The Powerless and the Night of Power

I sit pensively in front of my PC, my modern-day qalam (pen), trying to capture my thoughts and shape in words the echoes of my heart Words may be mere symbols, but they do carry meaning, express feelings and convey ideas. Through words we are able to communicate with one another, understand experiences, shape expectations and even relate our dreams and aspirations. Through these words I relate, but relate in silence.

Silence of the night

I am humbled by the silence of the night, confronted by the turbulence of my soul. How true the words of the Almighty, "Surely in the long wake of the night, the soul is most receptive and the words more telling. " (Quran 73:6)

There is perhaps a higher purpose behind Allah's choosing the night (Layla-tul-Qadr) for the commencement of the final revelation. The night is indeed conducive to quietness, serenity, peacefulness and tranquility; suitable for the nourishment of the soul.

Night of Power

I reflect on the most auspicious of all nights, Layla-tul-Qadr, the Night of Power, the Night of Majesty, the Night of Grandeur, the Night of Dignity of Destiny and Determination. A night "greater in value than a thousand months". A night celebrated by Muslims throughout the world, a night of historic significance marking the commencement of the final divine communique', a revelation that affected the fate of nations and their destiny, changing the course of history.

Layla-tul-Qadr carries with it "peace until the dawn" implying that the realization of the sanctity of this night could act as a shield against all forms of things unsavory, improper; allowing those who live by what was revealed on that night to experience tranquility and peace with peace of mind.

The Powerless

I can not but help and reflect on the condition of those who commemorate this night with me. Images come to my mind that grip the very the essence of my conscience, shaking the core of my being in the darkness of the night. Images of the refugees of Afghanistan and Syria, of the poverty-stricken in Somali, of the abused in Kashmir, of the homeless in Palestine, the orphans in Chechnya, Bosnia and Yemen and of the humiliated in Iraq. Yes, they too belong to my faith tradition; they too commemorate the Night of Power and the Night of Peace; but they have neither power nor peace. They are Believers who are neither safe nor secure, living in degradation, bearing the brunt of Muslim subjugation and disunity, crying exasperated cries of desperation, while enduring the obscenities of history.

I reflect on the Night of Power, those it empowered, the once powerful, now powerless. Muslims; once the bearers of the torch of civilization, now victims of global injustice. Never in history has a community of faith been so displaced, so victimized on such a large scale as the ummah in the last 37 years. The fact that over sixty percent of all world refugees at present are Muslims bears testimony to that.

All our collective mechanisms of religiosity, spirituality, activism and intellectualism are unable to cover the ugliness of the absence of power; not the power to conquer, merely the power to at least safeguard the innocent amongst our own.

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  1. Tasneem Ali from USA

    Loved yr article and people's comment..I see it everyday that we are slowly realizing our shortcomings and why not come up with a idea or thought that can help other muslims who are not fortunate like you and me..maybe if 10 families can educate one family and if we make a chain imagin in the next 15 years we can educate a million and within next 50 years we can catch up with the rest of the world and if we can tell all the mullah's who dont have any education to stop educating or we should not regards any of their fatwa's as anything because they are the real problems..I challenge all the readers to write and come up with ideas to make ourselves better...

  2. Ahmad Sirajudin from Malaysia

    I wonder why are so many Muslim getting killed - tsunami, earth quake in Pakistan, Iran. These are natural disasters. Muslims are also getting killed by the unnatural disasters - by American bombs in Afganistan, Iraq.

  3. nasir from india

    A very relevent article . May Allah ( swt ) help all the deprived, despised, . In the Hereafter , there shall be no injustices. May Allah help us all. Amen

  4. Kalifa Goita from Canada

    To love God, we have to love each of our sisters and brothers humans. To love God, we have to love every piece of stone, every plant, every fly, every river, every light in the sky. To love God, we have to open our heart to every culture. To love God, we have to preach peace, act for peace, live for peace. To love God, we have to respect all creatures and appreciate our beautifull diversities. Tonight, I know Allah accepts our prayers. So I pray for Love in the heart of every human on earth, for peace everywhere in the Universe, for understanding among people, for united families and countries, for Health and food for all. Allah, keep all of us together on the Route to you, together in your kingdom, for now and for ever.


  5. Ahmad Sirajudin from Malaysia

    I agree that we were once Toarch Bearers. But not any more. Why? There must be a reason. And the most likely reason is we have not been paying enough attention to learning. We missed so many things. Among them the Industrial Revolution which the West went through. As a result we are weak, economically and technologically. Its not too late to start learning. God willing.

    Thank you

  6. Roberta from USA

    Assalaamu alaikum-Ramadhan Mubarick!

    Fasting is prescribed for us as it was prescribed for those (religious ones) before us that we may learn and thereby practice self restraint.

    May Allah send blessings upon the noble Prophet Muhammad (saws) his family, companions and righteous predecessors until the Day of Rising. Ameen.

  7. A.Wahid B A Kareem from Singapore

    I strongly aggree with you. What Can we do beside pray and educate them. With out proper education there will be no route for glory.

  8. nikhath fathima from Canada

    Alhamdulillah, Your words ring so true::cannot be closer to my heart.

    May Allah Sunhana WaTala guide the Ummah back to it's glory,May He Bless each one of us with Siraatal Mustaqeem.Aameen.

