Forgotten Miracle

Muslims have long been familiar with the scientific, literary, and prophetic miracles in the Qur'an and the Sunnah (example of the prophet). Whether it is in the fields of medicine, embryology, astronomy, physics, mathematics, linguistics, prose, vocabulary, prophecy and numerous other sciences, scholars have diligently done their research to bring to light references providing challenging information that could not have been available to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) at the time of Revelation. Such knowledge undisputedly confirms the claim that the Message of Qur'an and the Sunnah could only be revealed and inspired by the Divine.

However, some other aspects of the Quran and Islamic way of life, that are not any less of a miracle and in many ways more critical to our daily lives, need to be stressed more often.

The world vision of the Islamic way of life emphasizes a just economic system. Islam does not deny the market forces and market economy. Profit motives and private ownership is acceptable. But the basic difference between capitalist and Islamic economy is that in secular capitalism the profit motive and private ownership is given unbridled power. In Islam the market economy is guided by divine injunctions that keeps the interests of all parties in balance. Volumes have been written about Islamic economics and several major educational institutes, like Harvard University have set up centers to study Islamic finance. Within the Islamic economic system, one of the main elements is the aspect of "Riba". This term encompasses not only the concept of usury, but also that of interest.

Islam's categorical prohibition of transactions involving Riba is a concrete example of how miracles are not merely signs for people to reflect upon and appreciate God's creation. Instead, they are realistic and effective prescriptions to deal with the financial ills, injustice, and abuses created by mankind toward their fellow human beings. This economic miracle is also tangible proof that whatever was prohibited 1400 years ago, is for the welfare of humanity, in all regions and at all times.

The principles of an Islamic economic system are based on simple morality and common sense, which form the bases of many religions.

The universal nature of these principles is apparent even at a cursory glance of non-Muslim literature. Usury was prohibited in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Plato and Aristotle considered charging interest contrary to nature. Shakespeare and many other writers, particularly those writing in the 19th century, have attacked the barbarity of the practice. Much of the morality championed by Victorian writers such as Dickens - ranging from the equitable distribution of wealth to man's fundamental right to work - is clearly present in the Islamic economic model.

While wars, disasters, famine, and calamities affect many people and need to be addressed by the people of conscious; 85% of humanity is suffering from debt and economic injustice. Today, there are developing nations that pay the World Bank and the IMF more than 60% of their national budget just to service in the world economy. Similarly, in countries like the United States, every citizen is born with more than $2,000 in debt. These are clear signs that Riba-based economies are the source of an epidemic injustice that doesn't discriminate between "rich" and "poor", because it bankrupts humans on the national and individual levels, and benefits the minority.

All prophets have struggled to establish a just system for humanity. Jesus overturned the tables of the moneylenders in the temple, because he was offended by their exploitive practice of adding interest to loan capital. In his farewell speech, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) instructed the Muslims to give up all Riba (usury and interest) they have, whether they were lenders, borrowers, buyers, or sellers.

Gods commands are eternal and equitable and do not change based on the needs of the Federal Reserve or International Monetary Fund. Prohibition of Riba is the best cure to free humanity from economic slavery. It was valid during the time of Jesus (pbuh) and will be valid until the universe stops expanding.

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  1. Abu Jibreel from denmark

    You have made a rare point. Althoug I disagree with you regarding Islam being a religion (it's in fact also an ideology, with systems for all spheres of life), I must commend you for pointing out, that Riba is a great source for much of the economic slavery the world over. May Allah bring you good for this.

    Abu Jibreel

  2. Jahja Nordling from Finland

    Salam aleikum

    The problem of modern economy is not only Riba .It has features of Maisir-game and Hoarding as well - all forbidden by Quran. Thus -In my opinion - e.g. speculations with currencies, bonds etc. are haram as well.

  3. Khalid Faridi from India

    The situation in India I guess is worse. I dwell in Bombay where no muslim sees anything wrong in riba. The housing socities comprising 100% muslims also do not bother about it. The Imam of the masjid either does not touch the topic if he does he would either pay a cursory glance or quote some old goldies fatawa regarding how it is permissible. ( the quranic injunction and prophet's(pbuh)warning is ignored. Many many muslim go for fix deposit. There main source of learning is Khutba of Juma which unfortunately is usurped by TWO RAKAAH IMAM.

    In fact the secretary of my society makes it a point to mock my view on the subject, the others listen to it quitely and the only ALIM from a Madarasa supports the secretary !!!

    I thing somehow there is a need to usurp the masajid for good of Islam. For long muslims of India have not built masajid and controlled it. This led to it being usurped by those who talk and are worse in practise. Most of the trustees are corrupt. We have long invited charity for every other purpose but Masajid construction. Perhaps time to built masajid and pay hefty amount to Imam who will look nowhere for his needs and trustees will be elected by useful musalleen over a secret ballot.

    The masjid will be open to all and everybody will be allowed to preach as long as he/she can provide quranic affirmations.

  4. Zilzaal Azzizi from USA

    The Editor/Islamicity:

    I take exception to the authenticity and accuracy of the article, "Forgotten Miracle."

    It is riddled with errors and gross misrepresentation. Time and space will not permit me to adequately refute many of the claims contained in this piece, which presents itself (on the surface) as true scholarship, when in fact it is nothing more than a series of arguments without factual bases.

