Happy Eid-ul Fitr!

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IslamiCity wishes you a Happy Eid!

In dawn's gentle hue, a new light does rise,
Eid's embrace whispers, beneath azure skies.
In hearts aglow, joy's melody sings,
As the crescent moon to the heavens it brings.

From distant lands to bustling streets,
Eid's sweet fragrance, every soul greets.
In mosques adorned with prayers and grace,
Seeking Allah's mercy, seeking His embrace.

In homes adorned with love's embrace,
Laughter dances, each smiling face.
With feasts aplenty and sweets galore,
Eid's bounty, our spirits soar.

Children's laughter fills the air,
With dreams and hopes, beyond compare.
New clothes donned, with colors bright,
Eid's canvas painted, in pure delight.

Families gather, hearts entwine,
In bonds of love, divine and fine.
Forgiveness sought, forgiveness found,
In Eid's embrace, grace does abound.

For Eid is more than just a day,
It's a journey of faith, come what may.
In unity, we stand, hand in hand,
Eid's message echoes across the land.

So let us cherish this sacred hour,
With gratitude, let love empower.
For Eid's embrace, forever near,
Fills our hearts with joy, sincere.

In this blessed time, let us pray,
For peace and blessings, every day.
Eid's essence, a guiding light,
Shining bright, in the darkest night.

Eid's Embrace, a gift divine,
In every heart, its splendor shines.
So let us rejoice, let us sing,
Eid's eternal joy, let it ring!

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  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights
  Topics: Eid Al-Fitr  Channel: Poetry

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