Proclaim Good & Forbid Evil

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"If you do not march forth, Allah will chastise you grievously and will replace you with other people, while you will in no way be able to harm Him. Allah has power over everything." Quran 9:39

No people can live successfully, fruitfully, and triumphantly without vivid memory of their past. Ashura is one such occasion. Muslims recall the tragic event around the 60th year after Prophet Muhammad ﷺ migration from Makkah to Madinah when his noble grandson Imam Hussain رضي الله عنهم was leading his family to migrate to Kufa.

Reciting Divine words, reflecting Prophetic advice, and studying history enable us to crystallize our insights. However, when we attempt to draw the imagery of Karbala, no heart could be so hard as not to be pierced with tragic feelings while replaying that Day of Ashura. Words can not do justice to the sacrifices made on that day. Imam Hussain رضي الله عنهم and his family kept their heads high, faces bathed in blood and tears, looking one upon another with unwavering spirits. Others stood in dolorous pain, looking up to the highest heavens, fixing their eyes upon it, crying out, asking help from the Only Helper while others made lamentations. On the 10th of Muharram, we try to recall their pain, suffering, and sacrifices to inspire us and to understand what it means to make a sacrifice to uphold truth and justice.

Sacrifice today is generally understood as surrendering something for the sake of something else. Selfless and unasked giving is a rarity. Giving one's entire self and offspring for His pleasure is unimaginable. Muslims must understand and learn from the unparallel yesterdays of the Prophet ﷺ and his progeny.

We have been largely overwhelmed by a culture that has emptied our memories, made us apologetic for who we are, and stripped us along the way of the sheerest hope of self-definition. We are presumed pastless and are left to repair our self-esteem. It is Imperative for us today to define ourselves by our ongoing tribulations and those who met them out to us. Otherwise, we cannot be collectively successful if we have no idea or, worse, have the wrong idea of who we were and who we are. If that is the case then getting replaced seems to be the only path. (refer to 9:39).

The intent of this writing is to invite reflection -- to make ourselves act for an almost forgotten legacy of the sacrifices made by our beloved Prophet ﷺ and his progeny.

O Allah bestow upon us courage to enjoin, proclaim and promote Good and the perseverance to prevent Evil. O Allah, send your peace and blessings on Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, his family, his companions, and those who follow them until the day of Judgment. Ameen!

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights
  Topics: Ashura, Karbala
Views: 3743

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Older Comments:
As Salamu Alaikum,
In sharing similar thoughts to those before me, I believe that more Islamic thought, discussion, and debate should be given on the significance to this very important chapter in Islamic and Muslim history. It only seems that many of todays leaders, scholars, and teachers are failing to more broadly open up old wounds but truth should be told. Regardless of school of thought importance should be given to the life of Imam Hussein peace be upon him for his courage and leadership. Many young,new, and old and ignorant Muslims around the world do not know about his importance and story.
It is something we all have to study and follow by example.

Wa Salaams
Br. Rashad

Salaam ya alaykum

The tragedy of Karbala was a lesson for all muslims to look at. I cannot understand why such a tragic and significant event only occupies one article on the whole of your site. This battle was a fight against injustice and Hussain (AS) sacrificed his and his families life to protect the religion of his grandfather MUHAMMED (PBUH). As muslims it is your duty to let all muslims know, regardless of what school of thought, the details of Karbala. This includes who did he stand up against, why he did what he did, what was the ummah like at the time, why did people not listen to him since he was trying to revive the religion of Islam. Please whoever is in charge at your site I urge you to place more emphasis on this tragic event, which people seem to know nothing about. Hussain (AS) died saving Islam, if he had not done what he did then we would not be here as muslims today.
In addition it would be worth mentioning the love our Prophet (PBUH) had for his two grandsons. Did he not say, 'Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain'. Also in Sahih Muslim it states that on the last pilgrimage the prohet (PBUH) said 'I leave you two valuable things which if you keeo hold of you will never go astray, firstly the Quran and secondly my Ahl-ul-bayt ( family), watch how you treat my family.
Please brother or sister for the sake of islam do not forget these facts or simply not mention them as you will be doing a great injustice to Islam.
It is your duty know what you propose to do as only ALLAH judges. I leave it up to you.
Salaam ya alaykum
Brother in Islam

Thank you for your thought provoking article. Surely the events of Ashura 61A.H are as relevant today for Muslims all over the world. Some Muslims have assigned this event as part of the Shea Muslims way of thinking. However I disagree strongly. We (mankind) all need to reflect on these events. We must all be aware of such attrocities that take place in the name of Islam. I pray for all brothers and sisters that we are saved from the oppression and torment that faced the beloved Prophet's family (p.b.u.h). Yet if we are called to defend the truth - then Allah(swt) give us strength to succeed - Inshallah.