Producer of `The Message` killed in Amman blast

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Moustapha Akkad with Anthony Quinn directing the movie "The Message"

It seems the cycle of violence unleashed after the events of September 11 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is spiraling humanity down a path of incoherence and annihilation where some of our brightest minds and talent are being sacrificed.

The senseless brutality that has killed scores of innocent people in the Amman bomb blast includes an icon of the Muslim world, Moustapha Akkad, producer of the epic film, "The Message" about the story of Islam.

He and his daughter Rima Akkad were attending a wedding at the Radisson Hotel at the site of one of the bombings. His daughter, Rima Akkad Monla, 34, instantly died. He died of his injuries two days later in hospital.

Early on in his career, Akkad ventured into producing and directing films portraying the history of Muslim heroes. "The Message" (1977) told the story of the beginning of Islam, and "Lion of the Desert" (1981) starred Anthony Quinn as the real-life Bedouin leader Omar Mukhtar, who fought Mussolini's invading troops in the deserts of Libya.

Moustapha Akkad (1935 - November 11, 2005) was a Syrian-American producer, director and actor born in Aleppo, Syria. In the US he is best known for his participation in the Halloween movies (all 8 films) as an executive producer. In 1950, he left Syria to study film in the United States at UCLA.

In creating The Message, he consulted Islamic scholars and overcame the most difficult task of producing a film about the life of prophet Muhammad without showing the image of the Prophet. He saw the film as a way to bridge the gap between the Western and Islamic world, stating in a 1976 interview, "I did the film because it is a personal thing for me. Besides its production values as a film, it has its story, its intrigue, its drama. Beside all this I think there was something personal, being Muslim myself who lived in the west I felt that it was my obligation my duty to tell the truth about Islam. It is a religion that has a 700 million following, yet it's so little known about it which surprised me. I thought I should tell the story that will bring this bridge, this gap to the west."

He was in the process of producing a film about Saladin that would be shot in Jordan. Speaking of the film, he said, "...Saladin exactly portrays Islam. Right now, Islam is portrayed as a terrorist religion. Because a few terrorists are Muslims, the whole religion has that image. If there ever was a religious war full of terror, it was the crusades. But you can't blame Christianity because a few adventurers did this. That's my message."

May Allah grant Moustapha Akkad and his daughter Rima maghfirah, and may He grant his family the patience to endure this tragedy that is a loss for all of us.

  Category: Life & Society
  Topics: Islam, Movies
Views: 12285

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Older Comments:
first of all,i pray ALLAH , to grant mustahfaa akkad , his mercy in order to allow him entering THE PARADISE..aameen.
i have been watiching this film many times and i will , till my DEATH..i am very sad about his demise so that i feel all the pain that his family , wife , children are having in their hearts..
i tried to send my CONDOLENCES ,DUAS for his WIFE and chidlren but failed as i do not know the exact address of them ..
CAN THE EDITOR OF ISLAMICITY or ANYONE WHO READS HERE, PL send me the email or postal address of late mustaffa akkad's WIFE or children to my mail below...sure u will get the reward for ur helping me mail [email protected]
[email protected]
please help me to send some messages to his family.
jasakkallahu haira.

I am convinced all these "strange bombings" by so called islamic extremists are NOT REALLY done by muslims. A muslim who prays or even has heard about the Qur'an and seen his/her parents' love for Islam CANNOT do this. The people who can do this are nerves and brains twisted and HARDENED by alcohol and pork MUSLIM hating WESTERNERS. Allh (SWT) ''knows'' and He has enough evidence to put them ALL in HELL when the REAL judgement comes. Do not wail my brothers and sisters He needs REAL HARD proof of their HATRED, so on judgement day their will be NO SPACE for "plea bargaining" with Him, the Mighty.
Oh! Allah (SWT), see how they hate your religion and law which is against the British "greed", French "prostituition/wine", and American "gay/lesbian". It will all come to a "WRAP" very soon in the GREAT scheme of Allah(SWT) big movie/theatre. JUST WAIT WITH PATIENCE and PRAYER. Our pain is our SALVATION from Jahannam/Hell.
The CIA, FBI, Israel-Moussad, British spies, German double tongues, French fake socialists etc. ALL- BEWARE of them. Our TRUE FRIEND is the Noble Qur'an and follow it and keep up with it. We are all , 'yes' CELLS , yes, they worked it out- individual cells DIRECTLY connected to Allah (SWT), that is why they are frustrated, when they kill our "so-called" leaders WE the muslims are still going on. They got it "very wrong" - they still DO NOT UNDERSTAND our leader is NOT Osama or whoever they want, but the SUPREME GOD ALLAH (SWT) Himself. HOW CAN THEY BREAK US UP??

