In Search of the Prophet

O Prophet of Allah, where shall I find the source of my adoration for you?  I have memorized hundreds of your sayings since my youth, taught your seerah (example) to numerous students, grown a beard, used the miswaaq, sang and proudly taught others odes (qasidahs) in praise of you.  But I did not find you in these rituals nor did any of these make me any more like you; rather they merely flung me into the fray of insignificant debates in the arena of so many of the sunnahless Muslims who see your sunnah only as an endless array of harsh laws and practices or as some justification for their cultural tendencies.  O Allah, save me from being of those who consider the sunnah of Thy beloved as being expressed only through aimless imitations and who know Thy Prophet only as a conveyor of commands and warnings.

O Prophet of Allah, I did not truly find you in the books of fatawa (religious edicts), nor in grand seminars and conferences throughout the world, and certainly not in the harsh arguments between groups proclaiming mutually exclusive rights over you.

I found my source of adoration for you in the love and respect that the Almighty has proclaimed for you; in the honor that He bestowed upon you; in His confirmation of you as "the ultimate exemplar"; "seal of Prophets" and "mercy unto all existence".  Allah has elevated the very memory of you and has made His boundless love accessible through obedience to you.

I catch but a dimension of you through the instances of compassion you extended to others; how you played with the poor orphaned boy when other children refused to play with him, how you prolonged your prostration out of consideration that your change in posture may inconvenience or hurt your beloved grandson who had climbed on your back; how you commanded your army away from the anthill in order not to disrupt the ants' activities; how you blessed with Paradise the sinful woman for saving the life of a cat by making the water of the well accessible with her shoes; how you intervened and prevented a man from abusing his wife by teaching him that "the best of men are those who treat their wives the best"; how you patched your clothes, mended your shoes and did your daily household chores; how you wrestled with your nephew and raced with your wife; how you joked with the kids and carried the baggage of the elderly; how you hosted the Christians of Najran in your mosque and stood up to honor the bier of a Jew. 

O Prophet of Allah, why is it that so many of us who claim to be of you refuse to be like you.  We sing for you and dress like you, but do not come near fulfilling the expression of love, care and beauty that generated from yourself.  Why is it that we see in you that which suits our cultural, organizational and chauvinistic interests, yet ignore the essence of what is essential to your being.  Others who are not of you proclaim the multi-dimensional and multi-faceted nature of your personality.  "The personality of Muhammad is most difficult to get the whole truth of it.  Only a glimpse of him I can catch.  What dramatic succession of picturesque scenes?  There is Muhammad the Prophet; there is Muhammad the General; Muhammad the King; Muhammad the Warrior; Muhammad the Businessman; Muhammad the Preacher; Muhammad the Philosopher; Muhammad the Statesman; Muhammad the Orator; Muhammad the Reformer; Muhammad the Refuge of Orphans; Muhammad the Protector of Slaves; Muhammad the Emancipator of Women; Muhammad the Judge; Muhammad the Saint..  In all these magnificent roles and in all these departments of human activities he is equally a hero." (Professor Ramakrishna Rao). O Prophet! Your life-example is an integrated biography, history and law; it is above all a model of excellence. 

O Prophet of Allah, you have certainly been adored by many much more worthy than I.  Yet, neither the inability to capture my appreciation of you with the eloquence of poets nor my weakness as a believer debars me from qualifying as one who adores you; for in the commemoration of your being do I find the dignity and honor of my existence.

Sadullah Khan is the Director of Impower Development International

You can watch his lectures on Empowerment and Hadith of the Day at IslamiTV

Dimensions of the Quran
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  1. Bill from USA

    I read this artical several times. It is so deep in meaning. I wish every Muslim would copy it and distribute it everywhere. With all of the negative attention Muslims receive over the turmoil in the Mideast and Africa, the world needs to be reminded of all the good in the Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

  2. charles parker from us

    I really liked the article. KING? This kinda got to me, I must say. Anyways the sad part is that the whole world can read this and still not get it. Even the author don't truely get it. It's simple love others as you do yourself. Care for the weak and let the strong stand alone. Love, True Love of the Prophets (Pbut)the veil of satan over man's hearts. The connection between the mind and heart are not as man believes. Belief, Is what makes the world go around? To loose all worldly beliefs and take this day of judgment to heart. Use the mind to get closer to Allah by removing the veil of deception. Here the words given by Allah to us, seriously. Quite playing around and change this world for us and for Allah. Praise be unto Him, Alone! Do really like to live like satan? Think about it, what quality caused his fall? The same that makes the world go around? Mankind is a foolish creature, belief what is important is education? Lol, I don't think this is the one of the questions you'll get in the grave. Wealth?not! Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? You have a choice so far. You have been WARNED!

  3. ali yousuff from india

    It is surprising to note that the person is using this sentence so






    O Prophet of Allah, where shall I find the source of my adoration

    for you?

    O Prophet of Allah, I did not truly find you in the books of fatwa

    I found my source of adoration for you in the love and respect that

    the Almighty has proclaimed for you;

    I catch but a dimension of you through the instances of compassion

    you extended to others..

    O Prophet of Allah, why is it that so many of us who claim to be of

    you refuse to be like you

    O Prophet of Allah, you have certainly been adored by many much more

    worthy than I.




    "On Fridays recite the Salawat for me repeatedly! The Salawat will

    be conveyed to me." (Ibn Habbaan, Ibn Majah) when it was asked

    whether the Salawat would be conveyed to him after his Wisaal also,

    the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) answered, "soil does not

    rot Prophets' bodies. When-ever a Muslim says the Salawat for me, an

    Angel informs me of it and says, 'so-and-so's son, so and so of your

    Ummah sent his Salaam and prayed for you."






    [email protected]

  4. Reef from uk

    This is a true reflection of the state of a large chunk of the ummah

    when it comes to following the Sunna of the beloved prophet. Jazak

    Allah kheir.

  5. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    Hasten to do good deeds before you are overtaken by one of the seven afflictions.(Giving an indication as a sign of warning the Prophet then said):" Are you waiting for such penury as will make you unmindful or such prosperity as will make you corrupt(arrogant)or such disease as will disable you or such senility as will make you mentally unstable or sudden death or Addajjal who is the worst trial apprehended or the Hour and the Hour will be most grievous and most bitter.Therefore Allah sent the Prophet as a guide a warner and bearer of good tidings so as to prepare for the Life Hereafter. No one knows the time when any of thse bounties may be withdrawn.This is why the Prophet advised us to hasten to do the good deeds as soon as we get the chance,otherwise Shaitan and Nafs would be advising us to do the opposite or posponing such beneficial things.We would only regret when we are overtaken or found our selves unfortunately preoccupied with others things.Due to poverty instead of fulfilling our purpose we will be busy in search of material benefit which may be difficult to get losing both Duniya and Akhirah or due to enormous amount of wealth it would make us forgettful and become arrogant.Another unfortunate thing that may happen to a person he may become sick now he wants do Ibadah but he cannot, due to sickness until death, and sometimes one will lose himself and becomes mentally unstable and cannot do anything or he dies all of a sudden and at the time of death he is not ready to face consequence of his evil deeds but they say is too late to cry when the head is cut-off.The fitnah or trial of Duniya can take away a person from Deen and the worst Fitnah to confront the Ummah would be that of Dajjal and we see the deatails in books of Hadith or finally that of Sa'a or Hour Day of Judgement.Although the real Hour begins on the judgement Day but immediately after we close our eyes we shall see the reality of the Life Hereafter which the Prophet consequently warned us

  6. Fatimah Muhammad from Canada

    Salam Alaikum to all of my brothers and sisters,

    Mashallah, this is what I am talking about. Excellent article, right on point. I really do enjoy going to islamicity every single day. Because, I always feel as though I am learning something, Mashallah. This is what I meant when I said that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was and is the best example for mankind. Not, W.D. but Prophet Muhammad. If we read the Holy Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh), then we will never go astray. I am greatful to men (Scholars, and Sheiks, and Imams) also who have sacrificed to learn the ways of the Prophet (pbuh) as well and are able to help us out. Thanks Islamic city for this nice article. I pray that our brothers and sisters will stay on the right path. Please make Dua for me and for my family.

    Salam Alaikum to all,

    Sister Fatimah

    Excellent article!!

  7. Ayesha N from Pakistan

    This is a beautiful article, Masha Allah! I was thrilled to find such a piece of writing. Especially regarding the Holy Prophet.

  8. Samina from India

    Beautiful !! Straight from the heart !!!

    It seemed that my heart is talking to me what I had been struggling to put in words. Maasha Allah, I can't tell you I have been going through similar phases...Have so many heart is yearning to find an answer. So many offer to answer and none seem convincing and then how I wish I were in the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad from whom I could seek all answers with sure conviction.....

    Beautiful indeed !!!!

  9. Ayesha Noor from UK

    You will not find me in the books of Fatwa because they are polluted with false commentaries on my acts and saying. You will not find me in seminars and conferences, for I am far away from formalities. You will not find me in the mushrooming sects of my Ummah who have been fighting over me, for I have already prophesized their place when I said that a time will come when my Ummah will be divided into 72 sects, all of them would be entitled to hell and only one would be heavenly, so now its your own duty to go and look for the 73 rd sect.

    If you know the true meaning of all these titles that Almighty has proclaimed for me then you will find it very easy to love me. If I am the ultimate exemplar then it means that you are not supposed to do a single thing that goes against my teachings and yet many of you don't even want to know about me. If you know the meaning of the "seal of prophets" then you should know that I have stamped the seal of authentication on the prophet hood of all the previous prophets, and yet you moralize the killing the followers of those religions. If you knew I am the mercy to mankind then you would never feel happy for the barbaric acts of terrorism that some of you are doing in the name of Islam and in my name. No doubt Allah has elevated every memory of me but its you, O my nation its you who unknowingly is defaming my name by unwisely protesting over the cartoon issue.

  10. Stephen Adam Volzgen from United States of America (Tucson,Arizona)

    I find these comments here very moving and with pure love. If anybody would like to contact me feel free to do so. Sometimes people ask me to make wishes for them from Allah. Most of the time the wishes come true.

  11. maryamkim from manama

    As salam alaikum

    SubhanAllah. Alhumdulillah wa salatu wa salam ala Rasool Allah.

    MashAllah this is a rtical well written and surely is a reminder as to how we carry on in our lives and yet many of the times forget to remember Allah Swt and Rasool Allah sallahu alayhi wa salam.

