A Prayer for the New Year

MAY THE NEW YEAR bring an end to the

heart-rending scenes of the people wailing over their
loved ones , who fall prey to the bullets of the
power-hungry devilish forces.
MAY THE NEW YEAR stop the production of those lethal
bullets and shells which pierce the bodies of the
innocent and helpless people, and bring rattling down
the magnificent structures.
MAY THE NEW YEAR infuse the boundless love for
humanity in the hearts of those, who under the wrong
belief of righteousness, enjoy tearing apart their
own selves and other fellow beings in every part of
the world.
MAY THE NEW YEAR once again revive the man’s
unshakable faith in the humanity, and see his
deep-rooted malice , hatred, rancor and intolerance
being replaced by an overflowing benevolence ,
empathy, love and tolerance.
MAY THE NEW YEAR be blessed with the dawn of an
era wherein ‘ humanitarianism’ might emerge as the
supreme religion of the mankind.

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