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Conventional wisdom in public relations has it that of all the tools at the disposal of organizations or groups, having a cause championed in a movie is the most effective.

Although academics debate just how powerful film media influence over our lives is, anecdotal evidence supports the contention that the influence is enormous, especially in shaping first impressions on an issue.

For example, according to the Los Angeles Times a local plumbing  company received over 70 calls from families trying to save their gold fish after children flushed them down the toilet subsequent to watching the movie "Finding Nemo". Those who are old enough might remember the huge increase in interest in martial arts and Buddhism across North America after the launch of the television series "Kung Fu" in the mid 1970's.

In North America, this fact was not lost on corporations who routinely embed advertisements in movies. Readers might recall that "E.T." could not do without his Reeces Pieces, Superman regularly ate Kellogg brand of Corn Flakes for breakfast, and Windex had an overwhelming number of uses in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

Effective communications of the Islamic world view and ethics by Muslims is not only essential, it is a divine commandment. Allah says in the Qur'an (16:125) "Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching..." which instructs us to seek quality in both the content of our message as well as its delivery. 

The last few years have ushered in an encouraging wave of new Muslim media artists. One such person is Dr. Gemal Seede, an Information Technology executive turned filmmaker.

Dr. Seede is working on a bold Sci-Fi film project called the "Alliance". The film is as ambitious as any other blockbuster Sci-Fi.

We interviewed Dr. Seede at his home in Southern California.

Alliance: Inside space craft hanger bay

What is your role in Alliance?

I'm the Executive Producer. Basically, that's like the CEO of the movie. I make major decisions; hire the Director, the Producer, etc. But mostly, I make sure we have the funding to complete our work.

I visited your Alliance movie web site and saw the trailer . It seems you've made quite a bit of progress. What is the premise behind the movie?

In "Alliance", 24th century Earth has come under attack by a shadowy alien race called the Kytaan. In the midst of this terrible conflict, an archeologist named Jenna Yameen finds a mystical artifact in the Arabian Desert. When she deciphers celestial coordinates on this artifact, she is sent across the galaxy with a heroic Bedouin captain who helps her find the faith she needs to save Earth, and herself.

If you haven't guessed yet, Alliance is a science-fiction movie (laugh). 

So Alliance is set in the future.

This part of the story is very interesting. One of the things we find out in the movie is that the events of the future are rooted in something that happened in the past. So actually, the movie is set both in the future and the past.

From your website, it seems that there are more than one episode. How many episodes are there in Alliance?

"Alliance" is really a trilogy. We're actively working on the second episode, but we've sketched out a detailed template for a prequel and a sequel. 

When will "Alliance" play in movie theatres?

Right now we are working on a short version of the movie, which InshaAllah, should play in film festivals this year. We are also in the process of seeking investment for a feature length version, so the timing of its distribution  will depend on how quickly we raise capital.

Alliance: Demolecularizing for transport

What was your motivation behind making this type of film?

There are many motivations, but the primary one is to foster racial, ethnic and religious tolerance.

What is the central theme of the movie?

The major theme is that spiritual growth is necessary for human success. That is a universal theme and one that all audiences can gain from.

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Yes, but why a sci-fi?

I wanted people to look optimistically to the future and be inspired to be forward thinking. A lot of films are set in the past or present. Some are set in the future. But few show how the past affects the future. We all need to learn from the lessons of the past, but that's not enough. We also need to be more innovative in solving the world's problems and our own. If you read Muslim history, you find that the Prophet Muhammad and his sahaba (companions) were very innovative. So I thought that a sci-fi could better accomplish that by presenting a vision of what is possible.

So would it be fair to say that you decided to produce "Alliance" to promote tolerance and innovative thinking?

Yes. That's right. In the short version of the movie, we're also trying to show case the quality of work that members from our community can attain.

What are you doing to ensure the quality of "Alliance"?

We shot our footage on High Definition cameras. It's the same type of camera that George Lucas used for the last release of Star Wars. Also, we are using the state of the art tools for the special effects. And we used great costumes and props, which dramatically increased the production value of the film. We cast very talented actors and actresses. And the script has gone through numerous revisions and improvements. In short, we're doing everything we can.

Alliance: Bedouin helps Alien navigate through dessert.