    Allah humma sulli alal Sayydinna Mohammed.

    barak Allah feek wa jazakilahu khairin ameen akhi.

    fee aman Allah, as salam alaikum.

  12. salihi inuwa abubakar from kano, nigeria

    i just want to thak you for this excellent article and i pray God Almighty to reward you and all those behind the islamicity with jannatul firdaus.

  13. amani from united kingdom

    assalamu alikum, since joining islamicity i have learnt alot from it and inshallah will learn even more. i feell you should make some small classes on your web for the young ones to read, learn few arabic words even to tell a story, as we are facing a hardship helping our young one. even if you could add a game where at the same time you are also learning. i hope that you will consider my little comments. we need to do something for the young kids are there are easly influenced and mislead in this society and will face danger if we dont do anything for them now while there can learn more at this tender age.(homework is the best thing on can influence there children at this stage) may Allah help you to reach your targets in doing the dawa's inshallah ameen.

    it hurt to hear that many people on this earth trying to copy the prophet of Allah but then again never follow his footstep. on one hand who have many brothers&sisters reverting to islam on the other hand we are playing with the examples of the prophet. keep it it up and i like to thank you all for your strengh good work to present to this world. may Allah grant you all jannah and for the beautiful work that you all are doing. please do remember me and my family in your dua's ameen. May Allah unite the us all, stay strong in our deen (faith) make it easy on those who are going through a taugh time.ameen


    the best remedies one can have to learn more about there faith is to sign for islamicity. forgive me if i have said or mention in my comment which are not to be right then please correct me.

  14. Ayesha Noor from UK

    O my nation who claims to be in love with me you can find the source of my adoration in nothing but Quran. I know you have memorized 100s of my sayings but have you ever actually followed them properly. You have grown beard but have you ever seen me disgracing those who do not have beard, you have used miswaaq but how many of you have cleansed yourself internally. Have I emphasised more upon speaking the truth or growing beard and using miswaaq, you need to know that your priorities have somewhere gone wrong. Although you have proudly sung odes in my praise but have you ever actually realised what you are saying. Have you ever explained the beauty of my character to your children and encouraged them to be the reflection of my beauty. I do not blame those Sunnahless people who see it only as an endless array of harsh laws for what have been told and shown to them is not only that its not true but also its ugly. It was not me who made Islam difficult to follow; It was not me who enfolded it into hideous covering of superstitions and traditions.

  15. asmaa from usa

    Mashallah. May I just add this:

    Muhammad (s.a.w) The Husband. The perfect example of how a husband is to treat his wife(s) for all other Muslim Brs. to follow, Insha'allah.


    Sister in Islam

  16. raheela from usa

    This was an excellent article.I totally agree, especially whenever I hear about suicide bombing or recent protests against the cartoons(as we all are aware), my question to those people is how many of you wake up for Fajr, let alone Tahajjud, or how many of those men treat their wives according to Sunnah as they claim to be so passionate about Mohammad pbuh. We ourselves gave these opportunities to the Mushrakeen to mock the religion, because we did not protect or portray the sunnah of Mohammad pbh which is exactly according to Quraan (Allah swt's commands)It is funny that I came across this article, I myself looking for an answer for why do we visit Madinah, I don't want to follow it as a ritual but the real meaning and true sense of it.

    Jazaak Allah Khair.

  17. Kamaldeen Amusa from Nigeria

    The aricle is well researched and highly inspiring. I pray Allah(swt) to accept it as act of worship for those that are instrumenal to its publication,amin.Rosuul(saw) lifestyle is a standard for every muslim to reference his actions.

  18. Zainab from UK

    I read yesterday about the conversion of muslims by evangelist preaching the word of Jesus, which is the word of Muhamad and that which the muslims have lost. I too would leave a faith that forgot Muhamad's true message for another.Thank you for this article and the hope that it awakens.

  19. nia from Indonesia

    that's a very good article. i like to read it, very much. just like my feeling, i think. thanks for your article online.

  20. Meraj from USA

    subhanAllah sheikh saadullah, your beautiful writing and the essence of your words are inspiring, and hopefully lead to a better understanding of following the true seerah of RasulAllah (saw)

  21. Hajj Baabs from JAPAN

    what a wounderful narative about the best of

    all creatures.

  22. syed munazah from india

    this is beautiful article by prof.saadullah is so very true that we try to see our prophet through these rituals which indeed dont make us like him.i read this article a year ago but i keep reading it again and again and admire its eloquence and reality. praise be to our prophet! may the hearts of all muslimeen be filled with true love for prophet(ameen)

  23. John from Australia

    I am a non-Muslim but I felt good reading the sheik's article. In emphasising the prophet's humble and compassionate personal qualities he allowed me to feel that this is a man I can admire. I also liked his freedom in quoting a non-Muslim's appreciation of Mohammed (PBUH). I can't be a Muslim because I believe the world is and always has been full of good people who understand and teach God's will, who spread harmony and peace in all communities. The sheik has my appreciation because he implies that all sorts of people, not only Muslims, can be good and wise in their behaviour, and at peace in their hearts. Be happy.

  24. syed umar shadab basha from india

    I would like to thank the sadullah khan for his article 'In search of the Prophet' which made me a more humble person, learned the way to live life and prepare for the 'Last Day of Judgement'.

  25. meriem from USA



  26. Fartun Ali from u.s.a

    I would like to thank you, Imam, for sharing that wonderful article. It certainly brought tears to my eyes and I hope Allah, the giver of blessings, blesses you for the great love you have displayed for the Prophet of Allah (pbuh). Thank you very much and I hope whenever someone else reads your article, they inturn can share and explain their gratitude.

    Assalamu Alaikum

  27. Mohammed Ehtesham Ahmed from India

    We recognise Muhammed Salallahu Alaihi wa sallam as a great man everlived on earth, a great leader, a warrior, a businessman, a preacher, a philosopher, a statesman, a judge etc.

    What we least recognise is that he was a prophet. How does a prophet differs from an ordinary person having all great qualities.

    If we could understand the meaning of a prophet correctly, we will be able to understand Islam and present Islam to others.


    Dear brother Dr.Saadullah,

    As salaam u alaikum.

    I am also an ardent fan of the Greatest Man who lived on earth. I am also trying to know the real person Mohammad Rasool Allah, Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon him and his family.

    I was very emotional in reading your article as it spoke of the words similar to what I have in my heart. I think if we can study and know the examplary life and character of this extradordinary Leader of Mankind, and then practice and teach others his real qualities, then I am sure we can by the Grace of the Almighty get back our self image as the Best People and Nation as Allah Intends us to be and instead of being misunderstood and persecuted, we will Insha Allah once again take back the leadership of the Human Society and lead the world towards peace and justice.

    May Allah reward you for all the good efforts you are taking. Ameen

  29. Abdul Kabir from UK

    Assalamu Alaikum to everyone

    Alhamdulilah! You are a gifted poet Brother

    Sadullah Khan. I started crying half way

    through the 4th paragraph. May Allah Bless

    you and all those touched by this piece.


  30. mahmoud khan from australia.

    Every so often do I browse through these precious pearls of wisdom and every so often do I say Subhanallah Alhamdolillah .This eulogy expressed in the humblest of declaration fills one with profound awe and a sense of self appraisal with the deepest of guilt complex. Lord grant me the solace to pursue the love of Your chosen Prophet Muahammed Rasoolul Allah SAWS as You have commanded :If you love Me then

    follow the Habib of Allah SWT"

  31. s siddiqui from usa

    I agree with Yazid. There should be no intercessor between us and Allah. This is the reason other monotheistic religions became contaminated.In his farewell speech, Mohammed (peace be on him) asked us to folow the Quran and Sunnah to stay on the right path. He did not even ask us to follow the Sahabah of that time like Abu Bakr or Umar (may Allah be pleased with both of them).The religious people we are talking about are from a much later period. Allah, and only Allah knows, who is truly religious, as it the intentions that count. There is a hadith in Sahih Bukhari that even Aalim (people with immense religious knowledge) will be put in hellfire if their intention was not right. To each person his own deeds. Let us Inshallah try to follow the basics of Quran and Sunnah through the Sahih books and not just because some supposedly religious man says to do so. This is the only way we can be sure of what is right and wrong. May Allah guide us all.

  32. shahnaz from us

    I appreciate a well done article about my hero my guide my mercy to all mankind my beloved prophet muhammad peace be upon him Ameen


    What a beautiful article. May Allah bless the writer who has true love for the prophet (sallalaho alaihi wasallam). May Allah give us the taufeeq to act upon the blessed sunnah.

  34. Lulu from UK

    Apologies brothers and sisters for the misunderstood I've caused and please do forgive me. I never said that saints(Awliya Al Allah) should come or intercede between us and Allah. I treat them with respect. We all are servants of Allah. In the land where I come from and my roots, saints are regarded as Awliya Al Allah or friends of Allah. They are human beings just like you and me but their status or their closeness to Allah rests with Him the Almighty. Saints have their relation with Allah and we can not influence that relationship.

    In Islam we should pray directly to Allah and follow the example of our prophet(SA). For example in a hadeeth Prophet (SA) said:"The most beloved thing with which My slave may come close to me is that which I have made obligatory (Fard) on him. My servant will continue to come closer to me by voluntary acts (of worship) until I love him. If I love him, I will be his hearing by which he hears, his sight by which he sees, his hand by which he grasps, and his foot by which he walks. If he asks Me anything I would give it and if he seeks refuge in Me I would protect him." Reported by Abu Hurayrah and collected by al-Bukhaaree (Sahih Al-Bukhari (Arabic - English). vol.8, pp.336-7. no. 509.

    In regard to the teachings of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani may Allah rest his soul in peace who passed away 9 centuries ago, I will forward the following url and will let you see for yourself that the knowledge of Allah is so vast that we can only grasp what our souls can.

    We should follow the example of our prophet(SA). The human mind is very complex and yet humble. The greatest challenge of all is the means to motivate and teach the humble mind. May Allah guide us all, Aamiin.

  35. Mujib

    Salamu `alaykum

    Webster's dictionary defines 'saint' as: "A person sanctified; a holy or godly person; one eminent for piety and virtue"

    In Islam saints are called awliy', or awliy'Allh, which means 'Friends of Allah'. Volumes have been written by the scholars of Islam on sainthood and its degrees.

    [While Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani, may be a brother on the rightous path and is in keeping with everything Islamic...he is simply a servant of the Almighty and is not closer to him than you nor I.]