    First, the Noble Qur'an itself lends no support to the notion of 'miracles.' In every instance when the unbelievers demanded of the Prophet to see something 'miraculous' (as proof of its divine origin), Allah's Messenger was told to respond that he was only 'a man', delivering a Message from a Divine Source ... and that 'miracles' are only with Allah (swt). This statement is incontrovertible.

    Second, it is true that many scholars, classical and contemporary, have advocated the idea of miracles within Islam. Some have posited the notion that 'Qur'an' itself is a 'miracle.' This viewpoint is rather tenuous and speculative, only because the noble Qur'an itself does not argue that it is a 'Miracle.'

    The Sacred Book states clearly throughout its Text that it is many things, but being a 'miracle' is not one of them. For example, it promulgates the following: it is a Guidance, a Healing, a Book of Wisdom, a Source of Eminence; it confirms previous revelations, fulfils previous prophecy, settles differences of previous books, contains clear explanation of all religious principles, brings revelation to perfection; it is guarded against corruption, is a moral force to conquer all ... among having many other attributes. It also holds that it is 'unique' and 'inimitable.' This is irrefutable.

    Finally, the Qur'an is a divine Reading, sent to mankind through the agency of a human, to update and upgrade all previous scriptures; as such, it is primarily a Source of Guidance and a Code of Ethics for all mankind ... in this, there is nothing m

  5. Abdul Hakim from England


    Wallahi akhi the people who use riba are majnoon and those who try to make it look good are further astray.There may be some good in riba like it is said in the Quran about alchole but the

    bad overweighs the good so it is haram.Deaf, Dumb and blind they shall return to Allah.


  6. Amina Adam from Somalia

    I agree Riba(Interest)as Haram and nothing to go for. I believe as Muslim sister, that whatever has been rejected by the Quran and Hadith we should also reject it and Allah subhanahu wataalah will bless you forever. Riba will always put you into worries and uncomfortable for life. A home with a riba is always uneassy. Riba is chronic disease that has not cure.

  7. Manjit Singh from India

    Dear Sir,

    your question that some country's pay 60% of the income to IMF etc is tru but hides one key issue. How come these country's got into this situation? These country's got into this situation becasue they are corrupt and badly managed. They did not use the capital provided for the purpose that it was provided. To link this problem with riba/interest is simplistic and devoid of financial logic. If riba less system is so perfect how come most islamic country's with immense natural resources are still poor? This is nothing to do with riba or riba less system.

    Any system even islamic requires income to be produced from assets. Calling it profit/interest/tax is use of english language and tax systems. Key is not income but what rights do the providers of capital have. So if you look at finance devoid of its words you will notice that Islamic system (even the one is Saudi Arabia) is no different from Hindu systems of 4000 years ago or modern western system.

    Just by calling interest profit share you do not change the basic nature of income on capital, irrescptive of how it was worded in the 9th century arabia or in the bible before it.

  8. frank Sciabica from U.S.A

    I am confused with Islam and this website sometimes you say Jesus was just a prophet, and the Bible is not His true gospel. Now in this email you use part of the Gospels for Islam's behalf.

    I have noticed many times Islam picks and chooses what is true and what is not depending on it's situation. Seems like the Religon Of imperfect humans not a divine being.

    I believe your hart is true and means well toward others so I will Pray for Jesus to touch your spirit. God Bless you and your family.

  9. Khurram Ahmad from England

    Maeshaalh, brothers in Islam, keep up the true work of Islam and spread Islam to others.


  10. Jawed Ather from UAE

    Good and forcible article. But, u have failed to address the other part of the picture, which is the present scenario. I understand, believe and support that one and all must make an effort to fight against this evil system of "riba". Looking at the present scenario i feel one hardly escapes from the clutches of riba, it has permeated deep into our daily life system, be it credit card or easy access to money lured by banks or importantly the absence of an islamic financial system, even where their are some Islamic institution the administrative proceedure and commissions charged are so complex and high that one wonders if it isnt easy to go to a bank and fulfill the reqirements. I, would highly appreciate if u could throw some light on how to bring about a change in the system as i feel the change has to trickle down from the top, coz. the middle-class and poor hardly have any choice or alternatives.......!.

  11. mowlid from minnesota.

    Asalaamu Alaykum wa rahmatu lahi wa barakaatu

    I know that there is alot of mircales in the kuran and in the suna of the prophet that we can not count.However, I am advicing to all the borhers to show these miricals all over the world and they see these mircals. I think if we do this there might be some other people to become muslims.

    Wa salaamu Alaykum wa rahmatu laahi wa barkaatu.

    from a muslim bother

  12. Zahid Ahmed from U.S.A

    Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

    My name is Zahid. I am in the process of working with a large group of people who are serious about settling their financial situation so they can devote all orpart of their time in establishing Islamic institutions in the USAand through out the world. So far we have around a 1,000 Muslim families accross the US and Canada who are MashaAllah earning incomes in a Riba-free environment. Our goal is to increase this number to 10,000 by year 2005. Improvements in the economic level of the Muslims is one of the greatest need of our time and we are working towards this need deligently. I invite all those who would like to join me in this great project. For those who are interested in the subject of Islamic Economics I would highly recommend Dr. Israr Ahmed's lecture tittled "Economic Jutice in Islam" distributed by TINA (Tanzeem-e Islamia of North America 1-800-673-TINA). I am not associated with TINA. But those who wish to contact me can reach me at [email protected] to find out how you can take part in this task.


