Ramadan Bucket List

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  Complete all the fasting days with sincerity

  Read, understand and practice the Quran

  Make daily prayers a way to connect with Allah

  Learn the meaning of all the recitations in daily prayers

  Observe the Sunna of Sahoor

  Eat less

  Eat healthy

  Adopt an excersise routine that is suitable, even if it is just breathing and streching

  Do not get angry

  Develop compassion

  Be kind to everyone around

  Do less socializing and spend more time worshiping

  Do more charity

  Memorize new suras

  Attend tarawih prayers

  Don't make fasting an excuse for laziness

  Make a commitment to focus on work without the distraction of food and drink

  Avoid backbiting

  Refrain from gossip

  Avoid arguments

  Reconnect with relatives and friends and wish them Ramadan blessings

  Avoid all non-essential internet usage on mobile and desktop

  Turn of all non-essential TV

  Cleanse the heart of any resentment

  Forgive people and move forward

  Smile more often. Remember even a smile is charity

  Help the disadvantaged in the community

  Invite people to iftar who may not have family in town

  Invite neighbors for Iftar

  Attend community Iftars

  Help family members who may be in need

  Spend more time with family

  Read books on Islam

  Make Ramadan fun for all children

  Pay zakat al fitr in the beginning of Ramadan

  Participate in Interfaith activities

  Try to obtain the blessings of Laylatul Qadr

  Make dua for humanity

  Use miswak to avoid bad breath

Share your Ramadan Bucket List items in the comments below. 

  Category: Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Ramadan  Channel: Ramadan, Ramadan - Day 1
Views: 6616

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