    Sayyidina `Abd al-Qadir Jilani (radiAllahu `anhu wa naf`an Allah bih) is recognized as a wali (saint) by most, if not all of the luminaries of Islam who lived after him. It is un-Islamic to suggest that he is equal to sinners such as us (Allah be our refuge!), or that he is no closer to Allah Most High than we are!

    Allah Most High has created means that we are obliged to recognize and use. Saints are a means to nearness to Allah Most High, just as scholars are a means to knowledge, medicine is a means to health, and food is a means to living. We wouldn't argue that seeking a physician is haram because it places a creature between a person and Allah, would we?!

    Forgive me for any harm caused. Allah and His Messenger know best.


  36. Yazid from usa


    Excellent Article.

    NOTE to LuLu:

    There are no such things as "saints" in Islam. While Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani, may be a brother on the rightous path and is in keeping with everything Islamic...he is simply a servant of the Almighty and is not closer to him than you nor I.

    Prophet Muhammad (saw) according to ALLAH himself, his best of creation, is given access to Paradise ONLY by the grace and mercy of ALLAH and nothing he himself did...for he was HUMAN!

    Saints and the concept of Saints are HARAM because they put a HUMAN between you and ALLAH.

    Islam made the WHOLE EARTH worthy to pray and gives EVERY HUMAN access to the grace of need no church, no one to interceed on your behalf and no savior....cause it's YOUR resonsibility to save your own soul.

  37. yaseen from india


    Excellent one brother!

    Allah hafiz

  38. Dr. F.M.Qureshi from India

    Masha'Allah what a fantastic way of love and affection to the beloved prophet. very nice presentation. Thanks

  39. Lulu from UK

    Dear Michael Hollifield you are a guest of our hearts. We are no nearer to Allah than you. God created us equally to access His provision and knowledge. You are unique to him with your intellect,humbleness and we can learn from you to get closer to the beloved.

    The only chosen people are the messengers of Allah whom God has given them special status and responsibilities

    The heart is the organ that gets us closer to Allah. This is the only place where intentions stem from. Allah has direct access to it while it is veiled from everyone else. A place where you express you inner most feelings.This is the beauty of Allah and His privacy with His creatures a theatre/stage where you express your Love for Him and ask him questions.

    For us muslims each day is another challenge another milestone to reach. Hence the writer of this article who expressed the beauty for longing to get closer to prophet Mohamed(SAS) of Allah a unique character of every muslim person and a whole knowledge in itself. To copy his example is a huge milestone for every muslim for Allah said that He Has sent him as a mercy to Mankind.

    The following sayings of the prophet which I find very inspirational and relevant to our knowledge building" There are three agents that destroy religion: an ill-tempered scholar, a tyrannical leader, and ignorant theologian"

    From a saint(Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani) "God said through the prophet(SAS), man is my secret and I am his secret. The inner knowledge of the spiritual essence is a secret of My secrets. Only I put this into the heart of My good servant, and none may know his state other than Me".

    Dennouncing terrorism:

    Oh America you are part of our mother earth, as human beings God gave us each one heart, one soul, your children are our children . 9/11 shattered our souls and hearts and may Allah heal your hearts and ours and comfort us all with His Mercy.


  40. Sofia from USA

    It is remarkable that Prophet Mohammed (PUM) continues to be acknowledged as undisputed leader by over a billion Muslims even today--14 hundred years from the time he lived amongs uis in Arabia!And yet, sometimes I wonder, if he were here in person, what would the Prophet have to say to the kind of adoration and attention that is accorded him by Muslims. Would he approve of this focus on his person when we should be focusd on Allah SWT and His Word? I think not!

    And, then again, the best and most balanced portrait of Prophet Mohammed can be found in the Holy Qur'an. So, why do Muslims keep embellishing Prophet Mohammed portrait? is it necessary? The same question could be asked of those who keep producing different versions of the meaning/translation of the Qur'an in English, as if one were not sufficient to convey the message to non-Arab-speaking people.

    If we Muslims wish to survive these modern times, we need to change our attitude and behavior accordingly. Being sentimental and shedding tears of joy goes only so far. After that, one needs to get up and live concrete, meaningful lives and work pragmatically. Uttering words of praise, shedding tears do not do much to alleviate the needs or sufferings of our fellow human beings. It merely allows us to delude ourselves that we are doing something for our Deen. And then, repeating the same thing over and over again is the mode of an oral tradition, not the written tradition that we live in today.

    And then again, no amount of praise can surpass the blessings that Allah SWt showered on the Prophet.

  41. Mujib

    From Imam al-Busiri's (ra) "Qasida al-Burda":

    da` ma idda`athu al-nasara fi nabiyyihim / wahkum bi ma shi'ta madhan fihi wa ihtakimi

    Put aside what the Christians have claimed of their Prophet; then pronounce what you will in praise of him, and be wise;

    fansub ila dhatihi ma shi'ta min sharafin / wansub ila qadrihi ma shi'ta min `izami

    And attribute to his person whatever nobility you will, and ascribe to his worth whatever greatness you will,

    fa inna fadla rasulillahi laysa lahu / haddun fa yu`riba `anhu natiqun bi fami

    For the superiority of Allah's Messenger has no limit which a speaker can express with his mouth.

  42. Mujib

    Salamu `alaykum

    May Allah reward the Shaykh. A few points, insha'Allah:

    1. The belief of Sunnis (Ahl al-Sunna) is that our Prophet and all other Prophets (upon our Prophet and them be peace and blessings) are alive. At least nine times a day Muslims address the Prophet (saws) with the words "Peace be upon you, O Prophet" (as-salamu `alayka ayyuha al-nabi) in our salat.

    Hadith: "The Prophets are alive in their graves, praying to their Lord" (al-anbiy'u ahy'un fi qubrihim yusalln)

    Shaykh Gibril Haddad cites it and says it is "a sound (sahih) tradition related on the authority of Anas ibn Malik (r) by: al-Bazzar in his "Musnad", Abu Ya`la in his "Musnad", Ibn `Adi in "al-Kamil f al-du`af'", Tammam al-Razi in "al-Faw'id", al-Bayhaqi in "Hayt al-anbiy' f qubrihim", Abu Nu`aym in "Akhbar Asbahan", Ibn `Asakir in "Trkh Dimashq", al-Haythami in "Majma` al-zaw'id" (8:211), al-Suyuti in "Anb' al-adhkiy' bi-hayt al-anbiy'" (#5), and al-Albani, in "Silsilat al-ahdith al-sahihah" (#621).

    The Prophet (saws) addressed the dead mushrikin at Badr, and stated that they could hear him, as reported in the two Sahihs.

    2. Let us hold a good opinion of our fellow Muslims. It is most certainly against the adab of Islam to charge millions of Muslims with shirk. Muslims in the Indian subcontinent do not worship saints, or any other than Allah Most High. Love and veneration of saints and scholars is far from worship.

    3. The vast majority of Muslims scholars hold it permissible to commemorate and celebrate Mawlid. It is classified as a praiseworthy innovation by scholars such as the great Shafi`i mujtahid, Imam al-Suyuti (ra).

    4. Love of the Prophet (saws) is the heart of Islam.

    Allah and His Messenger know best.


  43. naushaduddin mohammed from india

    sadullah,u made me cry. may allah bless u and have mercy unto u. i shall try to imitate my prophet saws as best as possible n pray for me.

  44. niaz akhter from india

    O Prophet of Allah, why is it that so many of us who claim to be of you refuse to be like you. We sing for you and dress like you, but do not come near fulfilling the expression of love, care and beauty that generated from yourself. Why is it that we see in you that which suits our cultural, organizational and chauvinistic interests, yet ignore the essence of what is essential to your being. Others who are not of you proclaim the multi-dimensional and multi-faceted nature of your personality. "The personality of Muhammad is most difficult to get the whole truth of it. Only a glimpse of him I can catch. What dramatic succession of picturesque scenes? There is Muhammad the Prophet; there is Muhammad the General; Muhammad the King; Muhammad the Warrior; Muhammad the Businessman; Muhammad the Preacher; Muhammad the Philosopher; Muhammad the Statesman; Muhammad the Orator; Muhammad the Reformer; Muhammad the Refuge of Orphans; Muhammad the Protector of Slaves; Muhammad the Emancipator of Women; Muhammad the Judge; Muhammad the Saint.. In all these magnificent roles and in all these departments of human activities he is equally a hero." (Professor Ramakrishna Rao). O Prophet! Your life-example is an integrated biography, history and law; it is above all a model of excellence.

    O Prophet of Allah, you have certainly been adored by many much more worthy than I. Yet, neither the inability to capture my appreciation of you with the eloquence of poets nor my weakness as a believer debars me from qualifying as one who adores you; for in the commemoration of your being do I find the dignity and honor of my existence.

  45. Shaikh Moinuddin from USA


    I personally greatly appreciate and respect your

    enunciation. The first thought that came to me was

    'how I wish this reaches every Muslim'. Next step I am going to print, copy, and distribute to as many as I can. JazakAllahKhair.


  46. Umm Mohammad from US

    Mahsha'Allah. I saw my own words written by some one else's pen. May Allah reward you for speaking the truth which is most needed to be heard by Muslims around the world.

  47. Sr Debbie from USA

    Assalam alaikum. ADORATION is the only word that troubles me from this article. It is beautiful the way you describe the Prophet's(PBUH) way of life but using the word adoration could bring confusion for the beginner in Islam or the converted and more so could be a perfect weapon for the believer in other deitys to say they ADORE their prophet too.

  48. Michael Hollifield from US

    To: Abdur Razzaq

    Most of these remarks are little more than a fit of religious pique, but I will address your so called challenge (which is nothing more than an argument from ignorance fallacy so frequently committed by religious people)and then dispose of your other comments in subsequent postings.

    You are certainly free to denounce disbelief, as I am free to question the various theisms, all I ask is that you give a straightforward argument, instead of raising questions that are very easily answered, and do not amount to a case for the truth of any claim. Nevertheless, I think it is first worth noting an important asymmetry between the atheism that you find so repulsive and theism. No atheist ever killed anyone because they believed in God or Allah. No nonbeliever called for the death of a writer such as Rusdie. I never read a nonbeliever who wrote in a fashion similar to these passages from the Koran: "And when the sacred months are passed, kill those who join other gods with God wherever ye shall find them; and seize them, beseige them, and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush." And this: "Believers! Wage war against such of the infidels as are your neighbors, and let them find you rigorous."

    Countless people have lost their lives in religious wars or were persecuted because of the intolerance of those acting out of religious beliefs, including over 3000 people on September 11. When we choose which beliefs to "denounce" these facts should be given some prominence.

