An Islamic National Anthem

Suleymaniye Mosque with Marmara Sea in Istanbul, Turkey (photo: iStock by Getty Images).

A Poetic Rendering of Allama Iqbal’s Poem, “TARANA-E-MILLI”.

China, Arabia, and India are filled with our people.
The whole world is the nation for Muslims.
It is not easy to wipe out our name,
For only us was the gift of Shahada given.

The first house of Allah, amidst the idol temples of the world
Is our protector, and we protect it.
We are the ones giving Adhan to the western world,
We are moving forward bit by bit.

O Heaven!  We are not going to be subdued by injustice.
Hundreds of times you have tested us.
O Garden of Spain!  Do you remember those days,
When we, the rulers of your land, were wise and righteous?

O Wave of River Tigris!  You also recognize us,
Because we once ruled you too.
And our blood is still flowing in the pious land,
Because we gave our lives to protect you.

Our commander is our Prophet,
Peace be upon him.
From his examples we derive comfort
As we free ourselves from sin.

This anthem of Iqbal’s
Is the message of Islam we teach.
And because of this message our caravan moves
With the goal in sight that we want to reach.

Dr. Shadia Alam composed this poem when she was a high school student. 

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