    Zahid Ahmed

  13. A. Toft from USA

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Read Mufti Taqi Usmani's "The Historic Judgement on Interest", available at many online islamic bookstores. It is an excellent book that demonstrates clearly the truth of this article's claims that any kind of interest is categorically forbidden and that eliminating all forms of interest is 'the best cure to save humanity from economic slavery.'

  14. sirajdeen ibn luqmann from nigeria

    Its a very good bulleting,i love its so much.But one more thing a will like if your organization can forward to me their magazine. thanks bye


  15. Jerry Liptak from United States

    I agree. I was christened and raised Roman Catholic. My wife and I christened our son, Jeff, but not our daughter, Eva Mae. We both felt the Church wasn't representing Christ on the planet by the time our 3-year-old daughter was born.

    Honestly, we try, but most times fall far short of, living as Christ did. We'll keep trying.

    I guess I just wanted someone in the Muslim world to know all people in the United States are not evil.

    It strikes me as strange that someone would kill a person they don't even know well enough to hate. I've written my government to tell them I don't want the United States going to war.

    Perhaps there is a Muslim or a Christian who feels as I do. Sadly, I've met very few.

    Anyway, I've never really thought of usury in America or anywhere else, but I'll start to.

    All I can do, I suppose, is set a good example.

    So, peace be to you who reads this. And everyone else, too.

  16. R. A. Samad from USA

    Thanks for the article. We Muslims need articles like these. Instead of arguing whether Riba is allowed or not in terms of a mortgage, we better think of a solution. Instead of investing in the stock market, wealthy Muslims should come forward to invest money in houses. A group of Muslims can buy houses for families and charge them rent until they pay off the principle. They can impose reasonable terms and conditions for the safety of their money. Disagreement and arguments will not take us anywhere. Moreover, this is not the time to argue for Muslims.

  17. Rashim Williams from UnitedStates

    I think it is very important to stress the injustice of riba. Muslims and n0nmuslims should know about this injustice. You should continue to let the people know. May Allah the most high reward you, Amiin.

  18. Nouroudeen Assaf from Canada

    Please answer?

    If dealing with interest or riba is not approved of by the prophet(pbuh) why do some scholars like Yusuf El karathawee say it is alright to buy a home for instance in north america by using the interest method. Our brothers in Palestine and Afghanistan and Bosnia are living in old tents and we muslims can not even try the rent method here in north america because we want to save UP LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY. And the prophet has already mentioned that we should have nothing to do with interest.

    So please reply to me with a reasonable answer so i can understand and may Allah guide us all to the straight path.... Ameen

  19. imran from usa


    thnbaks you for yet another highly inspiring article- your team never fails to produce excellent content both on ure site and in your newsletters..... jazak Allah Khair....

    i thinbk however that muslims must be warned about the potential '..'(distortion) of islamic finance.

    never have i heard an argument so silly as the one that says that the islamic home finance programs are halal becoz instead of paying interest on a cash loan- you pay the same amount as a fixed mark up profit.

    i am asking that if anyone can recommend sites/ books with accuratre info about how islamic economies functioned in the past- and the permissibility of issures such as leasing.


    [email protected]


    Asslamu alaikum,

    The article was very interesting and the discussions so far very lively. Some commentators asked for links to websites on the issue. I found a nice one at

    Communism is already dead and capitalism will soon follow. Are we Muslims ready to fill the vaccum? It is not going to be easy as we have not done much research on this and other contemporary issues - very unlike MUSLIMS!

    I will appreciate having a copy of Ahmad Bello's work on this.

    Finally, I will like to suggest to the webmaster to reorganise the Comments section to follow a thread. This will make reply to certain comment very easy. May Allah reward you abundantly.


  21. ian browne from barbados

    assalaamu alaikum,iwas interesting to see that the renowned Harvard University did such a study? but i wonder when was it done, but that brings me to ask if the Universities in the kingdom have done as much to generate interest,pardon the pun, among other learning institutions worldwide. asalaamu alaikum

  22. Hashim Alhussaini from U.S.A.

    May Allah bless you. All wealth is in Allah's hand, period. People, when they first understand this completely, will then abandon their get-rich-quick schemes that include interest. You want examples? Try looking at what came into the hands of early Muslims in whose hands Allah delivered the Persian Empire and its wealth. Believe it or not it would be inflated to be worth billions, or even trillions of dollars. If you abandon ungodly means of attaining wealth, God will bring it to you in ways that will leave you introspecting in absolute awe. Faith is what is required. The one who stored the precious crude, in the bowels of the earth, which we can now use to measure wealth can open your eyes to untold treasures that are hidden from you, and can create far astounding sources of wealth that he will reveal to us when it pleases him, according to his infinite wisdom. Have faith, it creates wealth and works miracles

  23. mohammed ismail from south africa

    Kindly email me AHMAD BELLO's 27 page article he wrote for his bank.


    mohammed ismail

  24. shaibu mohammed mustapha from Ghana


    the issue of ribba has been major dilema for me as a banking student and at certain times i feel my carreer contradicts the supreme law of ALLAH .Sir as you know lending at market related interest rates forms a significant part of banks income which is ultimately used to pay staff this issue continue to border me as i prepare to write my final papers to qualify as an associate of the chartered institute of Bankers [GHANA].I WOULD LIKE TO READ YOUR OPINION ABOUT THE ABOVE ISSUE.

