Let's Unmute Others

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Have you ever heard a love song hummed by a fallen rose petal? Could you embrace the cuddles of a wind that carries the aroma of candle flicker in which pain of departure had burnt? The silence between two words, are you able to listen to the feelings that do bridge in the middle of them?

In this highly preoccupied world order, many might answer ‘no’ to the above questions, but the door to ‘yes’ unbolts as soon as we mute ourselves and unmute others. Yes, we are too full of ourselves to empty any space for others wherein actually we can peer within our own lives. Silence of mind is a vital key to free ourselves from overwhelming chaos and to refill it with the oxygen of positivity.

Spiritual landscapes will be augmented once we switch our mode from speaking to listening; thereby treasurable nature befriends us and softly shares her ineffable stories. It is for a purpose, we come across waves, rainbow, sunbeam, shadow, and the like beautiful things in various segments of life; that is they whisper a password, which posits our shape in order back and weaves the broken slices together. What’s more, the language of squirrel and woodlark is decoded, so we don’t cross their lines but spread smiles all the way we walk through.

Most beloved people to us depart leaving behind several unsaid secrets. To know them, we must listen to their deep silence and read their gestures. Many unheard voices surrounding us cry for our upkeep, but our noisy attitude diminishes their tones. When we listen, others unfurl their wings that in essence liberate our soul from plots of prejudices. There, we embrace the soundless but profound feeling of love, pain, nostalgia, and many other feelings. There, we correlate a symphony in asymmetrical ends of a beaten life. The moment we are able to hear an unspoken ‘sorry’, the world begins appearing utterly different to us. Silence is the only vehicle that transports dreams of our internality to the externality, the need that fashions a balance between in and out.

In both womb and tomb, we chose to be silent but in between them, we picked absence from silence, thus we are lost in the void. Silence is an envelope sent by those who care for us. Let’s take moment to open it, so we will not regret later. As a rule of thumb, we have two ears and one tongue, a justified proportion in their usage will bring about a paradigm shift in our perspectives.

Silence is eloquent when it touches heart and awakes the soul.

Dr. Sayyed Muhsin is an Assistant Professor in the Kulliyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia.

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Life & Society  Values: Compassion, Humility, Patience
Views: 992

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