Young Muslims (YM) Convention

The Young Muslims (YM) Conference is an annual event for the youth, bringing them together to learn about their deen and create an environment of brotherhood/sisterhood.

Established in the early 90s, Young Muslims has established a network of local youth groups called NeighborNets across the United States and Canada. 

These groups aim to build a solid understanding of Islam and its principles by helping members put these principles into practice. They encourage young Muslims to take the next step and become an influence of Islamic work in America, highlighting the importance of knowing, understanding, and fulfilling individual and collective obligations as Muslims.

Image Credit: Young Muslims 

Young Muslims Empowering the Ummah 

Young Muslims' vision and mission statements are to empower American Muslim youth through companionship, mentorship, education, and service. In a world where global tension and Islamophobia cast shadows on the ummah, it is crucial to chart a course toward self-improvement and identify what needs to change within ourselves to make the universe a better place. As we embark on this cosmic voyage, we must fulfil our obligations to family, friends, and community, and Allah becomes a guiding light in these troubling times.

Join the Young Muslims Convention to benefit from scholars and Young Muslim speakers across the country, have access to a nationwide brotherhood and sisterhood, and participate in all social activities such as a midnight basketball tournament and a volleyball tournament. 

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