  25. Faisal from Italy

    Hi thank you for the article. As a muslim and someone who is interested in finance, I ould like to gain a better understanding of the islamic financial system. If Interest is not allowed, then what is the basis for creation of wealth in economic terms? Or is the objective solely the equal division of existing wealth? Where can i find more literature on the subject? Any suggestions? Shukran

  26. Muhammed Shabbir from U.A.E

    Bythe Grace of Almighty, I have seen Islamicity doing a good job in establishing the truth and facts of Izlam. I would also like to appreciate the team on their excellent work.

    As far as Riba system and its article is concerned, I totally agree and desire a Riba free envirnment to work. I think, bringing Sharia in your business would help you bring Shaira in your life and day to day affairs.

    Not only me, but a day shall (InshaAllah) come when the whole of the humanity will agree on a Riba-Free lifestyle.

    Please if you could add one more option on your article page for emailling the page to friends. So that, we can bring awareness to all of our fellow Muzlim brothers & sisters.

    Best of Luck & Fi Aman Allah


  27. Ahmad Bello from nigeria

    Please let me have an email address to send you a 27-page paper I wrote for my bank on interest. May Allah bless you.

  28. kulamulla from usa

    Jesus,whose name is above all names, taught to give to everyone who asks you and do not demand it back. luke 6:30

  29. nadia from Algeria

    Dear Madam/ dear Sir,

    I would like to inform you your islam newsletters

    bring to me a lot in my everyday life.I like reading them and find them in general good and logic.

    The writtens are not agressive ( I would like to stress on this as I consider myselve to be a muslim opened to the world and not a fanatic one, a woman in research of being better from day to day up to my possibilities, never forgetting God !) . Concerning Riba, I agree with you !

    This will make a distance , slowly slowly , between the rich and the poor majority in the world. I totally reject the savage capitalism as I see the harm it does in our developping countries. I speak nd say loudly my opinion on this matter with peaple around me.

    Thank you indeed to inform us of some dangers and to help us opening our eyes and acting for right and justice as we can.

    Allah bless you !

    Good continuation!

  30. ship from usa

    this is a very needed area to be brought back to the minds of muslims.

  31. Dane Hussain from USA

    I don't have a comment just yet because I haven't had time to read the whole article .I do have a question though,I wanted to know when Ramadan is going to begin?Thank you.

  32. Muhammer Yilmaz from The Netherlands

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing in response to your article titled 'Forgotten Miracle'. Riba is a very important subject within the Islam. But it is also a subject of misinterpretations and disagreements. Riba can be divided in two components in my opinion, these are: inflation compensation and risk compensation (according to bussiness science). There is no doubt about that risk compensation should be prohibited. But what about inflation compensation? If I borrow money today next year it will be worth less. This means a decline in purchasing power, isn't it right to compensate this? I am confused about it and really hope you could answer this question.

    Thanking you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Muhammer Yilmaz

  33. mohammad.tabassum

    It is nice to try to convince the world that Islamic Economic System is just and perfect as a theory. How about we apply it in at least one of the 55 Muslim countries to see if it works. I know in Pakistan, they are still debating if Riba is really interest or loan sharking.

  34. Kiambu Abdul-Malik Akhdarr from U$A Under $haytan's Authority

    Assalaam-Alaikum. All the American letist groups are well aware of the evils of capitalism but unfortunately they feel to liberate humanity from this economic evil they must deny God and all forms of spirituality. The U$ screams about international terrorism neglecting the fact that many Americans live in terror of losing their apartments because as they boast democracy,democratic rule is denied where inflation is concerned crushing them under the dictatorship of rampant inflation. THE U$ should follow the example of the socialist systems of Libya and Sweden.

  35. Sulaiman Sa'ad Abubakar from Nigeria

    Assalam Alaikum,

    i am final year student studying business management in the university. i've had a long standing intrest in islamic finance and this bulletin is serving as a great motivation for me to keep up the search. Alhamdulillah for islamicity, keep up the good work


  36. Mistura Irewolede from USA

    As a muslim, I know all forms of Riba should be done away with, but how can we complement buying and selling with the aims of making profit. The aim of every business is to make profit and that is also one of the principles of economics. My question is, how can you marry being a prosperous business person with being a very good muslim when your aim is to make as much profit as you can? May Allah guide us to the right path-amin

    Ma Salam

  37. Tafazal Khan from Australia

    We all know Riba is Haram. But many muslims don't worry about dealing in Riba as they fear drinking Alcohl. The reason is that there is no definitive definition of Riba under current economic system. There are not enough examples which tell us what is riba and what is profit. There are many different definitions and descriptions of Riba floating around nowadays. I, like my friends, am totally confused. Can you help?

