8 ways of approaching the Quran with purity of intention

Read the Quran with no purpose other than to receive guidance from your Lord, to come nearer to Him, and to seek His good pleasure.

What you get from the Quran depends on what you come to it for. Your intention and purpose is crucial. Certainly the Quran has come to guide you, but you may also go astray by reading it should you approach it for impure purposes and wrong motives.

Thereby He causes many to go astray, and thereby He guides many; but thereby He causes none to go astray save the iniquitous (al-Baqarah 2:26).

The Quran is the word of God; it therefore requires as much exclusiveness of intention and purity of purpose as does worshiping and serving Him.

2 Do not read it merely for intellectual pursuit and pleasure; even though you must apply your intellect to the full to the task of understanding the Quran. So many people spend a lifetime in studying the language, style, history, geography, law and ethics of the Quran, and yet their lives remain untouched by its message. The Quran frequently refers to people who have knowledge but do not derive benefit from it.

3 Nor should you come to the Quran with the fixed intention of finding support for your own views, notions and doctrines. For if you do, you may, then, hear an echo of your own voice in it, and not that of God. It is this approach to the understanding and interpreting of the Quran that the Prophet, blessings and peace be on him, has condemned.

4 Nothing could be more unfortunate than to use the Quran to secure, for your own person, worldly things such as name, esteem, status, fame or money. You may get them, but you will surely be bartering away a priceless treasure for nothing, indeed even incurring eternal loss and ruin.

5 [Do not limit the Quran to just healing of bodily afflictions, psychological peace, and deliverance from poverty.] You may also derive other lesser benefits, from the words of the Quran, such as the healing of bodily afflictions, psychological peace, and deliverance from poverty. There is no bar to having these, but, again, they should not become the be all and end all that you seek from the Quran nor the goal of your niyyah (intention). For in achieving these you may lose a whole ocean that could have been yours.

Reading every single letter of the Quran carries with it great rewards. 6 Remain conscious of all the rewards, and make them an objective of your intention, for they will provide you with those strong incentives required to spend your life with the Quran. But never forget that on understanding, absorbing and following the Quran you have been promised much larger rewards, in this-world and in the Hereafter. It is these which you must aim for.

Nothing brings you nearer to your Lord than the moments you spend with His words. For it is only in the Quran that you enjoy the unique blessing of hearing His 'voice' addressing you. 7 So let an intense desire to come nearer to God be your one overwhelming motive while reading the Quran.

Finally, 8 your intention should be directed to seeking only your Lord's pleasure by devoting your heart, mind and time to the guidance that He has sent to you. That is what you barter when you surrender yourself to God: 'There is such as would sell his own self in order to please God' (al-Baqarah 2:207).

Purpose and intentions are like the soul of a body, the inner capability of a seed. Many seeds look alike, but as they begin to grow and bear fruits, their differences become manifest. The purer and higher the motive, the greater the value and yield of your efforts.

So always ask yourself: Why am I reading the Quran? This may be the best way to ensure the purity and exclusiveness of purpose and intention.

Excerpted and adapted from the book "Way to the Quran" by Khurram Murad

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  1. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    Jazakallah Khair for the advice. I m sure if put into practice it will give lots of benefit. One who is willing to benefit will make the best use of Khuram's advice. May Allah give us all taufiq to make the best use of the advice.We have a saying in Hausa Nigerian Language if the ears have heard what has been said the body will be safe.

  2. Musa ,Adogi Dhul-kifli from Nigeria

    May Allah Protect you and give you the ability to do more...

    However,you should also re-visit issues such as :islamic economy life,buying and selling,employers and employees right etc.......

  3. Usman Abdullahi Hussaini from Nigeria

    Alhamdulillaah for been a member. Inshaallah, I hope to enjoy more articles like this one. Jazaakallaahu khayran.

  4. lukmon lawal from nigeria

    This is a very good artcile that will keep us abreast of propose of reading the Quran for the propose Allah (SWT)want us to derive from the Quran, thanks may Allah reward you people abundantly.

  5. Idris Muhammad Gombe from Nigeria

    Maasha Allah! Continue to send us this type of beneficial article. Insha Allah, you stand to be rewarded abundantly by Rabbus samawaati wal ard.

  6. Buba Umar from Nigeria

    Alhamdu lillah,this excerpt is very rewarding. May Allah(SWT)reward all of you at Islamicity and may He also assist us to purify all our intentions.

  7. abubakr Siddiq Sulaiman from nigeria

    May Allah Azza wa Jal reward you abundantly, aameen

  8. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    With whatever intention one goes to the Quran he/she will get the same as rightly explained by the author.May Allah purify our intention we learn the Quran to seek His Pleasure only.By doing so In Sha Allah He would bestow us with beautiful rewards even in this transitory place called Duniya with Hayatin Tayyiba as well as other benefits before He Showers His Choicest Blessinga a never-ending one in the Here After after our death.May Allah accept all of us and give us taufiq to continue to work for the cause of His Deen sincerely like the Sahabah for the benefit of the Ummah and the humanity in general Amen.

  9. Liyakat Shah from India

    Alhamdulliha I myself begin to feel changes after reading the Holy Quran with meanings and understanding. My inner voice of heart guides me protects me if I go wrong. Reading Quran relaxes our mind, heart body and soul. It has all topics and lessons for everything. Its a Holy book for the guidance of humanity. Allah is so Rahman that He would benifit us for reading even single Quranic alphabet. Frequently reading Quran would do the work of torch to light our grave May Allah Rabbul Izzat bless us life and death with Imaan Ameen Ya Allah

  10. Abdulrahman from Nigeria

    Muslims nowadays have taken the Quran as a means to earn living which suppose not to be so.may Allah help us and save us from his wrath