The Rumi Within

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"The Rumi Within" By Aadil Farook

Carve the path untraveled before
Let your spirit fly and roar
Your worth isn't a thousand or a crore
It is tied to the ideal you adore
Free yourself from mundane chores
Let your forehead kiss the floor
In your heart, let light pour
Slowly, open the divine door
Cling to the covenant you swore
Collect the pieces that you tore
Let God hear you implore
Not asking for anything more
Just the attire you once wore
Seek new vistas to explore
Love is a sea with no shore
Let it transform your core
The thought of vice, you'll abhor
With Satan, you'll settle the score
Your silent prayer, God won't ignore
You'll be gifted with a mentor
Let him be your salvor
Faith in virtue, he'll restore
Blessings will be galore
Hedonism, you'll deplore
Your selfhood will soar

Your bosom, a reservoir of compassion
Your mind, a decoder of gnostic station
Your eye, a witness to wonderment
Your soul, home to secrets' unfoldment
Your feet will learn ecstatic dance
With God, you will enjoy romance

O' Seeker,
It's time to erase the mark of sin
Embrace yourself with a new skin
Let the never-ending journey begin
There is no defeat or win
Neither enemy nor kin
In any way, your life can spin
If you don't fear any chagrin
You'll discover the Rumi within

The deeper you dive
In loneliness, you thrive
There's no fight to survive
Just strive, strive, and strive!

Aadil Farook is an internationally published and highly acclaimed writer, poet, thinker, translator, researcher, and musical artist. He has won or been nominated for three international awards (US and UK). His work can be viewed at


  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights
  Topics: Rumi  Values: Love  Channel: Poetry

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