Fall of the Pharaohs

Eid heralds the repetition of the 'takbirat', the proclamation that 'Allah is Greatest' – greater than false gods and prideful pharaohs, ancient and modern. Despite massacres committed by arrogant oppressors, history reminds us that we will witness, ultimately, a consummation of God's plan.

0:00 Introduction

4:27 Proud Without Right

6:36 Seeing His Signs

9:40 Victory of the Unproud

11:27 Pharaoh v Moses

16:22 Modern Pharaohs

18:33 Consummation of God's Plan

20:34 Path of Arrogance

22:41 Essence of Humility

27:48 God is the Greatest

30:44 Abdullah Quilliam's Sermon

32:46 Every Empire Must Fall

Qur'an References:

04:27 Chapter 7 Verse 146

18:38 Chapter 3 Verse 139

A joint congregational Eid prayer in Parker's Piece, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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