Ashura - Lest We Forget

An aerial view shows people gathering at the shrines of Imam Abbas ibn Ali (front) and Imam Husain (background) in the city of Karbala, 88 kilometers south of the capital Baghdad, Iraq. - AFP
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The tenth day of the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar marks a significant day in the Muslim calendar.

'Ashura, then and now

The tenth of Muharram is the day on which, according to some reports, Allah saved Prophet Moses/Musa (pbuh) from the tyrannical Pharaoh, that prototype of despotic authority. There are many pharaoh-like authorities who have appeared through history and there were those incorrigible standard-bearers of justice who opposed them. In the post-Prophetic period, one such person was Imam Husayn who took on the corruption of despotic Yazid and laid down his life on tenth Muharram in 61 AH (680 CE); an event that serves as a milestone in the history of the faithful; the martyrdom of the beloved grandson of the Prophet Muhammad at Karbala in Iraq.

Moses & Pharoah, Husayn & Yazid

The valiant Prophet Moses did not fight Pharaoh to become king, neither did the righteous Imam Husayn take on the army of the corrupt Yazid merely to become caliph. Their effort was in fulfillment of moral obligation which serves as a universal message which has left a lasting legacy of struggle and resistance against corruption and injustice. The lesson is not only in that they were prepared to fight for what is right, but were also willing to die for it; selflessness not selfishness, humility not ego, principle not power.

Such Musawi and Husayn struggle has always raged on in a corrupted world. As 'allama Iqbal said; Musa-o Fira'un Shabbir-o Yazid In do quwwataz hayat amad padid. "Ever since the beginning, two opposing forces have been at war - virtue and vice. Thus, Prophet Musa rose against Pharoah and Shabbir (Imam Husayn) rose against Yazid"

Tragic Event

So cowardly and gruesome was the killing of Imam Husayn that the renowned Arab historian Al-Fakhri wrote: "This is a catastrophe, whereof I care not to speak at length, deeming it a like too grievous and too horrible. For it was indeed a catastrophe so odious that a more shameful incident has not occurred in Muslim history. There occurred such a foul massacre as to cause any person's flesh to creep with horror. Again I have dispensed with my long description of this horrific incident because of its notoriety, for it is the most lamented of all catastrophes. " Western historian, Dr Edward Browne in his 'a Literary History of Persia' writes: "as a reminder, the blood-stained field of Karbala where the grandson of the apostle of God fell at length, tortured by thirst and surrounded by the bodies of his murdered family; has been at any time since then been sufficient to evoke, even in the most lukewarm and heedless, the deepest emotion, the most frantic grief and the exaltation of spirit before which pain, danger, and death shrink to unconsidered trifles." Professor E. Gibbon writes , "Ina distant age and clime the tragic scene of the death of Husayn will awaken the sympathy of the coldest reader." [Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire]

Tragedy Compounded

To compound the tragedy, it was the grandson of the final Messenger (and his close relatives) who were brutally killed. It was a massacre of the progeny of the final Prophet of Allah.

  • That family of the prophet of whom Allah invokes us through the Qur'an;
    "Say (to the people, O Muhammad)! I ask of you no reward except that you love my family." [Qur'an 42:23].
    It was regarding this Qur'anic verse that Imam Shaf'i wrote in his poetry ..
    Yaaala-bayti Rasulillahi hubbakum
    Fardun minaalhi fil Qur'ani anzalah
    Yakfikum min 'azimil fakhri annakum
    Man lam yusalli 'alaykum la salata lah
    "O Family of the Prophet! Allah has made it obligatory on us in the Qur'an to love you. It is a matter of pride for you that without saluting you our salutations (salawaat) are invalid."
  • That Husayn who, together with his brother, is considered by the Prophet as sayyida shababiahlil Jannah "leaders of the youth of Paradise" [Sunanal-Tirmidhi]
  • That Husayn who carried the traits of the Prophet and who many companions considered as an image of his grandfather. In the words of the poet Josh Mahalbadi …
    Of the attributes of the Prophet, the perceiver was Husayn,
    Of the holiness of the Prophet, the inheritor was Husayn.
  • That Husayn of whom the Prophet said,
    "Husayn is from me and I am from Husayn. Allah loves whoever loves Husayn." [Sunanal-Tirmidhi]

Yet, Imam Husayn was martyred at the hands of those who considered themselves followers of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, those who claimed to act in the name of Islam yet unremorsefully and shamelessly were prepared to obliterate its true exponent; those who (like so many today) are prepared to kill for Islam yet are unable to live by it. Yes, Imam Husayn was martyred at the hands of those who would kiss the Black Stone (because the Prophet kissed it), yet cut off the precious head of that dear grandson of the Prophet, a head which the Prophet so often caressed and kissed with affection

Continuing the Abrahamic Tradition

We bade farewell to the old year by celebrating Prophet Ibrahim's commitment to Allah characterized by his valor against Nimrud, and proven through his willingness to sacrifice his patient son, Prophet Isma'il (pbuh). Now we welcome the new year by commemorating the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad's beloved grandson, Imam Husayn who fought to uphold the principles of his grandfather Prophet Muhammad and his forefather Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh).

(O Allah, Bless Our Master Muhammad and the family of our Master Muhammad as You blessed our forefather Ibrahim and the family of our forefather Ibrahim.) The Makkan struggle for the manifesting and upholding the values of Islam was founded with love and veracity by the family of Ibrahim and continued with loveand patience through the family of Muhammad (pbuh), as 'allama Iqbal says;

Sidq-e Khalil bhi hay ishq, sabr-e Husayn bhi hay ishq Ma'rika-e-wujud mayn Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq
"The veracity of Prophet Ibrahim is love, so too the patient perseverance of Imam Husayn is love. Just as Prophet Muhammad's selfless struggle at Badr and Hunayn too was love (for Allah, truth and justice)."

Iqbal thus concluded; Gharib-o sada o- rangeen hay dastane haram, nehayat is ki Husayn, ibtida hay Isma'il"
"Strange, simple yet colorful is the story of the haram. It begins with Prophet Isma'iland ends with Imam Husayn."

Outstanding Example of Husayn

The special status of Imam Husayn in Muslim history has in large measure been due to the his sacrifice of family, possession, and life itself in the cause of justice in the way of Allah. His courage, sincerity, steadfastness, dignity, and unwavering devotion in times of great crisis - have inspired and continues to inspire people ofall walks of life. His struggle and eventual martyrdom became a source of strength and endurance for the oppressed in times of suffering, persecution and oppression. He has been morally on the side of every person against unjust rulers, reproaching tyrants and encouraging the oppressed to persist in their struggle for justice, freedom and dignity. "No battle in the modern and past history of mankind has earned more sympathy and admiration as well as provided more lessons than the martyrdom of Husayn in the battle of Karbala." [antoine Bara in 'Husayn in Christian Ideology']

Perhaps the most fitting of all epithets regarding Imam Husayn was by one of the greatest spiritual luminaries the world has ever known, Khwajah Mo'inuddin Chisti (may Allah sanctify his status), who said …

Shahast Hussain, badshahast Hussain,
Deenast Hussain, deen-e panahast Hussain,
Sar dad, na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazid,
Haqa key binaey La ilaha ilallahast Hussain

Husayn is the master, Husayn is the king,
Husayn is the symbol of faith, Husayn is the defender of faith,
He gave his life rather than allegiance to Yazid
Verily the foundation of La'illah illa-allah is Husayn.

Call of 'Ashura

We must reflect on that monumental moment, over thirteen hundred and fifty years ago, on the 10th day of Muharram 61 AH (680 CE) just before 'Asr prayer, when Imam Husayn stood on a sand-dune at Karbala in Iraq. Blood was flowing all over his body from the wounds he had suffered; having lost virtually everything that day. He had carried several dead bodies into his camp and even buried his dear infant child. He looked at the murdered bodies of his loved ones. Tears flowed from his eyes. He looked skyward and prayed; "O Allah! In You I place my trust amid all grief. You are my hope amid all violence. You are my Refuge and Provider in everything that happens. How many grievances are there that weaken the heart, leaving me with no means to respond; during which friends desert me while enemies rejoice."

Then, this beloved grandson of the Prophet and the apple of his eye, raised a call: "Is there anyone who will come to assist us? Is there anyone who will respond to our call for help?" He turned directions and repeated the call several times. Who was he calling out to? Surely he was not expecting anyone there to come to his aid since those who he had relied upon had already betrayed him? Perhaps it was a call to people of conscience of every period, every generation in every land. It was a call for help against corruption which everywhere in every age rears its ugly head to oppress justice and undermine the truth.

Everyday and Everywhere

Imam Husayn's martyrdom at Karbala provides evidence of the moral victory of right over wrong, of virtue over vice, of principle over compromise, of the oppressed over the oppressor, of the denied over the denier; the ultimate victory of blood over sword. A lesson teaching humankind through the inscription of blood on the scrolls of human history, how he conveyed to the world, through his struggle, the meaning of life; that that living is truly of value which offers itself for a cause greater than its self; that to die with honor is better than living in subjugation to injustice.

For those conscious of their moral obligations, consistently striving against injustice and oppression; EVERY DAY IS 'ASHURA AND EVERY PLACE IS KARBALA. In the words of Moulana 'Ali Gouhar, Qatle Husayn asl mein marge yazid hay Islam zinda hotahay har Karbala ki ba'd "The killing of Husayn is in fact the death knell of Yazid, as Islam is revived after every such Karbala".

Remember Never to Forget

The commemoration of 'Ashura on the 10th of Muharram every year serves to remind us of the sacrifices of the righteous throughout our glorious history. It reconnects us with our spiritual and moral legacy making us aware of the people, then and now, who bravely stood up for what was right; as well as those who tried to destroy the family of the Prophet and the noble ideals that the family stood for. More than that, it exposes those who watched what was happening, knew what was right; and yet did nothing.

How many are there even today who shy away; not only from mentioning the struggleat Karbala, but from the very memory of Husayn. God forbid that we ever become of those who forget.

Excerpted from "Ashura - Lest We Forget" by Sadullah Khan

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  1. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    The unfortunate killing has found its way in Nigeria thou it is

    believed to be the notorious Boko Haram insurgents said to have

    killed some of our Shia brothers who were celebrating the Ashura in

    Northern part of the Country which is very unfortunate. We must

    learn to respect one another.How can we invite others to Islam if we

    are not united and the enemies of our Deen working day and night to

    divide us would be happy to see us in this condition.May Allah unite

    the Muslim Ummah they follow the footsteps of Rasulullah and

    Khulafaur Rashidun Muhajiruna Wal Ansar by following them with

    Ihsan.Its high time we woke up from our slumber and worked for the

    progress and benefits of the Ummah bring the whole humanity to the

    Deen by becoming good examples for others to follow.