  9. saif from u.s.a

    Allah works in ways beyond our perceptive ability. What we view as good may in fact be bad and vice versa. I just wonder whether Allah keeps the believer powerless in order to hear those sweet prayers seeking his grace and mercy. Let us all say Alhamdulilla (praise be to Allah) and hope to attain Allah's good pleasure. Salaam

  10. Natalie from United States

    Verily God does not change a people until they change themselves. It is obvious we muslims are being oppressed, humiliated and discriminated against. However, I believe in the first sentence of this response, as it is stated in the Qu'ran. These turn of events cannot be blamed solely on the arrogance and greed of a few politicians -- as a community, we have been guiled by the material world, dissipated through national "identities" and our blatant cultural ignorance and highly mislead cultural practices which often fly in the face of the tachings of Islam. We have lost our way, and have been set aside. The only path back to our lost pride and place in the world is through diligent self-education, separation from the material world and sincere activism of every form. Islam is the world religion, God has bestowed on us the greatest burden and the greatest honor. We must exact justice and speak as one voice in the short time we are given to do so.

    Wasalaam, Natalie

  11. Jenny from England

    I am doing an assesment at school all about the religion of Islam. i was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to give me some personal quotes on how you feel baout Hajj, the pillars of islam, ramadan etc.

    thank you very much feel free to email the comments to me.


  12. Sovia from Saudi Arabia


    A very beautiful and well written article but i would like to say that the comparison u r drawing between the night of power and the powerless muslims is not so comparable or relevant. Its almost as if u r complaining or blaming night of power for the powerless. Do most of the muslims know about the importance of that night? I would say that even if the refugees together prayed in a big group in last odd nights of ramadan and got the night of qadr, their prayers would be heard. But trouble is there is no sincerity or knowledge about islam as there should be. People claim big but really we must not sit satisfied that by reading a few books or developing an islamic site we have mastered this universe of ilm and light. The night of qadr is silent because we muslims are silent because we dont know what this night means, we are involved in so much anti and non islamic media activities and thinking everyday that we just cant grasp the real importance of these nights.

    PLease i appeal to u, there is a modern way of thinking on islam which has come to accept the least and minimum act as something which should bring u the right and light of religion. but though minimum is necessary it is just te minimum. I see so many muslims mix islam with modern day concepts and think it is so islamic. it might not be NON islamic, but really these mixed acts will not bring you the ikhlas and the purity required to make use of the full benefits of nights like qadr orother prayers nawafil etc. But at the end i must say we ust keep trying and try not ot MIX islam with other things. If u do them, keep them separate and think them wrong, do not change the definition of islamic commands and try to make islamic what is not. These thingsdont let us have thecomplete powerof prayer.And if u have revenge on your mind and if u r looking for littlethings to cal them your insult and then create a chaos through the earth, how can u achieve purit

    Allah Hafiz

  13. Fosia from hennpin

    i want to send money to ones tha are poor because i m a muslim my self

  14. Mujahid Yusuf Abdullah from America

    Bis millah hir Rahman nir Raheem

    As salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

    Truly; how many short years of my own life have i as muslim, failed to understand and achieve the essential glory of our sublime deen? And the injustice and disunity; the personal shortcomings and the borders and barriers within our noble ranks? The time will surely come when Allah(swt) deen will rise again. I pray i am blessed to be numbered amongst the true believers.

  15. Qamar Zaman Warraich from pakistan.

    Dear sir'

    I think so that I want do some for word wide Muslims.when i see poor refugees of afghanistan and every poverty of word wide Muslims.why some Muslim countrys are looking with silens.I would be happy if you send me further information that what I and we can do as a Muslim brothers for Muslim humanity.


  16. Mohd.Hussain Yawari from India

    Dear brother,As salam o alaikum!It was a pleasure to read your article though it is sad to see the plight of our Muslim brethren.The main reason for the sad state of affairs is lack of leadership or should i say true Islamic leaders.Men of low or no morals whose only claim to Islam is their Islamic sounding names are masquerading as leaders and saviours(sic!) of Islam.There is a famous Arabic saying,"An army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep".Unfortunately today we are ruled by dictators who devour the UMMAH like wolves and behave like sheep in the face of the enemy.Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) said,"The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr",which was accepted universally as,"Pen is mightier than the sword".History bears witness to the fact that pen is victorious over sword.Unfortunately today our youth are prefering sword(gun)and rejecting the pen and hence the state of affairs for,"Those who forget the mistakes of history are condemned to repeat them".Today we need an army of scholars who can wage a war against the disinformation blitz of the enemies of Islam.We need orators who can fearlessly debate with Muslim baiters and present the true face of Islam not only to others but also to our own brothers in faith.We have to wage a JIHAD with our PENS and our TONGUES.For this we need to first set right our own house.We have to ensure freedom of speech in all Islamic countries and ensure democracy.When the dictators ruling Islamic countries are inflicting untold miseries on their countrymen with what face can we oppose others.Islam never preached terrorism and always respected human life irrespective of the religion that human practiced.I pray to Allah that there should be unity of mankind in general and Muslims in particular so that we all live in peace and tranquility.Amen.Khuda Hafez!

  17. eileen from u.s.a

    it is sad that our islamic countries can not unite and help one another for whatever reason.

    the violence I unforntunatly must say will not cease and with warring presidents with such a powerful say in this world prayer and strength in numbers is all we have.

    love and unite

  18. Ossama I. I. Yousif P. Geol. M.Sc. from Canada

    Assalamu a'laykum, Ramadan muobarak!

