Thus spake our Prophet

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For He (Allah) has power over all things

Thus spake our Prophet

Thus spake, inspired, our Holy Prophet, Muhammad,
on whom we invoke Allah's blessings
For ever and ever-we who are heirs
To his teaching, his exemplary life,
And the golden thread which he inwove
Into the web of human history.
In pious retreats he prayed; much thought
He gave to Life's most obstinate tangles;
Against odds he strove with might and main;
Wisely he led; gently he counseled;
And firmly he subdued Evil.

Mantle-clad, he solved the most baffling
Mysteries. His, soul would scale
The heights of Heaven, yet showered its love
On the weak and lowly of this earth.
Like a cloud that catches the glory - of the Sun,
He threw his protecting shade on all.
The widow's cry, and the orphan's, found
An answer in his heart, as did
The cry of Penury and Need.
He searched out those who felt no need,
Being by pride or ignorance blinded,
And he fulfilled their real wants.
His last great charge summed up the rule
Of spiritual life in linking Faith
With one universal Brotherhood.
Ahl ne'er shall we see such life again!

But his clarion voice still speaks his message.
His love and wisdom still pour forth
Without stint the inexhaustible Treasures
Of Allah, for whosoever will bring
A purified heart to receive them.
And ne'er did the world, impoverished
By its own wayward lusts and greed,
Need those treasures more than now!

There's still with us much sorrow and sin,
Injustice, oppression, wrong, and hate.
Still does Arrogance deaden Conscience,
Rob struggling souls of e'en the crumbs
Of Pity, and make, of loathsome flesh
And crumbling dust, fair-seeming Idols
For worship. Still does Ignorance blow
A mighty Horn and try to shame
True Wisdom. Still do man drive Slaves -
Protesting smoothly the end of Slavery!

Still does Greed devour the substance
Of helpless ones within her power.
Nay, more-the fine Individual Voice
Is smothered in the raucous din
Of Groups and Crowds that madly shout 
What they call Slogans New
Old Falsehoods long discredited.

What can we do to make Allah's Light
Shine forth through the Darkness around us?
We must first let it shine in our own true Selves 
With that Light in the niche of our inmost hearts 
We can walk with steps both firm and sure: 
We can humbly visit the comfortless
And guide their steps. Not we but the Light
Will guide! But oh ! - the joy of being found 
Worthy to bear the Torch, and to say
To our brethren: I too was in Darkness
Comfortless, and behold, I have found 
Comfort and Joy in the Grace Divine!

Thus should we pay the dues of Brotherhood -
By walking humbly, side by side,
In the Ways of the Lord,
With mutual aid and comfort, 
And heartfelt prayer,
Backed by action,
That Allah's good Purpose 
May be accomplished
In us all together !

Abdullah Yusuf Ali produced one of the best known English translations of the Quran in 1934.The eloquent poetic style of the translation and the extensive commentaries and explanatory notes, have, contributed greatly to its much deserved reputation as the English translation of the meaning of the Qur'an.

The above prose is the conclusion of his translation.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Quran  Channel: Poetry
Views: 4711

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It is an interesting thought provoking poetic article, which should be read by every muslim and try to understand the message of love and peace for humanity underlying therein

A very inspiring article.What a perfect example we have in our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh}.May Allah shower this writer with immeasurable blessings.