  38. momina from pakistan

    yes i totally agree with what is written here, this is a subject close to my heart and i believe that secular capitalism has failed to deliver just like communism in 1990's. Capitalism has spread poverty, debt, expoitation of labourers and made rich richer and por poorer as nations and individulas. Today world resources are expoited by just 15% of the wealthy west ,the exponents of capitalism while the rest of the world live in abject poverty sans some feudals and monarchs of thirld world. Why not we admit our fault here and atleast if we are not to accept Islam as a deen(way of life) atleast we can adopt islamic ecnoomic system of interest free and riba free economy and spreading the wealth to the widest possible population and not just let it accumulate it in the hands of few nations and few individulas,family tycoons. It is in the benefit of human kind whether you are christian, jew , muslim or athiest or idol worshipper.This system will deliver, I'm sure about it on my life because it is divine and it is nonexpoitative in nature.Why we humans are insistent on destroying each other, i don't call upon you to become muslim or muslaman but i do call upon you ernestly to abandon your prejudice about islam and its economic reforms and try to embrace it in order for your own finacial benefit and in the interest of every child born with the debt in this unjust world of capitalism. We owe it to our future generations to give them a better future than ours and to free them from the yoke of exploitation that wealth brings with it in the form of power, all the rights to decision making and protecting just its interests and not of the weak and the poor. Please open your eyes and look into the future and try to imagine the sufferings of those who would be born in unfortunate countries of thirld world.West doesn't know what drives these poverty stricken and expoitative kids to despair and violence and acts of sheer frustrations in the form of harming either themselves or oth

  39. Delwar Mian from USA

    I like this article, and inshaAllah I will continue to learn more about it, research about it, and share what I know. Thanks brother for putting this, let us spend our time into education, learning and making Allah's deen victorius, fear Allah, and help the humanity.

  40. mohamed srajuddin from japan

    assalamualaikum warahmathullahi wabarakaathuhu

    gr8 job dear brothers, jazak Allah khair

  41. Salman Shoaib from Pakistan

    I am really impressed by the examples given in this article and must agree completely especially coming from a debt laden country like Pakistan. 50% of our National Budget is spent on debt retirement and leaves virtually nothing for education or health and as said in the article, this is one of the most ill fated scenarios that a nation can face and it is all due to interest and Riba. The principal amount stands as a small amount and the money paid out every year by Pakistan is in respect of interest. I completely agree with the article and with the evil nature of this deed which clearly puts the minorities with an upper hand.

  42. A_ F_ from N.A

    Please correct this typo (the "s" at then end of "God",in the following sentence:

    Gods commands are eternal and equitable and do not change based on the needs of the Federal Reserve or International Monetary Fund.

  43. mwheby from usa

    I agree with this article. There is no doubt or chance for misinterpretation. Anyone, even people of low intellegence can understand this as fact with no room for opinions, or different views. This knowledge is very clear on Riba, however, how can one practice not falling into some kind of Riba when the entire world wide finance is build on Riba. Can a Muslim really escape Riba? or anyone at that? To stop Riba it has to start from the top. The people who control all of the economy. When you look at the problem of Riba, you have to look at the economy. I look to the muslim countries to stop all of this for they are the leaders in the world economy and, yet they are up to their elbows in this Riba. So how does the common everyday people do it?

  44. Abdul R. H aroun from U S

    Peace, the love of this world is what make us go for ribba, which rather make us suffer more insted of ease. The only way to salvation in this world and the hereafter is,to involve our every thing to the teaching of the Qur'an and sunna.Who ever depend on Allah, He(Allah)is enough for him.

  45. Ameerali Dhanji from U.S.A.


    The article is well written and based on facts.

    Pray people read it with an open mind and pass on the benefit to humans around the World.

  46. Saadiqah from USA

    As-Salaamu 'Alaikum ~ I've read many articles on riba yet have never heard it referred to as a miracle. That was a unique intro.

    Here is my question: How does a riba-less economy actually work? It's one thing to explain the technical meaning of riba and that it was advocated by the prophets (peace be upon them) yet quite another to 'break it down barney-style' and make it very clear in layman's terms how such a system would work given the fact that we've been indoctrinated with the need and inevitability of interest-based profit and the need to beat inflation, etc. Is there a very well-written (and not too dry) book out there regarding interest...not only about how not to partake in it, but also how it works on the macro-level?

  47. Iqbal F Quadir from NA

    Dear Brothers,


    I suggest to you that USA has many faults some unforgivable, but, its capitalism is very different from that of Europe. I feel also the US system of governance and her economic system is closer to what Islam prescribes than what is being practiced in most Muslim majority countries.

    The US system ensures distribution of wealth to all and inputs by everyone into the national economy. That is why, poverty is not real but only relative in that country.

    Should we not learn from such successes than merely criticize?

    We should also learn from American experience, how to avoid decay in social morality that has followed US affluence?

    With sincere regards,

    Iqbal F Quadir

  48. mohammed from u.s.a.

    when will we find a leader that unify our curances

    simplify our finances,and show us the way? we are starving.!

  49. Br Elias from Canada

    Praise be to ALLAAH RIBA (Interest) is one of the major SIN why we are sufferring form all kind of humuiliation in our Umma ... Islam has forbidden it in a manner that leaves no room for doubt concerning its prohibition.

    Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    "Allaah has permitted trading and forbidden Ribaa. So whosoever receives an admonition from his Lord and stops eating Ribaa, shall not be punished for the past; his case is for Allaah (to judge); but whoever returns (to Ribaa), such are the dwellers of the Fire -- they will abide therein"

    [al-Baqarah 2:275]

    "O you who believe! Fear Allaah and give up what remains (due to you) from Ribaa (from now onward) if you are (really) believers"

    [al-Baqarah 2:278]

    and because the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed the one who consumes riba, the one who pays it, the two who witness it and the one who writes it down. So it is a major sin.