    Brother Imam:

    Words have 'rouh'.It is Lailatu'lghadr - The Night of Fate'.Power is only for the Creator.

    Muslims suffer or enjoy and the outcome is one

    when they endure or give thanks.Only when the

    deed is done that a Shaheed gets rewarded.What

    is happenning, must come to pass, remember:'Oh

    Ibad'Allahi stand your ground', or as he said,

    salla'Allahu alayhi wa sallam.Read the Hadieth

    and the Qur'an, where it is mentioned and all

    will be clear to you.'Afala yatadabbarouna'l

    Qur'ana am a'la ghoulubin aghfaluha'.

    Find out as a muslim, what your duty is and do

    it, or else keep your peace, wassalam.

  19. Hashim from USA

    Bismi'LLAH; AlhamduliLLAH; Wassalatu ala RasuliLLAH

    My Beloved Brothers and Sisters:

    Assalamu Alaikum -

    The time now is for work, for spending in Allah's path, for comforting the miserable, and for answering back Allah's enemy wherever they are and with whatever means possible. Know that Allah has explained suffering to us; it's one of three reasons:

    1. Payback for our sins,

    2. A test,

    3. A cleansing act.

    Remember, Oh loved ones, that Allah tells us that he will confirm whatever we think of him, which is why the Prophet (PBUH) says think only good thoughts of Allah. Remember that only goodness comes from Allah.

    Allah raises nations and puts down others: where are the Mongols, the Persians, the Romans and, most recently, the Soviets? History. Each one of those was like unto America is these days. I want all to remember one thing most of all: that Allah, Most wise and Most Able, does what pleases him; this is His dominion. He, Most High, has said: don't be fooled by the power and might of the disbelievers in the lands, it's but a transient time before they are turned to Hell.

    Watch yourselves, tally and question your deeds, their motives, and their end results; and work hard -work good deeds as much as you can and avoid evil as best you can. Who are we? Are we not the Muslims -the only people on this earth with safeguarded message, the only people on this earth who worship Allah with no partners beside him -are we not? Then we are leaps and bounds ahead of others. Ours is not this world, do not lose sight of this. Ours is the hereafter. Each one of us should be a little philosophical: there will come a time when we are in a different land, in a different realm wondering: how long did we live, how easy we were brought back, what good were our lives except for the deeds that may save us now. Work hard my beloved brothers and sisters, and have comfort in Allah's words: It is a promise upon us to make the believers victorious.

  20. Pervez Ali from USA

    It is we who are responsible for our state. Was it not a Muslim in Kemal Atta Turk who restricted mulsim dress, language and way of life.In Pakistan the western part could not bear an Bengali from eastern part becoming the PrimeMinister that lead to the creation of Bangladesh and killing of nearly 2 millon muslims at the hands of Muslims? How many of Muslim countries and people secretly applauded when Saddam Husein killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians? Was it not the muslims who killed each other in Afghanistan after defeating the soviets? True the others take advantage of us and suppourt tarranyical regimes in Egypt, Turkey and many other countries. If we dont bother then why will any one else lag behind in taking advantage of our weakness? Why blame leaders in pakistan where migrants from India "Mohajir" after 50 years? It is not our leaders or other countires but we who let this happen. How many who have read this atricle and some even who have resopnded vow to take action? Today the weapons are education and mastery of technology this coupled with a robust strong and fair socitey will lead us out of our present misreable state. All of thes first start by being strong in our faith. Let us hold fast to our faith, be regular in our salat, Let the Quran and Hadith guide us in our mission. We cant emerge strong if we sit in our homes alone. Let us come out in strong number to our Masjids regularly, let task our buliding our nation blossom there. Let there emerge each among us be willing to do our part in this task before us and let us ask Allah for guidance. Let each one who has posted here go beyond being moved to take action. Since when do we wait for leaders? Let there be among us leaders if there are none now. Let us pledge today that we will get together with other behteren and make concrete plans to lift ourselves out of our situation. Let us pledge today to sacrifice time, money & comfort. The other alternative to this is continued humiliation and sufferin

  21. Beverly Williams from United States

    Brother Khan,

    Allah is the forgiving most merciful. Even though we have made mistakes, Allah will answer our prayers on this night of power. This suffering that is inflicted upon us will bring us closer to our deen. I know that it has for me. Our Prophet (PBUH) foretold what would happen after Isa returns. we suffer now but inshallah paradise will be ours in the end. This was a beautiful article that you wrote. May Allah reward you, and may Allah forgive me for anything that I have said wrong.


  22. Theseeker from USA

    As one ponders on the night of Power, one has to ask what can be done to empower the powerless of our world today. What has gone wrong in the scheme of things? What can be done to redress this intolerable situation? I do not have all the answers, but if every muslim start to sponsor another muslim anywhere in the world, that can be a definite start. I urge you all to apply this suggestion and power from within and without will follow naturally...

  23. shabina dean from Canada

    Imam Saadullahs artical is very touching , just to let you know I liked it very much reading it , not only this , all his duas aswell.

  24. Mohammed Nisar from uk

    dear brothers & sisters

    we are powerless because of our own doings,if we correct our selves give up shirk and bidda ( inovations in deen ) go back to the quran and sunna then help from allah will come untill we change our selves allah will not change our condition as allah swt said in the quran, every one should look at them selves and make that change today and ensha-allah ouer prayers will be excepted.