How are you funding this film? From where/whom would you like to see these funds come from?

For the short film I am using my own resources to fund this project. For the full feature we're hoping to start raising capital form domestic and overseas sources. This is an exciting business venture and we will be looking for business partners, not donors.

Why is that?

Because we have many ideas for future movies and television production and we want to be able to reinvest the profits from one project into the next. And we want business partners who will work with us on a long term objective.

What was your biggest accomplishment in the film and what hurdles did you successfully jump over to get what you wanted?

The biggest accomplishment was creating and defining the story. It's quite ambitious to try to tell an epic story in a short film format.

The biggest hurdle has been financing. It's taken longer to complete given both our high standards and our relatively modest means. I think most Muslim with the means to invest have become gun-shy regarding investments right now.

What is your advice to Muslims thinking about going into the film industry? What's it like working as a Muslim in Hollywood?

Our community has a lot of needs, but no one project can do every thing. I say pick a single issue that motivates you and focus on it. Don't be tempted to address all issues in one project.

When you start a project like this, you may be surprised at how many people will help you. We've had a lot of people working on this project without compensation, giving their services without charge. It's really a blessing.

Thank you Dr. Seede for your time and we wish you success on this project.

Click here to see Movie Trailer

Website: http://www.alliancethemovie.com/

Mumin Pictures is open to investment inquiries regarding the feature length version of Alliance.  If you're interested in learning more email [email protected]

  Category: Americas, Life & Society
  Topics: Movies
Views: 10273

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Older Comments:
Marwan, it is a well established principle in Fiqh that all things are permissable (halal) unless they are explicitely prohibited (made haram) by Allah or the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In fact, making something haram that isn't is worse than consuming haram, because its a form of associating something with Allah (shirq). To my knowledge, there is nothing in the Qur'an or Hadith proving or disproving extra-terestrial life, so its important that we Muslims not make claims on the matter with respect to our beliefs without very clear evidence.

Though there is no proof of extraterestrial life, I easily found many ayat in favor of the view that it might exist. For example, 3:83 "all creatures in the heavens and on earth have, willing or unwilling, bowed to His Will" See also 10:66, 11:123, 13:15, 16:49, 16:49, 17:44, 19:93, 21:19, 27:87 and many more ayat.

Its illogical to think that Allah created billions of stars in our galaxy, and billions of galaxys just for man's decoration. Furthermore, the Quran supports man's efforts in contemplating this creation 3:191 "Men who celebrate the praises of Allah, standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (With the thought): "Our Lord! not for naught Hast Thou created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of the Fire."

If I am in error in believing other than as you believe then perhaps you might be so kind as to cite at least one ayah that supports your position. Either that or perhaps you might wish to desist in teasing me -- and simply leave me to invite others to my error (astaghfirullah).

Until then: If aliens don't exist, so much the better. The conquest of the Universe would be that much easier (insha'Allah).


PS. Please be informed that whenever I read about the fires of hell being ignited, I feel a sense of serenity I have rarely before experienced. It makes me feel as if I were floating on a cloud. (Just in case that saves you time planning the sermon -- Jazak Allahu khair!)

This is further to the comments I posted earlier. I missed posting earlier that the 'Lord of the Worlds' also includes the differnet animal worlds, animals that live on land, in sea, under the land etc. But there is no eveidence either it he Quran or in the Sahih Hadith texts that there is life anywhere else besides the earth.
May Allah be Glorified! Truly there is no God but Allah, Master of the universe. May the Peace and blessings of Allah be on our beloved Prophet (saw).

Just think, if nobody's out there then our "invasion" of the Universe would go unopposed. Never the less, it seems prudent to expect that peace would be a requirement for success in the heavens (as well as on earth).

Salaam Reader2233. How is it that you are not already a Muslim? You are already talking about emigrating for Allah's sake. I'm puzzled.

If your name is a reference to Qur'an 2:233 then you might appear to be relocating for the sake of raising a family as well. I don't wish to be offensive -- but I have been wondering if the emphasis on piety (in most Muslim lands) would serve as a reason, by itself, for conversion to Islam. I wish you every success, whether you move or stay (Ameen).

Salaam Reader2233. How is it that you are not already a Muslim? You are already talking about emmigrating for Allah's sake. I'm puzzled.

