The Lost Crown

The Lost Crown is a beautiful poem that explains the essence of this life and things that surround it.

O’ Muslims,

Where’s the thought stirring the world?

Where’s the intellect discerning God’s word?

Where’s the knowledge enlightening the West?

Where’s the character passing every test?

Where’s the morality spreading like fire?

Where’s the spirituality taking you higher?

Where are the minds gifted with genius?

Where are the hearts with a pure nucleus?

Where’s the civilization embellishing the earth?

Where’s the scholarly ink of priceless worth?

Where’s the wisdom tearing the veils of time?

Where’s the grace making you sublime?

Where’s the learning transcending all regions?

Where’s the legacy of the soaring falcons?

Where’s the power trouncing the forces of Satan?

Where’s the progress without contradicting religion?

Where are the dreams coming true?

Where’s the passion igniting you?

Where’s the Salah being a believer’s ascension?

Where’s the ideology launching a revolution?

Where’s the eye witnessing God’s splendor?

Where’s the gaze lowering in front of her?

Where’s the mark of Ghazali’s critiques?

Where’s the pen that challenged the Greeks?

Where’s the mystic of Ibn-al-Arabi’s fervor?

Where’s the literature with Rumi’s flavor?

Where’s the philosophy of Iqbal’s vision?

Where’s the gnosis of Wasif’s precision?

Where’s the unity defining brotherhood?

Where’s the ideal elevating selfhood?

Where’s the reverence for an insightful saint?

Where’s the silence that’s not a constraint?

Where are the women concealing beauty?

Where are the seekers radiating humility?

Where are the believers enthused by a global cause?

Where are the thinkers free from secular claws?

Where’s the Science evolving from revelation?

Where’s the brainpower serving the nation?

Where are the libraries with quiet readers?

Where are the books, the idea-breeders?

Where are the strategies defying the devil’s plan?

Where’s divine intervention empowering man?

Where’s the sword being raised for Gaza?

Where’s the poetry with faith-centric stanzas?

Where are leaders who can’t forsake Sunnah?

Where are those proud to be slaves of Allah?

Where’s the pain for the relinquished vicegerency?

Where are the tears in the nights of secrecy?

Where’s the love for the entire humanity?

Where in the noise is the voice of sanity?

Where’s the perfect blend of virtue and ability?

Where’s the manifestation of Umer’s personality?

Where are the souls unleashing divine mystery?

Where’s the transformation unmatched in history?

Where’s the will to enact God’s system?

Where are those who are Islam’s emblem?

If you seek glory in this world and the next

Follow Muhammad (pbuh) in spirit and text

His path would never let you drown

Embrace him to regain the lost crown!

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