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In Hollywood's tawdry world of glitz and glamour, where a pseudo-universe of celluloid has eclipsed reality, the wisdom of the Oscars goes something like this: "We have been pretending all year to be someone we are not, we faked everything, made tons of money doing it. and tonight, we are flaunting our vanity and superegos so we can milk more money from you at the box office in order to support our debauch and extravagant lifestyles". This is more or less what the Oscars are about: Hollywood's rich and famous getting a vanity boost at the expense of the masses who revel in watching them pretend, get ridiculously rich and then take an ego trip to Wonderland called the Academy Awards.

But what's the Holocaust got to do with it? For anyone who's been following this annual vanity bazaar, the answer is quite simple. Almost every year, a movie - either a feature film or a documentary - about the Holocaust is honored with an Oscar award. Here is a short list: In 1996, the winner was a documentary called "Anne Frank Remembered". A year later, Spielberg's Schindler's List was Best Picture and Roberto Begnini's "Life is Beautiful", won Best Foreign Film . In 1998 and 1999, two documentaries called , "The Long Way Home", and "The Last Days" respectively, won. In 2000, Rabbi Marvin Cooper of the Simon Wisenthal Center won an Award for yet another Holocaust film. And finally this year, "Into the Arms of Strangers", a story about Jewish children who were sheltered from the Nazis, walked away with an Oscar (those who bet money on the projected winners, must have made fortunes on the Holocaust items.) Two questions come to mind: Why the Holocaust and why the Oscars?

In his autobiography "Songs My Mother Taught Me", actor Marlon Brando remarked, "when the world has so many serious problems, it's troubling that such an inconsequential event has taken on such importance. the ceremony has its roots in Hollywood's obsession with self-promotion; people in this business have a passion for paying tribute to one another. It likely stems from the fact that so many of them are Jewish. It is part of their culture to recognize and reward good works and be honored for them. Jews who recognized for good works even get a better seat at the synagogue, meaning they are closer to God".

Pictured left to right are Hollywood executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, diector Steven Spielberg and entertainment mogul David Geffen after announcing in 1992 the formation of their partnership.


Controlled by its Jewish masters, Hollywood will continue to be a formidable mind control tool tailored to sensitize the masses about Jewish suffering and desensitize them about the agonies of others, all in the name of entertainment.


There lies the answer. The overwhelming presence of Jews in Hollywood is both the cause and effect of this phenomenon. The richest and most successful minority group in America cannot have enough of casting itself in the role of the "victim" on the silver screen. Every year, there is a reminder for the Gentiles, "never forget what was done to us by Nazi Germany; Never forget that WE are the true victim; WE suffered more than anyone; OUR pain dwarfs anyone else's, and in case you doubt it, we built the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles with YOUR tax dollars to remind YOU of it. In case you fail to visit these two illustrious places that eclipse anything relevant to America's own history and the pain and suffering of its other minorities, we are going to brainwash you to death with our Holocaust films and burn it into your conscience and the conscience of your children..."

Director Steven Spielberg once made a special trip to a high school to talk to a student who "laughed" during the screening of Schindler's List, which has been distributed to all America's high schools and has since been made "mandatory" viewing. Spielberg took time off from his very busy schedule because a teenager dared to laugh while the agony of Jews was being shown to him. Think of the millions of Iraqi children who are dying even as you read these words. think of Muhammad Al-Durrah, the 10-year-old Palestinian child who was killed live on camera as his father tried desperately to shield him. Was Spielberg around to fly to Israel and teach the soldiers who killed him about the value of life ? Are the Jewish studio chiefs going to immortalize Muhammad's death on celluloid like they did with the Jewish child Anne Frank?

Like Spielberg's studio DreamWorks, all major studios in Hollywood are run by Jews. Most producers, distributors, literary and talent agents, actors, directors, critics and TV top executives are Jewish. The majority of members of the Academy of Motions Pictures, Arts and Sciences, who number six thousand and who get to cast votes for the coveted Oscar, are Jewish. Little wonder why Holocaust films always win regardless of their redundancy, mediocrity, repetitiveness, exaggeration, historical inaccuracies, and a host of other problems that could very easily disqualify them even from consideration had Hollywood been in the hands of other than its current masters. No wonder there is a plethora of films demonizing Arabs and Muslims. Take the recent movie "Rules of Engagement" for example. It was produced by Paramount Pictures, which is headed by Sherry Lansing, and directed by her husband Willian Friedkin. Both Jewish. "The Siege" was produced and directed by Edward Zwick, who is Jewish, and came out of 20th Century Fox, owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian Jew. CBS, the evil of all networks, is very notorious for its anti-Muslim and anti-Arab programming. On Oscar night for example, CBS aired "Executive Decision", and Fox aired "True Lies", both Muslim-bashing movies.

In his excellent book, "The Holocaust Industry", Norman Finklestein, himself a Jew, wrote, "the Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a "victim" state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United states acquired victim status". The formidable military power is obviously Israel. By constantly drumming up the Holocaust, American Jews are in fact muffling any criticism of Israel, no matter how justified, for its abominable treatment of Palestinians. Notice how during the current Intifada, the American media continue to blame the P,alestinians.

Controlled by its Jewish masters, Hollywood will continue to be a formidable mind control tool tailored to sensitize the masses about Jewish suffering and desensitize, them about the agonies of others, all in the name of entertainment. The process is so subtle and ingenious so as not to awaken anti-Semitism and attract people's attention to the plethora of Jewish last names that scroll at the opening and end credits. Those who run the major studios know the power of the projected image. They know because they learned it from the Nazis who used film so powerfully to demonize Jews and turn public sentiment against them. Roles have changed, but the use of film to vilify the "other" is no longer "propaganda" but "Show Business".

So long as our Jewish masters continue to run "Show Business", the "industry" and "exploitation" of the Holocaust will continue to thrive and win Oscars while our suffering and that of other minorities, the meek and powerless, will go on unabated .

Salam Abdul Khaliq is a free-lance writer in Santa Clara, California.

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The above is their age old target, now they are excecuting it.The cursed people, cursed by Allah(SWT) in the Glorius Quran...And its no wonder that they are killing our innocent muslims in our Holy Land..because they are the Notorious killers of their Prophets.They killd the Messengers(PBUT) of Allah(SWT),then how for these innocent muslims..the time for Promised Mahdi and 2nd coming of Jesus(PBUH) is very near...they(jews) will get panishment with their hand and in the hereafter as said by Allah.Each and every tree and stone will tell that a jew is behind me...that scene is very near..during that time the status of this world is different Inshallah...
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