If your name is a referrence to Qur'an 2:233 then you might appear to be relocating for the sake of raising a family as well. I don't wish to be offensive -- but I have been wondering if the emphasis on piety (in most Muslim lands) would serve as a reason, by itself, for conversion to Islam.

Well said, MishMish. I was thinking of saying that but I could not seem to come up with the words. (But my sentiments exactly!)

Finally, a great effort is done in Hollywood for the sake of representing Islam positively & appropriately. One of the important aspects of this religion is: Intention. The executive producer, Dr. Gemal Seede, has chosen to invest in this project rather than on a personal gain or a luxury item with the clear and pure intention to contribute to this faith's - so often misrepresented - image/reputation.

We hope to see more people come forth and do as well as this movie's outstanding crew did. I have read the "disagree" reviews and I am sad to see that some people are NOT fully understanding of the religion. Islam encourages people to get educated, to think, to get informed and to ask for knowledge. The prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) said to the Arabs living in the Middle East at the time (Over 1400 years ago): "Seek knowledge even if it's in China". That was a pretty far place to travel to back then when the only means of transportation were horses, camels & boats!!

Liana's comment about characters not wearing hijab is based on the mistaken assumption that a Muslim character in a movie ought to be perfect in order for the movie to be a positive contribution. From what I understand of moviemaking, that would be counterproductive. What makes movies interesting, entertaining, believable and educational and therefore attracts audiences is that the main character grows and learns through the story. If there is no growth, there is no story. But if the main character grows, so does the audience.

The point here is not issuing fataawa about the haraam nature of movie making. There is most certainly ikhtilaaf (difference of opinion) on this issue as well as others (filming being tasweer, acting, unnecessary intermingling of sexes, etc.). the main issue is what benefit will Muslim derive from this? How will this help an Ummah which is forgetting their religion? How will this help our sensitivities to the struggles of Muslims all over the world (?), while the blessed few sit and watch a movie about romance or science fiction. Please return to the Kitaab and the Sunnah for benefit and spend MORE time advancing yourself and the Ummah.

Akbar khan, I said, "In islam there is no space for sentamentalism, for love poems, for stupid emotions which serve only to make one forget allah and the eternal fires of hell". Recall, I said anything which takes away from the rememberance of Allah.

I am far more in touch with reality than you, be assured of that.

By labelling other 'muslims' as liberals I state a fact, to tell the truth is never bad, if it causes division, then those who are divided are the true and the untrue. If you wish to wallow in falsehhod, do so, but I will point it out, like it or not.

Weeken our ummah, our ummah is already weak and pathetic, for the exact reason that the truth is not stated or followed. If more people had the guts to speak the truth, even if it went against them, our ummah would not be the mat upon which the world wiped its feet. "Nowhere in the Glorious Qur'an does it say that life does not exist on other planets. " I can give a few reasons why you are wrong, later insha allah. Meanwhile, why don't you make an effort to prove your point. On such issues, the Qur'an is our furqaan. There either are, or there are not.

"When you say with confidence, that "there is any life elsewhere in the universe (biological life like ourselves), then the Qur'an stands refuted," you are in itself disbelieving the authenticity of hte Qur'an and doubting the truth of our blessed book from Allah (SWA)."

I am not, I am saying that by your acceptance of alien life, it is infact you who is disrepecting the Qur'an. I am also saying, that should alien life exist, from my knowledge of this topic in the Qur'an, I would consider it refuted and false. I only follow the Qur'an because I happen to think it is true, if I stop thinking this, I will stop following it.simple.

"Marwan, please read the Qur'an from the first few ayat's and maybe you'll realize that you don't know everything, Allah (SWA) does." I claim only that I know enough about this topic in the Qur'an

I for one would like to go with Marwan on this. Though my knowledge of Islam is limited, I think scholars have interpreted the meaning of 'The Lord of the Worlds' as the worlds of the Mankind and the Jinn. If you refer to the Glorious Quran, you will come across many verses where Allah is adressing his creation as Mankind and Jinn.

Based on this evidence from Quran, I think it is not appropriate to assume or think that there are other worlds besides the worlds of mankind and the Jinn. Neither the Glorious Quran nor the Hadiths indicate any evidence for it, but they do give a lot of evidence to the contrary.

