Police Intervention Grows Gaza Protests!

In this video titled "Police Intervention Grows Gaza Protests! - Unstoppable Rise of Islam From the US!" The speaker Fatih Yagci, expresses the emotional response to the Gaza protests at American universities, where students of various religious backgrounds join despite potential consequences.

He is moved by their unity and determination, despite police intervention at universities like Columbia. They question why there are more protests in America, given its significant financial support for Israel, and express concern over the use of taxes to fund the conflict and resulting deaths of innocent Palestinians.

Fatih Yagci also highlights the activism of individuals like Media Benjamin and the spread of Islam through the ethical teachings of the religion and the actions of converts like Shaun King. They criticize the use of excessive force by police during protests and the labeling of critics as anti-Semitic, while acknowledging historical Jewish oppression.

He emphasizes the importance of human conscience and the need for change in the world's response to the crisis in Gaza.

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