Living Through A Genocide

I’m living through a genocide
Thousands of innocent children died
Bombed, crushed, torn in pieces
I simply feel numb inside
I’m living through a genocide…

Carpet bombing day and night
Open prison, no place to hide
I don’t see with my Western eyes
Yet I’m living through a genocide

Mainstream media and their lies
I happily inhale, I oblige
I don’t flinch, don’t empathize
While I’m living through a genocide

But they’re from a higher creed
Their homes flattened, hearts bleed
In billowing smoke they can’t breathe
Yet God’s praise they utter indeed.

Faith increased with greater plight
A special people, dignified
How we have utterly failed them
Our indifferent souls have surely died

That’s the ultimate genocide!

More information about Palestine and the ongoing conflict in Gaza can be found here. 

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