The Greatest Love Story (Muhammad SAW and Khadija RA)

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The Greatest Love Story
by Umm HashiR

A sneak into the realms of ancient Arabia
There lived the noblest woman of that area
A successful and flourishing entrepreneur
A symbol of  elegance and ethical demeanor 

Her tradings were in a situation too critical
It was difficult for her in a society so patriarchal
She looked for a man to handle her affairs
A reliable person with no false graces and airs

She entrusted her business to a trustworthy caretaker 
A man known for his truthfulness, 15 years younger 
 A trip abroad, he made her business grow manifold 
His sincerity and dedication appealed her to behold 

This woman of 40, who was the most sought after
Had turned down every prominent marriage offer
She had ceased to tread that road after being widowed 
She had no desire to love again or to be loved

The emotions in her heart for a special one were re-kindled 
He mysteriously entered her heart and there forever dwelled
She sent him a straight marriage proposal, with no pretense 
She was saved for this man by her Creator, in true sense

He was amazed to know that this woman of beauty and honor
Who had turned down the wealthy, wished to be his life-partner!
They married and lived together with love and dignity 
The most blessed union ever, protected by the Almighty!

They always looked at each-other wanting to satisfy and please
In spite of their age difference they were at complete ease
She respected him beyond words, spent her life and wealth on him
She loved to silently look at him, never raised her voice on him

He cared for her in the best of manners in happiness and ailment
Fed her with his hands and stayed closer when she was pregnant
She mothered all his children - the most righteous progeny
When he lost all his sons in infancy, she soothed his agony

She was the best of his friends whom he loved with delight
She was his comforter and counsellor who calmed him that night
When he ran into her arms crying “Cover me! Cover me!”
“I am afraid this state of fear, would soon overpower me!”

Wrapped in her comfort, he narrated the incident of Hira
"A voice I heard that terrified me with the word of Iqra
I was squeezed when I  pleaded that I could never read
I was asked in the Name of My Lord to Read! Read! Read!"

She consoled him saying, “By The One Who has control over my soul
He has chosen you to be the prophet of this mankind as a whole!
For He can never humiliate the slave who is good to all people
Of righteousness and truthfulness you are an apt example!”

She then took him to her cousin, a scholar of old scriptures
Waraqah gave him glad tidings based on the said features
He confirmed that the experience was of Divine Truth
He was the chosen Last Messenger, The Sealing Prophet!

Then came the beginning of times, too testing and severe 
Their Al Ameen, As Sadiq - now they termed him a liar!
Their opposition turned into hatred, they so despised him
He was banished from the city, and she accompanied him

She supported his cause, sacrificing all her wealth
Life filled with hardships took a toll upon her health
She loved him the same till her very last breath
She was put to sleep forever through the Angel of Death

While struggling to spread the Message, he lost his first believer
Standing for his cause of Truth, he lost his staunch supporter
He lost his friend, his counsellor, his ultimate comforter
His world was brought to a standstill - he had lost his life-partner

This loss was so terrible that he feared a lonely tomorrow
Of all the phases in Seerah, he called it “the year of sorrow”
He came across a necklace which this companion had worn
Tears welled up his blessed eyes, his heart did heavily mourn

It signified his emotions that were to her so attached
He missed her so terribly, years after she had passed
With apparent jealousy pure Ayesha questioned him thus
“Was your love for that wife greater than it is for all of us?”

He understood her restlessness and replied to console
“She believed in me, with all her mind and soul
She accepted my Message, when everyone rejected
When I had no help, she comforted and supported.”

He married many later, but alive she was his only wife
Her companionship is the jewel that adornes all his life
She left him in this Duniya, as destined by Allaah
Assuring a promised reunion, in His eternal Jannah.

This love story, which is so endearing to recall
Glorified through centuries, greatest of them all!
These sacrifices many and the selfless love of Khadijah (رضي الله عنه)
Remain cemented in the blessed heart of Muhammed Mustafa (صلى الله عليه و سلم)


Source: Umm HashiR Blog

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights
  Topics: Khadija Bint Khuwaylid, Poetry, Prophet Muhammad (S)  Values: Love  Channel: Poetry
Views: 36434

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Wow! Convey my regards to the writer who has written such an intense article! It was impressive!! Enjoyed every line of it and especially the rise and fall of tension that is indicated in your words! Beautiful!! JazakAllah!