  2. mohammed asif ali from india

    Great Collection Of Urdu And English Shayaris And Quotes. Latest

    Shayari And Poetry Collection Of Dr. Iqbal Sahab. beautiful quotes by dr. iqbal


  3. Salim Hussain from Malaysia

    Muharram 9&10 is the day Rasulullah told us to fast because Allah

    (SWT) has saved Musa(pbuh) and his followers.

    Imam Husayn death has nothing to do with Ashura since Allah has

    fulfilled Islam even before Rasulullah death.

    I will recommend this site only when it preaches Quran and Sunnah.

  4. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    Jazakallah Khairan Saadullah.This reminds me of the unfortunate almost yearly incidence in Iraq in which some unfortunate brothers and sisters through sheer hatred kill our brothers and sisters who celebrate their Ashura.There is no need for killing one another we can disagree with one another but we have to live as brothers keepers and respect one another. No body can be a true believer unless he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. This is the teaching of our beloved Prohet S.A.W).We are the the best Ummah at the same time Middle Ummah neither extremists nor retrogressive.May Allah bring unity among the Ummah both Sunnih and Shia and we become example for all the non Muslims to see Islam is the true serious way of life preparing for the Hereafter which is our Maqsad.

  5. Annette Khan from USA

    It is sad that as a convert myself of 19 years, I am having difficuly finding a website that truly represents the one and only Islam. I cannot ask my co-workers, friends and christian family members to visit for fear that they would read false articles that do not represent Islam or the Sunnah of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him.) For the sake of future generations please scrutinize your articles and don't allow the Kuffar to contribute to this potentially useful website for Dawah Insha Allah.


  6. sergio barron from u.s.

    As a new muslim, i would like to express my opinion on the many prophets who lost their lives in the cause of ALLAH (GLORY TO HIM)_WHOEVER GOES FORTH IN THE CAUSE OF ALLAH WILL RECEIVE HIS REWARD IN THE HEREAFTER. PRAISE BE TO ALLAH! WHAT IS TRUTH? THE QURAN IS THE TRUTH WHICH COMES FROM GOD.

  7. RK from UK

    Salaamun Alaikum,

    Thank you for this excellent article and for the references you have provided so that we can read further about Karbala. Yes, it ought to be said 'Today I am a muslim ONLY because Our Holy Prophet's (pbuh) grandson al Husayn (pbuh) sacrificed all he had to keep ISLAM - the path of Allah (swt) alive' We are truly indebted to Him.

  8. Anika from Bangladesh

    Subhan Allah Mash Allah a very beautiful article jazak Allahu khairan

    for the article

  9. Muhammad from usa

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    This is a very good article and in response to some comments regarding worship of sufis, I also believe it has become very common in South Asia to go to graves of saints/sufis and pray there, ask for help, etc. This is very disturbing, I would not mind going to such places just to make dua for the person burried there and for all muslims but doing Sujood, asking the sufi for help solve problems, etc is absolutely against Islam. When it comes to Islam, there is no intermediary between Allah and a man when making. I have seen people making sujood at such sites and it is nothing but shirk. If one is sincere in making dua to overcome difficulties or help with something else, Allah will hear you no matter where you are so no need to visit anyone or ask anyone to intervene, you just have to be sincere and have the right niyah, that is why we say iyyaka na'bodu wa iyyak nasta'een.

  10. Hilal Shah from USA

    After reading such factual stories relating to upholding the banner of truth, it charges us as a beleiver. But that's all it does, Charges Us. We as beleivers have not been able to incorporate sactifices of these beloved figures in Islam in our own lives. We spend great deal of time writing and praising about what those great men have done, but we refuse to follow them. For past six centuries, Muslim Ummah have been hibernating and refuse to wake up no matter what is happening to her.

    The sacrifices of Ismail (AA) and Husayan (RA) that auther has talked about in this article, where are those sacrifices in Muslim Ummah. Each Muslim country is filled with injustices, corruption, love of Dunya, who is standing aginst those injustices. For past 60 years, Palastine has been occupied unjustly, which Muslim country is standing for the rights of our brothers. We have no right to talk about those great men if we are not going to follow them. Our praises will not earn them any extra status.

  11. Iqbal from USA

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam: Allah (swt) is "Qaadir" nothing moves or happens without His will or command. All four Caliphs (RA) were given the good tidings of being in the group of 'Ashramubashra' who will be in paradise along with the Ahlul Baith (RA). Allah (swt) only knows why the events took place with full capacity to stop those events. We as an 'Ummah' should try to stick to the one and only path out of 73 which will go to paradise. We all know the hadith:

    Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) said:

    My ummah will be fragmented into seventy-three sects. All of them will be in Hell Fire except one sect. They (the Companions) said: Allah's Messenger, which is that? Whereupon he said: It is one to which I and my companions belong.

    Transmitted by Tirmidhi.- Hadees 171 Narrated by - Abdullah ibn Amr

    Friends do you know what Mohammed (s.a.w) is saying, he is saying that of all the groups the Muslims have segregated themselves, only one would be in the path of Allah, and that One group would be coming to paradise, all the other 72 groups would be in the path of Satan and would be going to hell.

    Mohamed (s.a.w) said in another hadees:

    My Ummah would be divided into different groups, and if you live at that time, and if there is a Muslim Ameer follow him; and if there is a Muslim Jamath join them, if you do not find the either of them, then do not join any of the other segregated groups, even if you have to go into the forests and live on roots, live so till you die but DO NOT JOIN ANY OF THE Seggregated GROUPS. Sahih-al Buhari - Hadees 803 V-4

    Allah says in the Quran :



    Quran (6:159) (3:105)

  12. amira from usa

    excellent article, may allah give the ajar to the writer of this article.


  13. anwar shah from new york

    asalamo alaikum..

    this message is for brother akbar khan commenting on his message 42764,ghous-ul-azam should be attributed to allah not to sheikh a.q.j(r.a) or any other sufi saint...

  14. Zinedine from Morocco

    Muhammed Ibnu Abdillah (pbuh) declared himself last messenger of Allah (pbuh) & Banu Umayya especially Sufiane lost it. Abu Taleb & Abdul Muttaleb knew that they had to protect our beloved messenger Alhashimi Almuttalibi not just from banu Umayya such as Abu Sufiane, Utba, Alwaleed & Shaiba but also from banu Tameen & banu Adi' & others such as (Abu Lhakam akaAbu Jahl & Almughira etc. The Muslims suffered a three years siege in the valley (Shia'b) of Abu Taleb & most of them starved with their children to death. The siege eventually failed & Islam survived & triumphed.To unite Muslims we must first start to accept that Sahaba are not infaillable. We must admit that statements such Sahaba are lights in darkness, whomever you take as role model will lead you to hidaya is a fabricated Hadith. Our scholars know that. Marwan was a Sahabi but a hypocrite, the messenger of Allah (pbuh) forbid his father Abu Lhakam bnu La'as from entering Madina & Abdullah bnu Sarh is also a sahabi who lied against Allah & his beloved prophet. The messenger of Allah (pbuh) allowed his killing but Uthman bnu A'faan made a mistake by appointing him as Wali of Masr; leader of Egypt & of course Abu Bakr made a mistake by appointing our famous sahabi Muawiya as leader of bilad Sham. The leader of Alkhawarij, Du Tidia was also a sahabi, was also supposed to be exterminated as per our prophet but he was caught only once during the battle of Nahrawan were he was killed by Ali (kaw & pbuh). These trouble makers were all Tolaqa'. Br khan you will be shocked if you were to read ahadith sahiha that said that the prophet (pbuh) called Muawiya by the name: Allaeen bnu laeen. Pls read Tareek bnu L'ateer, Tabari, masoodi so brother please stop defending Muawiya & starting by ignoring historical facts & start acknowledging that Ali was denied what is righfully his.

  15. zinedine from Morocco

    Continues:...a hadith for a political leader & turned theoffer down. Recently one of the so called scholars (obviously a wahhabi) one of those we call scholars of the palace wrote a book as a tribute to Yazid bnu Muawiya. Can you believe that?! as if this criminal drunkard is a good sahabi. Br Khan you need to know if you don't already know that the most dominant families in the tribal political system of Quraish in Makkah are Banu Hashem,Banu Abdul Muttaleb,Banu Lhareth,Banu Umayya&Banu Nawfal all descendants of Manaaf. These families were the masters of Arabia & divided their share of power & control over all the other tribes. Hashem emerged as the most generous & powerful & the second in power was Umayya bnu Shams who was very jealous of Hashem's success They then bet that they less honourable is to leave Makkah to bilad Sham(today's Syria/Lebanon/Palestine) & Makkah's tribes chose Hashem & Umayya was sent to exile. This is the beginning of the seed of jealousy & hate between the house of Hashem & the house of Umayya that divided our Ummah today & transformed it from fire to Ash. Powerful Muawiya & his father Abu Sufiane & grand father Umayya were bent on keeping their power no matter what & Islam is not distablised the political arrangments of Aljahilia in a major way. And it's true Islam to a certain degree couldn't!If the leadership in Islam stayed in Ahlu Bayt,I am 100% sure that no one could stop the march of Islam. It would not 've stopped in Poitiers, France or Western China. Instead Muslims chose to kill each other for centuries in the name of Allah. Truth is, it was done in pursuit of political power & material gains. Decades if not hundreds of years, there were rumors that the prophecy will fall into one of the decendants of Manaaf. Abu Sufiane son of Ummaya believed himself to become a messenger of Allah.He was very worried that prophecy falls on one of the decendands of Hashem which it did.He wanted to combine prophecy with political leadership.

