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An aerial view of Derna, Libya, on Thursday. Torrential rains burst through two dams near Derna, on Libya’s northeastern coast, destroying much of the city (photo: Ayman Al-Sahili/Reuters).

Deadly 6.8 earthquake strikes Morocco, and devasting floods hit Libya within days of each other.  Over 8,000 people have died, and thousands more are injured or missing in the disasters that struck the two North African nations.

Deadly Earthquake in Morocco

On September 8, Marrakesh and several other towns were struck by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. There are reports of entire villages in remote mountain areas being completely destroyed.

The death toll from this powerful earthquake in Morocco has now risen to over 2,600, with a similar number of people injured.

Many individuals are having to spend another night outside without shelter.

It is believed that numerous simple homes made of mud brick, stone, and timber in the mountain villages have collapsed. However, assessing the full extent of the devastation in these remote regions will take some time.

Devastating Floods in Libya

On September 11, heavy rainfall brought by Storm Daniel caused two dams to burst in the city of Derna.  The tragic loss of more than 3,000 lives, accompanied by the displacement of 20,000 individuals and the reported disappearance of over 10,000 people, presents a somber depiction of the magnitude of this disaster.

The southern and eastern regions have borne the brunt of this devastating flooding, particularly affecting cities such as Benghazi, Tobruk, and Sirte.

Countless Libyan lives now hang in precarious balance as urgent needs encompassing food and potable water to shelter and medical assistance remain unmet. Not only has this flooding disrupted livelihoods, but it also made roads impassable, bridges, and essential infrastructure severely damaged or destroyed.

Your Support

HADI Relief works with a local charity in Libya and Morocco to distribute food, blankets, water, medical aid, hygiene kits, and other immediate essentials.  Our partners conduct on-site assessments to determine long-term needs and provide immediate emergency aid.

Our brother and sister in Libya and Morocco need your help. Donate generously.

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