Dec 5: MPAC 21st Annual Convention

Our lives & journeys weave a magnificent story. One of America, of Muslims, The Story of US. Let's write the next Chapter. Dec 5, 2021.

Our collective experiences, journeys, and lives tell a magnificent story of the multigenerational marathon we have embarked on as a community. This story of America is also the story of Muslims. From the discovery of this land, to our constitution, and the epicenter of today's most important moments our tale is woven through the fabric of this nation; This is-- The Story of US.

In adherence with Public Health & Safety guidelines, the 21st Annual MPAC Convention: The Story of US is a virtual experience.

From the comfort of your home (or a friend's) join to explore our contributions, and progress as Americans, as Muslims, as an organization, and as a vibrant and dynamic American Muslim community.

The lineup of speakers includes key figures in entertainment, the government, and civil society. From Actors and Film Execs, to Members of Congress and beyond, all of speakers are actively working to improve perceptions and policies that impact our community. We'll be sharing some exciting updates on our work this past year and for our road ahead.

MPAC is honored to announce the keynote speaker, Jacob Blake, Sr. (American Muslim activist) and father of Jacob Blake who's tragic shooting in Kenosha Wisconsin, has sparked a powder-keg of civil unrest. Mr. Blake's story is a testament to the universal and shared Islamic and American values of justice, equity, human dignity, patience, and unity. It is the story of an inflection point in America's history, an inflection in our history-- It is The Story of US.

Register and tune in Sunday Dec 5th at 5PM PT.

Click here, to Watch segments of the MPAC 21st Annual Convention on MPAC's YouTube Channel.

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