Gaza Humanitarian Pause Deal

Qatar confirms that Hamas and Israel have agreed on a humanitarian pause in Gaza after weeks of negotiations mediated alongside the US and Egypt.

The Israeli government approved the deal after a lengthy cabinet meeting and deep internal divisions among ministers.

But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says agreement does not mean the war will stop.

As part of the deal, 50 women and children captives held in Gaza will be released in exchange for some Palestinian women and children being freed from Israeli prisons.

The humanitarian pause will also allow the entry of a larger number of aid convoys, including fuel for humanitarian needs.

Al Jazeera’s correspondents Tarek Abu Azzoum is in Gaza to give us the latest. Osama Bin Javaid is in Doha to talk about the diplomatic efforts. Sara Khairat is in Occupied East Jersualem to discuss the political divisions in Israel and John Hendren is in Washington to share with us the US reaction to this. 

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