Assalam Alaikum! Peace to all.

[Quran 37:85-88] Behold! he said to his father and to his people, "What is that which ye worship? Is it a falsehood -- gods other than Allah -- that ye desire? Then what is your idea about the Lord of the worlds?" Then did he cast a glance at the Stars.

Incidentally, I have noted in the past that the Arabic text for Quran 37:79 (Peace and salutation to Noah among the nations) seems to end with the same word that appears at the very end of the Arabic text for Quran 1:2 (Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds). Alas, as yet, I cannot read Arabic -- but I was given a copy of the English translation by Saheeh International -- alhamdulillah.

Assalamo alaikum.

[Quran 37:85-88] Behold! he said to his father and to his people, "What is that which ye worship? Is it a falsehood -- gods other than Allah -- that ye desire? Then what is your idea about the Lord of the worlds?" Then did he cast a glance at the Stars.

Incidentally, I have noted in the past that the Arabic text for Quran 37:79 (Peace and salutation to Noah among the nations) seems to end with the same word that appears at the very end of the Arabic text for Quran 1:2 (Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds). Alas, as yet, I cannot read Arabic -- but I was given a copy of the English translation by Saheeh International -- alhamdulillah.


Marwan, you are trying to tell other Muslims that we cannot feel and have emotions? So you say love poems are against Islam? Have you ever read the works of Jalalludin Rumi? Or Hafiz, Idrees, Muhamamd Iqbal??????? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST 1000 years when these people were sharing the beauty of Islam with the world?? I think you really need to get in touch with reality. Take my criticism in the same way you have criticized two other people on this page for showing emotions and feelings. Wow...I really thought someone who can write as well as you could, would not state something as silly as "in Islam there is no space for sentamentalism, for love poems, for stupid emotions..." la la la la.... You sound like you're from another planet (pun intended).

Then to label people are Liberal Muslims...you're doing nothing but worsen the situation and weaken our Ummah. If you truly care for Islam, and ask us to read the Qur'an, why don't you read Surah Al Fatihah, ayat 2? Alhumdulillahir-Rab-il-Aalaameen. All praise is due to Allah, lord of the worlds.

Nowhere in the Glorious Qur'an does it say that life does not exist on other planets. Once again, I invite you to open your mind to the possibility that there are things in this Universe which Allah knows, and you do not know. When you say with confidence, that "there is any life elsewhere in the universe (biological life like ourselves), then the Qur'an stands refuted," you are in itself disbelieving the authenticity of hte Qur'an and doubting the truth of our blessed book from Allah (SWA).

Marwan, please read the Qur'an from the first few ayat's and maybe you'll realize that you don't know everything, Allah (SWA) does.


I don't know. My opinion is ambivalent to the issue of whether Muslims should take on the task of film making. On one hand, my heart nods yes to the fact that we should take a more active role in producing, directing, editing, and critiquing movies (not absurd one of course, but the definition of even that varies!) for the greater good of Ummah. I sincerely believe that it is in "Hollywood" where we Muslims are greatly under-represented and misunderstood and taking a greater part in it would help if not eradicate the stereotypes of Muslims.

But then again, my mind cautions like the previous poster, that it is not because a lack of "Hollywood participation," but a deficiency of moral, political, and above all spiritual participation that has been the source of our problems. After all one would be wise to just look at Bollywood and how it has hurt the Muslims generations (even with hoardes of Muslim directors, producers, etc.) by planting materialistic themes and worldy pleasures that has indeed deviated the Muslim masses.

So in short, I'M CONFUSED...
And I do wish Mr. Seede the best.

Insha'Allah I am averse to involving others in my own error. Insha'Allah I am grateful for any opportunities I am offered to better appreciate why Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) wills that others would appear averse to that which Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) wills that I myself currently imagine should be pursued.

Also, if I might be permitted to offer "a wee bit of advice" to an apparently well-respected student of Islam, consider perhaps including within assertions pertaining to Allah's plan some sort of allowance for the will of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala). I would even be inclined to offer such advice (insha'Allah) to a student who appeared to have the utmost confidence in their own comprehension of Allah's word. Insha'Allah I am grateful for attempts, by those who fear Allah, (insha'Allah) to increase me in understanding.