  25. Taoheedah from Nigeria

    Salaam Alaekum,

    Why are we powerless? Allah says in the Holy Quran:24:55-"Allah has promised those of you who believe and do good works to make them masters in the land as He had made their ancestors before them, to strengthen the Faith He chose for them, and to change their fears to safety". It is the exact opposite that's happening to Muslims today, in almost every part of the world, we are being humiliated, our rights are being trampled upon, no where can we see the glory of Islam. Allah's promise is TRUE! Why are we not in the shade of Allah, we should reflect, we are the ones to blame. We have refused to correct the evil we see around us except for a few, a famous hadith of the prophet warns against this, when we cease to earn ourselves nothing but the displeasure of Allh, what do we expect God to do, for sure, He will turn against us, I think He has. The present state of Muslims is very sad and we brought it all on ourselves, we have no one to blame but us. We all have to wake up, this is a wake up call, if we desire to regain or bring back to life our glorious past, then the work has to start from within, not reading the quran and failing to act upon it's precepts. Only then, Will ALlah turn back to us. We should remember, Allah will not change the condition of a people, unless they change what is in ther hearts. We should admonish ourselves, and WORK on those admonitions.

    Wa Salaam,


  26. Syed Najmul Hasan Hashmi from Canada


    Br.Saadullah Khan

    I read your article,and disappointed after knowing your calibre.

    If you genuinely curious to know the reasons that why

    Muslims are now neither safe nor secure, living in degredation, subjugation

    and disunity, victimized, displaced, once powerful but now powerless, once

    the bearers of torch of civilization, you must read the last sermon of the

    last Prophet (PBUH) once again and many times 'Jawab-e-Shikwah' by Allama

    Iqbal. You will get all what he wants to know.

    May Allah grant you more wisdom.



  27. Farhan from usa


    The answer is THE LEADERS. They are corroupt and thay have committed themselves to the service of the west instead of their own people.

  28. javeed khan from USA

    The night of power is especially for the powerless.For them to reflect and ask for allahs blessing and not be dispared.for they are the bearears and testimony of faith. Thouse who pass this test with sabar and hold tight to their faith the future is for them, For allah will definatly make a better life for them in the coming year and also the hereafter.I would not call them the powerless but in fact they are the real powerfull who are most closest to allah.The shahids of this age and the ghazis of the future inshallah.

  29. Zainab from Kenya

    The article is very thought provoking. The same thought comes to my mind each year on this night and pray for peace and happiness for our brothers and sisters in Islam. The site of brothers and sisters of Islam in Palestine is very terrible, so many dying everyday.

  30. Yazid from USA


    WAKE UP!!

    The US is a CHRISTIAN country with a CHRISTIAN government. THEIR self interest will FOREVER come before anyone elses!

    The Muslim UMMAH while RICH has ALL it's wealth spread within .000000000000000000000001 % of it's members.

    These select few continue to serve their self interest and ONLY theirs.

    Every other religion has it's wealth spread amoungst it's ranks....EXCEPT....islam!

    Until this changes....THE SUFFERING WILL CONTINUE!

    So, stop crying for everyone to be fair, and just and honest and whatever else to us....UNTIL...we begin being that way to ourselves!

  31. intan from usa

    the words are so touching and enlightening. It really made me aware of how abundant the ni'mah Allah had given to me in all my life time. Alhamdulillah, now I realized how much important it is to look at myself back and see the potential that I have to help the Muslims.

  32. juma sadiq ali from uganda

    iam really pleased to see that we muslims are now realising the we need to get togther and be as one and we have to see that the condition of our fellow brothers and sisters in those countries is heard so the message will reach the world. We need all the Duas and prayers and we have to unity if we are going to reach our goals because the Quran say a muslim is a brother to a fellow muslim so let as come out and fight for this and protect our brothers and we need to show the world that we were the first ones to be civilised

  33. mahad ahmed from holland

    moving words my brother. may allah bless you in this life and the next.

  34. Shamsideen Thanni from Nigeria

    Assalam Alaekum, Warahmotullahi Wabarakaatuhu,

    Your article is soul inspiring and I prayed that Allah (SWT) continue to guide you aright (Amin). But, Sir, please suggest what we can do as muslims to change the current trends of things in the present world that we are.

    Maa Salam.

  35. Najeeb from uk


    We are powerless largely because of our own faults. As a muslim born and living in the west, I cannot see one so called Islamic coultry that I would like to live or emmigrate to.Why? ...yet so many living is so-called Islamic nations want to leave those countries to come to the west.Why? As you say most of the worlds refugee population are moslims. Why? These are the questions the we as a people of the Islamic faith need to address. Just as the problems are largely of our own making, so are the solutions within ourselves. If only we have the courage to face the truth within. I will be happy to discuss this further. Allah-hafiz.

  36. Shahied Moerat from South Africa

    A short but extremely powerful article on the absence of unity in Islam. Sheik Sa'dullah comments illustrates clearly that as a Muslim, one cannot practice out deen in a vacuum. What make me more sad is that the present state of affairs will get far worse before we have a glimmer of hope. We are fond of laying the blame at the door of everyone but ourselves. We, as Muslims, are to blame for the state of the Ummah in the last century. For s few gold coins and the promise of country, the idea of the nation state in Islam was born. Gone were the ideals of an Islamic state with no borders. Instead the world got the oil rich kingdoms who sold their birthright for fame and fortune. Not to mention the betrayal of the Commander of the Faithful. We must start acknowledging the role Muslims play in the oppression of fellow Muslims. The roles played by fellow Muslims that lead to oppression are active and passive.

