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Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Power) is described in the Quran as, "better than a thousand months" (97:3). Any action done on this night such as reciting the Quran, remembering Allah, etc. is better than acting for one thousand months which do not contain the night of Qadr.

Allah's Messenger used to exert himself in devotion during the last ten nights to a greater extent than at any other time." (Muslim). Allah's peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet.

Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, related that the Prophet said: Look for Laylatul Qadr on an odd-numbered night during the last ten nights of Ramadan (Bukhari).

The Prophet said: "Whoever prays during the night of Qadr with faith and hoping for its reward will have all of his previous sins forgiven." (Bukhari and Muslim recorded from Abu Huraira).

Here are some tips of things we can do on the Night of Power and the time before and after it.

1. Take a vacation for Allah.

We take a break from our jobs for almost everything in life. Why not this time to focus on worshiping and thanking our Creator.

If this is not possible at least take a few days off if you can. This can make it easier to stay awake at night to do extra Ibadah, not having to worry about getting to work the next day. It will also facilitate doing Itikaf.

2. Do I'tikaf.

It was a practice of the Prophet to spend the last ten days and nights of Ramadan in the masjid for I'tikaf.

Those in I'tikaf stay in the masjid all this time, performing various forms of zikr (the remembrance of Allah), like doing extra Salat, recitation and study of the Quran. They do not go outside the masjid except in case of emergencies, therefore, they sleep in the masjid. Their families or the masjid administration takes care of their food needs. I'tikaf of a shorter period of time, like one night, a day or a couple of days is encouraged as well.

3. Make this special Dua.

Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, said: I asked the Messenger of Allah: 'O Messenger of Allah, if I know what night is the night of Qadr, what should I say during it?' He said: 'Say: O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me.' "(Ahmad, Ibn Majah, and Tirmidhi).

The transliteration of this Dua is "Allahumma innaka 'afuwwun tuhibbul 'afwa fa'fu 'annee"

4. Recite the Quran.

Perhaps you can choose Surahs or passages from the Quran, which you have heard in Tarawih this past Ramadan to recite.

If you attend a class where the recitation of the Quran is taught, this is a great time to put your knowledge into practice.

5. Reflect on the meaning of the Quran.

Choose the latest Surah or Surahs you've heard in Tarawih and read their translation and Tafseer. Then think deeply about their meaning and how it affects you on a personal level.

6. Get your sins wiped out.

Abu Huraira narrated that the Messenger said: Whoever stands (in prayer) in Laylatul Qadr while nourishing his faith with self-evaluation, expecting reward from Allah, will have all of his previous sins forgiven. [Bukhari and Muslim).

Don't just pray using the shorter Surahs that you know. Try to make your prayers longer, deeper and meaningful. If you are familiar with longer Surahs, read the translation and explanation and then pray reciting these Surahs, carefully reflecting on the meaning while you pray.

Even if you are only familiar with the shorter Surahs, read the translation and explanation beforehand, and then pray reflecting on the message of the Surahs.

This is a good way to develop the habit of concentration, even in regular prayers, where many of us tend to be fidgety and/or easily distracted.

7. Make a personal Dua list.

Ask yourself what you really want from Allah. Make a list of each and everything, no matter how small or how big it is, whether it deals with this world or not. Allah loves to hear from us. Once this list is ready, you can do three things:

  • Ask Allah to give you those things
  • Think about what actions you have taken to get those things
  • Develop a work plan to get those things in future.

8. Evaluate yourself.

Ask yourself those questions that need to be asked. Do an evaluation of where you are and where you are going. Let this evaluation lead you to feel happiness for the good you have done and remorse for the bad you have done. This latter feeling should make it easier to seek Allah's sincere forgiveness when making the Dua mentioned in tip number one above.

9. Make long, sincere and deep Duas

One of the best times to do this is during the last part of the night.

Abu Huraira, may Allah be pleased with him, related that the Prophet said: When the last one-third of the night remains, our Lord, the Glorious One descends towards the heaven of the earth and proclaims: Who is that who supplicates for Me, and I grant his supplication? Who is that who begs Me for anything and I grant it to him? And who is that who seeks My forgiveness, and I forgive him? (Bukhari, Muslim).

That means for instance, waking up one hour before Suhoor time to ask Allah for anything and everything you want that is Halal. This can be done using the Duas of the Sunnah, but also Dua in your own language, with sincerity and conviction.

10. Memorize a different Dua every night

They don't have to be long. They can be just one line. And be sure to know what they mean generally at least, even if you don't know the exact translation in English.

You can put them on index cards (or and keep them with you during the day, glancing at them during work, while driving, waiting in line, etc.) Then practice them at night in prayer.

11. Have Iftar with the family

If you've spent Iftar time on weekdays in your cubicle at work alone with a couple of dates, now is the last few days you'll have this Ramadan to spend with your family. Use it wisely.

12. Take the family to Tarawih

Have your spouse and kids missed Tarawih most of Ramadan because you weren't there to drive them to the Masjid, which is too far away to walk to? If so, do all of yourselves a favour and bring everyone for Tarawih in these last ten nights.