  49. Muhammed Azhar Khan from USA

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Bro. Imam Saadullah Khan

    May Allah Bless You and Your Family.

    Please dont stop serving the ummah by stopping your pen.

    Jazak Allah Khair


  50. khursheed siddiqui from USA

    May Allah save us from hell. My brother you dipicted the trouble of muslim ummah. Only if we can follow the sunnah of Prophet (peace and blessing of allah be upon him).

  51. Reem Hammad from U.S.A

    Brother Saadullah, I appreciate your beautiful

    writing and sincere thoughts and reflections. It

    is the heart that speaks best. Your passion for

    Allah and trust in prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    and and his Sunnah resonnates so honestly

    and so beautifully. Thank you for your great

    poetic article. Wassalam. Reem

  52. Alain Jean-Mairet from CH

    It is not a good idea to adore Muhammad (or any person, for that matter). I don't have the credentials Imam Sadullah Khan has but I am quite sure that the "Prophet of Allah" wouldn't have approved of that attitude, let alone Allah himself.

  53. Navith from Singapore

    The article & its comments .....contains a great message too for the muslim ummah.

    One can attain success in Deen & Duniya by completely following commandments of Allah and the way shown by Muhammed (SAW).

    May allah accept us to come under the complete fold of Islam.

  54. Ahmad Gwadabe from Germany

    This Text is Fantastic,because it shows the real Religion in an easy Text.

  55. Suhaib Ahmed from Pakistan

    Ummmm They all are very nice informations and i am emailing these informations to My Friends and family really it touches seols thanx for this 🙂

  56. sel from usa

    umm.. im just dropping by to say that i am using your article as one of my resources for my project. i am a student and doing a project on rights and responsibilities of muslims around the world. your article helped me a lot. thank you..

  57. Mrs Sajida Afzal from England

    By Allah, this has got to be one of the most beautiful articles I have read in praise of the Greatest Creation PBUH. It has touched my heart and holding back the tears has proved impossible. May Allah SWT help us all to cherish and love, with such compassion, the many glorious attributes of our Most Beloved Prophet PBUH. May his Noor be instilled into our hearts and mind and May Allah SWT cleanse our souls and assist us in remembering THE KING in the striking light which he deserves. Aameen. Glory be to Allah, the Creator of such a Magnificent Noor.

  58. Kevin M. Ali from USA

    The Prophets life is the most beautiful of all human beings in history, his life as Allah's messenger and as a man, with the normal responsibilities of a man is well documented with the utmost scrutiny and verifications called "Hadith" and the information is available to the world.

    I am reading "In Search of the Prophet" in's publication a few days after the 60 Minutes broadcast of Jerry Falwell which illustrated the vast ignorance about Islam and the Prophets life by the disbelievers. Jerry Falwell has called Islam's founder and most sacred figure, Mohammed, "a terrorist." There was no Muslim or Islamic point of view and the false statements of Jerry Falwell went unchallenged. So thank you for bringing Allah's Rahmah to the attention of those who love Prophet Muhammad.

    An Imam once said during a Friday Kutbah that Prophet Muhammad was known to make Dua for all of the inhabitants of creation. It is the sincere prayer of the rightly guided that Allah grants of His good to all of creation the best situation and circumstance "Islam".

    May Allah guide the world's population to come to know Prophet Muhammad and reward you for "In Search of the Prophet", Ameen.

    "Man plans and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of planners"

  59. Nasharuddin Alazmi from MALAYSIA


    I feel very disgusted by the latest remark labeling our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a "terrorist". Indeed, the person who issued this statement has revealed his ignorance of true virtues of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Far from being a terrorist, Allah s.w.t had instilled into him with the virtues of caring ,loving and mercy since his early childhood . Take this lovely siraa' as an example......

    "...Once done with the funeral of Siti Aminah, the villagers of Abua went home, leaving Muhammad and his nanny, Ummu Aiman as the sun was setting down the horizon...

    Muhammad sat down near his mother's fresh grave in utter silence with tears running down his cheeks. Ummu Aiman upon realising the sorrow of the child came closely to Muhammad caressing his hair lovingly and said " Dearest Muhammad, have patience my child! Let's go home... it's almost nightfall "

    Muhammad drowned in his sadness and grief (as he was only 6 then) answered..."Where shall I go now, O Ummu Aiman?...My father had died long ago and now I have lost my beloved mother too...." Upon hearing this, from a little boy, Ummu Aiman shuddered suddenly. She cried and cried; trying hard to hold back the remorse she felt for this little child..."

    (Extracted and Translated From "Kisah-Kisah An'biaa" (The Stories Of Prophets) compiled by Ustaz Safuan Fathi, Kuala Lumpur)


  60. Parvez from India

    Got tears to my eyes. There are a couple of inaccuracies but we all know what the good prof meant to convey.

    May Allah bless you.

  61. savannah priester from united states

    O prophet alla I did not talk to u ever now u think we are mean

  62. Daoud Ali from US

    Salaamu alaykum,

    A beautiful piece. So many of us miss the forrest for the trees. The actions of our beloved Prophet ought to be remembered and rehearsed more often than his words.

    Jazak Allah Khair.

  63. Mohammed Nabi from USA

    Alhamdu-Lillah, This article was just beautiful. How so many qualities of our beloved Prophet (PBUH)were portrayed in it. Peace be unto you.

  64. Halima Mohamed from U.S.A

    This is the best artical I have ever read. It helps me remember to control my bad actions. Hereing how the prophet(PBUH) was a good role modle makes me a better person every day.

  65. zilzaal azzizi from Washington, DC/USA

    The Editor/IslamiCity:

    Salamun `alaykum. I applaud Professor Saadullah Khan for his touching and moving words of adoration and love for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

    And while I fully accept and endorse the sentiments and historical references expressed in this eulogy, I am duty bound to question the literary technique utilized by the Professor in his "direct address to the Prophet" as if he were alive!

    Throughout the article (except for the quote from Professor Ramakrishna Rao), Imam Khan addressed the Prophet (according to English grammar) in the 'vocative case'; that is, 'direct address to the Messenger' as if he were alive!

    Now, ordinarily this may not appear to be a problem and could be considered a minor point; however, under Islamic ethical rules for evoking eulogy, it is highly questionable to 'directly address' someone who is deceased, and especially so when that person is no other than our noble Prophet who is no longer around.

    This type of 'direct' address is undoubtedly problematic from a Islamic standpoint. However, I am not, in any way, shape or form, impugning the Professor's good intention. But, I do fear that others may not discern the narrow distinction between what is simple, personal adoration versus saint worship, a practice very well known in the Indian subcontinent.

    It is for this very reason that the Prophet's grave in Medinah is vigilantly safeguarded by Saudi police to prevent pilgrims from engaging in worship of the deceased Prophet at his gravesight. We are also are very familiar with the innovation (bid`ah) of Milad/Ta`zim, practiced especially around the Prophet's birthday.

    Above all, the primary reason I question this 'form of direct address' to our deceased Prophet is that the Noble Qur'an itself has stated explicity in more than one verse: 'those in graves cannot hear...'

    Thus, we have to be careful when expressing public eulogy on the personality of Allah's Messenger in the 'vocative' case.

  66. Deeko Hassan from U.S.A.

    Masha-Allah, it is amazing how the Prophet is described, we never know some of the many blessing the Prophet have done for all humanity. and we are still ignoret about his seera's.

  67. wish to reamin unamed from America

    yes i liked this article. for once i have found an article of peace and tranquility. you speak of your love fro allah yet you say it in a pias way as if you are not trying to be to bostful.

    i congrgulate you on a good article.

  68. Shalen muhammed from U .S .A

    I shalon have read your article on the be loved prophet muhammed (pbuh)and would like to say from my heart that was a very beautiful and adoring and a great admiration on the belove prophet.Iwould like to stress for once that I have seen by the help of allah praises be to him that all life exemplifies the prophet (s.a.w)may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his companions and followers and may Allah guide and protect you in the present and future.

  69. samiya from U.S.


    it was a good massege that you send me this is not

    even a commen but Iam just thank you for send me

    such massege thank you please keep it up.

  70. Abdullah from USA

    As Salaamu Alaykum,

    While reading Sahih Al-Bukhari, I read that there a Ghazwa Al-Jamal. However, the Hadith did not explain it but just mentioned it.

    What was this expedition about?

    What was the outcome of this expedition?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated Insha Allah.


    Brother Abdullah.

  71. Tariq Ismail Parkar from Mumbai-India

    exellent commentary based on fact of life from

    our prophet(pbu).We hope every muslim should read

    this to understand our duties towards religion humainity,society & brotherwood .We should practice all this in our practical life while dealing with other.Specially I will request our youth to come forward in order to regain our status & image which has tarnished due to

    act of terrorisom in the name of Jihad.I will request the youths to explore the world through

    education,reserch,personality,selfrespect based on

    study from Quran & prophet's(pbu) life & let the

    world realised Islam is only model religion to

    be embraced.

    tariq parkar,Mumbai-INDIA

  72. Kemi Alimi from Nigeria

    I want to thank people like you at Islamicity for keeping us in touch with our religion. This publication came at the time when I was having doubts about some aspects of Islam and you have helped put me back in focus.Although I am not a very good muslim, I am trying my best and praying Almighty Allah to make things easier for us all. My Allah continue to guide us in our quest to serve Him (Amin).

  73. lotfi from U.S.A

    Assalaamu alaakoum

    I am looking for the whole story of the Prophet Mussa "Moses" in English ,also ,if you have a copy of the book called "Genocide in the holy land

    thank you

  74. sayedqazi from USA

    O ummati,you have been left with the Sunnah of his(SAW)and belie not nor belittle it by trivializing his(SAW)bequest.You honor yourself by wanting to appear like him(SAW),by imitating his customs outwardly.Not trivializing his(SAW)appearance to a source of polemical futility you make easy for others not to fall prey to belying his(SAW) noble appearance nor allowing yourself to be unlike him(SAW)in humility.That by being thus are you emulating him(SAW)in mercy.

    O ummati,do you not know that his(SAW)inheritors are the possessors of sacred knowledge and on who was conferred the status of Anbiya(AS).O ummati what prevents you from being amongst such?

    O ummati did he(SAW) not tell you that he(SAW)and iblees will never found in the same place?Why,O ummati do you then look for him(SAW)where iblees rules the roost,where disputation abounds.