  37. Gary Charles Wilkens from Germany

    Numaan- Is that not enough? Does not Allah tell us to carry the message with beautiful preaching? If it is not said, how will it be heard by those who DON'T know it?

  38. Numaan from US

    What exactly is your point, Sir? You've articulated well what we've known for a long long time. What do your thoughts lead to other than putting in words what we already know only too well ?

  39. Ahmiyul Rauf from USA

    Brother, insya Allah we will get strength by the current ummah situation. Allah will forever with us, and has been showing us His support in many occasions. . . . . .

  40. AJMAL KHAN from UK









  41. Shaista from Canada

    Assalamu alaikum

    I read the article on the Night of Power, and it was great. I really think it is so important to think of our brother's and sister's who are suffering globally. And in today's world it seems we are all preoccupied with how we will get by or what we can attain in this world, and so many of us have become loving of worldly things truely forgetting those in need. I pray to Allah swt that Muslims and non Muslims suffering worldwide, can gain strength and that this ummah can become strong to help those in need, and that more Muslims realize what is going on in other parts of the globe, I also pray for strength to all the orphans, and the widows, and the refugees in all nations.


  42. Mohammed Ansari from USA

    Allah (SWT) has blessed many of us. I am thankful to Allah (SWT) and consider myself as one of the blessed ones. Allah (SWT) has given me enough to take care-off self, my family, and to contribute to the society. For those who have been blessed, we must take a few moments to ponder during this night and remember our Muslim brothers and sisters that are suffering through out this world. We must think and take action to bring a positive change in our life and theirs.

  43. meher from pakistan

    Words are like magic, they change the perception of one state into another.....within seconds

  44. Marlina Wong from Malaysia


    I share the same feeling as what you has written,

    I has a poem to share with all readers of this mail after watching a fallen rain on 25/11/02 .

















  45. Shahab Rowshan from Canada

    How else will you be tried brother? 'Just because the reminder has come to you does not preclude or exclude you from the rest of humanity, you shall be tried to see which of turns back after having been told of the mercy of his lord.'


  46. nabewiyah Adams from Australia

    What a beautifull article masha-Allah.

    will share it with others

  47. fatima from England

    A-salaam-a-lekam, I have been a muslim all my life, just this Ramadan I have doing Itikaf,it purifies your mind,soul,body with doing alot of Ibadaat.

    I would recommend this to any muslim or mankind to do this once in their life time.

    Also The Night of Power is very powerful with the help of Allah of doing Ibadaat knowing that Allah comes down the seven heavens every night and sees his believing servants praying to him.

    I hope you can send more information about Islam in general.

    Shukran for your time.

  48. thE GAL from u.K

    i completely agree with the fakt that there are people in so much despair compared to people like us. and i feel we as muslims are not doin enough to resolve the problem. wat could we do?

  49. Ansar from U.A.E

    Asalam alaikum

    The artile is indeed an eye operner, to wake us form the ignorance and move towards light. I pray to allah to guide us all to the path of rightious.

    May allah give ajar -a - azim

    fi amanillah

  50. diop fatima from ivory coast


  51. R Siddiqui from England

    i was moved ny your piece but felt that it did fall briefly into self pity i may be wrong. you say muslims are suffering gloabal injustice and are being victimised and i would agree to some extent however the evidence presents itself that muslims are currently the biggest culprits of this self inflicted downfall. self pity anger and blame is a weakness and a disiese that spreads quickly which gives us an excuse for sickening apathy. i realise that in oreder to gain Allah's forgiveness surely we must first try to comprehend what forgiveness is. these days we cannot forgive and forget our families for the mildest irritation thinking they must change their attitude whenever 2 muslims become 3 some dispute arises which we blindly use to drive a wedge between ourselves no help required. when one of us tries to discuss issues where differences of opinion occur we get defensive as if our muslim friends are somehow questioning our faith and thus reducing our status towards allah since a person is greater only through worship of allah. we don't trust each other anymore. men and women children and parents sister/brothe neighbours fiends towns cities and countries we think we are right.

    until we look deep in ourselves and learn to forgive unconditionally and try to understand the peace of mind attained by forgiveness and the pure triviality of trying to prove we are right instead of giving the other party time to undertake self analysis we will not understand what allah is trying to teach us by offering us his oft repeated opportunity for mercy and forgiveness

    regards r.siddiqui

  52. Naveed Ahmed from india

    Alhamdulilah, great work by Imam sadullah khan, Allah S.W.T will definetly give you the reward for the continous service that you are doing. The article was really touching. Keep up the good work SIR.

    Allah Hafiz,

    Naveed Ahmed

  53. Mukhtar from Botswana

    As exepected Imam Sadullah Khan excels himself again and again.

    I pray that Almighty Allah continue to inspire him to enlighten our Ummah.

  54. naima from Italy

    How very true. Unfortunately very few Muslims will truely understand the meaning of those words.

    Very few Muslims are being allowed to understand them. We have only ourselves to blame. No religion can afford to live too long in the past.

