The Third Temple

There has long been some real confusion
not really knowing God, and His way
produced massive dissonance, disarray
even among those ostensibly godly.

What if there’s no need at all, no need
the hate, stress, distress, no need
the mayhem, the murder, no need
the blood, the gore, the grab
all a waste, thoughtless, meritless
cruel overreach, foolishly scripture read
plunging into soulless self-serving faith
duly demoting the Ten Commandments
interpretation of godless communists
turned new-age, opportunistic, religious bigots
Johnny-Come-Lately to Faith, with excess ardor
eviscerating haloed land harshly, summarily.

Yes, yet it’s all done, all done, all done
just gone unnoticed by the rabid
it’s been here all along, so no need
no need at all for the Third Temple
with Truth the Golden Dome beckons
the Third Temple is but the Al Aqsa
so bright the Truth, so bright
shining alongside it, the Dome golden
accommodating all – M’s and those of the Books
waiting for the one and same Messiah.

So, stepping past the paternalistic god
turn to the Truth, the Truth, the Truth
Moses (p) in a flash would know the Truth
how complete, how perfect, how sublime
how haloed, how gentle, how just, how right
his brother, his spiritual descendant inspired
not to replace him but to frame him better
hand in hand, glorifying the Majestic Maker
relishing with pride clearing the path of litter
the Third Temple’s here, acknowledge it as is.

Thus, once for all, being brutal maverick faith seekers to cease
Having discovered the ever-lasting voice of God in Al-Qur-an
in gratitude and longing, turning south to Abraham’s House
no longer murdering, hurting, stealing, envying, equivocating
no longer subjects of vanity, unwholesome satanic whispering
genuflecting, prostrating: freshness of sincerity, equality rendering
bonding as one, no longer cultishly condescending.
and with one voice, ‘la ilaha illallah’ emotively resonating!

Shafi A. Khaled, a free-lance commentator, is a Labor and Development Economist with substantial contribution to the Theory of Islamic Finance. He also promotes dependency relief for non-Muslims through ‘Totally Personal Total Choice - Standing Up To Addiction’, located at

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