    O ummati,that he(SAW)was the Rehmat-ul-lil-alameen was manifested in each of his actions and was not merely a dimension of his(SAW).O,ummati do you not see his(SAW)mercy when he (SAW) asked you to emulate him(SAW), as much as you can,in what he recommended as good and desist totally from which he forbade.And did he(SAW)not forbid needless arguments as they lead to rancor.O,ummati why do you need crutches to see him(SAW).

    O ummati why do we we become deaf dumb and blind in order to see him(SAW).Deaf to his(SAW) pronouncement that he is leaving his(SAW)sunnah behind with the Quran and it was transmitted to you and me.Blind ourselves to him by picking and choosing of what we will take from and of him(SAW) and rationalizing rest.Making ourselves dumb with needless disputation leading to arrogance at following sunna and justifications for abandoning it.O ummati do we not realize that neither was his way.O ummati when again will we love each other.O ummati you and I can never adore him(SAW) until we love what he(SAW)loved.That o ummati was Ummati.

    Sayed Z.Qazi

    Las Vegas

  75. anifowoshe jamiu from nigeria


  76. shaikhsulaiman from india

    Dear Brother in islam ,

    salaamun Alaikum !

    Thanks alot for your islamic scriptures through this site. Almighty Allah bless in your all islamic activities.

    Yours in Islam , Taaleb - e - Duah :

    Shaikh Sulaiman .

  77. Toyyibah Yusuf from NIGERIA

    Asallam alaikum,

    I read the write-up and enjoyed it.It is full of truth and admiration for the Prophet of Allah.It also reminds a muslim of the duty to propagate islam to the entire world.

    I pray that Almighty Allah leads each and every one of us in the right path,Inshallah.





  79. MUHAMMED KASSIM from india(kerala->malappuram)

    assalamu alaikkum,

    your website was extremely fantastic!.

    it is realy helpful for students.

  80. Ibrahim Warsame from United States

    Mashallah, Beautiful. May Allah bless you.

  81. Muhammad Zakir Khan from Pakistan

    I have just received a mail which carries page of a book published in India carrying the picture of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW. Please look into the matter and try to stop the distribution of the book. I would like to forward you the page but can't because I don't have your email address.

  82. berriah el maghchouch from australia

    dear brother in islam I have read what you

    have written about our propht it relly just makes

    peaple thank about haw our propht relly mad people think about islam if the muslims today followed his example the muslims would be much better of and it relly dose make

    a diffrens when muslims act out islam in the right way because our islam is much more important

    then anger and pain and people should now that islam is not just for the muslims but it is for every one that is why the propht pbu treted every

    one and every liveing thing in the best possible way that is why he is an example for man kind and

    what a butiful examaple he is relly thank my brother in islam imam saadullah khan for his butiful writeing sallam alakem

  83. Chana from USA

    Shall we spend our energies trying to imitate

    the prophet Muhammed who is but a man

    when we can strive to be like the Almighty

    himself. What about the parts of Quran which

    instruct not so distinguish between the

    prophets? Why not then aspire as much to be

    like Abraham or Moses or even Jesus?

  84. abdur rahman from USA

    This is indeed a very moving and eloquent piece of article. The author has magnificently described the beautiful qualities of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). My heartfelt respect to the author for his noble work!

  85. aliyu yahyah from nigeria

    this is the most elequent testimony i presonaly ve ever read in the net!this will go a long way in making brothers who re busy chating or viewing site that re prohibited to their eyes,i pray this true and elequent testimony will continued.assalamu allaikum

  86. Raymond Rasheed from USA

    The article has good intentions, and I like its atempt to bring the seriousness of living Al-Islam. Practicing the ritual is necessary to awaken our conscience to our responsibility.

    I have a problem with saying that the Prophet BLESS the sinful woman to entry PARADISE



    May be peace upon you.The work you are doing is not possible to explain in words. It is beyond immagination. I heartly congratulate you and pray to Almighy ALLAH for your all success.

    If you have more information about Prophet S


  88. tariq from usa

    overall good. But I did want to point out

    that emulating the sunnah, reading and

    teaching Quran, hadith and so on (things

    mentioned in the article) and emulating

    the Akhlaq of the prophet also sunnah are

    not mutually exclusive. Even though I think

    that is not what the author intended to say

    yet it can be read that way.

    The paragraph that caputered the akhlaq and

    care of our prophet (saw) was very good. That

    is why people flocked to him.

    mohammed (saw) was sent as a messenger and

    that is what he did, deliver the message of

    ALLAH, it is upto to us to follow the message.

    I hope we can develop tolerance for all,

    including the mullah that everyone dislikes.

  89. Mohamad K Yusuff from Washington,DC --USA



    Salamun `alaykum! Thank for the opportunity to provide comments.

    I am in general agreement with the contents of Professor Saadullah Khan's reflection: "In Search of the Prophet."

    However, I do raise a question on his direct address to: "O Prophet of Allah"--a literary device he used over four times in this piece.

    While I understand that this is merely a rhetorical technique, it is nonetheless a questionable device for many reasons, including the fact that the Prophet (pbuh) is no longer among us. Hence, to address him in such a 'direct' manner is religiously problematic.

    From an Islamic viewpoint, we do not, as a matter of principle, issue pleas to those who have have passed away--not to saints, not to imams, not to scholars, and not even to Prophets!

    I do know that this is a practice that is done in certain parts of the world, but this is something that is also disapproved within Islam.

    Above all, however, the Noble Qur'an tells us: 'you cannot make the dead hear....'

    Finally, Professor Khan, in this enlightening and thought-provoking piece, has opened up for us a new vista in understanding and correctly interpreting the Prophetic sunnah.

    Wa salamun `alaykum!

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    Thank you for the beautiful writing about Prophet Muhammad.Hope as many people take benefit of this article. May God bless you.

    sister norazizah.




    dear brothers thanks very much for this website

    its realy helping a lot.Weare in a world that

    behaves very negatively to the QURAN and SUNNAHS

    But inshaalah GOD WILL HELP US FOLLOW

    THEM as the prophet s,a,w. did

    My question is HEAR IN EAST AFRICA theres aritual

    that a lot of people are doing thus MAULID.Me as

    a {TAALIBAN}ISLAMIC STUDENT to me i see it as

    haram thus BIDAH {INNOVATIONS}.Pleas as a muslim brother help

  92. Umm Khalid from Saudi Arabia

    As-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

    Jazaakum Allaah Khayr for this article.

    With reference to the story, it was a man who drank water from a well and gave drink to a thristy dog from his shoe. He was rewarded with Paradise for this act of kindness. There is also a story about a woman who was cruel to cat. She did not give it food or water. She would kick it and show other forms of cruelty. Her sins were not forgiven and she was sent to Hell.

    In addition, the article mentioned >. Is there such a word as sainthood in Islaam?

    Your sister in Islaam, Umm Khalid

  93. Faisal Khan from USA

    This is awesome. It really touched my heart.

  94. Abd Rahman Hyder from Malaysia

    Thank you for another excellent article.

    May I suggest that you have more stories about the Holy Prophet and his companions ....... we desperately need role models in our "modern" everyday life.

  95. Anne Marie Habibi from halifax, nova scotia canada

    Salam Alyi Koam Brothers and Sisters

    Peace be with you

    Indeed your essay was very nice.

    I however believe We are the Messiah, the Prophets, the Manifestations of God and People of Spirit a Living Messiah in the Multitudes. We are all Messengers of God/Allah.

    Essentail Allah said he breathed his spirit into mankind Surrah 15 Ayat 28-29.

    The Spirit God breathed into them was The Holy Spirit therefore We are all Holy beings.

    God expects each of us to do his bidding and he speaks to each of Us.

    We are Messenegrs of God, bringing Allah's Message that We all need education and counseling.

    I would love to discus this with any of you interested.

    Please email me [email protected]

  96. Nazrin Ashraf from U.S.A

    This is a beautiful piece. I do believe that we

    try so hard to the right thing by doing big things

    and forget the simplest of things that Islam

    stands for.

  97. abdulhamidbamba from Ghana

    Thank very much for the wonderful praises to the holy prophet Muhammed ,may Allah bless the who compose it and the one who published it,i'm really glard of it.Please may be it may interest to know that i've appointed as Regional Imam of Ghana Muslim Students Association,with you in mind i believe i'll get much advice from you,so please tell me some of the things that need to be done world wide as far as Islam is concern,give much advice,tell me about the qualities of imamship and a whole lot that i can get from you,without much i write i'll end here and pray that may Allah the almighty help all of us,ameen.

  98. Shamim Ahsan from Bangladesh

    I felt the expression to be very thoughtfully elaborated. I have felt the need to know the prophet ever since my childhood. I used to ask questions about him all the time to my grandmother who did commit some suras to her memory and could recite them in her salaat without understanding the meaning of any one of them since she, like almost the rest of the nearly whole population of Bangladesh and the rest of the muslims of the non-arabic speaking muslim world did not know arabic. Ever since my growing up years and now, a PhD student in an US university, I kept experiencing the ignorance of the muslim ummah no matter at which level they are. I have seen all kinds of communication style except the right kind taught by my beloved prophet among the muslims of every part of the world. The self-centeredness of the individual muslims and ritualistically irregular and uncomprehended practice of islam is very much against our being the role model of the righteous living standard the greatest instructor of the world has lived and taught us with. For the muslims knowing the prophet is like finding everything. The living Qur'an, he was as living was during his time as he is now. He is there with his guidance if we want to find him. We all need to find him and emulate his model of living to live a community life of a member of the muslim world. Individual struggle to know the prophet is good but it should also become a community effort. All muslims of the world need to know that there is no standard of living other than that of Islam and human concscience or technological advancement are not good source of learning morals or developing living standards. The only way to live a life is to live like the prophet has taught us by living the Qur'an and for that we need to search him and find him.

  99. sikandar ali from pakistan





  100. Aziz Ahmad from Singapore

    As we know the prophet Muhammad s.a.w is of the greatest example to follow in all time, the joy is in understanding his sunnah and trying in our level best of what is upon us to follow it. We can never be a replica of the great prophet but our journey in following in his footsteps is the greatest reward. i believe the best path is to have evergrowing love for allah and when our love and admiration for him increases we will be in the right path on the journey to follow in Muhammed(S.A.W)'s footsteps.

    In all i find the writing a interesting one on this supposed journey in life, and in this its our duty to understand why certain actions were done rather than look at the surface of the actions of our beloved prophet(S.A.W) and learn from the lessons. We should not waste our time with useless banters of groups who claim exclusive rights or dress like the prophet(S.A.W)but instead understand the meaning and way of life and in time we will find ourself embracing it automaticaly.