    We have to move forward. We have to use the knowledge that exist in each and every field and improve on it. We do have a mind, we should use it. We cannot close our doors to the outside world. We should open it. We do not have to become exactly like those we do not agree with, we can take what we need to improve ourselves and use it to become stronger and better.

  55. Samy from Great Britain

    This Article was fantastic to read. Allahumma Wafi Imam Saadullah Khan.

    Let us all be strong and stay united and educated our selfs and our children. No one is stronger than the ones being oppressed. Allah hu Akbar

  56. Mariam

    You reflection was truly a blessed one sheding light on a different angle of the story. May Allah(SWT) bless you and continue to have mercy on the believers for truly He is The Merciful, The Gracious. I am sure the victims are not alone they are consoled day and night by the fact that they will be rewarded in heaven. May Allah (SAW) ease their trial for them and reward them in this life as well as in the hereafter.

  57. Aisha from Philippines

    I am so moved by the article. Probably because I long for peace deep in my heart. When shall Muslims continue to suffer and wallow in misery and indignity? I only have one answer to evrything. I guess it is time for Muslims to strengthen their iman. The reality is that the enemy and culprit that besieged the Muslim community are not the bombs or the widespread misconceptions, but it is the Muslims themselves. I hope the time of Ramadhan shall give Muslims the time to strengthen their iman towards an ummah that shall be united and strong. May Allah guide us all! InshaAllah.

  58. Mohammed Shafi Lokhandwala from U.S.

    What a meaningful article. I almost cried reading it because I have no power to "safeguard the innocent amongst our own."

    We need to brainstorm how to unite ourselves and Muslim countries should not help arrogant powers to terrorise and kill our people in pretex of fighting terrorism.

  59. Tabrez J Siddiqui from Germany

    Let's get back to the Qur'an, to the ways of our Prophet (SAW) and concentrate on developing our economies, education system and Islamic character.

    Let's not lose hope. Let us struggle for good in our individual capacities.

    And above all, let us not forget that Allah is 'Just'- to Muslims and to others.

  60. The Hettena Family from USA

    Perhaps sir, your people seem to be the worlds victims, due to the fact that your population is one billion practicing some very extreme forms of

    your religion. There have been MANY who are refugees due to Wars between themselves. America went into Somalia to help & look what your savages did to our military there. We also saved the Muslims from Milosovich's "Ethnic Cleansing".

    Your poor Palestinians could have been offered a homeland by any other Arab country=they never offered one acre. When Jordan controlled all of Jerusalem, why didnt they give it to the Palestinians. Why is ONLY ISRAEL expected to give more than they have & what have they gotten in return, Women, teenagers at Disco's, the elderly, slaughtered by your friggin TERRORIST GROUPS. MY PEOPLE, the JEWS, have been the target of society

    since the beginning of civilization, & continue to be by your MUSLIM brothers & sisters, who dont want to live WITH ISRAEL IN PEACE, they want the entire state of Israel for themselves.

  61. RABIA GUL from INDIA


  62. murktar mohammad yusuf from nigeria

    the truth in your words are very clear. but my pain is what is the custodians of the holy kaaba doing to this effect. because we all look onto them for our spiritual upliftments. is it that they don't care about our pains? or is the problem about them?

    i want to say here that the USA and BRITAIN are the protectors of the infidles and the persecutors of the ummahs. what can the custodians do for the ummahs to stop this abuses?

    i'm not happy about it in anyway.

    kindly reply me with a word of comfort.

    may ALLAH save the ummahs.......ameen

  63. aisha from san deigo

    asalamu alaykum brother and sister look what is happening to us as a muslim we are friend with the (shatan) who deosn't like our religion who deosn't like our girl to be dress the rigt way have ever thing about it our enmy

  64. Nathan from USA

    In response to Imam Saadullah Khan's article, I agree that the fact sixty-percent of the worlds refugees are Muslim is striking. Yet, even more upsetting is the fact that a significant percentage of these refugees were driven from their homes by others who would call themselves Muslim. The case of the Kurds is an example. Thus, while I believe it is fair to say that the Islamic world has been subject to great injustice over the past two decades, it is not correct to believe that all of the injustice has come from the outside.

  65. ahsan from usa

    It is a great article as many other scholars have write in the past. But, the sad part is muslim world has a poor leadership which is not representing their own people interest.

  66. Dr. A. M. Chaudri from United Kingdom

    In reply to Roger, Comment 2147

    Question (1): Are the rulers in the 'Muslim World' (developing world generally), elected by the people?. Answer: NO! Question (2): Then where did they come from? Using your examples: IRAQ-The tyrannical murderer Saddam Hussein was brought to power through a coupe in 1969 by the USA, who toppled a democratically elected government. The then director of the CIA said about Saddam Hussein, "He is our (American's) Son-Of-a-Bitch". IRAN- Did your Iranian friend tell you that in 1957 Iran peacefully got rid of the Shah's tyrannical father, and started to instigate democratic rule. Uncle Sam decided it wasn't having it, so they forcible installed the Shah, (former rulers son) on the Iranian people. Tens of thousands died, and the rest is history. If you are still in touch with your friend, ask her about it. EGYPT: -Have you ever been there Roger? Well, I have and it's a Police state with full backing from the "civilised" West. 99.99% of Egyptians detest those who rule them, and the USA is the biggest supporter of these tyrants. SAUDI ARABIA-Can anyone please explain to me why there are US bases in SA (the cause of a lot of friction)? Guard against Saddam Hussein maybe? Utter Rubbish!. The US is there to ensure the compliant oppressive regime is not toppled and democracy come in. After all, you want oil for nothing, and a government by the people, for the people in SA would make you pay for it. I could carry on and on with examples, but space is limited. I am the first to admit that most Americans, if not all, I have met are good decent caring friendly people, but unfortunately you also tend to be like sheep gobbling up what ever the US government and the media tells you without question. Please open you eyes and ears and find out what is being done around the world in your name. The great American Malcolm X said, " THERE IS NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE." How true, if only people on this beautiful planet of ours understood.

