They brought me up when I was small...

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I wish I could be a child once more

To relive the things I never cared to explore

Those angels around me, those protecting companions

To whom I was the only one - the reason for all their actions


About my health, my safety and my comfort they were always concerned

She held me the closest and to provide the best he always yearned

She saved for me the last portion of my favorite sweet dish

The little savings he had, he spent buying me things before I could wish!


The sickness which embraced me always was indeed a blessing

I had them around me each moment, from sunset till morning

They neither complained nor seemed upset for a while

Their tired eyes would shine brightly to see me smile


To provide the best of education they strove so hard

Every worry and distress from me they would guard

The most expensive necessity was laid down before me

When I asked about the cost, he would say "It is free for thee" 🙂


They did all they could to see me smile, to beautify my life

Through actions and prayers they always tried to remove my grief

To keep me content they always went an extra mile

Rained money and time upon me with a peaceful smile


They brought me up in a beautiful manner - balancing dunya and deen

To build my character they were always so keen

They filled me with passion to learn new things

They were strict in their own way, but valued my feelings


From them I learnt how blessed I am, what a blessing is Islaam

To find peace in prayers, to relieve any pain Qur'an is the balm!

They taught me the way of life, not an inherited religion

Love for cold water for wudu, for hot hijaab in every season


When I was filled with pride for the kiddish achievements

They told me that pride is not for us, it leads to great torments

They taught me to keep a check that Riya doesn't occupy the heart

They taught me to keep away from things which would lead me to a wrong path


Their sacrifices are endless, their favors are too many to be counted

I can never repay their love, to them I will always remain indebted

They made me a stronger soul to face the trials of this life

They showed me the way to prepare for the pleasures of eternal life


What they did was of course their duty

But, alas! I haven't performed mine with sincerity!

When it was time to choose, I went my way

Didn't pay much heed to what they did say


I loved them too and I knew that they loved me more

But I never took time to thank them a little more

They loved me so much that they always forgave and forgot

But having come so far, I am left with a deep regret


I wish I could give them the the moments they needed

I wish I could say "sorry", for my mistakes when they pleaded

I wish I could take back each harsh word I ever spoke

I wish I could accept their decision which in time I did rebuke


I know its too late, I can never be that child again

The one little being whom they wished to correct every now and then

I wish I was given a chance to live my life obeying them

Next to Allaah of course, each moment pleasing them


All I can do now is to love them and cherish them forever

As long as I have them with me, each day for them make happier

But the pain would remain inside me for every hardship I have caused

For every dream their eyes had, but to let me smile they forever paused


Oh Allaah! You have always blessed me with lawful things from You when I sought

Please listen to me - today I beg from You, in the words YOU have taught

Be pleased with my parents on The Day, elevate their ranks, save them from any fall

"...My Lord! Have mercy upon them as they brought me up when I was small!" [Al Isra: 24]


...Umm Hashir Firdaus Fathima


Source: Firdaus Fathima Blog

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Views: 2613

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Ameen. Such a beautiful composition mashallah. It made me recall my childhood memories. It can touch every daughters heart. Thanks for this wonderful read.