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. I am sad to hear of the passing of Moustapha Akkad.
His film 'The Message' brought tears to my eyes when I first saw it.
It helped me to visualise how it might have been during Rasulullah's lifetime.
Anthony Quinn's excellent portrayal of Saiyidina Hamza(RA)raised my respect of him. All the actors in the film brought a sense of realism to their characters. A fantastic film that is the best daawah tool to show to our non muslims friends.
Moustapha Akkad through his film 'The Message' has left a legacy of excellent portrayal of how Islam came to be revealed to the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) and the tremendous hardships and persecution that the early Muslims had to face. It also showed the turning points of several key Quraish noblemen and warriors from being arch enemies of Islam into being the bastions of the faith!
May Allah the Most Merciful accept his soul into Jannah and punish the perpetrators who are responsible for the suicide bombings.
Such acts of self destruction is haraam in Islam. It is these sort of bad actions that bring disrepute to our faith of Islam enjoined by Allah SWT to all mankind.
If they have to fight, fight like true gentlemen. Face to face on the battlefront. Sadly, Islam's enemies cowardly bomb the poor Muslim nations from high up in the sky and lack the honor to face us as true men .
Misinformation on the part of the Non Muslim nations fueled by the current suicide bombings of the desperate few further attributes to the 'Islamophobia' plaguing the world!
Muslims need to utilise good judgement and spread the truth about Islam and dispel all the myths and slander heaped upon Islam as a result of the persons who claim to be fighting for Islam and in the Name of Allah, unfortunately cause more harm to the Ummah and Islam instead of helping them !May Allah SWT forgive the ruuh of Allahyarham Moustapha Akkad and bless his soul!Amin.'Invite mankind to the Way of Allah with Wisdom and Beautiful

Inna lillah wa Inna Illah Rajoon.

I got shocked to hear that our beloved brother Moustapha has died. He is a man who propagated Islam in the way that any person who came across that film will understand Islam. The message from the film cemented our hearts very hard to our belives in Islam.

We felt very sorry every time we saw the film to all Prophet's campanions for the hard difficult they faced to propagate the religion to the people of Mecca at that time.

Our children who saw the film got the rear picture of Islam how it was started,taught and spread to all over the world.

Rear the man will be remebered by muslims for his contribution to teach the religion of our Allah (S.W.T).

The man was actual intellegent as what he did will continue to be very educative to the Muslims and non Muslims in the world for years.And those who doesn't know the history of Islam just need to watch the movie and will get the actual truth of it.

O Allah, forgive brother Moustapha his sins,reward him for all his contributions to the development of Islam in this world,and we all seek you passions at this sadness moment Amen.


How very sad.

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Illayhi Rajioon.

May Allah forgive Br. Akkad and his daughter and those who passed away as a result of this senseless crime.

We feel a sense of loss and shame as people because the latitude of Br. Akkad's work, however and its impact, yet how many others may remain anonymous whom we do not mourn, shed tears or even think about, as their lives are also quietened in similar fashion, simply because we don't know of them or about them as being celebrities.

Nonetheless, to some mothers, some wives, some sisters, some children, some students they may hold a status not less than any celebrity would acquire.

Unless, as a group of people we are willing to stand and speak out against such actions, and speak the truth even if it turns against us, we will not be embarking on the path to change, and unless we make an effort to change what is not right, He to whom we all submit will not change our condition. That is a promise written.

May Allah (SWT) have mercy on the souls of our brothers and sisters, and may He grant us the wisdom and courage to enjoin what is right and forbid what is evil.