I agree with Yahya Bergum and Nuraini...but I believe Brother Marwan is trying to say that we shouldn't depict "aliens" so to speak as being little green men wiht big heads as is depicted in Hollywood. But on the other hand Marwan, I will haev to disagree with you that it is un-Islamic to accept the possibility that there is life outside of Earth in the vast Universe. I mean we do say Al-humdulillah-ir-Rab-il-Aalameens (All praise is due to Allah, Lord of all the worlds) 20 times a day or more when we stand before Allah and pray. I would say there is nothing un-Islamic in thinking that life forms exist outside of Earth in Islam...but when we make films as Muslims, they shouldn't show them as being little green men, unless there is some evidence to back up that claim that, Aliens do look like that.

But Nuraini, I think when it comes down to it, we are in fact only making movies about Islam, since they must be within the folds of Islam. What I am saying here is that Islam does not only mean talking about Qur'an and Hadith - there is nothing wrong with that, but Muslims should not be discouraged from making films about every day life or comedy or other forms of entertainment which can enrich our lives, not degrade them like MOST of the content on television today.

Then again...I'd like to see basic Islamic teachings in movies and television because the truth is, most people have no clue about PLENTY of things in Islam...so the first responsibility of ours is to teach those with many misconceptions about Islam, the truth. gratsee, arrivederci! =)

I do not agree with previous posters who are of the opinion that Muslims must only make movies about Islam. It is like saying, Muslim authors can only write about Islam, Muslim poets must only compose about Islam, Muslim songwriters must only write songs about Islam. Islam is, to be sure, central to all of Muslims, but it is not forbidden to produce art that does not obviously contain Islamic elements. What is forbidden is to make art that specifically is ANTI-Islamic. and there are few things, if you think about it, that are actually forbidden to us. God gave us a lot of freedom in life - imagination, love, sadness, war, crises, mistakes, sin, crime - these are all part of life. artists show people life that some of us haven't experienced, that we may understand people different from us, from THEIR viewpoint. or, artists may show us our feelings, our experiences, that we may know these are human feelings that could be understood by others. some artists may want to put some Islamic elements in their message, but some artists may prefer only to show life, and leave us to fit in the message we consider appropriate - the former seeks to guide and counsel, the latter seeks to stimulate thought and imagination. Please don't limit out people when God did not. There is a place for many things and many people in our collective community.

Marwan - peace and blessings. I am not sure what you meant by the alien theme of the movie. It would indeed seem likely that there would be something about the movie which is not entirely conformant with Islam. For that matter, it seems likely that there would be something about my comments which would not be entirely conformant with Islam (for which I would hope to be forgiven).

However, it would seem to be a bit "presumptuous" to assert that life beyond this world is by definition un-Islamic. Frankly, to me at least, such an assertion would seem more likely to come from the archives of the Vatican than from a widely respected Islamic school of thought. I myself would be inclined to say that the Qur'an seems more likely to provide us with descriptions of other worlds with than signs indicating that such worlds do not exist.

Consider, for example, Qur'an 25:45. Afterwards, consider what was seemingly (at least at some point in time) the orbital characteristics of the Planet Mercury. As it is, the verse provides what even today seems to be a close enough description of that particular planet's (current) orbital characteristics. Admittedly, Mercury would not seem to be very hospital to life - at least not such life as "modern science" currently describes - which I suppose might essentially be one of the reasons for which Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) willed for that particular verse to be revealed. Think of it perhaps as a sign of Allah's compassion towards the inhabitants of this particular world and that transition from day to night is not something to take for granted.

If you might be implying instead that we should not speculate about such things then to me that would seem to be a different discussion. In any event, please do not allow me to detract from your second point, which appeared to be that (as Muslims) we should be attempting to incorporate Islam into everything that we do. Insha'Allah (God willing) I agree.

