Oh Allaah, make easy my path to paradise


A Poem by
Firdaus Fathima (Umm Hashir)

Oh Allaah, make easy my path to paradise!

The path I have chosen is the one in which Your pleasure lies,
Treading it, You have said, one will find easy a path to Paradise!
With the acquisition of knowledge and awareness of Your commands
Truly one becomes more responsible to run the errands

Strengthen my Eemaan1 Oh Allaah! Purify my intentions,
As you monitor my actions, do help me in the implementations
I need Your guidance at each step to fulfill this obligation
To acquire the ilm2 sincerely, to avoid any violation

Help me to walk upon this path in the way You have ordained
Help me to follow the footsteps of the Teacher (SAWS)3 whom You trained!
Help me to seek knowledge therein purely to please You
Help me to shun the acts which even slightly displease You

Give me the strength required to fight the nafs4
Make my lifestyle as simple as was salaf's5
Erase my wants completely, reduce my needs
Remind me when I rejoice while the ummah6 bleeds!

The purpose of this journey to seek knowledge, to spread the truth,
I wish would never become the one leading to a sour fruit!
Help me to keep away from praises, from fame
May every action I do, be only in Your name.

Oh Allaah, save me from the most dangerous sin - the minor shirk7,
To enter the heart any moment which all around does lurk
The shirk which has been described as a "creeping black ant during a dark night"
The shirk called "Ar Riya"8 which is so abominable in your sight!

Guide my steps to learn more and more till I reach the end
Fill my heart with humility and modesty with every bow and bend
Keep me free from satanic misguidance, to which a human is prone
Guide me towards deeds which would be a continuing charity after I am gone

Make this knowledge beneficial in the grave for me,
To face the interrogation of the angels sent by Thee..
When I shall raise again by your command, brighten up my face
Forgive any shortcomings Oh Allaah, through Your Mercy and Grace!



1. Faith
2. Knowledge
2. Please be upon him (PBUH)
4. Desire
5. Means predecessor, can be referred as Muhammad (PBUH)'s companions
6. Community
7. Worship of anyone or anything other than the singular God
8. Show off

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  1. Issa from USA

    Mashallah! What a beautiful poem! It reminds a muslim the sole purpose of his/her life on this earth. May Allah reward you and us with the best of deeds here and jannah in the hereafter.

  2. Tasleem Shakur from Vallejo, Ca, United States

    Bismil-Allah....Thank you so much for such a wonderful rememberance..of Our Pourpose.

  3. Josefina from Panama

    Ameen! Beautiful reminder to us, especially me, thank you Sister.