    Narrated by Muslim, 1597.

    It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah : (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Avoid the seven sins that doom a person to Hell." They said, "O Messenger of Allaah, what are they?" He said: "Associating others in worship with Allaah (shirk); witchcraft; killing a soul whom Allaah has forbidden killing, unless that is done lawfully; consuming riba (usury, interest); consuming the property of orphans; running away from the battlefield; slandering innocent chaste believing women."

    Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 2615; Muslim, 89

    riba (usury, interest), then it is haraam and is one of the major sins and one of the seven sins that doom a person to Hell. All of the nations regarded it as forbidden, even the Greeks who were idol-worshippers. One of them, whose name was Solon said: Money is like a sterile hen; a drachma cannot give birth to a drachma. In the Christian belief it says that one who consumes usury should not b

  50. Papa Niang from Canada


    What are we going to do about it? We don't have any other choice but to bank with conventional banks. Muslims (Arabs & others) have been present in the western world for centuries and we don't even have a bank that operates according to the principles of Islam (maybe in England, I don't know of any in the US and Canada). Even a Swiss bank is getting ready to start operating an Islamic Bank in one of the middle eastern countries.

    Just recently Saudis removed 200 billions dollars in investment from the US.

    Most of us (Muslims) are very well versed in what needs to be done. It is time to act.

    Best regards.

  51. Mahmoud S. Elsonbaty from USA



  52. adedeji abdulfattah from nigeria

    i appreciate your comment pls send me a copy of the book on the internet or through mail

    maa salam

    abdulfattah adedeji

  53. Iftekhar A. Hai from USA

    Islamic scholars are looking at Riba from two different angles. First part is interest side and the other is usury.

    Is there no difference between these two form of borrowing principles? Are both of them exactly the same? It is here that Islamic scholars are debating and researching. Usury is more exploitative and economically enslaving than interest.

    Money borrowed on simple interest for educational purposes which is at 2 to 5% is less exploitative than usury which is between 20 to 40%. Some Islamic scholars see no difference between interest and usury, and there are numerous other Islamic scholars that see the difference. It is the usury that is prohibited Islamically rather than interest in my opinion.

    We all know that money worth 20 years ago does not have the same purchasing power today. Example: One thousand Pakistani rupees in 1980 was enough to feed a family whereas you need 8,000 rupees today to buy the same goods and services. Hence it is unfair for a lender to ignore the inflationary aspect of the free market economy where the purchasing power is diminishing every year of any currency in the world.

    In the days of our Prophet lending had more devastating and exploitative characteristics that is what was prohibited Islamically.

    However, each person is responsible to do what they think is in their best economic interest. There is no Islamically ruled government anywhere among the 56 Muslim countries. The systems of economics offers many choices, terms and conditions for both the borrower and the lender. You and only you are responsible to Allah for either encouraging or discouraging the use of interest or usury as you see fit.

  54. mohammad yusuf from mauritius

    Assalamualaikum W aRahmatulah Wa Barakaaatuhu.

    I appreciate the bulletin.Especially as i work in a Riba based bank.My country does not have an islamic financial lending institution / bank.

    What can be done by foreign islamic banks for us?We shall be pleased to repay all loans on a non interest /shariah compliant basis?

    If anyone has the answer please e-mail me

    Jazaaak Allah.

    Maras Salaaaaaam.

  55. Naveed Ahmed Siddiqui from pakistan

    i read your mail very first time and i am very much inspired with your efforts for the promotion of islam. May Allah help you. i have a opinion/sugesstion that usually when we write the name of our prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) in english we write with his name PBUH. i think this is not right wording for our holy Prophet. because when we use the wording Peace Be Upon Him it shows that he really need our prays for peace. and non muslims object that your prophet need your prays for peace. i sugest that the wording Sallallaho alaih-e-wasallam (S.A.W) will be appropriate instead of Peace Be Upon Him. i hope you will consider on my opinion and i hope that you will mention if i am at fault.

  56. Anonymous from England

    You received a comment from Manjit Singh on 15/09/02, can you advise how you addressed this Email, I find it interesting how and who will extinguish this comment!

  57. Michael Akard from USA

    The author states, "Similarly, in countries like the United States, every citizen is born with more than $2,000 in debt." This is not true; rather, people begin accumulating debt by purchasing goods and services for which they do not yet have the necessary funds. This situation cannot apply to infants, who do not yet have the ability to buy or sell. Perhaps the author meant something else?

    Also, what countries is he talking about? What are some of the countries "like the United States" in which people have this kind of debt? I suspect there are none. At any rate, the author should be careful about making grand statements that he cannot support with examples or documentation.

  58. FarhanAhmed Hussain from U.S.A

    As salam wa alikum

    You seem to have music in you website, which is prohibited by Islam. thankyou allah hafiz.

  59. Mohamed Yazid from Canada

    Essalam aleikum:

    Your article is very interesting, as almost all of them are, and usually I would not have posted a comment was it not for the ending you chose "...until the universe stops expanding.".

