HADI Relief: Create a Kinder Tomorrow

Our mission is to provide aid and assistance to those less fortunate, irrespective of race, religion, gender, or nationality. HADI Relief provides emergency relief and long-term development programs in countries around the world. Donate now and make a meaningful impact.

Since 1991, Human Assistance & Development International (HADI) has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals by assisting those in need, increasing the development of individuals through educational opportunities and community services, and encouraging cross-cultural conversations to generate a greater understanding of each other as global citizens.

Since 1995 HADI's community portal, IslamiCity, has reached over 305 million visitors in 225 countries and territories. IslamiCity presents an unbiased, comprehensive, and all-encompassing view of Islam and Muslims.

Now we are excited to introduce HADI Relief!

We aim to uphold human dignity and help people around the world in the wake of calamity through charity, aid, and education. This has always been our mission as HADI originally started in the early 90s in response to the suffering of Muslims in Iraq, Bosnia, and other regions in crisis.

This is why HADI Relief exists. But we cannot do this alone. It requires partnership.

YOU are that partner. You can make a difference to those who are in hardship around the world. Your help will enable us to achieve our objectives of making a positive change in the world via support, community-building, and education.

Join us in creating a kinder world.

Visit us at HADI.org

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