  16. Zinedine from Morocco

    advise during A'am Aljamaa when he said: "We are with the winner" . This is now a tradition in our Sunni Muslim countries. Br Akbar, I am not questioning any sahaabi or taleeq's imaan; that is Allah domain not mine; I am shedding light on their actions & attitudes towards Ahlu Lbayt. Know well that the family of the prophet are the centre of the Muslim universe. For me this is not an issue of faith but of justice & unity. The theory that all Shaba are just is flawed.According to most of our scholars (aljumhoor) including Dahabi and Ibnu Saad a shahabi is any Muslim who saw the prophet including children. Read Tabaqaat Bnu Saad & Alisaaba fitamyeez Sahaba by Ibnu Hijr Al'asqalaani for details. Banu Umayya starting with Muawiya gave birth to a tradition of the equality of sahaba the good ones & the bad one (Munafiqueen masjid Diraar). The logic that Almuhajiroon used against Alansar to keep the khilaafa a Quraishi affair was their proximity to rasooli Allah & won it. Ali tried to use the same logic but it was too late. He & his family chose peace & unity but some tribes in Arabia chose Ridda (war of rebellion againt Abu Bakr & Umar). Banu Umayya used the same logic againt Ali decades later to steal the khilafa from him. Well Umayya was Hashem's brother & Muawiya used his Qaraaba to the prophet to his advantage & it worked. His response to Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr sideeq "telling him that what I did to Ali was not much different than what you father did to him" Pls read our Sunni history books. See my previous comments. To strengthen their hold on power Muawiya & his son Yazid & their descendants Marwan & Alhakam etc incited some Muslim scholars thru bribery & intimidations to start another political tradition that is the fabrication of ahadith maudua for political gains). Even Qadi Lqudat (supreme court judge) Ayyad of Marakech & Andalucia admited that he was approached with a bribe to fabricate a hadith for

  17. Zinedine from Morocco

    Re: Response to ref# 42876:Salaamu alaikum, dear br Khan, Briefly: Br Firth, you need to know that no one on earth has the right to accuse a Muslim of Shikr unless it is clearly evident. Br Khan is a good Muslim who dedicate his time & intellect to the cause of Islam. If you think you are defending Islam, think again because this behaviour is very unislamic. Br Khan knows that Allah has only one friend, Ibrahim khalilul Allah. No one else! He is not putting words in Allah's mouth. By friend of Allah he actually meant waliullah ( representative of Allah on earth). We must all beware of shikr alkhafi..hidden forms of shirk. Messenger of God (pbuh) said: "Shirku kasakhratin samma' fi laylatin dalma" meaning Shirk is like a black stone in a dark night. Hadith sahih!Re: Abdul Qaader Aljilaani, yes br Khan all Muslims must show respect for this waliualla. He is one of (awliau Allah saliheen) saints. His book Alfath Rabbaani wal Fayd A-l-rrahmani (the Endowment of the Divine Grace & the Spread of the Divine Mercy) speaks volumes about him.He is no different than Abu Hamed Alghazali & Abdullah bnu Adham etc; We can learn lot from them but we cannot treat them as gods. That's shirk! Br Akbar is not a Mushrik, he knows this stuff. Yes Awliau Allah were masters in the field of dhikr & but let's not forget though that they were still tabieen, followers, of the greatest of all masters- after the death of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh)- Ali. Yes Ali (kaw & pbuh & his family). Remember this hadith sahih: "Man kuntu mawlah fa Aliun mawlah". meaning whoever considers me to be his master must know that Ali is his master (after me)". Abdul Qadir Aljilaani remained silent on the question of Muawiya to avoid more fitan. The Umma/scholars were divided into Uthmaniyoon (Amawi/Abbassi followers) (majority) & Alawiyoon (Shiat Ahlulbayt) (minority) . Those who are with the winners and those who are with the truth. We Sunnis sided with the winners following Abdullah Ibnu Umar's

  18. Akbar Khan from Canada

    Salaam br. Zinedine, it is true that the Khawarij to this day continue to mislead Muslims about our faith and have caused a great deal of misunderstanding and confusiojn. With regards to Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan, never have I considered him "Amir" Muawiya, this practice of instituting succession because of blood was an extremely bad innovation he learned from the Chosroes kingdom in Persia. He did abolish to Khilafat and I do agree with you that we can speak on his disregard for Rasul-Allah's (saws) sunnah by doing this, but I do not have the right to question his iman.

    But unfortunately, people like A. Firth can with the blink of an eye question by Iman and belief in Allahu-ahad. Mr. Firth accuses me of worshipping Allah's friend...

    Mr. A. Firth, do you even know what a mujaddid is? Ahlus-Sunnah wa'l Jama'ah are followers of the the Sunnah and the consensus of the group, that is why I am taking the opinion of Shaykh Abd' al-Qadir al-Jilani (ra). You unfortunately have not learned the meaning of the Qur'an's commandment that if you know not on a matter, to ask those who know, where did you get shirk out of this, an invention of your own nafs possibly because you are too proud and imagine that Almighty Allah speaks to you directly? This I can see by your very arrogant comment.

    Know that Allah's friends help others by Allah's leave, and not independently. You need to learn more Mr. Firth then maybe I will spend some time on helping you see the truth.

  19. A. Firth from UK

    Akbar Khan ... Your reverence is misdirected. You should be worshipping God/Allah, not some sufi saints and their graves. Why is it that people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh give so much importance to saint and grave worship and none to God/Allah? I left the Catholic faith because of similar belief in saint and idol worship which I found most troubling.

  20. Zinedine from Morocco

    Salaamu alaikum br Akbar Khan,

    BTW: I forgot to mention another important historic fact repoted by all scholars of hadith Shia and Sunni scholars..that prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Ahlu Lbayt. He said to Ammaar Bnu yasir in front of the sahabas: "Wayha Ammaar taqtuluhu lfiatu lbaghria" Hadith Sahih meaning Bad news for you Ammaar, you will be killed by the oppressive (injust) community. This prophesy came true and Muawiya's army did in fact kill this great Sahabi (RAA) & this companion of the prophet pbuh died in Maarakat aljamal (the batteof the camel). How can we dare ignore this and treat Muawiya as a holy man? If we want Shia Muslims to stop insulting some Sahaba never mind this Taleeq, we must stop praising some of them when we have strong evidence that some of them committed crimes against Ahlu Lbayt (pbut) and other Sahabas (RAA) and some Tabieen (followers) may Allah be pleased with them.

  21. zinedine from Morocco


    Besides, we are not facing any prosecution here in North America for telling the truth as it is. I had nothing to worry about even in Morocco . This is not Amawi land Syria. We are not under the rule of Alnutawakkil who pulled the tongue of one SUNNI Imam to death for defending Imam Ali (KAW). For more evidence & details pls read these books:

    The holy Quraan, Nahjul Balaagha with Mohammed Abdu's comments, Kutub alhadith Sitta Imam, Jaafar Sadiq ahadith, Tarikh Ibnu Lhadeed, Ibnu Hijr Alasqalani, Tarikh bnu Katheer, Tarikh Ibnu Qateeba, Tarikh Tabari, Tabakat Ibnu Saad, Adahabi's books, Taha Hussain, Abbass Mahmmood Alqaad etc.

    My comments are meant for br Khan because he is sincere. As far as ignorant people like Yazid, they are an insult to us innocent Sunnis & people like Yazid don't deserve an answer!!!

  22. Zinedine from Morocco

    Salaamu alaikum brother Akbar Khan. In response to your comments ref#29749, I beg to differ here with you although I know you are sincere. I also read between the lines as your comments show your strong sense of piety and fear of Allah. However, we Muslims Sunnis and Shias & all mankind are commanded by Allah to use reason and common sense. We cannot ignore historical facts and confuse fear of Allah with fear of temporal authority or fear of history. We must not mix fear of the Amawi & Abbassi rulers with fear of Allah, the almighty (SWT). We cannot lie to ourselves and to the world and hide from the truth that Muawiya Ibnu abi Sofiane bnu Harb bnu Umayya is a TALEEQ and not a Sahaabi (not a comanion) at all. Therefore we should not say Allah (SWT) is pleased with him (RAA) every time his name is mentioned because he is a Nasibi who reluctantly converted to Islam after Fath Makkah, the opening of Makkah. We must not ignore the fact that after the death of the master of all Imams, Ali (KAW), Muawiya arranged and masterminded the killing of Imam Hassan by poisoning him, we are talking here about the grandson of our holy prophet pbut & is as Imam Hussain sayidu shababi aljannah (master of the youth of heaven). Furthermore, that was not enough for Muawiya, who loved life and power, he forced many Muslims to insult Ali (KAW) and made sure that the insults are part of Jumua khutbas (Friday sermons). Anyone who dared to defend Ali (KAW) were called (Rawafid) & were prosecuted & those (Nawasib) who insuted Ali (KAW) were promoted to power and I am not going to mention any names here so that I don't offend anyone. With due respect to Ahlu dikr wa tazkia aka Suffis such as the master Abdel Qader Aljilaani (RAA) and others who refused to comment on Muawiya's crimes and remain silent did so for fear of prosecution, I and many others do not agree with their stand on this very divisive issue may be because we have nothing to lose. Besides, we are not facing any prosecution

  23. gma khan from bharat

    Hussain alehisalam sacrificed him self and his companions because he was not aware of moderate islam he was rigid on fundamentals and not flexible as yazid so hussain faced elimination in the battle field.

    allah saves his man from the clutches of evil by way of granting shahadat amd leaves errogants to face the heat.

  24. Akbar Khan from Canada

    Brother Zinedine, I do not comment on Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan as Shaykh Abd' al-Qadir Jilani was silent on this matter, and so I too will remain silent on this. It is not for me to speak openly on a matter to which I am a particle of dust infront of hte opinion of Ghaus ul-Azam. As for Yazid, he was only shown to be a transgressor, a hunter, a pedophile, among many other things according to ibn Atheer, Imam Tabari, and many others. Just letting you know I never said I am in favour of Yazid, nauzubillah. Please re-read my comment from that long time ago. Salaam.

  25. Bilal from USA

    I'm Sunni and Love Ahlul Bayt, No matter Shias' lies that Sunnis do not love Prophet's family.

    I wish I would be there to protect Husayn, but Allah willed his death, fot nothing happens without Allah's Will.

    And it does not mean I have to go and cut my head, it does not help Imam Husayn, My Duas insha'Allah will be more beneficial.

  26. Bilal from USA

    I've seen many Shias saying that Sunnis do not love Prophet's family and saying disgusting things about Sahaba (Abubakr, Umar, Uthman). How can they say that? Sunnis love Muhammad's household and love them for their righteouness, but we do not worship them or elevate to Muhammad's level. It seems to me that it is shias who do not love Prophet's household by elevating them to Prophet's level. I don't think Muhammad's family would like that.

    Allah (swt) knows best.

  27. Zinedine from Morocco

    Salaamu alaikum,

    To you ..that calls himself Shaikh,

    We Sunnis know well that our prayers are invalid without praise of Ahlu Lbayt. How can you possibly forget or question that..that we praise Ahlu Lbayt in our five daily prayers.