13. Attend the Dua after the completion of Quran recitation

Almost all Masjids where the Imam aims to finish an entire reading of the Quran in Tarawih prayers in Ramadan will be completing their recitation in these last ten nights. They may try to end on one of the odd nights and read the Dua at the end of a reading of the Quran. Attend this particular night's Tarawih prayer with your family. See if you can attend different Masjids' Tarawih prayers the night they finish reading the Quran.

14. Finish reading a book on the Prophet

Read about the Prophet's life, which can increase your love for him and Islam by seeing how much he struggled for Allah's sake. It may inspire you to push yourself even harder during these last ten nights. This community is built on sacrifice.

15. Plan for the next year

Once you've done a self-evaluation, you can plan on where you want to go, at least in the next 12 months. Laylatul Qadr is a great night to be thinking about this (without taking away from your worship), since you'll Insha Allah, be in a more contemplative state. You may choose to dedicate one night of power for evaluation and one night for planning for the next year.

16. To do list for the Night of Power

Make a to do checklist for each Night of Power. This should define how you would like your night, the one better than a thousand months, to be used. Pick things from this list and define the sequence you would like to do things in. This will help you avoid wasting your time in unproductive chats which common in the festive atmosphere of Masjids at the Night of Power.


Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid is founding Chairman of Sound Vision Foundation, the leading producer of educational content on Islam and Muslims. He is also executive producer of the daily Radio Islam talk show on WCEV 1450 AM in Chicago.

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  1. Babandi A.Gumel from U.K

    Utilise your vacation of the last ten days of Ramadan either by spending it in Saudi Arabia Mecca and Medina fetching the reward of performing Hajj with the Beloved Prophet(S.A.W)or spend it in the Itkaaf inyour local mosque which is the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).Other things one can do is to go out to learn the Deen in Daawah Khuruj Fi Sabilillahi for ten day recommended to all those who are far away from Deen helping them to practice the Deen in practical way in an environment of visiting different mosques encouraging other Muslims to follow the Deen including Sunnah of the beloved Prophet teaching and learning including Daawah learning Quran and Surahs and Ahadith at the same time get opportunity to make dua remember Allah at the same time gain istiqamah in the practice of Deen without resorting to violence or other extremist practices retarding the progress of our Deen.

  2. Raheemot from Nigeria

    Jazakumullahu khairan. Dts such a nice article. God ll continue to

    enrich u in knowledge as u av done for most pple wt ds article.

  3. abdulhamid m balimbingan from philippines

    yes what a very nice hope that most muslims in the world must do the manners and ways of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.In this way, world and domestic problems inshah Allah be solve and pleasure of ALlah swt will be committed...

    before i end, allow me to request islamic reading/audio/video materials as well as QURAN IN ARABIC AND ENGLISG wc i will use in Dawah here in our Christian dominated locality...My address is ABDULHAMID M BALIMBINGAN, Barangay Nuangan, 9400 Kidapawan City, Philippines.


  4. Nurul Aminudin from Ireland

    AlhaduLILLAH.... thank you for this suggestions and advise. I will try to use them inshaALLAH.... JazakaALLAH....may ALLAH keep us all in the right path.... -Nur

  5. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    Jazakallah Sheikh Abdul Malik for the reminder May Allah give us the taufiq to put into practice what you suggested although you omitted going for Umrah in Ramadan which is equivalent to performing Hajj with the Prophet (S.A.W) and many other things like reciting Sayyadil Istigfar and so on. We should also endeavour to give Zakat in this Month before it finishes. Think of anything good try to do it in this Month. So as I said may Allah give us taufiq as He said in His Holy Book Wama taufiqi Illa billah.

  6. Zainab Ahmad Usman from Malaysia

    It is indeed a benefit to all in Ramadan and even other times.

    Jazakallahu Khair for posting this.

  7. IBRAHIM YUSUF KABIR from Nigeria

    Insha Allah we will double our effort in those last TEN days of the holy month of Ramadan.

  8. Lukmon Taiwo from Southwest Nigeria

    Mon sha Allah, may Allah make it easy for us. Keep the good work. Jazaka'llah khaira.

  9. Aiisha Maryam from El Salvador - Central American

    Assalamu Alaikum brothers and Sisters who manage the site by Allah

    bless a brother sent to me this link, I was asking him what I can do

    in the last 10 night to the holly month and also who I can see or

    discovery the night of Al Qadr, alhamduillah by Allah bless he sent to

    me this wonderful article so by reading it I got the answer to the

    question I was making..

  10. Ahmed Alawoki from Nigeria

    Alhamdulillahi I was happy reading this article. I definitely would try to practice what was preached and extend it to other people around me.

  11. Adijat from Nigeria

    Jazakum llahu khairan, may Allah SWA increase ur wisdom


    MAY Allah bless those who are doing good things and accept their prayers indeed.

  13. zahid from indiia(j&k)

    inshallah we will pray to our almightty in these days...

