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Allama Iqbal: Bal-e Jibril (Poem 24)

Human intellect resolves issues only with information

But the cure of humanity's ills requires holistic vision

The human place in the universe is above everything else

Life is having the drive to always keep moving ahead

Human’s priceless value is only because of his ‘self’

Oyster’s value is only because it turns drop into gem

Blood flows in the body but what is its objective

Life is a continuous struggle with unwavering drive

O Beautiful Bud! It is not possible to hide from me

As I am nothing but the fresh early morning breeze

What the business people of the West think as fake

It is nothing but divine treasure trove of universal way

Disenfranchised Iqbal is very generous and courteous

But he has nothing to give but the spark of divine love

Translated by: Dr. Mansoor Alam

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Life & Society
  Topics: Human Dignity, Humanity, Life Challenges  Values: Love  Channel: Poetry
Views: 2849

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