    "Say (to the people, O Prophet): I do not ask of you any reward...but love for my near relatives; and whoever earns good, We give him more of good therein; surely Allah is Forgiving, Grateful." (Qur'an 42:23)

    Do you know that Imam Ali (KAW) to prophet Muhammad (pbut" is like Haroon to Musa (pbut)?

    Do you know that the beloved messenger of Allah said that he came with the Tanzeel (revelation) and that Ali will be the master of the Taaweel (interpretation of the Quran. Hadith Sahih?

    There is a lot more for you to learn to become a true Sunni. If you achieve a certain level of knowledge, you will eventually understand that Shia Jaafaria are Sunnis too!

    I am a Moroccan Sunni but if my love to Ali, Alhussain & Alhassan will lead to some to believe that I am Rafidi (Shia) so be it. I am proud of it because I am a descendant of Ahlul Bayt!!!

  28. Hosny Mohamed from USA

    The fact of the matter is Ashura has nothing to do with Imam Hussein [RAA]. There had been several of Gods'-days [Ayam-o-Allah] that happened on the 10th of Muharram but The Prophet [PBUH] hadn't included them in the reasoning of why Muslims should fast and mark that day. Only because of the miracle of splitting the see for prophet Musa and his followers that we are asked to mark the day. If there any other "future" reasons, the prophet PBUH would had told us about it or at least hinted at it.

    May Allah fix or hearts on his deen as he revealed it to The Prophet and save us from following the people of the book when they invented and corrupted their religion.

  29. Yazid from USA

    Stop worshipping our prophets and their bloodline!

    It's such a CHRISTIAN thing to do.

    There is only ONE GOD and HE alone is worthy of worship.

    You .. can call it what you want ... we all know and see with our eyes the activities that take place around Islamic figures deaths, birthdays and so forth!!!

    THEY MATTER NOT ... ONLY ALLAH Matters .. so spend your time thinking of HIM!

  30. Ahmad Salim from USA

    Thanks to the editorial board for the proper response. Individuals who are more concerned with "shia/sunni" than Islam, really need to re-evaluate their mentality. The individual read the entire article supposedly and all they walked away with was, " I saw that quote on a shia website" Astonishing. Historical reality is that: reality. Not shia or sunni or whatever other label you want to add to it.

  31. Ahmad Salim from USA

    Jaza'kal Lah Khair for the beautiful article. May Allah (swt) guide us all on the path of truth and justice. And may we be united and not separated amongst eachother.

  32. Ahmad Sirajudin from Malaysia

    I am confused, I thought it was Ali that got killed and beheaded. It was done by people who believed that the person who would lead Islam after the death of Muhamad, need not be the decenden ts of the prophets. Now the writer is saying that it was Husein that got killed and the writer failed to mention why they killed him. I hope somebody would clarify. Thank you

  33. mauroof from canada

    islam revives after every karbala .one thing i would like to say matam saay hussain paidda neghi hottay hussain paidda hotay hain qurbanio its time to think .

  34. Zinedine from Morocco

    To "shaik" Faheem,

    As a Sunni Muslim, I am surprised you call yourself Shaik, unless you are an old man that would be ok with us Arabs but if you meant wiseman by the word Shaik, you are far from it.

    Briefly, I am shocked that you don't take Shia Jaafaria seriously because they are Ahlu Sunna too. You refuse to listen to what they have to say. You hate their version of the truth. This is exactly what recipe for hate and disaster means. Pls read alkutub Sitta (6 books of hadith) and Nahjul Balagha before you open your mouth, you will find that asalaat wa salaam ala rasooli Allahi wa aalihi wa sahbihi (Hussain is just one of them) is WAJIB, FARIDA. The Amayiyeen rulers omited the salaat and salaam ala Ahlu bayt and promoted the insults of Imam Ali. Pls don't get me started because I am worried that my comments will not be published if I get into historical details about Banu Ummaya and Banu Alabbas!

  35. Zinedine from Morocco

    Salaamu alaikum br Akbar Khan,

    I beg to differ here and disagree with you. We Sunnis must not be blind to Muawiyah and Yazid crimes against Ahlul Bayt especially Ali, Alhassan and Alhussain. I really don't want to get to the details about at least 12 Sahabas that ranges between making mistakes at best to crimes at worst for fear that my comments will not be published. You need to know that Muawiyah and Yazid are not Sahaba but TOLAQA'. Pls do yourself a favor read Imam Bukhari & Imam Muslims books and the other 4 muhaditheen as well. Do not forget to read Nahjul Balagha either. That's for a starter. After that I can suggest more books for you to read!

  36. Zinedine from Morocco

    Salaamu alaikum,

    Karbala' is truly karbun (sadness) wa (and) bala'(ordeal). All Muslims Shia and Sunna must feel deep sorrow and sadness for the death of Imam Hussain & comemorate his shahaada (martyrdom). If we Muslims let our leaders keep us in the dark about our history, we will never be able to bridge our divide with our Shia brothers & we won't be able to understand them.

    Reading the Shaikhan's shahihs Imams Bukhari & Muslim is a good start but to see the whole picture we need to dig deep and read the master of all 4 Imams, Imam Jaafar Sadiq! If we want to dig deeper we must all read Nahjul Balagha of Imam Ali, the master of all Imams. He is the true preserver of Islam & the Sunnah of our beloved prophet (pbuh) and his family!

  37. Saeed from USA

    It is very tragic to see that when one speaks of the Prophet's (SAW) family, they're called Shia, So I guess that means that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was shia because he frequently spoke of them in many Hadiths. Remember what we say in the Tashahhud position, "O Allaah! send prayers on Muhammad, and on his household, and on his wives and progeny, as you sent prayers on the family of Ibraaheem; You are indeed Worthy of Praise, Full of Glory. And send blessings on Muhammad215, and his household, and his wives and progeny, as you sent blessings on the family of Ibraaheem; You are indeed Worthy of Praise, Full of Glory" Do u know who his household is? It is His Family.

  38. Tasneem from USA

    From the response Islamicity has gotten..I say thank you too for printing such a great article..Yes I am a shia and without Karbala..Islam is alive and yes to love Imam Hussain is to love Prophet Muhammad SAW. Even in his last sajda,...he asked that his ummet to be forgiven..Yes we should celeberate but with Islamic way..that is by praying and giving our thanks..not by dancing in the streets, Islamcity..I thank you once agn for this bold step.

  39. Tasdik from canada

    Is this is a sunni person who wrote this article? because i think i saw that line: everyday is ashura and every place is karbala in a shia website elsewhere........maybe islamicity is a shia website now.

  40. Alassane Diakite from Mauritania

    Excellent article. It would have been even greater if the author deepened our knowledge how Allah saved Musa and his people from Pharaoh, as a way to bridge the gap with our Jewish brothers.

  41. Mohammad Ali from U.K

    The tragedy of Karbala is a great lesson to us Muslims but it is very sad to see only our Shia brothers grieve for him in this month of Muharram. Let us all muslims of this world grief for Seyyidna Hussein every year whwn Muharram comes.

    Your brother in Islam.


  42. Muhammad Jawade khan from south africa

    Enjoyed the article. It is however unfortunate that in this part of the world, gauteng, very little focus and attention is heeded to the martydom of the illustrious Imam Husain. Very few are made of aware of the events of Karbala, an integral part of the history of every muslim. The madressah syllabi of the jamiat don't even mention the martyrdom, hence the youth are totally ignorant of the event. May Allah SWT reward you abundantly and may I have a copy of the book on Karbala. Wassalaam

  43. Eric B. from USA

    Salaam. Excellent article. It's good to see "mainstream" Islamic

    websites speak so highly of Imam Husayn. We want folks of other

    religions to tolerate us. Yet we seem to avoid holding that criteria

    to our own communities. Alhamduillah, we are maturing.

  44. Murataza Ali from USA

    To Mr. Philip

    Yes, you are correct that Islam is for the entire mankind and not only for the descenedents of the Prophet and if any one were to tell you that than he would be regarded as stupid. So now what is your problem ?

    Now, let ne explain to you why descendents of the Prophet escepecially Imam Husayn is so important. Look at the family tree of the Prophet on the following website:

    Looking at the Family tree you will find that starting from Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammed all the Prophets come under the same family tree. If you see closely all the Prophets are given in blue that is Prophets , Nuh, Ibrahim, Ismail etc... Imam Husayn is from the same household "Ahlul Bayt". The "Noor" or the "Spirit" which was in Adam has passed down the generations to Prophet Muhommad.Than to his daugther Fatima, than from Lion of God Ali and Fatima to Hasan , than to Hasayn than to Zainal Abdedin and so on. Brother I urge you to study the Shia faith more closely because here we only use logic and I am sure once you know fully about the Ahlul Bayt you will surely ask yourself 'show me a house better than this' and the reply would come "THERE IS NONE" and I challenge you to show me one.


  45. Philip Early from USA

    I am an American Muslim convert. Although somewhat new to Islam, I find that there is something intellectual inconsistant in the legend and lagacy of the grandson of the Prophet (pbuh. Did the Prophet love him becuase of his genetic make-up or his righeousness, without hesitation I would say becuse of his righteousness. However, if anyone thinks otherwise is certainly against the principle thaIslam came to all people, not simple the decendents of Mohammed, the man.

    Perhaps those who beleive in the heretical supremacy of a Muslims are trying to immulate the Jewish tradition; the the mother to be Jewish in order to qualify as a Jew.

  46. Ali Afzal from INDIA

    Excellent article.

    I an a world dominated by propganda form Non muslim quarters and Islamic institiutions and mosques ont he payroll of the treacharous Wahabi clan of the Sauds, the new generation is begining to loose the valu and significanc eof the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain and the lessons from it.

    Artices like these go a long way in the education of the newer generations that the Islam they pratcic etoday is a result fo the supreme scarifice made by this 'Martyr', the beloved son of our Prophet (SAW)

  47. Kamal. Toorabally from Japan

    May Allah's blessing be on you. Very good article.

  48. Faheem from India.


    With reference to Same Arctile in your News Paper I have read you have printed From Ismail(P.B.U.H) to Husayn(P.B.U.H) Can you explain me that how we can Say Husayn (R.A.Z) as Husayn(P.B.U.H) as P.B.U.H. is only meant for our Beloved Prophet Mohd(P.B.U.H)it is the Salam from Allah.

    Please explain me this issue as it's a matter of Faith, as we belive the End of Prophecy is our beloved Prophet Mohd(P.B.U.H)

    Please don't reply if your Faith is Shia.