Ina Lillah Wina Ilaihi Rajuun.May Allah forgive his sins and ours Insha Allah. I was waiting eagerly for the new movie "SALAHADDIN" to come during this crutial times; so it can shade some light of what is going on in our world today. I am sad to hear that a great talllent has been a victim of the incident. I really enjoy watching both epic films to this day.I am witnessing the same oppression going on by the great powers of today!Allah is Great and Muhammad is His prophet.Alhamdullilah wa Sellamu Aleikum.

It is sad and I felt pain in my hearts to see and heard this tragic thing. A few Distrubed men defaming the Islam and killing not only themselfs but the image of the community.
May Allah bless the great soul

Aariz Mohammed

I forgot something: Wasalam-alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

While I hope to learn a bit of Arabic I don't wish to distract anyone's attention from the "The Message" (also referred to as "Mohammed: Messenger of God") or from the film's producer/director, his daughter, other victims of the bombings or their families. It seems ironic that the man's murder is evidently causing a major revival of interest in his more 'socially relevant' contributions over the years.

I do wish to mention that various conspiracy theories, seemingly presented on behalf on the murderers, are starting to make the rounds. However has already reported that the Iraqi woman who "failed" to blow herself up in the same hotel had three brothers who were killed by US forces, according to friends of the woman. If that is indeed the case then what motive would such a person have for being something other than what she appeared to be in mainstream Arab news reports?

That movie is wonderful it is really sad that his life was taken by a few ignorant morons. Why in the world would they take innocent muslim lives. What is wrong with these people. Murder has become nothing to them. Suicide has become OK. Are they insane!!!

Aghfirli ya Moustapha Akkad wa Rima.

Jazak Allah (ya?) Aliyu Muhammad AbdulGhaffar.

i have seen message many number of times and have always appreciated and wondered at this work and mustafa akkad .its very sad to here about his death may allah grant him jannah .today v r in very confused may allah show us the way

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un.
Ya Allah! Aghfirli ya Moustapha Akkad wa Rima.
Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Innalillahi wa inna illaihi raji'un.
Terrorism has taken victims anyone , included our moslem brothers and sisters.

How can I get a copy of the move "The Message". Please provide me with this information. Thanks so much.


I am an actor as well and have know about this actor and film producer. May he rest in Peace and Jannah.


We're all really speachless 'bout this meaningless & senseless killing...This great man used to come a lot to Morocco & he made one of his great movies here!!!
May God have mercy on his soul and consolate his family and relatives and us all...
We should take a hard stand against terrorists who did this.

"We spend billions on buying tanks and jet fighters but never see a single bullet fired against our enemies. Only 10 percent of our armament budget would be sufficient to create miracles. War now is but a media war. Unfortunately, we seek solace in talking among ourselves but never try to convey our ideas and true image to the world. We are not in need of military weaponry to change the horrible image that Muslims are stuck with. It is more important to know how to use the most effective weapon in the modern world, the media."

...So said Mustapha Akkad in one of his interviews late last year published at:

I must say, that though I was a born Muslim, being a non-arabic speaker, I got my first glimpse of Islam when I got to watch a very worn worn out version of "The Message" on VHS, sometime back in early 80's.

Ten years later in the age of Internet I ordered the DVD version and have since distributed many copies around to my Muslim/non Muslim friends.

The best we can do for this great departed soul (InshAllah) is to keep his legacy alive and strive towards contributing in portrayal of Islam to the world, in the small ways we individually can. May Allah pardon his sins and grant him a place in paradise.


The cycle of events unleashed after 9/11 ? This cycle was started 30 years ago by Islamic terrorists with many innocent deaths as a result. The writer refuses to see the problem. The attackers are not guilty only the people responding to the attacks. After 9/11 we had enough and had no choice but to respond. The people of Jordan finally get it. They were protesting Al Quaida. When is the staff at Islamicity going to join ?

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji-un.

Assalamu alaikum.

"We went into the hotel... There were women and children... I tried to detonate and it failed."