    Aziz Miqaayil Ahmad

  101. Syed Ateeq from USA


    Allah Subhana Wataala has send us to worship Him and The holy Quran says " We have created Jinn and human for My worship. So let us start with Salath 5 Times, and Allah SWT says " Remember me in the dawn and Dust" The meaning of rememberering Allah Subhana wa Taala is Zikar.

    Remember Allah when you eat, sit, sleep, and work and so on. The one who does not remember Allah is like a Dead man. So May Allah SWT guide us the right direction and guidance to worship Him.

    Aameen Summa Aameen

  102. SA from USA


    Very nice... but one thing I thought needed to be pointed out (I think it must have been a slip) - Allah SWT is the one who blesses with Paradise, so far as I was aware, the most the Prophet (SAW) can do is interceded for his followers, inshaAllah, on the day of Judgement.

    Salam. 🙂

  103. LEILA Ahmed- Abdullahi from Canada

    Wow masha'allah..This artical indeed made me feel saddened that I don't know that much of my prophet (pbh) God forgive me. This artical should make you feel and think about how wonderfull our prophet is and how much Allah must love us to send us a prophet of his character..subhan'allah

    keep up the good work for all that is good is straight from Allah and that which is bad is not

  104. shabnam from Australia

    As-salaam-alaikum. This piece is so beautifully written. mashallah. it brings tears to the eyes.

  105. Ahmed Chadli from USA


    This is an excellent article. Please continue to publish this kind of work. It truly targeted the soul of Islam and the heart of our prophet's example. It establish a pertinent diagnosis to, in my opinion, the most difficult obstacle for dawa in non-Muslim societies. We need to teach our brothers and sisters that the sunah is not mainly about appearance but fundamentally about the prophet exemplifying behavior and his constant care about humanity. That was and remains the only way to get people interested in Islam.

    Jazakum Allah khayr

  106. Biena Mubashir from canada

    I really liked the article"In search of prophet".I completely agree with everything write in it esp. the part where the writer has written that we adopt only those sunnahs of prophet that suit us culturally or personally.May God help us all to be more and more like our prophet (p.b.u.h)in our day to day lives irrespective of what really suit us.World will become a much better place to live and muslims will regain their self esteem and respect.That we lack the most these days and main cause of our down-troddenness too.

  107. mohamed iqbal ahmed from india







  108. Marian Musse from USA

    Jazza Kala Khair, May Allah lead us to the path of profet Mohamad peace and blessing be upon Him.

  109. Allia B. Ahmed from USA

    Salam aliekum and thank you for this lovely writing about the Prophet. I'm always gleaning wonderful things from your website and thanking the God for bringing me to Islam from a Christian background all my life. From the darkness into the light. I was surfing the internet one day just comparing religions and found 'the call' for prayer on an audio format. Once I heard it I couldn't stop listening to it. I didn't understand it but the meaning spoke clearly to my heart. I'm a Muslim now for 2 years and so happy to have this great love of Allah deep in my heart. Thank you for making a wonderful place for me to learn and grow as a sister in Islam. I will pray for you all and thank the God for the blessings from your great work!



  110. Said Elkhodary from USA

    Your words brought tears to my eyes, since September 11, I have been talking with all my fellow Muslims about how we should promote the Prophet's (MPBH)life, behavior and attitude. To try to be like the Prophet (MPBH) is not only by growing your beard but to also act like him, be the kind man, the merciful, the compassionate, the beloved by all people not only muslims. Please write more about him, and give us the sources to find information about his life in simple english so that we can distribute among muslims and non muslims. Jazakum Allah Kheir. Salamo Alaikum

  111. Aliakbar Ronak from India

    The current bulletin was the best so far recieved, your other bulletins were equally good.

    The current want is the best because it is trying to shake the consience of the Muslims, to enlightens us beyond praying five times a day namaz and reading quran. please keep on giving us such info.

  112. Ariel and Zion - the beginning and the end - Portal and Place

    Before the heavens and earth were established, there was God.

    He then created and adopted mankind into the Family of God. And God defined the means to identify those who were to be His and those whom He would reject.

    If you are a son of God, you then act like one.

    This is how you will know those who abide in The Lord. Do they behave as servant or son? Do they rule their spirit as one with discernment; or have they given themselves over to depravity, and as such clothe themselves with shame and are forced to labor?

    You shall know them by their fruits.

  113. Haroon Sait from Saudi Arabia

    Pls. send me some mails on Prophet and the hadis. on marriage, justice and other religion matters so that we can forward to all muslim brothers and sisters. thank you, jazakalah. brother in islam haroon sait

  114. Abdul Ghaffur from Brooklyn, NY

    As-Salaamu Alaykum Rahmatullah wa-Barakatahu

    Bismillah ar-Rahman ir-Rahim,

    Thank you brother for such a beautiful and refreshing statement.

    May Allah open our hearts and minds to the reality and power of the Rahman, of the Rahim, of the Wad'ud.

    Ya Wad'ud, Ya Wad'ud, Ya Wad'ud.

    May the light that shines through the heart of the beloved prophet (S.A.W.S.) illuminate the path, that we may travel it.

    Wa Salaamu Alaykum


    Assalamu Alaikum va rahmathullahi va barakatuhu!

    A very fine and thought provoking writeup. Compasssion and Love of fellow being, essence of the message of Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi va sallam,is really ignored nowadays.

    Thanking you,


  116. Abdur Rakib from United Kingdom

    Invoking the name of the prophet (SAWS)is not problably the apppropriate way to convey the message. 'If you ask, ask of Allaah, if you seek help seek help of Allaah)), [Transmitted by at-Tirmidhee] Even if Allah (SWT) transmits the message, the reply of Muhammad (SAWS)would not normally be heard.

    Is it being suggested that the books of the Salaf did not conform to the Quran and Sunnah (quote 'I did not find you in the books of fatwa' - unquote)? This is a fundamental point of the Deen. Please clarify the matter.

    Quran 3:32 - Obey Allah and the messenger(SAWS).

    Obeying the commandments of the messenger is more important than following his actions (those not commanded to follow). Are we setting a rule that those who talk about following the messenger's commands must also propagate following his (SAWS) actions which may be voluntarily followed and not part of the obligatory duties for an individual or those in authority). Should we not get our priority right?

    The people who are keen to highlight the compassionate side of the prophet (SAWS) seem to ignore his commands and actions pertaining to the kuffar and their allies. Consider the noble verses of the Quran ordering to enjoin the good and forbid the evil, fighting the Ahle Kitabi (9:29), the ayat of the Sword (9:5) and the like.

    There is no compassion for the kuffar as long as they do not surrender to the Muslims 'Fight them until there is no more fitnah (shirk, opression) and religion is entirely Allah's' Quran 2:193

    There is no need to be apologetic for Islam and its principles. It would not help Islam. The dawah of Islam must not ignore the commandments of Allah and his messenger (SAWS). We can then look at the individual aspects of compassion and non-obligatory duties and acts - they should not be the starting and end point by any means.

    May I request Islamicity to publish those articles backed up solid evidence from the Quran and sunnah.

    May Allah help us all.

  117. Bin Mohammed from USA

    The countless virtues coupled with the scope of mission accomplished and and its everlasting impact on humanity is puzzling.May Allah give us the wisdom to fathom.

  118. Yoosuf R abdALLAH_ghafoor from USA

    asSalaamu Alaikum: The author truly captures

    the sense of those who know our Prophet-

    saw, through duty and not through devotion.

    ALLAH describes Him as He should be

    known, not as He is be regarded and so His

    wives and His Companions revered Him

    without any semblance of adoration. Women,

    children and the needy came to know Him as

    their defender and place of refuge, yet the

    enemies of Islaam came to know Him as a

    force to be reckoned with. All of this is well

    documented and yet we, the mighty Muslims,

    look for heroes and answers when we have

    them all here, standing before us, calling us

    to success, as success can only be defined -

    if only we would listen with our hearts and not

    just hear with our minds!

  119. Fariba from UAE

    You are very right!! at last someone spoke the truth about we muslims. I wish, we could at least practice 5%of what he thought us in our daily life. I Wish I Wish (what you describe as our Messenger Mohammed SAWS was very butifule Thank you)

  120. adele devalcourt from usa

    It is really nice that this week we got a message that we can use in our lives as practiving muslims. thank you. i feel that the last month or so it has been more like the news and stuff that i dont know about. that is great to educate people about what is going on in the world and to take action but, i would like to learn more about my deen and how i can be a better muslim. asalam alaikum wa barakatu

  121. LOUBNA NASSER from U.S.


  122. Nasser Kanawati from USA

    Excellent note. The sentence "O Prophet of Allah, why is it that so many of us who claim to be of you refuse to be like you." says it all.

    Wish this can be read by all humans, not just Muslims (who have to read it).

  123. Hajja Tijaniyya from United States

    I was very moved by this beautiful of expression of love for the Prophet (SAW) and the struggle to be like him. It is only by increasing our Taqwa that we can approach his SAW) example of perfect submission to Allah in all aspects of our lives. Moreover, in our "search for the Prophet(SAW)", we must remember and reflect upon these Words of Allah:

    An Nabiyyu Awlaa Bil Muminina Min Anfusihum 33:6

    (The Prophet is Closer

    To the Believers Than

    Their Own Selves)

  124. Muhammad Abdulsalam from USA

    We are not supposed to "Adore" any one other than Allah (swt), not even his prophets, peace be upon them. Let us not stray into the error of the Jesus-adoring Chrsitians.

    Besides tha however, this bulletin makes an EXCELLENT point about LOVE as being the most important aspect of the prophet's personality and of Allah's nature as well, rather than the anger and intolerance that has become ingrained in too many Muslim institutions and persons...

  125. Sr. Lisa Newlin from United Arab Emirates

    Ma sha'allah! jazakumallahu khayran---This is just what I needed to hear and just when I needed it. I've always felt this in my heart, but had yet, until now, to hear it from a learned muslim.

  126. Mary Barry from USA

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    The writing regarding our beloved Prophet(pbuh)was

    so true and so moving. Truly it gives us all some things

    to remember, and pray inshallah we will remember

    more often & attempt to emulate.