    Thks & Regards,

    Shaik Faheem.

  49. Ali Abbas from canada

    All praises to Almighty and peace be upon Prophet and His Ahlybyt and companions,thankyou very much for such a nice article.really very good article from mr. sadullah khan.incident of karbal is demarcation between virtue and vice. you will find people in this world who call themself righteous but their behaviour show other wise whenevr we have such situation we can take help from karbala.also it is not that imam husain is leader of one faith or one group but he is leader of all humanity because in general human being wants justice and that's what karaba is all about.

  50. a brother from USA

    Thank you for the beautiful article. Jaza'kalla Khair. It is unfortunate that we hear nothing of Imam Husain in the masaajid and conferences. The enemies of Islam want to cover this event and this exemplary life. Let us unite under his way and his message and strive for unity and justice. May Allah bless you all and may Allah guide us all in the path of our beloved Prophet and his progeny. Salaamo alaikum

  51. Fahad from USA

    Peace be Upon the Prophet Muhammad and His beloved Alh-ul-Bayt (Especially the beautiful grandson Husayn for this occasion). We as Muslims should unite, and try to flow our hearts with love instead of hate, compassion instead of cruelty and oppression.

  52. Muxiiyadeen from usa

    Those who colbloodedly murdered Imam Huseyn(May ALLAH be pleased with him) and Sayyidina `Uthmaan(May ALLAH be pleased with him) have committed very grave sins and their reckoning is only with ALLAH, what also goes against the sunnah of Our Noble prophet Muhammed(May ALLAH`s peace and blessings and be upon him) and the teachings of the Holy Quran is what some of our brothers and sister are doing in mourning over it.These and many other things that our sister/brother are doing fall into the category of `Bid`a`. A muslim should only follow the Sunnah of Our noble Prophet(pbuh) and the Holy Quran completely.ALLAH knows best

  53. Brother in Faith from Daresalam

    Isn't it so obvious in todays world, that the ones who mourn the death of the Ahlul-Bayt are living in there warm shade. While those who regected are suffering. There is no leader to them nor will there be. The ones who gave up the Ahlul-Bayt are either killing each other or getting killed, just have a look around the world and it is evident.

    The same people are insulting Islam today instead of following the ways of Imam Ali Talib and instead of sacrificing they are bombing and getting bombed. Instead of mourning Husayn they are facing misery and destruction be it Iraq, Afganishtan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Indonesia, or some parts of the Gulf, let alone parts of Russia.

    They left the guide, there is nobody to guide them in sharia, instead they follow and are happy with people who kill the inoccecnt, unaware of the Tawil of the Quran as the author has aptly said, 'Ali is like the sun','Fatimah like the moon' and 'Husayn a star in the galaxy of heroes'. Alhamdulilah

  54. Abdul

    To Lina, Only Allah knows who has acheived martyrdom. I can't stand when some Muslims claim people have reached martyrdom but they have no knowledge, because knowledge is with Allah alone.

  55. Salman from Japan

    Polemics aside sincere love of the Prophet of Allah (S) alone is reason reason enough for one to be absolutely overcome with grief over the martyrdom of his beloved grandson and clan (bani Hashim). This is neither a time for arguement or disunity rather an occasion to solemnly remember the greatest indignity inflicted upon the Prophet (S). Imagine the hurt we would feel if one were to trample on his grave or spit on his cloak. Now imagine them doing that while his grandson was wearing it. The Prophet(S) said:""Husayn is from me, and I am from Husayn. Whosoever loves Husayn, loves Allah. Husayn is one of my sons."

    In no way do these dismiss or diminish the importance of the illustrious companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S). On the contrary, the noble companions readily acknowledged the lofty station of the family of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(S). Sayyiduna Abu-bakr(R) is quoted as having said he prefered the family of the Prophet(S) to his own family. Sayyiduna Umar would always give the grandsons of the Prophet(S) preferential treatment.It has been the sunnah of the greatest lovers of the Holy Prophet (S)- the sahaaba- to express such love and preference to the household of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) This alone is sufficient reason for us to do the same. The martyrdom of Al-Husayn was a unique event. It was fortold by the Prophet(S) and caused him great grief.We need to ensure that we don't dismiss this and don't overlook this important aspect of Islam merely in difference to misguided extremism.

  56. Mu'adh from USA

    Jazakumallahu for the reminder. The events of Karbala are indeed sad and shouldn't have happened. However, there were many incidences that shouldn't have happened but happened anyway. This was all Allah's (swt) plan. In Islam, we don't commemorate anyone's birth or death. We never commemorated Prophet's (saws) death nor his great companions Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, Hamza, Musab bin Umayr etc. (May Allah have Mercy on All of them).

    We must remember the sacrifices of all mujahids so we may learn. Allahu Akbar.

  57. Akbar Khan from Canada

    I also forgot to mention, that we as Muslims respect all the companions of the Prophet (saaw), and never, ever ever should we insult or degrade any of his companions, for our knowledge is limited to reading through books and what was told about them, we cannot judge them and furthermore we have no right to say anythign against the prophet's companions just because of that fact, that they were the prophet's companions - his trusted deputees who fought and lived to defend Islam against the Mushrikeen and the first to lead the way to spreading the message of Islam all across four continents.

    Having said all that, I come to the point of saying that, NONE OF US MUSLIMS should EVER EVER EVER think of insulting the prophet's companions, and more particularly in this case, we should not insult the prophet's companion Mu'awiya ibn Abi Sufyan, and even though his son Yazeed was a murderer and we can say that Yazeed was wrong for what he did because the action speaks for itself, never should we think about saying that Mu'awiya was anything negative. This is not part of Ahl' As-Sunnah Wa'l Jam'aah Aqeedah. I am sure that there are those among the Shi'a community who have a different understanding and I humbly respect your difference in this matter and would now bow out from this discussion.

    Just to remind all once again, that any of the prophet's companions, especially those who transmitted some hadiths, and Mu'awiya ibn Abi Sufyan did, that we should restrain ourselves from ever saying something against one of the prophet's companions, it just is dangerous to do so, and not out of fear for anyone, but fear for yourself, for how Allah will look at us for thinking such things. Please forgive me if I have offended anyone. Jazak'Allah Khair to all who made the effort in allowing this article to be published.

  58. Akbar Khan from Canada

    It is certainly a great thing and a very great blessing upon the people behind Islamicity for publishing this article here, as was said before. Truly I am so happy and excited to see this story being posted here. It is something that I have been waiting to see for a long time. Knowing the history of Karbala and the martyrdom of Imam Husain, Allah bless him and grant him peace, we should remember that the sins of Yazid in sending 4000 soldiers to murder Imam Husain (as) and impale his head for show, is a sickening and disgusting act that was done and should be condemned by all Muslims and for a Muslim to not recognize what happened in Karbala, is like being of those who are not among us. It is an important point in history which should be seen by Muslims worldwide as not a day of mourning and wailing and beating, but should instead be seen as a day of victory - for Imam Hussain (as) stood up against injustice and tyranny in the face of killers, to stand tall and be firm in the name of what was right and what was the truth. The Ummayad's used to go around everywhere killing the descendants of the Prophet (saaw) and his other relatives and family members, such as the people from the Abbasids who unfortunately after taking power from the Ummayads, themselves later on in their rule became even worse in persecuting the prophet's descendants and cursing them more so than the Ummayads. But let us not forget one thing, that the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as) is a day of victory, and a day of learning and reminder for us all, that no matter what opposition you may face, always stand firm for Justice and the truth. Imam Hussain, in fighting against Yazeed's soldiers, killed over 400 soldiers himself! The man, in a state of death during the battle, with arrows piercing every part of his body, with his arm hanging off, ripped off his arm with his other hand and said, I have never missed a prayer in my life, I must not now miss Salaatul Asr.

  59. Feroze Adam Mirasanbwala from Malaysia

    Assalamualaikum!!!! It was a great deed done in publishing this article. May Allah bless all those who remembers Imam Hussain and talks about his suffering days at Kerbala.

    Imam Hussain with his other family members came happily at Kerbala, but by Aashura his whole family was tortured and Imam Hussain himself was brutally beheaded.Salwaat on Imam Hussain and Lanaat on Yazid.

    My family and I just visited the holy Kerbala two weeks back and were not afrai of any war and saw huge Harram and Zarriya of Imam Hussain & Janabe Abbas at Kerbala. That land of Kerbala let all of us felt the history of Aashura and tears rolled our eyes when we entered the Harrams. We all paid our respects to Imam Hussain & Janabe Abbas.

    A Miracle we saw: Outside the Zarriya of Janabe Abbbas (at the place of his feet)the drops of water glitters out. My two little sons-Shabbir & Hateem and myself wet our hankies and massaged the water on our faces. There is also a portion of Nehere Furrat(river) embedded under his Harram, and it has been 1400 years it has never dried. we brought along that water also.

    we are greatful to Allah and the prophet and Imam Hussain who helped us in sending to Kerbala and Najaf and do all the Ziyarrah. May Allah bless and fulfill the wish of all who wants to go to Kerbala and may he send us once again.AMEN!

  60. Lina from United States, Afghanistan nationality

    Assalamu Alaikum

    It was very pleasing to see an article on commemorating the martyrdom of Hussein A.S.

    And very ironic at the same time. I am a shia who is not extremist, however, I always remember the events of Ashura. Its just very unusual that a Sunni website would post something commemorating Hussein A.S. Most Sunnis will not even acknowledge what happend on that dreadful day because they seem to pay their respects to the "sahabi" Yazid. I do not know how anyone can pay any respect to such an evil man. A man who killed the GRANDSONS OF THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD S.A.W. How can anyone respect such a man who had the GRANDSON of the PROPHET's (saw)'s head cut off. It doesn't make any sense. But ah well, at least there are some who know the truth and acknowledge it.

    Thankyou, and please do not take this affensively

    Jazakkallahu Khairan

  61. Said Al-Salmi from Muscat, Oman

    As a regular muslim with no much knowlege, would like to learn the motive behind our brother shia who harm and injuiry themselves with sword, knife, etc. on the day of Ashura. What is our religion point of view on this issue?, I mean Hal Yajuuz a muslim to do it?, Is there an prove from Quran or Sunat Rasulu SWA for muslim to purnish or harm himselves for the sake of expressing his iman?, Please help I'm confuse?

  62. Wafa Ahmed from USA

    Thank you for the article about Immam Husayn. As a Muslim and a Shia, I appreciated reading about a great Muslim leader that is often forgotten. May Allah bless you.

