Dec 20: Quran Conference - In Search of Applying Qur'anic Message

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Every year, the Quran Center in New Delhi organizes a public forum in December, focusing on the Last Divine Testament. In 2020, the Quran Center will hold two conferences through the web.

The first webinar will broadcast in Urdu from New Delhi on December 13, at 2 pm, Indian Standard Time.

The second one will be an English broadcast in the USA, on Sunday, December 20, at 9 am, Pacific Standard Time. Click here to join.

lslamiCity in USA and the Quran Center are the joint sponsors for the USA broadcast conference. Hopefully, like the conference in India, the USA conference will also become a permanent event. The conference does not accept funding from governments, religious organizations, theological seminaries, or political parties. It is a non-denominational event. The organizers and volunteers bear all the expenses.

The conference intends to bring students of the Quran, especially youth and women, in direct contact with scholars of the Quran. The India conferences were a huge success as 90 percent of the audience were  men and women in the age range between 18-40 years old. The forum is now a major annual event in New Delhi, as one can see giant banners and posters in different languages in India's capital. The day-long conference is in the Urdu language and managed by volunteers efficiently.

The Quran is for all people and all time. Every individual has a right to connect with the guidance of their Creator. Language is not a barrier in this interaction between the Creator and the created. Every creation interacts with the Divine and follows the guidance without any resistance. Only human beings can choose between their views and divine advice. But the choice is available to those who can comprehend the message, reflect on it, and synthesize it with their lives.

For 1,300 years, Muslim masses have remained disconnected from the Quran directly under the belief that the guidance's comprehension is the duty of a selected few. While they have memorized and read it, they comprehend and act on it based on others' borrowed ideas. The conference intends to replace believers' dependency on sources other than God in evolving cognitive phases with personal responsibility and a sense of belonging.

The conference envisages a society where an individual is in direct contact with the Quranic Message and acts based on a collective understanding through forums held around its guidance. It also intends to create an environment where believers focus on connecting with the message instead of words in a language they do not understand.

The Quran is a divine call to continually improve human conditions in every aspect of life for humanity's benefit. Its message is not for its believers within the four walls of worship but for people to lead a life rooted in reality and their society's progress. God is not only the God of life hereafter but a living God whose guidance is crucial for success in this world.

The message is to enable people to interact with each other for a healthy society free from violence and hatred. It is possible when its believers own it and live it based on their understanding. The Quranic literacy does not merely mean that people read it in Arabic, but they understand its message in any of world's languages.

The Quran conference realizes that every language that defines divine guidance is holy, and God is free from linguistic boundaries. The human intellect can relate to this message if it attempts in that direction. This confidence in one's ability and the power of God is what the conference intends to empower its participants with. The organizers hope that such gatherings will become a norm in Muslim communities at all levels.

The links for the two conferences are:

For December 20, 2020 conference in English, jointly sponsored by and the Quran Center, New Delhi.

For Urdu conference on December 13, 2020 organized by the Quran Center, the link is:

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