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There is a voice in us all that is ever-present. This is the voice of truth and certainty, the voice that lays bare the hidden mysteries of the soul.

Dive within your self to find the secret of life
There is no need for you to accept me, Accept your self

This is the philosophy of self-realization the 20th century Indian philosopher Muhammad Iqbal says he learnt from Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet, jurist, theologian and mystic. By all accounts, Rumi lived a grand and illustrious life - he was a respected teacher and the head of a university in Anatolia. At the age of thirty-four he claimed hundreds of disciples, the king being one of them. In one moment all this changed the moment he met a wandering darvish named Shams-e Tabriz. Now the wisdom of Rumi is reincarnated on the silver screen in the movie "Peaceful Warrior."

The movie "Peaceful Warrior" is based on Dan Millman's autobiographical novel "Way of the Peaceful Warrior," about a top notch college athlete who's outlook on life completely changes as he comes across an old mystical gas station attendant. Like Rumi, whose philosophy transcends national, ethnic and religious borders. The movie resonates of various Eastern and Greek philosophies, teaching of self-awareness and the ability of finding self-discipline within your self. Producer of the movie, Mark Amin an Iranian Muslim says that Millman was highly influenced by Rumi's work. Similarities between Dan Millman's coincidental encounter with a philosophical gas stations attendant and Rumi's legendary meeting with Shams echo throughout the movie.

Scott Mechlowicz does a brilliant job playing Dan Millman as a hotshot UC Berkley gymnast who is on the verge of qualifications for the Olympics team. Dan a straight A student who has everything at the tip of his finger from money to fast bikes and popularity amongst the opposite gender, Dan is in need of nothing. That is until one night Dan's daunting nightmare troubles him to wake up in the middle of the night and jog to a near by gas station where he comes across an old man working at the gas station played by Nick Nolte. A brief encounter quickly becomes an unusually bizarre experience for Dan as the old man abruptly makes a two story vertical leap without any explanation.

Mesmerized by this old mans' un-human physical aptitude, Dan returns the next day to ask the old man if he can show him how he managed to leap 15 feel vertically in the air. The old man enlightens Dan that first he will have to learn to let go much of what he has learnt before he can tap into the greatness he already possess within himself to attain the unattainable. In the early part of Dan's training, the old man stresses Dan to leave his partying lifestyle of drinking and women, to cleanse his inner soul before he connects with it. The old mans' philosophy slowly starts to break down Dan's pride and narcissistic behavior but it doesn't come easy for Dan as he returns back to his old habits, ultimately leading Dan to a catastrophic life changing event that changes his life for ever.

Peaceful Warrior traces a mentor student relationship where the universe brings two opposing characters together to remind us that it is never what you expect when it comes to personal transformation. Just as Rumi goes to to Shamz to gain knowledge and in return Shamz throws Rumi's precious books into the river in order to awaken his soul to search for knowledge present within, this film Peaceful Warrior does just that by encapsulating self-discovery at its utmost best.

For youth who are growing up in an environment of overwhelming materialism and self indulgence this movie is a must.

This film will pleasingly surprise you with its remarkable similarities between Rumi's historical meeting with Shams and Dan Millman's mentor relationship with a mystical old man. If you are looking for a film that will instigate and energize self-discovery for a higher purpose look no further.

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  Category: Life & Society
  Topics: Rumi
Views: 8457

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I saw this movie. It is a must see. Very inspiring!

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