  63. Shawn from USA

    O Allah, I love Hasan and Husayn, do love them and love those who love them, said the Prophet (saw). They were two pearls who were beloved by the Beloved's beloved. May Allah grant us love for them in our hearts for if we love the Beloved's beloved's beloved, then the Beloved may love us as well, ameen.

  64. Hamid Reza from Germany

    Allhamdullelah for such a magnificent article.

    Nevertheless to all brothers and sisters who were sceptical towards this article I just can answer that the family of the prophet kept the pure meaning of islam alive. Throughout their struggle against tyranny of Banni Ummaya and their Caliphate they succeded in manifesting the islamic religion with tremandeous effort. It should never be forgotten that it was Imam Jafar Sadiq (RA) who founded the islamic schools like Hanafi.

  65. Ejaz Naqvi from USA

    Thank you for an excellent article. Indeed Imam Hussain made the greatest sacrifice of his life,and the lives of his family and friends to save Islam. There is no question that Yazid was a Munafiq, as evidenced by many accounts in books, by both Sunni and Shia authors. Its too bad that his great sacrifice is "limited" to observance by Shias only. Imam Hussain did not die for Shias- he sacrificed to save the religion of Islam. If no one cared to rembember his sacrifice every Muharram, the sacrifice would indeed have gone to waste.

    Please keep up the good work.

  66. S. Mahmood from USA

    Thank you for your article on Imam Husayn's martyrdom at Karbala. It indeeds touches the soul and jogs the intellect. How true your words ring, "those who (like so many of us) are prepared to kill for Islam yet are unable to live by it." May others read and learn from your website. It is necessity among Muslims worldwide. Thank you.

  67. Zabhier from UK

    A list of hadiths showing what Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said about 10th Muharram would be far better than this article. We know there are divisions between Shias and everyone else, this article serves no purpose except to widen those divisions. MAy Allah grant us all his mercy, forgiveness, and guidance.

  68. Nahal Ameri from USA

    Imam Sadullah truly pinpointed the significance of Karbala to our lives today in 2004 as American Muslims. Insh'Allah we all may strive in the cause of God and stand up for what we believe in and for Islam no matter what the cost. So that Imam Husains martydom was not in vain, we must take with us that Everyday is Ashura and every land is Karbala...

  69. zara from USA

    Your quote by Chisti referrring to Hadhrat Husain as "king" and the "maifestation" of faith is overboard and implies a reverance that Muslims give to no one but God. Husayn became a shahid when he stood up against the opression of a self-serving leadership that called itself the"king" of the Muslim world.

    We do not use words such as king or manifestations to describe the Prophet (pbh),

    and should not idolize or revere any human being. Hadhrat Husayn is a role model but was also a fallible human being.

    Your quote gives legitimacy of those cult-like sects such as Ismailis who refer to their imam aga khan as a "manifestation" of God and therefore worship him as an intercessor to God.

  70. m.m.m.hafees from UK(Sri Lanka)

    assalamu aliakkum, Jazakalllahu hairan for your rememberance of such important days. No one would not cry after reading the article. We love hussyn (Ral) as prophet(sal) said. May Allah bless him with his faith and give him more rewards in jannah.

  71. Mustafa Bhimani from USA

    Alhumdoillah this is a great article about Husain ibn. Ali (a.s.). In the Holy Qur'an it states that we should recompense Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) by showing love for his relatives.

  72. Adam Ibrahim Muhammad from Nigeria.

    Last year I saw this article and turned away my face. This year, it appears also, and I think next year it will.

    When Sayyidina Hamza(by all means a very important Ahl-bait) died the prophet(SAW) grieved a lot, but never commomerate his death, the Sahabas never did either. What about the matyrdom of Ali(RA) the father of Husain and one of the ten known members of Paradise. Why is his death never being commomerated. The reason is simply that no death or birth commomerations in ISLAM.

    The question is why are people bent on doing acts of bidi'a even though they know the consequences? Yesterday I watched the rituals(Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun) of people hurting themselves with chains to the extent of bleeding profusely. Some I understand were taken to Hospitals, all in the name of a ritual introduced into this great religion of Allah.

    Why would'nt Allah punish us with the phenomenum of kafir presiding over our affairs? Tell me why? Allah says He does'nt change people unless they change what is within them. We are doing it and He is doing it also. The only fear is that while He is immune to our disobedience we are not to His 'uquba. My Allah forgive us and help us change our ways to submit to His will and obey His commands that we may prosper, ameen.

  73. Syed Hassan from UK

    Assalam O Aliqum. I greatly appreciate your article about Imam Hussain (AS). Imam Hussain's cause is the cause of Islam, and his rank as the Leader of the Youth of Paradise was foretold by Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Verily this rank is ownly befitting of Imam Hussain (AS). Such are the Martyrs.

  74. Alireza Sefati from United States

    Salamun Alaikom,

    If I was not at work, I would have cried after seeing such amazing article. I wish we could remember martydom of Mulana Hossein every day of the year that would remind us to defend Justice, even if it may be hard.

    May Allah reward you the best for this article.


  75. mohammad qasem from usa

    yes, hussain radya Allahu Anhu, is who he is. His killing was a great sin, so is many other sahabah and good muslims later on. Let us not forget, that muslim unity is more important than Hassan and Hussain, even their father and mother may Allah be pleased with them all.

    Allah is going to judge for sure all those who failed to support the truth at all times. Beating our backs in Karbala' will not bring Islam or Hussain back. You are doing a sin and an awful act, those who are doing so, better bleed for a better cause in any part of the bleeding muslim countries.

  76. Azhar Muhammed from USA

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmat Ullahi Wa Barkaatahu

    May ALLAH (subhanahu wata'la) reward you for posting this article, but truly i would expect to know more about Imam Husayn.

    BTW, prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) once had Imam HASAN [R](not HUSAYN[R])on one side of his lap and Usama bin Zaid bin Haritha on other and he supplicated to ALLAH, this way.. O'ALLAH, i love Hasan, Usama so you love them(but there is no hadees which relates such kind of words or actions for Imam Husayn, may be i missed, no doubt prophet Muhammed (pbuh) loved his grand children a lot).

    Also, the information posted is not enough to say about Karbala, i would expect more information, like why did Imam Husayn [R] had to go for war, and with whom, and how he was betrayed, and the way he was martyred, and lastly what happened after his martydom, may ALLAH accept his martydom, ameen.

    If what i said is right, then that is from ALLAH and his Rasool, if i had said something wrong then it is from me, so i ask forgiveness from ALLAH.

    Jazak Allah Khair

  77. abdalla from russia

    I agree that we should remember Imam Hussain's sacrifice, and generally learn lessons, so that muslims could at least stop killing each other, unlawfully. However, the Sunnis too, love and admire the prothet's(SAW) family, but Shia's go to extremes, I think, by making pilgrimages to Karbala and Najaf, and beating themselves, as well as other things that they do there, which are clearly forbidden by the prothet(SAW). I think we should all try to prove our love to Allah(SW), and His Prothet(SAW), as well as Sahaba(RA), by following Quaran and authentic Sunna, and nor just by talking about our love.

  78. Ahmed Asgher from Bahrain

    Dear Peter

    Welcome to the fold. As sister Halima mentioned, the Quran must be your focal point because it is the ultimate source of devine wisdom that not only will be the judge between the various muslim sects but also between the three Abrahimic religions.

    Hoeever, I also advise you not only to seek your nearest immam's opinion on Quran or Islamic history but consult many different such immams and read the various sites since the Quran refers to events that our Prophet pbuh went through. Hence to fully understand such Surah's one must be familiar with the cicumstances surrouning such revelations, including commentaries from the most reliable tafseers. It requires a lifetime of reading and then coming to an understanding that does not contradict the total message of Islam which is truly based on knowledge, reason and uppermost, Tawheed or Unity of God.

    The Quran does not mention characters by name. The Prophet's name appear only a few times. The only other character name is that of Abu Lahab which is noted in a grave manner. Thus it is concerned with events and lessons to be learnt from such events.

    Allah has put the light in your heart. Peace be upon all who love Allah, the Eternal, The Most Merciful.

  79. dawood from india

    I wanted some basic information on the event of Karbala, however what I found on Islamicity is strange indeed!

    The site has qouted the "grave worshipper" version, qouting Mihinudden Chistie or making Karbala as a yardstick to judge all sacrifices. Indeed there were sacrifices at Badr and of Umar which too cannot be brushed aside.

    Please verify adn article bfore posting it.

  80. a. syed from uk


    A very impressive article and a good introduction to the events of Karbala. Nice to see so many people appreciating and wanting to know more about Imam Hussain. It does make me laugh that someone said the rightly guided Caliphs never followed the practice of remembering Ashora, obviously this person needs to find out more about Islamic history as the Shahadat of Imam Hussain was after the 4 rightly guided Caliphs! I cannot believe some people down play the signifigance of Imam Hussain's great sacrifice. He gave up the lives of his companions, family including a teenage son and a son of 6 months for the truth. Then the women had their veils taken, all the children were beaten by Yazids army. This is only the tip of the iceberg that was suffered by the Prophets family and followers at Karbala. Look at your families and loved ones do you think you could sacrifce them the way Imam Hussain did?

    There are so many lessons to learn form Karbala for all Muslims(not just shias!)if only we were willing to find out. We have not learned truth from falsehood as shown by the fact some one posted a comment whose name was Yazid! How awful to be named after such a terrible man.

  81. halima from canada

    asalmu aleikum. brother peter first i thank ALLAH for gracing us all with islam as our religion, brother my advice is to PLEASE find a mosque close to you and ask the imam there as many questions about islam as you like and don't rely on any articles you read on the net as these are personal opinions of regular people (mostly anyway). brother you can't find any truer than the quran and the hadiths so always ask the imams at your regular mosques. as for this article am reminded of a recent article posted "what is reality" many of you should read it, it is intresting and talking about the same thing that is going on here as to how trivial we are as muslims eg.the proper spelling of husayn/hussain wanting to know of jailani or someone (i think love should be reserved for ALLAH and lessons learned from the prophet s.w.s) anononymus person couldn't have said it any better! i don't know that islam can be disected but the true believer is one who totally submits to ALLAH ta'ala, believes in HIS angels, ALL HIS books,all HIS messengers, the end and finally all comes from ALLAH kheir or shar. very basic, never can understand where the misunderstanding peter this to you again pls don't get confused just keep reading the quran all the answers are there. may ALLAH guide us all, amin.

