My Story of Coming to Islam

My name is David. I am a former Human Resources manager. I’m also a new Muslim. I came to Islam due to the kindness of Muslims in the aftermath of 9/11. I am an avid user and supporter of IslamiCity and invite you to donate to this cause in battling misinformation spread by Islamophobes.

I love that IslamiCity keeps the flame alive and remembering those whose lives were changed irrevocably, whether they were non-muslims or American-Muslims in the aftermath of 9/11. IslamiCity addresses Islamophobia directly. It doesn’t shy away from it.

IslamiCity has filled its ranks with authors and Muslims who genuinely understand what it means to think deeply about your faith and circumstances and the world around you.

IslamiCity is one of the most extensive resources on the internet on Islam. It helps to get the message out that we belong here in America and belong in the world. I feel like it’s a space, whereas as a Muslim, I can breathe. I hope that IslamiCity continues far into the future.

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