France: Marine El Himer Converts to Islam

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Marine El Himer converted to Islam months ago and did not disclose until November 2, 2022. She has shared images of herself on Instagram with about 1.5 million followers, wearing the hijab in the vicinity of the Kaaba in Makkah, as well as a video related to the pronunciation of shahadah in a mosque.

“These moments show the most beautiful days of my life,” El Himer wrote under her post, announcing that she became a Muslim a few months ago.

El Himer expressed the hope that her spiritual journey she has undertaken will always lead her to Allah and thanked her fans for supporting her in this process.

Drawing attention to the fact that conversion to another religion has nothing to be ashamed of, El Himer emphasized that she chose Islam again as a result of reconciling her mind, heart and soul.

Marine El Himer’s conversion was widely welcomed and interacted by her followers, who congratulated her on this step, and a large part of them expressed their happiness with this news.

( Source: Text adapted from Siassat | Video Muslim Convert Stories )

  Category: Europe, Featured, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Converts, France  Channel: My Journey To Islam
Views: 2884

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