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In a highly insightful article, Chris Abdur-Rahman Blauvelt, CEO of LaunchGood, delves into the unique aspects of the LaunchGood giving ecosystem.

LaunchGood, a platform that raises over $1 million a day during Ramadan, is unique due to its Giving Ecosystem. The "3 sisters" of LaunchGood are donors, fundraisers, and the Giving Pool. Donors can schedule their donations at special times like Ramadan and on Fridays to maximize their good deeds.

If they don't, LaunchGood chooses for them, creating a giving pool. This pool funds various incentives for fundraisers, such as leaderboard prizes for most raised/donors, match challenges for Muslims, and referrals, which help them earn additional donations or boosts for worthy causes around the world.

LaunchGood Donations, Impact and more 

The Giving Ecosystem on LaunchGood directly manages around $10 million in automated donations annually from 50,000 donors. The leveraging effect of leaderboards, referrals, and matches catalyzes an additional $30 million, resulting in a total impact of $40 million.

This massive effect didn't happen overnight. LaunchGood launched in September 2013 and experienced its first Ramadan in June 2014. To support this, LaunchGood decided to experiment with a "Ramadan Challenge" to challenge donors to give every day of Ramadan.

The next year, LaunchGood built an option for automating donations, which was popular among over 80% of donors. The platform expanded from just Ramadan to Dhul Hijjah and Fridays, and thousands of donors gave automatically year-round.

To send donations, LaunchGood created leaderboards for fundraisers, one for most funds raised and another for most donors, with prizes funded by automated donations entrusted to LaunchGood. This ensures that fundraisers receiving donation boosts are those working hardest and donors trust the most. Additionally, it removes bias from the process, ensuring fundraisers receive boosts because they earned them and had fun doing so.

In the article, there are many more insightful details on how Launchgood incorporated ideas and different innovations for a seamless user experience.

Click here for the full article published on the LaunchGood website. 

Note: The article was previously published on Launchgood and was used as a reference here.

  Category: Americas, Life & Society
  Topics: American Muslims

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