  82. peter from canada

    i lestien QURAN but in QURAN there is no name

    of Husayn or Ali i whant to know if one dont know the name fo those person can became MULISM

    OR It is nessary to know [ plese reply ]

    because i am a new mulism you can halp THANK


  83. Mujahed Ali Mohammed from USA

    Jazakallah Khair..!

    I knew that urdu ashaar of "Moulana Gouhar".. but I couldnt recall it now..!

    I also learned that it is "Khaja Muinuddin Chisti " who said those beautiful verses.. I knew this, but didnt knew it was from him.. Mashaallah..




  84. SAAD from pakistan

    this site is really beautiful.

    i think that i can get much material from this site for npn-muslim members to teach them.

    well your articl of Ismail to Hussain was very good.

  85. MUHAMMAD from england

    I have only one question here, is this site belong to shiites group?

    please let me know!!

  86. Zaheeda Sajan from USA

    Great Article! I admire Husayn and think that his sacrifice was one of the greatest. He loved Allah (SWT) and gave all that he had in the way of Allah (SWT).

  87. Yazid from usa


    ..remember a MUSLIM slaughtered by another MUSLIM.

    Ignore the fact that MUSLIM leaders are lending their lands for the future SLAUGHTER of more muslims!

    That's our UMMAH...blindly missing the point as the world passes by and wipes it's feet on the doormat made up of muslim lives!

  88. abdulmalik bolaji yakubu from nigeria

    please i would like you to teach or send me a news letter on sheik abdulkadiri kelani jelani

    thank you very much


  89. seifudin from Tanzania

    Thank you for your excellent information about ashura day !

  90. wafa from canada

    it was a gr8 article not only in its content but the realization of the importance of indtroducing muslims to kerbala, an event that for so long has not been given its share by many muslims.

  91. Fearless Shia from England

    Is the significance of the 10th Muharram focused more towards the Martrydom of Imam Hussain or incident of Hazrat Musa?

    JazakAllah Kahir

  92. Najah Bazzy from USA

    salams my dear brothers and sisters at IslamCity and to all around the world. I was so happy and proud of your website for posting such a beautiful summation of Imam Husayn (a.s.) and the tragedy of Karbala. In this very difficult time Muslims must come together in the spirit of the Prophet and His Holy family, to whom all Muslims pay respect in our daily prayers. As a sunni - shia raised Muslim I have had the hard and difficult task of splitting history apart to find the truth about the tragedy of Karbala and the difficult truth that surrounds the Prophets family especially the women and children after the martrydom of 72 companions. No Muslim could or should deny this tragedy, but rather embrace it as a springboard for moral and ethical behavior. Most recently, the United Nations issued a statement saying that the Muslim governments should read the writings of Imam Ali, and follow in his just footsteps. I agree, the Muslim world, but also the world in general, would greatly benefit from the lessons of the Prophets family. The brothers and sisters at IslamCity have made it possible for Sunni and Shia to share this tragedy alike, something, that for 1400 centuries has been "hushed". May Allah swt, bless each of you for being Patrons of Truth and Justice and for Honoring the Prophets Family. Karbala teaches me daily to be just in all my affairs and to hold each human being, Muslim or not, with dignity for being divinely created. I applaud your sense of respect @ IslamCity. May the dialogue between the Muslim schools of thought be an engaging opportunity to serve Islam. For too many years, it has been a source of division. Imam Husayn, was not beheaded for the Shia, nor for the Muslims, but so that the faith of Islam, brought down for all of humanity, could survive. May Allah and His Angels bless the Prophet and His holy family.

    Most Sincerely,

    Najah Bazzy RN

    Yma Senior Advisor

    Islamic Center of America, Detroit MI

    Muhammed "Legacy of a Prop

  93. Saba Naqvi from Pakistan

    One thing we should keep in mind is that (with all due respect) a "shaheed" (a martyr) is "never dead" as it is claimed I believe, in the Quran... therefore, mourning for the death of a shaheed is not exactly the most correct thing to do. Thanks.

  94. Shabbir Hussain from United Kingdom

    A very concise,logical and objective view of Imam Hussain's martyrdom at Karbala' which teach us the meaning of life to say wrong a wrong and right a right. It would be even better if the background was described a little bit in depth. A very well written article indeed.

  95. Neda

    Yes Husayn(r) is from the lineage of the prophet Mohammed (p), but he is not different than any other martyr who died for the sake of Allah and his religion. Karbala is only the place where it happened, not a place of special signficance. The manifistation of faith is in prophet Mohammed (P), his children, his grandchildren, his wives, and hundreds of his companions. Not just Husayn (r).

  96. s.mostafa elahi from iran


    THANKS FOR IslamiCity Bulletin

  97. Rafia Malik from Canada

    Jazakallah Khair:

    Thank you very much for bringing forth such valuable information for all our muslim brothers and sisters around the world, in regards to Imam Husayn's (RAA) efforts to preserve Islam & his fight for righteousness.This article was very well summarized for those who do not know about Muharram and the events that took place at Karbala.

  98. Zafar Iqbal from S.Korea


    I'm concerning about the Jamaat but seeking the facts about this event happened in the history of Islam. I had read the books favoured this event and against this event but getting no result except this, "The people who follow Imam Haniffah and Ahlai-tashhee are favouring this event and cursing Yazid. Other than them are having sorrow feelings about Hzt.Hussain (r.a) and also not cursing Yazid."

    My question is why it is so?. Infact both are having the healthy facts about one event but opposite.

    Your favourable answer will be appreciated for the sake of Allah.

    Feeamannullah, Jazakumullah.

  99. Haider from USA

    As much as we are deeply saddened by this event and surely this is a great tragedy and we mourn a great loss of a great person in the most evil way. We should not lose our sight and pray from the deceased as is the practice in some places by praying from "Ya Ali" or "Ya Hussain. We should only pray to Almighty Allah and ask from Him

    And Allah knows better


  100. omar from England

    It is very bad to what happend to Husayn,as he was a muslim and was indeed related to prophet muhammad (saw), but muslim groups such as the shia shouldn't over-react and hit there chests to what has happend, but to read the Holy Qu'ran and to ask Allah for Husayn to have a position in Heaven, as he had a good character in Islam.

  101. Sulayman from USA

    Good article, masha Allah, it's something we should really remember.

  102. nuzhat khalid from pakistan

    A very good artical, however can i get to know about this event in more details ?

  103. momena from canada

    I need information about HAZRAT BIBI FATIMA,s family it would be gread.

  104. idrissa sagna from senegal

    Je voudrais que vous me faites le commentaire en franais

  105. Hiba from USA


    I wanted to thank for posting such an enlightening and educational article on the tragedy of Karbala and the grandson of the prophet, Husayn.

    May you be rewarded by Allah (swt)!


  106. Afshin S

    Great article this event proves to every moslem that there is always a way to fight for justice.No Moslem can say " I had no choice.." .Karbala was a REVOLUTION which showed every one NOT only how to live but HOW TO DIE.


  107. Hasan from Canada

    Allhumdillah...a very good article on a important subject. The event of Kerbala and Imam Hussains sacrifice has a very deep meaning and lesson to be learned from. He was the grandson of the Holy prophet and he stood up and died for what his grandfather..Prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H brought to this World, ISLAM. The story must be told not just because it is a sad event but for the reason that through this sad event we ourselves can reflect on own lives and ask ourselves, are we doing the Jihad against our own Shaitan as Imam Hussain did against his?.For those who do not know of the story of Kerbala they should take it upon themselves to learn about it for, as i mentioned above, it has deep meaning and much can learned from it. So peace and blessings be upon Imam hussain and the rest of the matyrs of Kerbala, we honour the sacrice you made on the battle field and we pray that all the Yazids of the world are brought to Justice by the Power of Allah.


  108. Farah from uk

    Thank you , you have written very eloquently about this important subject and for me verbalised what it really stands for.

  109. Noreen from USA

    The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) recommended fasting on the 10th of Muharram as that day commemorates Prophet Musa and his struggles.

    Husayn's (r.a.) murder is an important event in Islamic history but Muslims are not allowed to elevate anyone higher than human.

    Youre emotional statement calling him the "sun" and "stars" is problematic because this has caused many people to create secondary idols.

    This is evident in Muslims who venerate Hazrat Ali (r.a.) a little too much and even go as far to say he was equal or higher to the Prophet (pbuh) and slander Ayesha (r.a.) for disagreeing agreeing with him and taking action against him.

    In Islam there is no one between humans and God. The Prophets were given divine wisdom and were fallable humans until theyre hearts were literally cleansed by God. Even so we cannot worship a Prophet, only show them the deep respect and admiration they deserve.

    Ive never heard the Prophet (pbuh) being referred to as the "sun" nor have I read any Quranic ayat or hadith that refers to him in this manner. If we can't refer to him in this way, it is definately wrong to refer to his family in this manner.

    In a hadeeth the Prophet is quoted to have said, there will be 72 branches of Islam, and the only one that will be correct will be the one that practices Islam the way I practice.

  110. Mostansar Virk from usa

    Great article alhamdulilah. It just shows you that just become someone speaks and says that they're doing something for Islam, does not automatically mean that they are. And just because someone is speaking Islam, does not mean they're acting on Islam.

    Indeed actions are a million times more obvious than the words.



  111. Huma K from USA

    Paranoid, Your comments are so eloquent and succinctly put. My feelings exactly. Will anyone write an article as to what purpose has it served to follow the practise of commemorating death of Imam Hussain year after year which is most definitely not the practice which can find basis in Quran or the Sunnah and not done by any of the righteous Caliphs?

  112. Mohammed Abdelwahab from USA

    Great introduction, I thank you for introducing me to Imam Husayn, BUT what exactly happend to him before he was martyred

  113. M.Abbas from U.S.A.

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    Thank you for commemorating the martyrdom of Al-Hussein and reflecting on its significance and effect still felt today with the lovers and followers of the Prophet and his pure family(as). May Allah (swt) reward your efforts and keep the spirit of Islam and its essence pure and with us always.

    Wasalam wa rahmatAllah

  114. Kauser from england

    Keep on informing people about the importance of happenings in Islamic history. It is important for present day youths to know these thigs to retain there roots.




  116. Taiyeb Shipchandler from USA

    Great thoughts with which I whole heartedly agree.Islam is saved by Husayn's martydom,but I wonder whether Yazidiyat has completely died yet.It does raise its deplorable head off and on.Killing and murder among "Brothers" is a very distict manifestation of "Yazidiyat" or Shaitani Harkat.