    May Allah reward the writer, both in this world & in the


    My salaams,

    Sr. Mary

  127. zakir hussain from india

    I FEEL MY DREAMS COMES TRUE no more to say.By grace of Allah almighy .YOUR BROTHER IN ISLAM

  128. Rahma Khalid from Australia

    I agree 100% about following the sunnah of the prophet Mohammad(SAW). Our 24hr daily life should be in reviving his sunnah. For eg. If we sleep the way he slept(on our right sides reciting the masnoon do'a) then the angels will write in our books that we are infact worshipping Allah ta'ala while we are sleeping in our warm beds. The same applies for eating and going to the toilet, if we do these acts following the sunnah, then they are considered worship. Rasulallah(SAW) said, "Whoever revives my sunnah at the time of fitna and corruption will get the reward of 100 shaheed."

  129. A. Rashied Omar from South Africa

    What an inspirational piece. ruly uplifting and nurturing within the reader greater affection for the personality traits of Prophet Muhammad.

  130. bernard webb from USA

    Reading this as a Christian, I am touched, because I have wished to read more of this sort of perspective. The world now needs so badly that those of religious faith, whatever, would emulate the great prophetic heros of the past in simple terms of ethical behavior, with tenderness, care of others and the creation of peace. Perhaps we would all do well to examine what it is in our religious zeal that stands in the way of such an ethical approach. Perhaps we might all choose to lay aside for a time all religious practices and fromalities of prayer and ritual and substitute a newfound zeal for a life that reflects the true and one God that is within all of our religions.

  131. zeeshan from USA-originally from pakistan

    simply beautiful.

  132. Jason Rhoton from united states

    Alhamdulillah! Insha Allah may we all strive to be more like the Prophet PBUH in the truest sense of what it means. We should follow the essence, of his example, the compassion, the piety, the equality, thrift, and bravery.


    Tears are running down my cheeks as I am reading this.

  134. Bakhtiar Mohammed Faridi from USA.

    It is beautifully written,I Loved every single word.Hope Allah will have mercy on each of every muslim.Ameen.

  135. saiyed hussain shahbazi from pakistan

    its just beautiful,mashallah

  136. kamal from south africa


    i also wanted to comment but cannot add what have not already said. how do we calm our turbulend souls in this atmospher of hopelessness.

    we all pray but still we are killed and subjugated. we are driven from our homes , our sacred mosque`s doors have been slammed in our face by zionis... we are branded like cattle for wearing a beard...

    what do we do ????

    i always remember your famous quote...


    all this is happening while 1,2 billion claim to be part of this faith !!



  137. MJNottoli from USA

    The comments of Imam Sudallah in November are truely beautiful. To bad the "cartoons" spoilt the overall impression.

    Although I am not Muslim, I sincerely believe there is but One God and He is the Creator of all. We are, therefore, all His children. How, I wonder, will He treat those of us who, like Cain, kill our brother Abel, no matter the "reason".

  138. Muhammad Ali from USA

    A very refreshing writeup. There is need for helping Muslims to re-focus more on the spirit of the Messenger's message, and the spirit behind his conduct, rather than focus on the rituals, frozen in time, many of which are contrived and contrary to the spirit of the Messenger's message and conduct.

    We complain, correctly, about American bombing killing civilians in Afghanistan. Yet we ignore the killing of thousands of Muslims, by Muslims, in Afghanistan, killings which are justified in defense of Islam. How is it possible for Muslims who comprehend Muhammad's teachings properly, to this to other Muslims? Clearly we are focussed on form rather than substance, and using Islam as a cover to justify ethnic and political tussles.

    I sincerely hope that Muslims can reform themselves, and develop the courage to interpret the Quran and Sunnah, without violating the true spirit of Muhammad's message and conduct.

  139. DrIqbal from India

    i really thank the Imaam &islamicity for showing me by way of this article the true essence of following the prophets way of life.& i do agree with the comments which show the reality inwhich muslim ummah , especially Indian muslim is in. thanks


  140. Nour Yimam from USA

    This article depicts the reality with the Muslim Ummah. Jezakelahu Kheirn.

  141. osman adem from USA: Seattle, WA

    Gezklaker, brother it was very enlignting article. I liked it and gain knowlege from it and I am sure many more will do the same. Keep up a good work. Shukern and happy and prosperous remadan

  142. tony cisse from UK

    Dear Prof.Khan & Islamicity,

    It is hard to express all my thanks to you for this beutiful true it brought tears to my eyes, after struggling to listen to harsh and intolerant kutubahs. What a wonderful present for this ramadan, and a present to share with others!

    Thank you again and may Allah be with you

  143. Hala Riad from Egypt

    I started to receive your bulletin a few months back, I find it quite informative and interesting but in the last bulletin I received I read this phrase "O Prophet of Allah, you have certainly been adored by many much more worthy than I." which might mislead non muslims that our Prophet is worshipped by muslims because you used the word "adored".

    Best Regards


  144. abdul amohamed from usa

    A lot of us Muslims read articles like this and just weep. and then go about our lives. Sad. Sad . Sad. Thats all we do.

    I feel so bad and ashamed about all of us who call ourselves Muslms, that if Allah (swt) throws all of us into Hellfire it will be fitting.

    Besides barely holding onto the Tawheed, we failed in everything else Allah and His Prophet has prescribed for. So why should we deserve Paradise.

    It is a disgrace that the best of mankind, the most noble of all , was sent to us to teach us everything and be a mercy to us, but we only know him by name and thats it.

    What a shame. Whaat a shame.

  145. FAUZIA ASLAM from USA


  146. Fatimah Jackson from Canada

    I thank you for posting the beautiful words of Imam Saadullah Khan. It was meaningful and touched my heart. Salaams

  147. Tajudeen Shah from United Arab Emirates

    Alhamdulillahi rabbil aalamin. ( this exppression rolled up, swelled and exploded as an impact, the under current, of your words about our master, prophet Mohd. (pbuh) Assalatu wassalamu ala rasool Allah.(ASMWASM)In the name of God, the Omniscient,

    Dear brother, I felt like, upon reading your expressions, repeating each and every point of these solid facts to our brotheres around. Allah is witness that my eyes burned, turned red, hot crystal drops rolled up. During this holy month of Ramdan, this attempt is immensly laudable and I wish all mankind might have accessed to it, who ever could read and understand, enjoyed it and attained the blessings for dining upon this feast of love and recognition! amin. May Allah, Insha Allah bless us all with His merci, bounty and fogiveness in both the worlds. amin. What I observe is that, as you contemplated rightly, we, muslim brothers are lagging behind in applying and spreading what we have learnt, by Allah's grace, among our other brothers. Blessed be the name our Lord, the most merciful, full of bounty and honor!

    I would appreciate your concentration in publishing, sure bringing in to public notice, each example with its relevant details of how our master acted, reacted, stood for and judged on different occasions of life. Hadits are there, but, a simplified english version with a bit of historical references will still be enticing to nonmuslim brothers as well. May Allah accept and bless us with His best of rewards for all the halal thoughts, deeds and prayers we offer unto him. amin.

    I would appreciate a contextual approach to the present crisis all over this beautiful globe,in a way that would help those down trodden innocent human beings who undergo ferocious brutalities perennially. Some Quranic ref, & sayings of the prophet would be very useful,if carefully selected, composed and published. May Allah eleminate the blaze of man-made annihilations from this world anon! amin.

    Pls pray for us all. ASMWM. Salm.

  148. Iqbal Basith from India

    This is one of the finest descriptions of the Prophet that I have read in a long time.

    I share the opinion that the Prophet should be projected both in his exalted position as the true Messenger of God as well as a compassionate human being who did everyday things as we all do.

    Unfortunately in this country the Prophet is projected as the messenger who should be emulated only in his practise of the religion but his compassion towards orphans,children,his wives and other less privilaged people is never promoted much less emulated by the muslims.

    It is unfortunate that we have reached a state of such intolerance and indifference that we have forgotten the teachings of the Quran which state explicitly that it is with compassion that one has to deal with the unbelievers and the less privilaged and which the Prophet displayed through every action of his.

    This is one quality that needs to be stressed upon in this country where religious passions are always high.

  149. Sulayman Abed from The Netherlands

    This article brought tears to my eyes and I am most grateful to Imam Saadullah Khan for this. I will circulate widely among fellow Muslims and non-Muslims because it is clear messages like this that distinguish our glorious deen and potentially removes bias.

    Masha-Allah and please keep up your valuable work.


    Sulayman Abed-The Netherlands

  150. mohamed_zaidouni from france

    Allahouma salli ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad kama salayta ala Ibrahima wa ala ali Ibrahim ,wa barik ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad kama barakta ala Ibrahim wa ala ali Ibrahim fi'l alamina innaka hamidoun majid. Allahouma salli ala sayidinna Muhammadin nabiyi'l oumiyi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim. Allahouma salli ala mMuhammadin sayidi rossouli wa'l anbiyaa'a,wa salli ala Muhammadin imami'l abrari wa'l atkiyaa'a,wa salli ala Muhammadin kudwati(example) ' l' awliyaa'a wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim tasliman kathiran. avant tout je vous remercie de votre article dont le titre est "a la recherche du prophete"salla Laho alayhi wa salam , let us make lots of prayers on the prophet each moment in every single day,in the way to make the love of the prophet comes in our hearts.The prophet is the only Example to follow for a Mumin, but are we really Mumin? The prophet tells us about some signs of a real Mumin ,for example as in the story with sayidina Omar (RAA):to be a real Mumin we have to love our prophet more than every thing,more than our work;more than our wives,more than our childrens,more than our parents,....more than our selves (nafs alati bayna janbayka),the other point is that as we are attached just to Dounia we are just interested in way the prophet was dressed (salla Laho alayhi wa sallam),and the way He used to eat(salla Lahoalayhi wa sallam),for sure the muslim must try as possible to live his life the way the prophet lived ,but what we forget is the spiritual way of living of the prophet, i mean love of ALLAH,fear of ALLAH, rahma of Allah,to be always in the presence of ALLah,Jihad al akbar(nafs).....But no one wants to make Jihad to his nafs,because it's more easy to kill a brother,a woman,or a child,who attest that there's no god but Allah,and Muhammad is His messenger,than making jihad to the one's real enemy:the NAFS.We have to love MUHAMMAD,and His family

  151. attiya imdad from pakistan

    an excellent piece of thought provoking nature, honestly i have never tried to love my prophet the way the writer tried to bring in the angle of just not imitating him(PBUH) but rather trying to be like him.i would be careful in future and wish that you all do the same also.We have to become like him in nature not like him in appearance only.jazak Allah wa kharain

  152. Shakir Siddiqi from Canada

    Assalamoalaikum,It is the spread of Wahabism added with materialism, which puts greatest emphasis on the performance of rituals and virtually zero emphasis on character that is causing most problems like terrorism, sunnis killing shias and vice versa. We need to start a massive educational effort to counter these two "isms" in order to take the muslim community out of darkness. Shakir

  153. jameel quasim from india


    I wholly agree with yur veiw.This is a desease which is spreading among us .I pray to Allah that we wake up and follow the real teachings of Islam and be an example to the rest of humankind.After all the whole race belongs to Allah,Almighty and He is one to guide us through the right path.Lets not be an eye sore in the eyes of humanity and spoil the name of our beloved Prophet for our personal gains.

