to be mourned, especially through the ways of Jahiliyyah, why disregard his command? He (saws) also said that mourning of the deceased causes punishment in the grave! The fact is that Ali and Husain (ra) both tenaciously followed the mandates of the Prophet (saws). I would dare say that Ali, Hasan and Husain (ra) would be dismayed at the actions and statements of SOME Shi'a, and would denounce many of the reprehensible rituals introduced through their deviation. Do not let As-shaytaan deceive you brother, and stick to the way as the Rightly Guided Khulafaa.
Also, you should not defame our Sheikh, the reformer Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab. He was a reformer who, like any other human being, had good and bad qualities - and called the people back the following the Qur'an and sunnah. However, as far as I'm concerned his good greatly outweighs his bad and pray that Allahu ta'ala has mercy upon him. Ameen.

What type of Wahabi propaganda is this? Anti-Shia rhetoric. Whoever wrote this piece of misinformation should be ashamed of themselves. Why not just reveal yourself and just say you hate Shias. Do you not mourn for a loved one who has died? Imam Hussein (AS) is my loved one and I shall mourn his death, whether you (the writer) or anyone else likes it or not. Where are your footnotes? At least state your sources. "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge" --- Stephen Hawking.

Thank you for enlightening us on the month of Muharram, especially the sunnah of the Prophet to fast on day of Ashura. You quoted a hadis collection by Tarmizi that the fadilat of fasting on Ashura is forgiveness for sins of the past one year. May I be critical and ask if this hadis is really true? May Allah forgive my limited knowledge, but I am so hopeful of his forgiveness and blessings, ameen.

alhamdulillah...great article...truely liberating and clarified many misconceptions....

wow so cool and real man i have never read anything like this.

I was so happy to read the details of Moharaam , wanted to know more and would like to tell my kids about my religion,thanks.

Writer did an excelent job.It has alot of information .Thank you.

Assalmo aleicoom
I'm a young girl who made a web site and i was advised to see your website and i get very pleasent to see it. Also it explain a lot about the importance of this month. I like very much your site. Congratulations...
Also would like to ask you if you mind tell me about the codes to put on my site, our calendar if the hole year or even of the present month- Muharram. Please, i'm very sorry to bother you but as i asked about information to have on my site the calendar of our months, my auncle advised me to look for it on your website.
Thanks a lot for the great site you have here and if you can help me too.
I wish to all you a good month of Muhharram, that all people with bad desieses be curded thaks to all dus, Amin.
Well, once again thanks and keep on and good luck.
Mria Quibtia

P.S.Check my site and please, give me an oppinion.

Alhumdulilah, this is a very intersting and informative article.Inshallah we will see more well researched and intellegently presented articles like this in the future, particularly on possobly more controversial subejects like Sunni- shia hostility and what lies beneith it.

Assalamu Aleykum!

This article is very informative and educative I could say. The main problem is changing the minds and thoughts of our religious persons who blindly accept the ideas of elders (I mean in our country). every year they crowd in mosques and demonstrate the scenes of Karbala. I think they only demonstrate their stupidity
Thank you

Alekber Murad

alhamdulilah, this is an intereting article and good reading materials. An article each of the 12 muslim should be be published for all readers and memebers.
TQ. and keep up the good works, brothers!!

I was very happy and pleased with the information regarding mauharram.your sight has cleared few of my misconceptionand as well as empowered me with the knowledge and the ability to present islam to our peers families and socity.
Today,as a muslim it is the duty and responsibility of every muslim to know what islam is all about. our "TRUE" islamic values and concerned should not be lost and your sight is helping a lot