I'm not a Muslim but a intend to convert soon. Please don't think less of my opinion because of it. I have read quite a lot about what the scholars think and I think most of them would agree with me on my opinion of this article.
I am against this movie because I believe it's against Islam for someone to make a movie with aliens in it. I think most Islamic scholars in non-Western countries would agree with me. That is really something to pay attention to, Mad Max. I also think it's wrong for a Muslim to watch such a movie. If Muslim children and adults watch these kind of movies, some of them will become more confortable about Western beliefs.
You know, in Saudi Arabia there are no movie theaters. I think people should listen to the scholars there more than people currently do. Saudis would scoff at the idea of making a movie with aliens in it.
I think that the famous Muslims scholars from a long time ago, if they were alive today, would think that making a movie with aliens in it is not good.
We must listen to the famous scholars instead of the newfangled interpretations of Islam. The famous scholars are famous for a reason.
Please, this world is already Western enough. Let's not make it more Western by making and watching a bunch of Western movies.
PS: I am going to leave this agnostic, immoral country (USA) someday and move to a Muslim country. I encourage Muslims living in the West to do the same unless they really are not able or they are doing missionary work. Reason: It is inevitable that a person living in the West will become more Western. It just happens. That means that if a Muslim lives in the West for a long time, then he'll become a worse Muslim.
Mat from Malaysia: I encourage you to vote for Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS) if you don't already. I have a friend in MY and I've learned a decent amount about MY. I hope this doesn't offend you but I think UMNO is secular and PAS should be in con

what is the relationship b/w this movie & islam , i fail to comprehend .. and Y is it involving muslims & islam ??This is not a movie on islam , that is, for the sake of Allah.? To begin with ,a lady without proper hijab roving around the movie .. so don't go tellin people, this is inspired by Quran & prophet (PBUH) .When u go make this kind of movie , non muslims thinks ,its ok for women to hang around without hijab & those who do maintain it are the fundamentalists and thats Y u have this french hijab ban .Plz
be honest & say this is just a movie .. not related to islam in anyway ,except that it is made by a muslims.

As evidence for my claim, I can argue from the Qur'an and scientifically against the alien theme. But I have no space for this here.

As regards muslims not having to make movies about islam. If they are muslim, they must always incorperate Islam in every situation, storyline, athic, moral etc.. Otherwise they are no better than the money hungry, amoral media makers of hollywood. It is all a question of sincerity and motives.

Muslims don't have to make movies about Islam alone, its won't sell, believe me.

Alternatively, Muslims can make movies with pop culture/mainstream ideas where they live, adding scenarios show Muslims ain't that terrible. But they have to be creative and subtle in scripts and story-telling.

But please no more alien movie, we had enough of that.

AS Salaamu Alaikum!
I see nothing wrong with this film. I see it
as entertainment as well as a learning

I must say first and foremost that I do NOT think that the idea of otherworldly civilizations is UNISLAMIC. Rab'bilalalameen = Lord of the worlds
By implication the idea that there are other worlds is supported by Qur'an.

What our friend Marwan fails to realize is that the realm of fantasy has been used to as neutral ground to present ideas for generations. Expand your mind! Stop being such a stick!

Why can't there be other worlds? Is Allah limited? I say NO! Look to the works of Frank Herbert to see a future view of Islam. I am very excited to see Islamic concepts woven into SciFi again.

Salaam alikum

Jokes apart sister or brother Marwan, please provide something to back up your statements about your skepticism. I'd like you to educate the rest of us. It will be very much appreciated.

Alhamdulillah. I think it is about time that Muslims once again become pioneers in all fields, especially those that are generally atypical of the Muslim world. I think we need to have a voice in media, so I have respect for any Muslim doing something different.

I am against it, because to believe in alien races is unislamic and based totally upon the evolutionary beliefs of atheists. If you want to be a muslim movie maker do not accept atheistic premises as storylines.

WOW! Can this get any cooler! I am all for it! This is

The article brings to mind Qur'an 55:33 - as well as Qur'an 55:34. Allah is deserving of all praise. Incidentally, I think that we are supposed to make an attempt to do what is described in Qur'an 55:33. If we are successful then my understanding would be that we are supposed to remember we were successful because Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala permitted us to succeed. It would also be my understanding that we are supposed to be grateful to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala for the ability to make the attempt - whether or not Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala wills that we succeed. Let us remember, as well, that it would only be by the grace of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala that we ourselves did not become someone else's Kytaan.

Assalamu alaikum.
--Yahya Bergum

On a slightly different note: Imagine having one's attempts at dawah - insha'Allah - financially supported by those at whom one's attempts at dawah were directed. There's no business like show business - masha'Allah.