‘Saint Judy’: A Lawyer's Fight to Secure a Muslim Woman's Asylum

In theaters March 1st, 2019! [Limited Release]

"Saint Judy" tells the inspirational true story of immigration attorney Judy Wood and her fight that changed American asylum law forever. In her first case, Judy represents a Muslim woman forced to flee her home country after being persecuted for opening a school for girls in Afghanistan.

While juggling her life as a single mother, Judy fights tenacious battles in and out of court, not only saving her client's life, but changing the Law of Asylum in the United States. This case has saved the lives of thousands of other persecuted women around the world.

Dmitry Portnoy views "Saint Judy” as an unexpectedly timely message of hope. "I wrote the vast bulk of the script [before the 2016 presidential election] thinking of this as a nice historical piece about settled issues," Portnoy says. "Why would anyone question the rights of women, the rights of Muslims, the rights of refugees?"



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