    I hope we will see, in a very near future, imams who majored in physics, chemistry, etc.,and who will look at the Coran the way our ancesters, the fathers of modern science, once have.

    Prophet Mohamed(pbuh) came with a message that ushered the beginning of an era of knowledge and enlightment. I am convinced that amazing discoveries in the realm of quantum physics and other branches of science await the brothers and sisters who will take the time to look at the Coran the way God and his Prophet (pbuh) intended us to.

    Astronomers around the world have been feuding about what will become of the universe since Hubble's time. Is it cyclicle? Will it expand "forever"?...some of us have known about the "Big Bang", the expansion of the universe and what comes next for 14 centuries. Why don't muslims make claims to that? Why did I hear of evolution through Darwin and not Ibn Abbas who exposed it centuries before? Why did I hear of atomic power through Eintein and not Jabir Ibn Hayan who knew about it in the 9th century AD?

    Simply because the poeple around me reduced Islam and the Coran to a set of rules and articles of law that are most of the time misunderstood and selectively applied.

    Is the difference between Man and Jin a hint to the duality in the way matter behaves as a wave or a particle? What is the relevance of the number 19? What is the meaning of those set of 3 or 4 letters with no "apparent" meaning at the beginning of some Suras?

    I hope that we will see more "scientific" articles that find there inspiration in The Coran, and please, Brothers and Sisters, none of those "please believe us it true" articles where poeple with obviously limited scientific background try to prove that Coran is real. We know it is the truth so let's start acting like bel

  60. suleman dangor from south africa

    That is exactly why it is so painful to discover that wealthy Muslim nations have invested billions of dollars in American banks. This surplus - which is a Divine amanah - should be invested in developing poorer nations. Imagine the economic and political clout the Muslim World would have in the international arena if Muslim nations are no loner dependent on foreign capital And investment in non-Islamic countries would engender unprecented goodwill for Islam. This "strategy" far outweighs any other means that we curently employ such as hosting of conferences and distribution of literature. At the same time, we would be fulfilling our huquq al-'ibad. Islam alone makes it a religious obligation to assist the poor and needy, and considers a neglect of this duty a punishable offence. It is unfortunate that many of us have been caught up by consumerism and our priorities are essentially if not exclusively informed by materialistic goals. We need to focus on human development as a priority. Islam has provided us with a non-exploitive means of acquiring wealth, viz through partnerships and investments. With the wealth that the Muslim World possesses, we could develop an alternative to capitalism that would be supported by the developing nations. Socialism having failed them, there is an opportunity for Muslims to provide the solution. Do we have the will, or are we going to continue on our chosen path of self-interest? If we do not seize this opportunity to make our mark - rather continue to moan about the injustice of the West toward Muslims - we will have abdicated our responsibilty. May we be guided to make the correct decisions about our future at this critical juncture in our history.

  61. Terrence G. Morgan from United States of America

    Praise to our God Allah!

    I believe that it has been documented that King Soloman owned vast lands throughout many foreign territories, Prophet Jesus was a merchant and Prophet Muhammad also. I assume that they were in the business of making a profit but yet God selected them with favor.

    Maybe we should be careful too remember our purpose by serving God with the offerings available from any overflow that might be acummulated through lease agreements being that; their are so few who are thimking big enough to give the less fortunate.

    Their are also referances in the Holy Quran that mention God giving his choosen people an ability as merchants to gain advantages and deflect the onslaught of evil. Should I seek the understanding and grasp the methods that are supernaturally layed on my lap?

    Or would a believer simply dismiss the oppertunity not trusting God will or his own faith? I choose to fight a good fight.

    I provide International and domestic merchant accounts and transation proccessing equipment that save the merchant in expense. I also find that it ables them too stop charging extra to those who can least afford surcharges.

    Praise to Allah

  62. kifli from Canada

    Just to enquire for more information on riba.

    What about for some of us not born with privillages and we had to take loans to fund our education or to some extent start up a bussines in countries like canada where Islamic non riba banks(loans) are not available?


  63. Muslim, thank Allah swt from Earth

    May Allah swt reward you for this article,

    I ask all muslims to take their money out of non- Islamic banks and buy property, gold, invest with muslims, put in safe deposit boxes...

    Putting your money (if you have some) in un-Islamic banks brings a WAR from Allah swt to you.

    Read Quran: 2:279

    2:279 If ye do it not, Take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger. But if ye turn back, ye shall have your capital sums: Deal not unjustly, and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly.

    Allah swt has already declared war on Arab countries that put their money in European and foreign banks to take usury.

    The level of humiliation there is unprecedented!


  64. naeem sheikh from india

    Salam waalakum wa Rahamtullah,





    kudha hafiz

  65. Manjit Singh from India

    Dear Sir,

    It is quite ironic that the main concept of Interest is not understood by the writer.

    All capital is a claim on the assets for which it is used. The assets make a return for the owner of the asset. This return from the asset is than paid to the providers of capital. Now to call it interest or profit or dividend is largely the use of langauge.

    The more important part is how and in what proportions the profit is distributed to the capital providers.

    The key is the claim on the profits of the asset use and how this claim is excercised, in this there is not much difference in the Islamic system, post rennaissance christian system and 5000 year old Hindu system.

    Thus to use this as some sort of "God"or llah's principle is kind of stupid, after all 2000 thousand years ago there was no money so what was God/Allah doing than?