I think she is lying. I think she had a change of heart. At this point I think she is simply hoping for a sharper instrument. In the hands of someone more likely to show compassion for the condemned. To be used on fewer people than would seemingly be the case. Than if she were to admit to having changed her mind.

Be that as it may, I think they left Iraq in search of victims more likely to get mentioned in the news. Regrettably it appears they found some. Insha'Allah the rest of us will not be made a trial for the likes of them.

Fi aman Allah.

with such abhorance we have stained the peaceful religion of Allah. may Allah put His light back into our hearts and may He bring peace to those grieving families. what a shame. what a waste of God-given life. "ala bi dhiker allah tat'mainna al-quloob".


Ennaa lee Allah wa ennaa Elaihe raajeoon. the world of today looklike a battle field of a Giant fascist Dragon fighting a teeny-weeny fascist mouse and we are in middle. when the Dragon's fire burn some of us we scare to complaint, but when the mouse cause the death of some of us we begin chasing it with the dragon.

we are the biggest losers in this battle: we don't support the dragon eating the mouse and we don't support the mouse challenging a dragon. but we take the heat from a both of them.

if we can't resolve this problem, we gonna live to the time when the word "right" will not mean itself will become right === the word of the power.
May Allah helps us? it's just two letters word from Him "be" and the problem gonna be resolved. His Will is before our will. we control only our will to please Him and our DOA, The remaining is up to Him and only Him.
Oh Allah! You are the forgiver, You love forgiveness, forgive us. Ameen

this is more than atragedy , we lost moustafa as an innnocent humman and we lost the great producer who showed the west as much as he could the true islam thrugh his movies .. may allah reward greatlly

I am so deeply saddened by this senseless killing. The lost of Moustapha Akkad at this critical time when he was to achieve one of his life's great strivings, a new epic film on Salahuddin, is beyond tragic. I am also very suspicious of this whole macabre incident.. the killing of so many innocent people for no good reason at all, especially at such a high-profile location where the movements and whereabouts of so many prominent people was well known to many. One has to ask the question.. where was the security? How could this have happened? How could people strapped with explosives just walk in haplessly and gain access to a gathering where so many celebrities were known to attend? I am more angry and saddened that this mockery of reality occurred at a time when we are all being told we are safer now than ever before.. rather, that hardly seems to be the case as we have seen demonstrated time and time again. I sincerely hope that the work this great man started will not end because someone chose murder instead of mercy. I hope we all live to see the result of his efforts in the new film on Salahuddin, which would be the ultimate testament to his life achievements.

WE killed him...because we refuse to step up and marginalize extremists. We can tell the rest of the world all we want that we are not about this, but it's the extremists that need to hear that message.

Regarding his movie, it was always my understanding that problems with this movie in terms of no one but Muslims having ever seen it were due to extremist Muslims making threats related to its release.
I elaborate a bit at

Hashim Ibn Sharrieff, I echo your sentiments.

Basmalah( IN THE NAME OF ALLAH,THE MERCIFUL, THE COMPASSIONATE)I greet you with the word's of peace, AS SALAAMU ALAIKUM:In the wake of all that's going on in the world today, one should seek ALLAH'S help even more," KEEP YOUR FAITH" in ALLAH make extra DU'AS EXTRA PRAYER'S AND STAY STRONG,not just for yourself, but for your brothern,and sister. ALLAH IS THE BEST KNOWER, and never places a burden on us,that we can't handle.In my closing:I pray for PEACE,as we all should let's all pray for brother MOUSTAPHA AKKAD AND HIS daughter RIMA MAGHFIRAH and there extended family, MAY ALLAH BLESS THEM AND KEEP THEM SAFE. The senseless acts of other's and there deeds will be taken in account for on the day of reckoning. MAY ALLAH BE PLEASED WITH MY WRITING. AS SALAAMU ALAIKUM SISTER ROSELYN