  67. Roger from USA

    Professor Khan, you suggest that the plight of the Muslim poor worldwide are "victims of global injustice".

    It seems to me that a good place for Muslims to start looking for the cause of their plight might be to first look at their own governments, not blame the rest of the world/western governments. They should first look at the tyrannical Islamic governments that are in place that perpetuate the poverty of its people in the name of religion. These same governments alienate themselves from progress in the fear that their Muslim masses (i.e., power base) might not be strong enough to resist the corrupt temptations of Western civilization.

    Unless I am too niave in my understanding, countries like Egypt have to oppress their people in fear of fanatic Islamic uprising. Seems that if they didn't need to fear blind fanaticsm, they may not need to be so oppressive? Isn't Saudi Arabia oppressive because of the corruption of the ruling party? In Iraq, the dictatorship there kills and oppresses many more Muslims than the west, why not speak out against them in outrage? Why is the west always the only target of outrage and blame? In fact, wasn't it the US/West Europe that came to the aid of Muslims in Kosovo, not Muslim nations? Where was their support? The US is much more interested in world peace, stability, and prosperity than Muslim nations: that seems to me to be the basis of US foreign policy. I know it's not altruistic: we help ourselves by supporting this--but everyone benefits.

    When I was in college, I had an Iranian friend who fled Iran shortly after the Islamic revolution there. She told me that she marched in the streets against the Shah. Soon after the end of the revolution, she relized her mistake at supporting such fanaticism and fled to the U.S. and very much appreciates the freedom we have here. She is still a Muslim, but acknowledges the mistakes of Islamic fanaticism. Hopefully more Muslims worldwide will share in her wisdom.

  68. Jean from Guyana

    This article is intended to wake us up! I hope that we will be awoken soon In Shaa Allah. It is evident all around us that we are becoming refugees in our own back yards. I want to help but remain helpless. I pray that Allah will be merciful to us and unite our hearts and I sincerely hope that this happens soon In shaa Allah.

  69. D Wong from Australia

    you have taken words out of all Muslims' hearts. Our heart bleeds . We must struggle on for a better human world . I wonder what Allah is feeling now !

  70. mubarak Ahmed from usa

    assalamo alaikum we as muslims have a beautiful thing going. first Allah names His Own people as you know. Two,the mosgue that I belong to teach us to learn the 99 names of Allah and learn them good, most muslims forget,even in my mosgue. for example,,,, The Absolute,,, Question,,What!!!!! answer,,, All Seeing, All Hearing, Absolute Controler... The Absolute All Merciful,, The Absolute Final Judge. The Absolute Knower of the past,present and future of All thing that He Created. Now if we take these things and put everything together we will see that Allah is In control of everything. the only power that Allah gave mankind is the power to make a choice. Allah makes a future for that choice. this is why the Holy Prophet Muhammad (p,a,b,o,A,b,o,h) wouldn't say anything until Allah The Supreme Being would tell him what to say and do. Allah said everything He Created is Living. this is why we should not disturb the very atoms in the air with negitive words because they materializes into bad thoughts and actions to others. everything is happening because of mans choices. get the picture. muslims are the riches people in the universe we have to put it in the right places. peace. do not go to bed with a full stomach knowing that you neighbor is hungry. And Allah is The Absolute Provider. peace

  71. meena sheezai from afghanistan

    i have no words to describe my feeling but have the same feeling or deeper than your for those how had suffered. because i also lost my father and the responsible members of my family. i know how those people are feeling and what they need. i wish i could help those women and children whom are waiting and looking for help. no thing i can do but pray to Allah. wasalam

  72. Aisha Abdullah from USA

    This indeeed a true statement, Islam is going through a very tough trial right now. It seems as if the whole world is against the religion. The whole world is watching as the people suffer and the only ones that can help are the true devout Muslim men and women who know the true meaning of justice. Poswer has not been given to those suffering because no one hears their cry except Allah, that';s why we that have a chance to help are given that power. My brothers asnd sisters this is not the time to sit down and pretend that we can't do anything about it. The time of complaining is over we have to help each other as one ummah.

  73. Iin Aisha Hussein from USA

    I was deeply touched with your writing, brother.

    My mind goes to refugees in Afghanistan, especially the

    elderly and the children. It's Eid and I could not swallow my

    dinner tonight thinking of them who might have nothing to

    eat at all.