    Interest or dividend is nothing but return on capital and under any system (even Islamic finance)the capital providers make money. Now not to call it interest is just matter of convinience but does not change the centrality of claim on assets income.

  66. Liban Jama from CANADA

    Thank you for this article. You will be surprised by the amount of Muslims who are unaware of principles like this. May they benefit from this knowledge, Inshallah. Allah reward you for your efforts. Allah be with the Just. Salam.

  67. Faisal Azeem from Pakistan

    Assalam o alaiukum,

    I am really happy to read all this because this is very true that the current miseries off the world are due to this Economic system of Interest that is making a few people the masters of the whole world population.


    Allah Hafiz

  68. Deborah L Dorthick from United States-america

    Thank you this I do. For the words of truth and what's right to do. Perfect in all things I cannot be of mine own will. As close as God shall allow me to right guidance I pray my monies be spent and/or kept. Whether great or small. If it be Gods will that I recieve monies. amen

  69. Crissy from USA

    I understand that usury/interest is forbidden in Islam. I want to abide by all of the rules that Allah has given to us. However, under the blanket of Islam, how is it possible to borrow money when needed (to attend grad school or to buy a house)? I have not found an institution willing to lend money without charging interest.

    I certainly cannot pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend grad school, nor would I be able to afford to pay for a house in cash. My relatives are not wealthy enough to offer me an interst-free loan. What can I do but take out a loan and pay the required interest?

    I would be very interested in reading any comments regarding this subject. Thank you.

  70. Shahid Khawaja from USA


    After readind the message of `Riba` hardly any good muslim will put his eyes the other side. Problem is not what I belive the problem is our enviorment. I pray for your good thought I ideas.

    God bless you

    Shahid Khawaja. USA

  71. LOUBNA NASSER from U.S.


  72. J. AbdAllah Roushey from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    The commonly used definition of Riba' is "interest". This is unfortunate because this is not the word closest to the Arabic orignal. Usury is closer. In fact interst in the context of a pre-agreed service for money lent that may fix a reasonable and non-usurious percentage is in modern understanding, not-riba. However if no prior agreement to pay this charge when the money (for instance) is borrowed is riba. Because it is an unsuspected or usurious abuse of another without prior consent. There is no organization in the United States that, when presented with an argument of the dire needs of the lender, will not forgive or lower the interest of loan charges. The jury is still out on this subject so let's approach it in a manner that respects the on-going study and not draw conclusions based on perception. Riba' is not interest, it is usury.

  73. Yusuf Santally from Germany

    A very good article. However, it would have been a nice idea to provide links to sites that discuss the Islamic economic system. Jesus has stopped being a model for most Christians - he was against usury, alcohol, gambling, polytheism, etc. All these things are now part of the way of life of millions of so-called Christians. If Christians really follow Jesus and live as he lived, they will be much better off spiritually and they will be able to live in peace with Muslims,Jews and other religions.

  74. Elsayed Kandil from Australia

    Just a reminder in passing. The article says the Sunnah (example of the prophet). The word "example seems to leave something to be desired. The proper definition of Sunnah is: Whatever is confirmed that the Prophet (s) said, did, seen action from others and did not object to it, his physical description, or his manners

    And Allah knows better


  75. Mirza Nasrullah Baig from saudi Arabia

    A very correct precise presentation of Islamic view point on the subject, it is very clear that the America's baious war on terror is nothing but to protect this unjust intrest based system of rich against poor, they hide it in the name of terrorism.

  76. Thomas from Australia

    Thank you for writing this article: it is very relevant especially in these days of third-world and personal debt.

    Interest is like a shackle: it truly does equal unlimited power and is inequitable, because it allows the rich to increase their wealth exponentially through compounding interest while they sit on their hands.

  77. Nabeel Attia from USA

    excellent article, well researched. The only problem is that poverty is veciouse cycle. And to get out of it you need to stand on your feet first. How you get out of poverty without financial help, such as loans. The issue I guess can be delt with if the rate of interest is not exploiting the need of a person.

  78. saad q from usa


    Jakallah for touching on this subject. Please write more about riba. We need more articles to show the world the exploitation that riba does.



  79. NAEEM from Dammam, Saudi Arabia

    Though we could see Economic Collapses throughout the world due to Interests charged on loans and investment, people refuse to accept 'Riba (Interest) Free Economic Set up. This is due to non-focussing of such problems by Islamic Countries and Islamic Bancking Systems. Much more has to be done to popularize this concept and gain faith of at least Muslim Investors and Depositors.

    Each and every country deserves an Islamic Bank with proven results to attract not only Muslims but also non-Muslims.

  80. ali from australia

    JizakAllah kher for the Beautiful commentary on the topic of Riba on your Homepage...Thanks for serving the muslim community

  81. Alireza Taleghani from United States

    Salamun alaikom,

    Iam very happy that I see this kind of article on your site.

    This is the best time to show all aspects of Islam not only the fundemental beliefs.

    The fact that Islam is a system that is the best for mankind (but also seldom implemented).

    Anyway, thanks


  82. Abdullah Somandar from Saudi Arabia

    Assalamo alaykom,

    Brothers, an article about the reign of the "fifth caliph" Omar Abdulaziz. I believe that it will give your readers the insight of what is the benefit having a true Islamic State.