    May Allah forgive us and guide us on the right path.Ameen



  154. Salad A. Nur from United States

    These are wonderful words that touched me deeply as it seems to have touched the heart of the author.

  155. quratulaine from united states

    asalaam a lakum

    This is great. i mean how many people follow our prophet's sunnah. we have muslim brothers and sisters having kafir as their role models but very few people think of prophet as their role model.


    sister quratulaine

  156. Varnaud Shamsideen from USA

    I have never seen The Prophet, PBUH, described in a more eloquent way.Also, you've shown me some insight into how to properly represent him without allowing cultural practices or old habits get in the way. For this, I am truly grateful. May Allah SWT bless you. Ramadhan Mubarrak!!!!!!!!

  157. Michelle from USA

    Alhumdhulillah, thank you for this essay, it made me weep because we were so blessed when Allah (swt)gave us our Prophet (saws).

  158. humy from England!

    Aslaamwalacum waramatuallah wa barakatuhu!

    Hope u all r wel!jazakallahkher for this information and i couldn't agree with the person/s

    more! May allah reward all of u and help us all to become better muslims and love the prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) as he should be loved!


  159. farhana shah from united states of america (maryland)

    Assalamulaikum...Ramadan Mubarak!

    This is a wonderful article. I wanted to email it to several friends, but couldn't directly from the site (or at least I didn't see it). It would be great to add a feature such as one found on msn articles..."email to a friend". Thanks for taking the time to read this note. May Allah Bless you.

  160. Maliha Balala from U.S.A

    Subhanallah. My essence was weeping just a minute before i read that piece. And the calmness and tranquility and peace I was yearning for descended upon me. I needed to hear those words. I needed to know even when the world seems to be in turmoil, even when i am not the "best", even when Muhammad (S.A.W) seems so far away.

    He is still in our souls. Allah's Mercy is beyond bounds. Alhamdullillah.

    AllaHumma Salli Allaa Muhammad Wa'allaa Alihi Wasah bihi Wasa llim.

    Allahu Akbar.

    Jazakum Allahu Khayran....Wa'Alal Mu'umin Inshaallah Amin.

  161. Carolin from germany

    salam alaikom,

    only a short question:

    in the bulletin (11/18/2001) "in search of the Prophet" the following words have been written:

    ... how you blessed with Paradise the sinful woman for saving

    the life of a cat by making the water of the well accessible....

    i heard that there was a women with a cat who will be into hell, becausei n general she was a good one, but she tormented the cat, the cat died because of hunger...

    the other , positive example is the example of a man, who gave a dog water in his shoes

    and will be for that in paradiese...

    i havent heard of a women who wil be there because of being friendly to a cat... can anybody tell me the story or the hadith about, pls ?

    jazakAllahu chairan

    salam alaikom


  162. salma from australia

    the article search of the prophet is written beautifully. I am often saddened when i hear praise of the Budah or ghandi,at that time my heart cryies out ,"if only people knew and read more about our beloved prophet".

    The fear,ignorrance and the outrages beliefs and practices of some of the muslims in the world have alienated Islam as a religion from another planet. Perhaps we need to talk more about our greatest leader, for the great things that are being implimented today our prophet(pbuh)preached and practised.


  163. Abu Ayyub Ibrahim from USA

    In a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim the Prophet (S) said which means, "Be different from the mushrikin(Those who join others with Allah in worship), trim your moustaches and save your beards." Therefore, growing the beard and the other sunnahs is not an "aimless imitations" as Mr. Khan has asserted. There is a great Hikmah (wisdom) behind every command and prohibition that the Prophet (S) came with. If Mr.Khan does not know then he should ask someone. He should not just consider them to be "aimless imitations" due to a lack of his knowledge. Futhermore, where does it end. Do we not grow the beard but fast Ramadhan. Or do we also consider Ramadhan to be a "aimless imitations". Allahu Musta'an.

  164. Magdi Elsaadi from usa

    Very beutifull and true words...I hope we will see this attitude of trying to emulate and trynig to follow the essence of the tender and mercifull character of our beloved prophet prevail. this is much needed,in a time where to many ,formalism and harshness, seem to have taken the upper hand in defining how are we relating to the prophet (Peace and God blessing upon him )and to his sunnah.

  165. hina from Mashallah a beautiful peace of writing


    You have written beautifully about the Prophet perhaps the appropriate picture of the Prophet(pbuh) which is soo often misinterpreted by many, may Allah make us follow the exact of Quran and Sunnah.

    Allah hafiz

  166. mrs yasmin mungloo from mauritius

    asalamoalaikum .i read your artcle on the prophet swa and i wish to say thatall that is said or heard is external but once we believe and feel the truth of his existence inside us ..we experince a tremendous happiness.all material happiness ends but the joy of being and feeling a real ummati is blissful.i mean ummat -e-rasool the name of allah i thank you for having allowed me to express my feelings and all the same thank you.khuda hafez...mrsa yasmin mungloo

  167. Muhamed Mukallaf from Calif. U.S.A.

    As Salamu Aleikum;

    As always, your messages are so appropriate. "In Search of the Prophet" (PBUH) is precious to me. Alhamdulillah. Shukran. Happy Ramadan!(I highly

    recommend "Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum" by Safi-ur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri, Dar-us-Salam Publishers)

  168. samina from usa

    AssalamuAlaikum.......This is so touchy makes me cry....subhanAllah....AssalamuAlaikum

  169. Romi Elnagar from USA

    This meditation is truly beautiful. Thanks to the Professor for writing it, and to you for publishing it.

  170. Kareem Logan from USA

    Brilliant. It expresses everything I would have liked to say. May Allah bless the brother who wrote it.

  171. guest who from USA

    I have loved the weekly bulletin for this week. There is so much truth in what you have written. Thank you so much.

  172. Angela Collins from USA

    I offer my sincere respect for the author Imam Saadullah Khan. Finally, my thoughts have been expressed in words that so eloquently speak the truth about Islam and the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH): A way of life and treating others with kindness. Giving daily to those in need and sharing a smile by welcoming others into bliss is far more important than following a "cultural" expectation of religious rituals. I truly believe it is not about the hijabs, beards, and religious supremecy that separate us from all others, it is about our daily committment to governing our actions to please God alone, not what society expects us to wear, nor what society expects us to recite. Thank you again for this opinion piece. I only hope more open to the author's wisdom.

    Warm wishes,

    Angela Collins

  173. Karim Milbis from USA

    This article is one example of why I am so fascinated with the person of Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah (swt) be upon him). Although I did not know him personally, words such as the ones I have read in this article, give me a glimpse into the beauty of his character. As a result, no one who learns anything about the person of the Prophet Muhammad, can help but be attracted to him, because who can resist loving that which is beautiful. As Allah (swt) says Himself in a hadith qudsi, "I am Beauty itself, and love all that is beautiful."

  174. Leo Hoffer from USA

    In this article, there is a tone of praise for the Prophet of Allah. I have read on other sites that a major point of differentiation of the Islamic Faith is that there is only veneration for God, and the Prophet of Allah is only viewed as an ordinary man.

    Could you provide any editorial comment along with the article to explain or expand on the topic. Or provide an opposing viewpoint.

    Many thanks!


    "O Prophet of Allah, you have certainly been adored by many much more worthy than I. Yet, neither the inability to capture my appreciation of you with the eloquence of poets nor my weakness as a believer debars me from qualifying as one who adores you; for in the commemoration of your being do I find the dignity and honor of my existence."

  175. Gillian Izhar from USA

    When I saw Shaykh Sadullah's name at the end of the essay I was not surprised. May Allah bless him and give him a long life and the strength to keep teaching us. Everything that is missing from Islam in Southern California is right there in the essay. Insha Allah we will all see the light.

    I will forward it to everyone on my list.

  176. Alex from U.S.


    The writer of this article used the word "adoration" a couple of times, while talking about the prophet. In the dictionary, the word adoration means:

    1 : to worship or honor as a deity or as divine

    2 : to regard with loving admiration and devotion

    My suggestion is that, to avoid sending the wrong message to others, we should use a different word to distinguish between the Worshipped (God), and the worshipper(his profit).

    I apologize for any inconvenience my email would have caused.

    God bless you,


  177. Ayesha Nawaz from USA

    Thank you for the bulletin about emulating Prophet Muhammad. I really appreciate your concern for adapting the qualities which distinguished the noble character of Prophet Muhammad, as opposed to focusing of superficial aspects such as the size of his beard.


    Ayesha Nawaz

  178. Hanan from USA

    Alhumdulilah for the opportunity to read these wonderful toughts expressed in words. Allah continues to give the believers just what we need. This touched my heart. Especially during the blessed month of Ramadan. This brother's writing is so true and necessary in these days and times. We must remeber that The Prohet Muhammed (SAW) is more than the look, the dress and the orgin in which he came from. Many of us forget to live like the prophet (SAW) instead of trying to look like the prophet. All praise be to God! Mashallah for posting this.

    May this open the hearts and minds of the Ummat and serve as a reminder to all believers that we must not get caught down seperating ourselves in sects, cultures and nationalities thinking that we are better than other Muslims. We all need to continue to strive to do the Good and righteous deeds that the Prophet did. Not letting big ideas and big definitions of righteousness let us forget to do the small things like helping the needy, the sick, treating our women and children with respect, honor and love just as the Prophet did. The Prophet (SAW) even opened the Masjid to non-believers. These actions prove that we in out new technology, education and cutlural manifestations must not forget that Allah has blessed us with a perfect example--The Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Let's not only look at the dress of the Prophet and imitate this or his syle of beard----lets imitate his noble, honorable and loving ways! This is most important in the sight of Allah.

    May Allah bless all the Muslims in the world to have an understanding such as the one expressed in this writing.

    As Salaam Alaikum, Ramadan Mubarak

  179. Hisham Omar from USA


    Please keep articles like this coming. It touches the heart and remind us of our true role model.