First it is a misfortune for a respectable web site like yours to change events in the way it feels appropriate. First Hussien was not killed by the "Syrian Army" which you did n't define and left the connotation as if they were athiests or from the Jahiliya.These were Muslims from the Army of Yazzid the son of Muawyya who was at that time Amir Al Momineen. You just refer to this battle of Karbala as a Tragedy. Wouldn't it be appropriate to define this battle just for the sake of clarity. Isn't it appropriate to define who was Hussein. He was the grand son of prophet Muhammed (pbuh).He is part of the prophet's houshold the Quranic verse points clearly to his status: God needs to remove uncleanness from you the Prophet's Household and to purify you thoroughly. You check it with many Muslim authorities . The verse came down on profit Muhammed (pbuh) while he was with ALi,Fatima,Hassan, and Hussien.
I do agree with you that some of the rituals practiced are not perfect and remind us of the Jahilya but I can assure you everyday in our Muslim world we practice these rituals when someone dies.Look at Palestine.Look at Saudi Arabia.Look at Pakistan. There are multiple things that Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) advises us not to do and we do. From impatience to fury to name a few. So a prominent figure like Hussien isn't worth being sad for. His story is the story we live every day it is the battle of good and evil it is a battle of Islam and Muslims who think they repesent Islam. This is what Karbala is. You didn't mention that "some people" dance and are joyful during the Tenth day of Muhram not because they are happy but because of hatred and envy. I hope next time when you mention those "some people" remeber they constitute 15% of Muslims around the world and remeber the Quranic verse : Cling one and all to the faith of God and let nothing divide you.
He has ordained to you the religion he enjoined on Noah and that enjoined on Abraham,Moses, and Jesus that you should rem

The article on muharram is very nice & more informattive, the mis concept in the mind of people about this month is to mourn,speacially in india(Muslims)it is difficult to explain our elderly people,if we discuss about this topic they will tell ur just born and teaching us the islam, we are followig the tradition of our fore fathers they think that there fore father is right they are not ready to read hadith & quran.Our hero,hazrath,etc is prophet Muhammed Sallalahualaihe wasallam)nobody else we have to follow his path,which is straight & leads to pradise.Insha Allah i will keep my daughter marriage in the month of Muharam,May Allah support me to do this.The main reason,evil force for spoiling the mis concept among the muslim brother is learned persons & rich people,the learned person who compromiss & sell the Allah sign for low cost & hide the Allah's message,becos they have sold there emaan at low cost & also they have purchased duniya at the cost of Hereafter.I like to kill this poeple who spoiling the religion.There is a CHIEF KAZI in india (CHENNAI) appointed by chennai government he is aslo one among them who has sold the emaan at the low cost.May Allah show every one the right path. Aminnnnnn!
Abdul Razack


Salamun Alaikom,
You said in your article:

Some other people attribute the sanctity of Ashurah to the martyrdom of Sayyidina Husain during his battle with the Syrian army. No doubt, the martyrdom of Sayyidina Husain is one of the most tragic episodes of our history. Yet, the sanctity of Ashurah cannot be ascribed to this event for the simple reason that the sanctity of 'Ashurah was established during the days of the Holy Prophet much earlier than the birth of Sayyidna Husain.

On the contrary, it is one of the merits of Sayyidna Husain that his martyrdom took place on the day of Ashurah."

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) predicted (Prophesized) this day where Muslims buy evil instead of good and where they buy Monarchy and dictatorship over Islamic leadership.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) would know that Ummah will fall into wrong hands to rule (as we see today and we have seen before) so he order to know and hold this day, Ashura holy and be aware.

Of course in order for message of martyrdom of our master and maula Hussein not be heard, many other stuff have been made up. Only Allah s.w.t knows better but I continue to believe that martyrdom of our master Hussein is the very reason that we should keep day holy.

The day we Muslims, Shia and Sunnie, really realize Ashura and martyrdom on our sayad Hussein and make it an example for us (instead of crying or beating one selve like Shias or ignoring it like Sunnis) is the day where Muslim Ummah will be strong again.


Please email me your comment. I really want to hear what you say.

Your brother of Islam, Alireza son of Ahmad.