  14. Nasir from Nigeria

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    assalam alaikum brother mujahid,

    very well written article mashallah, may allah reward you well. You have very beautifully elaborated and explained all that needs to be done or could be done on this blessed night.your article is indeed very enlightening, mashallah.

  16. Junaidi from Malaysia

    Assalamu'alaikum wbt.

    All Praise Be To ALLAH, Lord of the Universe.

    Peace and Blessings Be Upon Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of ALLAH.

    In performing all our ibadah to ALLAH, may we do not loose our "truthful and sincere devotion" to ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

    May ALLAH protect, help and guide us. Amiiin.

  17. dawud from nigeria

    a highly educative write up.May Allah SWT forgives all muslim ummah our shortcomings and increase us in true guidance.

  18. mansur maiwada from NIGERIA

    you have done a wonderful effort to the world may ALLAH

    reward you with aljannah amin and please include me in your prayers for success in life and here after.

  19. Abdul Samad from India

    God bless us in during ramadan, Allah forgive for all of muhmins around the world

  20. Nhor_jannah Jikiri from Philippines

    ...asalamu alaykum..

    ..may allah bless you and shower the ridzki of allah.

  21. Musa Muhammad dandikko from NIGERIA

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  25. Syed Shameem from USA

    Take a vacation for Allah , excellent idea . InshaAllah , I will do so with my family . Can you see , how strong the message will be , if every one of us take a vacation for Allah in the month of Ramadan . Allah will bless you for this and please keep sending us these kind of supreme ideas . Thanks .

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  27. miri from norway

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  28. Mian Gul Bacha from lumut malaysia

    Dear All Muslims.

    First of all Assalamualkum the month of Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims but a lot of Muslims not keeping fisting my advice to those Muslims plz be wake up only this is the month god forgive each mistake and my advice to all Muslims don't go by wrong way cause the qeyama is very near after death what we answer .we should not go to jahunam we need Jana cause we are Muslims .

    My best regards to all.

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  33. Yahya Villanueva from K.S.A.

    I appreciate these important information published in this site. This will help us expand our knowledge in Islam. Sometimes we are so busy in life that we don't have time to go to islamic dawah centers; this site will provide information as well as the answers to question raised in our minds regarding our religion. May you have more blessings from Allah.

  34. Osman Mustafa from U.A.E


    In U.A.E at 3.30 Night I came to Know about The Night of Power. Thanks To Abdul Malik Mujahid Who Wrote a wonderful article which gave me Right Information At Right Time. May ALlah Help Him Ameen!.

  35. Tedy Setiawan from Indonesia

    Thank You for your article , it's very good and inspire me to prepare how to maximize at last 10 days of Ramadhan, Insya Allah I want to spend at last 10 days of Ramadhan this year for i'tikaf in the masjid.


    Tedy Setiawan

  36. Sylvia Horton from Canada

    Salam Alaikum,

    I enjoyed reading this article. It just made me miss home a little more. I agree with the author that me make time for jobs, businesses, etc. and we can make some time for Allah as well. Inshallah, I pray that if Allah lets me live to see it, I will be in North Carolina for the last ten days next year. I really do think that the community is very important as well during Ramadan. That is the one thing that lacks here in Ottawa. I will take some notes from this article, Inshallah, and start working on a plan. Thanks so much for this article. Please remember me in your dua's.

    Sister Fatimah

  37. Abdul-Majid Gavamukulya from Uganda

    This period was indeed usefull to us here in Uganda. We have a wrangle amongst the Muslim leaders for the sale of the muslim community properties by the top muslim leaders. So, our fellow brothers, pray for us as we also pray for ourselves before things run out of hand.

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  48. John from Singapore

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    Example if a company to give the best employee award , they will choose a person who works very hard all year round and not those who work hard only during the month where the award will be given.

    Inshayallah with the "Rahmat" from Allah , we will continue our Takwah to Allah.

  49. rifat iqbal from canada

    assalamo alaikum, al humdollillah ramadan provides us opportunity to recite quran day and night, and it is very good that in sisters it is arranged to sit together take time and discuss the meaning of quran, may Allah extend our knowledge in this ramadan with rahemah, rabbana zidna ilma ameen.

  50. S Emjedi from Cape Town, South Africa

    Shukran Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid for this thought provoking article. Much of the content many of us had probably heard before: from our parents, teachers, spouses, family, friends, yet at the same time the article presents it in a format most of us are far more familiar with... the TO DO list we associate more with planning for work! :-)Somehow we forget to plan for our Aagirah in the same way that we plan our daily existence. Points 15 & 16 particularly will get some attention for m; it is not an approach I have personally applied before, so, Insha-Allah, this morning (Sunday being weekend in SA) I will spend some time planning around these two points specifically, as I have already planned around many of the others. Insha-Allah, the time spent planning wil be time well worth investing in my eternal life. May Allah be pleased with me and all other muslims.

  51. Jawid from USA

    Amazing article. May Allah (swt) forgive us and bless us this beautiful night InshaAllah, ameen.