  117. Mohamed Q. from USA

    Assalamu Alaikom

    I would like to sincerely thank you for posting this article, for it speaks eloquently of the truth and of the noble sacrifice of Husayn. Unfortunately, the message of Husayn has been forgotten by many Muslims throughout the world, and at a time such as this, when Muslims have become very weak and other nations have been preying on us, we must all stand united in the face of oppression and injustice by following the example of Husayn. Hence, I commend your efforts for publishing such an article--an article of truth, of courage, of inspiration, of Eman.

    Thank you.

  118. anonymous from no country

    A little bit too extreme in your writing about Husayn. Is Ashura about Prophet Moosa and pharoh or about the martydom of Husayn? The martydom is an event, a sad event, that just so happend on that day. But, what is the real significance of the Tenth of Ashura? We should spend more time on the real significance and little less on "over praising", and that includes all the companions not just Husayn (ra).

    What I am saying is, we are allowed to praise the history of the companions, but we should not get emotional in the praise itself otherwise the door to shaytan will open up for other ideas.

    jazakallahu khayran.

    wassalamu alaykum.

  119. Nuha J from USA

    Assalam wal rahma min Allah,

    This is truly a great article and Imam Hussain [AS] is much more greater than what can ever be written in any book or article and his martydom is far more greater and horrific than can ever be thought of by great minds.

    I greatly appreciate the effort of Islamic Bulliten for the kind words and lovely dipiction on this heroic Imam who died for the pleasure of Allah [swt] and for preserving his unperishable religion.

    Jezakom Allah khair o baraka inshallah

    fi aman Illah,


  120. MD.ZAHEER AHMED from India



    your article is good ALHAMDULILLAH.

    You can give more information about the event

    of Karbala.


  121. Hussain Mohiuddin from Germany

    This is a good article. what my comment is. What is the real way of spelling the name of "Hussain". untile now i saw so many versions like Hussein,Hussain,Husayn,Husain,so on. By using different spellings, is the real way in which allah has mentioned in quran is modified or not.

    and will you please tell me the real spelling of this name.


  122. Abdullah

    Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

    Because of the killing of al-Husayn, the Shaytaan started to spread two kinds of bidah (innovation) amongst the people: the bidah of grieving and wailing on the Day of Aashooraa, striking the cheeks, screaming, weeping and reciting eulogies ; and the bidah of expressing happiness and joy. So some express grief and others express joy, so they started to like the idea of wearing kohl, taking a bath, spending on their families and preparing special kinds of food on the day of Aashooraa and every bidah is a going astray; none of the four imams of the Muslims or others approved of either of these things (either expressing grief or expressing joy)

  123. Syed M. Shareef from India

    In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful


    I was in impration that your site is propagating true islamic thinking, but in email "from ISMAIL to HUSSAIN", dated 4/3/03 you are quoting from sufi moinuddin chisti(who himself has his own version of islam read his book "ISRAR-A-HAQEEQI"), there are lot of big ALIMS then him who you may have quoted them.

    you would have informed the people with hadiths on day of ASHURA.

    I love IMAM HUSAIN more then my life, but it doesn't mean that i should accept anything said about anybody is correct.

    IMAM-E-HUSSAIN'S message at KARBLA is "standing againt anything which goes against ISLAMIC values"

    We should question ourselfs, are we following true islam as way-of-life. or following as some rituals which not a part of islam but addition from humans.

  124. Maitham Naeemi from US

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I am truly glad to find an article which so beautifully describes the lessons of Karbala and of the martyrdom of one of the greatest saviors of truth and justice in the history of mankind. I would also like to point out that one of the greatest lessons to be learned from Ashura is that ignorence can cause a group of people, who call themselves Muslims and the followers of the Prophet (pbuh), to kill his grandson and his followers. It is that same ignorance today which leads Muslims against Muslims and away from Allah. If we truly care for what happened in Karbala, then we must act by educating ourselves and those around us. Only with knowledge can we have peace. And only with peace, can we truly sumbit to the one and only God, and call ourselves Muslims.

    Shukran and may Allah's blessings be upon you all.


  125. adam sr from malaysia

    To associate day of Ashura with the murder of Imam Hussain is not quite right as that happenned long after the demise of the Prophet. Muslims must celebrate Ayura as enjoined by the Prophet. Sorry for that.

  126. Paranoid from Cyprus

    Although I hate to admi but the moment I saw the Subject line of this article on Islamicity, i thought "Oww! Not another of those shia adulatory articles about Hadrat Hussain(ra)!!" and then I felt embarassed, Why did I think like that at the first instance?? You see, the problem lies in the way we have come to see differences amongst ourselves to the point of paranoia. An esteemed figure like Hussain(ra) becomes a subject of alarm depending upon which party (shia or sunni) is discussing it. Shias seem to have taken copyrights over the aspect of bestowing love and faithfulness to the family of Ali(as) that sunnis at once feel alienated and defensive about voicing their expressions towards this great Hero of Islam.

    The martyrdom of Hussain(ra) should be seen merely as the fight of Right over wrong. The Wrong can come both from Muslims and Non-Muslims, and his case, the wrong came from Muslims themselves in the form of Yazid's army. Just as Hamza(ra), Umar(ra),Uthman(ra), Ali(ra) fell by the hands of wrongdoers and attained paradise(InshAllah), so did Hussain(ra). It was a way of demise that Allah(swt) chose for the most worthy ones.

    The Prophet (SAW) said, "He who slaps the cheeks, tears the clothes and follows the traditions of the Days of Ignorance is not from us." (Bukhari)

    May we stop fighting over our petty differences and learn to live for a higher purpose in these times which threaten us all, be they Sunnis and Shias. May we reach a stage where we all once again feel pride in JUST calling ourselves as MUSLIMS and NOT as Shias, sunnis, Ahl e sunnah, Ismailis, salafis and scores of others.

  127. Firozali S. Malik from U.S.A.

    Salaam Mr. Sadullah Khan,

    Thank you. My appreciation for taking time and effort to bring this short yet beautiful article on THE MOST POWERFUL EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF ISLAM.

    We all Muslims should indeed celebrate the 1st of our New year at the sametime we all should join hands and observe ASHURA as the day of mourning since it was non other but the grand son of Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.)- Hussain ibne Ali.

    Muslim countries should take lesson from ASHURA specially the Middle Eastern countries and drive all out of country who are waiting for the first chance to kill fellow Muslim.

    Kind Regards.

  128. Aidan Quinn from USA

    Although it is necessary to be aware of, and to learn about, Islamic history, this article only seems to eulogize Husayn and his death in Karbala. It fails to explain why Husayn was such an important figure. As a beginner student of Islamic history, it would have been nice if the author had demonstrated some facts or lessons to be learned from Husayn's life, instead of waxing poetic. May Allah forgive me if I have caused any offense or said anything wrong.

  129. LOUBNA NASSER from U.S.


  130. Montana Skies from USA

    The horrible death of Imam Husayn shows how the people of Iraq at his time betrayed him ever so callously; a heart-rending smear time failed to erase. Their descendents to this day have not forgiven themselves and, during Ashoura, parade the streets of Karbala committing self-flagellation and other Jahiliah practices not to mention the slander of the Prohpet's closest companions like Omar and Othman as well as his beloved A'isha.

    This is the dark side of the Shiites; the shackles of ignorance. Because of this mentality which harbors a general resentment toward the Sunnis (don't even begin to ask why; it's too complicated,) the latter have lived in distrust of the Shiites for 1300 years in Iraq.

  131. Amy Midya from Brtain

    Ahumdulilah,this article is very inspireing and shows the truer meaning of jihad, not just physical fighting but the article also, in my opinion, tells of the inner struggle all mslims go through every day.It is a pity that nowadays many muslims have been so corrupted, that they won't even give up a few minutes for Allah[swt], let alone their lives.All muslims should take a leaf out of Imam Hussain's[as] book and put Allah[swt] fisrt before thier own comfort.

  132. Ahmed Kutty from India

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  133. Alireza Sefati Taleghani from United states.

    Salamun Alaikom va Ahsantum

    It is an article full of wisdom. It is needed to be reminded every year.

    Imam Hussein, our master and our Imam, was Quran in practice.

    Rightouse, patince, steadfast in prayer yet a God fearing who did not give in to injustice.

    It is a lesson that we all must learn

    Oh our master Hossein, We Salute you .

    Oh God send your peace and blessing to Prophet Mohammad and his family as you sent your peace and blessing to prophet Ibrahim.

  134. Farhad from United States

    This is an excellent article. The life of Hadhrat Hussein a indeed serves as an example to all of mankind and especially to Muslims. Respecting the ahlul-bayt of the prophet is a true sign of faith. Please keep up the good work and continue posting articles like this especially about the house the the Prophet (saww).

    P.S. I have read ahadith that I have read say that sayyedah Fatimah a is "the leader of the women of paradise"(I'm pretty sure it was in Bukhari) not among them and that H. Hassan and H. Hussein are "the leaders of the youth of paradise" not among them.

  135. Ahmad Khaki from Australia

    Its a pity that the so-called Muslim leaders of today who so ashamedly lead sinful lives (like that of the Umayyid Khalifas) give support to the enemies of Islam and yet call themselves Muslims.

    Its high time the Muslim ummah rise up and revolt against these tyrinical rulers. Hussain AS had but a handful of supporters who knew that they were proceeding towards death (and what an honoured one too) and this revolt did unseat the killer Khalifas of those times and eradicated their names forever from the history books. Without this sacrifice by the grandson of the Prophet SAW, Islam would not have survived. We Muslims, therefore, in the name of the greatest martyr in the human history Imam Husain AS should in whatever way and form participate in a revolution to unseat another Yazid in the same Iraq where our beloved Imam also revolted and sacrificed not only himself but also his nearest and dearest ones. Let the Muslims decide for themselves whats good for them and not another satanical force.

  136. Qatr Alnada from USA

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  137. Jinan Darwiche from USA

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    Thank you Islamic City for this article.

  138. Muhammad Asif from Pakistan

    Well very true and describes what high place this martyrdom holds. It will be very nice if you can also negate the meaningless things going on the name of this martyrdom. and very sorry to say there was no article on most furious,cunning, and done by people claiming Muslims i.e. martyrdom of Hazrat Usman(RA) in Islamic History, which passed just one month before Muharaam.

    In last ever can i ever acknoleged whats happend to my comments???

  139. Ayoubi from UK

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  140. Abu Haajar from Oman

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  141. Phillip Ramsey from United States

    The more I read, the more I know, the more I know the closer to Allah I become.

    Thank You