The Power of Darood Sharif: Blessings Beyond Worlds

There are many benefits of reciting Darood sharif both in this world and the hereafter.
In Surah Ahzab verse 56 it says,

“Allah and his angels send blessings on the Prophet ﷺ: O ye that believe send ye blessings on him and salute him with all respect.”

Here in this verse Darood is meant by blessings.

When the time for Prophet Adam came to pass away he called his son Shish and said “Hazret Shish I am leaving. All your life remember one deed.”
Hazret Shish said Father what is that?”
Hazret Adam said “Everyday send Darood and salaam on Nabi ﷺ.”
Hazret Shish said “Who is that?”
Hazret Adam answered when God breathed the soul into me then I saw written on the leaves in heaven La illaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah.”

Hazret Ali ؓ relates God created a tree in paradise whose fruit is bigger than an apple, smaller than a pomegranate, softer than butter, sweeter than honey and more fragrant than musk its branches are made of pearls and its trunk is made of gold… only those can eat this tree’s fruit who used to send Darood on the prophet ﷺ frequently.

Reciting Darood frequently is a relief from thirst on the day of judgement. Once God sent a wahi to Prophet Moses that I want to tell you a remedy for staying safe from extreme thirst on the day of judgement. Hazret Moses said I surely want such a remedy God said send lots of Darood on my Prophet (meaning Prophet Muhammed ﷺ.

Propeht Muhammed ﷺ said whoever sends Darood on me 100 times on Thursday will never be fakir (poor).

An interesting fact about Darood Sharif is that when a good deed is done the angel on the right hand side writes it down and when a bad deed is done the angel on the left hand side writes it down. However, when Darood sharif is read both angels on the left and right come into action. The angel on the right-hand side writes down 10 good deeds. And the angel on the left-hand side erases 10 bad deeds and God raises the status of that person by 10 times.

Hazret Khawaja Nazam-ul-din Uliya narrates that one day Amir ul Momineen Hazret Usman ؓ bought a fish from the market and tried to cook it. He used up all the wood, but the fire had no effect on the fish. He took the fish to the Prophet ﷺ and related his dilemma. The Prophet ﷺ asked the fish why the fire is not having an effect on you. The fish said when I was in the sea there was a big boat on which some merchants were reciting Darood sharif when I heard their voice I read Darood sharif also. It is the blessing of Darood sharif that the fire is haram on me.

Hazret Shaikh Shibli ؓ narrates once a neighbor of mine passed away. I saw him in my dream and asked how God treated you he answered I saw many scary things Munkir and Nakir’s interrogation was very scary and difficult to the point I started questioning whether my end was on Iman or not. Suddenly it was said to me in the world your tongue remained useless that is why this trouble is upon you. Then when the angels of punishment wanted to hit me that I saw a person made of light come between me and the angels. He was very beautiful and there was a fragrance coming from his body. He gave me the answers to the Munkir and Nakir’s questions. I kept on answering the angles and was successful. Then I asked that person made of light “Who are you?” He answered I am the Darood that you read in the world upon God’s Prophet Muhammed ﷺ. Don’t worry now I will be with you in the grave, on the day of judgement and… at every difficult occasion and I will help you.

As it is evident from the above narrations there are many benefits of reciting Darood sharif both in this world and the hereafter. Let’s make it a habit to recite Darood sharif as often as possible.

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