First of all i will give explanation of my E-mail address saying "CLEAR ISLAM" I have selected this name because i think i have clear concept of islam ----This clarity i have obtained through the books of Maulana Waheed ud Din of india
Now i come to the news of death of Mr.Mustapha who produced the movie "The messenger"-This movie is banned in Pakistan because the islamic scholars are against of this movie--The reason behind their resistance to the said movie is that they were not in favour of such movie which has got pictures of Hazrat Bilal Habshi(razi ul lah taala anho) Hazrat Hamza (Razi ullah tala Anho)-to which i some what agree too-because every one has made certain image about these personalities which is collapsed by seeing this movie
Inspite of it i do say that the picture is unique , even plays an important role in bringing the Christians & muslims near -specially at the moment when the King of Habsha says that the difference between christians & muslim is like this line -& he draws the line on ground

As i said that the movie is banned in Pakistan But it was shown by a private TV channel at Eid ul Fitr 2005 first time in Pakistan & lot of people saw it--its dubbed version was also shown & people impressed & even took long breathes after seeing the movie
In Pakistan where new generation is away from books this movie played an important role to inform the new generation about islam history
How ever in the news item which u have provided about death of producer , u should have mentioned his death in respectable way by writing like these --" Mr Mustapha passed away in bomb attack" but u used the word "killing"-the death of such person is not ordinary death--However u used praying words in the end which satisfed

To me he is an artist, a brave soul, a spokesman of islam, and "The Lion of the Desert". May Allah bless his soul. May Allah bless his dauther's soul. May Allah bless the souls of all who lost their lives in the Amman hotel bomb attacks.

From ZAHIR AHMED, Producer, Islamic Video Productions, . I pray for Mustafa Akkad from the bottom of my heart!!!! He had given FULL permission for ever to use clips from his movies
The Message and Lion of the Desert for my documerntaries like Muslim Spain, Islam Africa to America and so on. He also gave me encouragement during all my productions and sent
congradulations at the premiers of my documentaries. It is really tragic that a great talent like him has been lost ! May Allah Bless his soul. ZAHIR AHMED

i have read this story and i am upset that this has happened becuz i am new 2 islam and i feel its greatness sitting on the hillb where god is and i want 2 be in paradise with him..salam everyone and may peace be upon u all...

Alas....with the will of Almighty Allah one of the great Muslim Movie makers in the world meets him lord. It was only last week that I saw his Movie Lion of the Desert and looked up his Biography online to find that Mustafa akkad had been looking for a producer willing to invest in the movie Saladin for the last decade, which personally I wanted to be made at the Hollywood level aswell. Then I calculated his age and thought he's old now God knows how much time he has left, I wonder if he will be able to make this movie in his lifetime. Finally I think he had found a producer, but his time had come. In this too there is some Hikat(wisdom) from Allah beyond our comprehension. May Allah give him the best in the next world, and his family the patince in this hard time.

'The Message' is a great film that helps both muslims and non muslims to understand the birth and history of Islam. Moustapaha Akkad did a great service to Islam by utlising his talents to contribute in his own way to pass on the message of Islam to all humanity in this media focussed modern World. May Allah grant him, his daughter Rima magferat and give patience ('sabr')to his grieving family.


I am looking forward to the day when somebody in East Africa will translate into SWAHILI this educative and sensational film on the History of ISLAM - the only TRUE Religion - for the enlightment of millions of Muslims in this region. INSHA-ALLAH.


While great historical events and personalities are beautifully brought back to life through the lens of cameras in the west, with the silence of Islamic world, the great history of Islam and it's amazing events and heroes remain silent.

Islamic world has done almost nothing to promote it's historical, cultural and religious values through cinema. 'Lion of the desert' and 'The Message' are the exeption. But I'm afraid these two great achievements will remain just two, now that the only well known Musim artist has passed away.

May Allah blesses Mustafa Akkad's soul. I always wanted to ask him why he stopped making films like those mentioned above and involved himself with the 'Holloween' series?

I hope we can find someone like him to continue bringing the story of personalities such as Salaudin's out of dark.

May Allah bless Mustafa Akkad's soul with bountiful blessings. I consider he served Islam in a very fine way; watching the movie Message always brought feelings of love and admiration for Mustafa's efforts. With tears in my eyes I ask Allah to treat him well beyond his expectations and grant him Jannat Al Firdaus.