Ya Ramadan | يا رمضان

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Watch Mesut Kurtis’s new music video "Ya Ramadan يا رمضان" from his new EP (mini album).


ظمآن ظمآن لوصالِك يا رمضان

للتوبةِ والغفران

ومُجالسةِ القران

نورٌ في الأفقِ يَلوح

بابُ الجنةِ مفتوح

لا يَروي عَطشَ الروح

إلا بابُ الريان

بالطاعة نتقرب

كي يرضى عنا الرب

وليحيا هذا القلب

ويذوقَ الاطمئنان

لَيلُك ذكرٌ وقيام

ونهارُك فيه صيام

ما أجملَها أنسام

أهلا شهر القرآن

Director: Idris Kheder

Executive Producer: Bara Kherigi

Lyrics: Ahmed AlYafaie

Melody: Ahmed Zaeem

Arrangement: Sherif Mansour

Mixing & Mastering: Mohamed Gouda

Album Cover Design: Mohamed Ali Dhifet

Album Cover Photography: Soner Savas

Special thanks: Maher Zain

Awakening Music is a subsidiary of the UK-based Deventi Group that has operational offices in both United States of America (USA) and Egypt. Awakening Music currently represents: Mesut Kurtis (Macedonia), Maher Zain (Sweden), Raef (USA), and Humood (Kuwait). (Previously Sami Yusuf, Harris J & Hamza Namira among others). © Awakening Music 2021

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Ramadan  Channel: Nasheed
Views: 3380

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