  74. iqbal from usa

    yes indeed, it is the night of power for those who persever constantly, not for slopy joes. Have you not read that God helps those who help themselves. You get only what you strive for(LAISA LIL INSANA ILLA MASA'A).For the last five hundered years we have been living for the sake of living, our force directed inward, spilling each others blood, Why? We are beaten into submission, made homeless, hopeless, miserable frustrated desperate beings. Those who were chosen to lead the nations of the world, are being lead today, rather dictated to practice the version of islam acceptable to masters of the earth. I believe the things are going to get worst in near future. Watch what Yahud, Hanud and Nasara and communists have in store for Islam. If we do not forgetour differences and unite andwork as a single Umma under the constitution of Quran, we are doomed. look at the condition of so called independent sovereign muslim countries; and think why are we like that? May be what we practice is not real islam, human concoction, pseudo islam. It is not producing the results that it had produced at one time. Why? Where are the Muslim intelectuals? why dont they tell us the way out? Every muslim must ponder this question. Why???

  75. sheila f. mujahid from USA


    as a writer, i appreciate the pen's ability to put into shape the emotions that bond souls, across time, culture and distance, into a compassionate world community. this author, through the grace of Allah, has triumphed in using the pen to proclaim human empathy. he has recognized the suffering in the WORLD community of believers and his sensitivity has inspired me to return to my journal. (when life gets too overwhelming, i find myself unable to go near my journal. the pain i've seen my brothers and sisters in the world endure recently, had been for me, too painful, too awesome, to put into words). may Allah bless this author always for using his pen to summon human concern, in a spirit of Ramadan that should last every day of our lives--and may Allah bless the believers with speedy relief, victory and Paradise.

  76. Prof I Primbud from Earth one

    When I see someone enjoying the comforts and lifestyles of a 'have' life as opposed to a 'have not' lifestlye, it really turns my stomach; THERE REALLY ARE NO REASONS for people to suffer around the world when there are those who live such very comfortable lives!

  77. Feryal Khan from Canada

    I pray that all of my brothers and sisters in Islam, continue to pray Qiyam al Layl during the rest of the year. We need to return to taking Allah as our Wali, not the west or those that threaten us with the loss of material gain. If you truly believe in Allah and submitt to His divine will no matter how difficult it maybe, no one and nothing will hurt you. Not even in death, for we are told that those who die in the way of Allah are not dead. So those who wish to oppress us cannot, not even in our own deaths can they hurt us. The problem is Muslims (not all) look to the west for help, we have taken them as walis (protectors). We have bought into their media, their marketing, they have advertised us to death, so now we sell our souls for this life and don't look to the next. No need to get mad at the west, if our deen was in place we would be victorious, that is Allah's promise. So if you want to do something if you want to make a difference, change yourself, do your sunnah salah, make salah regularly in the masjids, learn Qu'ran and then let it fill your heart, mind and soul. There are millions of Jihads out there, I face Jihad everytime a leave my home, but Allhamdullilah I am Muslim, and if I am true Allah will not forsake me. The prophet (SAW) in his last khutbah during Ramadan said "that in this month even the sleep of the believer is blessed" imagine we are blessed just by sleeping what mercy and miracle is that, how can we take any other we sides HIM Allah la illa huwa. My brothers and sisters check your self first, put Islam at the top of your list. Islam is perfect it is Muslims that are not, and if you thing that you are ok, and that your not bad - let me tell you that is sign number one that you are in need of some change. We will never be good enough. Everything depends on the Mercy of our Creator - Allah the Almighty. May we all strive for the Firdouse. Eid Mubarak

  78. sister noor from USA

    Iead Sieed, my own comforts are a pain for me in the face of all they suffer yet I must be thankful

    The Muslim tribulation in the world in my humble opion is like the hadith of the woman in need of water and could not have it unless she allowed herself to be raped. She was forgiven but I wonder often if after that she hoped for a long life in this world. May Allah give us order and constancy. May he give us the courage to die of thirst. may allah forgive me. and all of us in the world.

  79. c/raxman ibn kathir from USA

    Dear brothers! I am one of your brothers who live in America, because his country was destroyed by one of the worst leaders of human kind. I been here in america about 9yrs, those nine years had really touched me deeply and especially those my brothers and sisters too. We lived in a country where we had the real DEFINITION of freedom not the way most people these countries define the word freedom. We had everything we want and most important we were improving our IMAAN. We lived our life according to ALLAH'S QURAAN and MUHAMMAD.

    Somehow something just falls above on us which was one of the most damaging moments in human history and suddenly we had to flee to some other people's country where they act that we came to their country in order to of their economic or goods, ( they saw us as evils) but they don't know that we came from hell and we want just peaceful life that's it. Anyway, what I want to say to the brothers is that, this is first of all is LIFE and life gives u something and then takes something from u. This life is based on According to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'alaa) worshipping. We all will die someday, and we will face Allah. So my point is ISN'T BETTER TO HELP ONE ANOTHER SINCE WE HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THIS LIFE. PEOPLE WENT THROUGH PAINS AND PAINS AND PAINS....WHILE SOME PEOPLE LIVE IN THEIR DREAMS, HAVING EVERYTHING THEY WANT IN THIS LIFE AND PUNISHING THE POWERLESS. HOW COULD THIS BE FAIR TO TRULLY THINKING HUMAN BEING. SO LIFE DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY, MAYBE SOME PEOPLE MIGHT LIVE IN GOOD LIFE WHILE SOME STRUGGLE TILL THEY DIE CUZ OF THEIR LEADERS WHO SOLD THEIR BEING AS A HUMAN, AND THEIR DIGNITY TO ENEMY WHO HAS POWER TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO DESTROY THEM. THIS MIGHT CONTINUE A LITTLE WHILE BUT THE REAL PUNISHMENT WILL TRULLY BE ON THOSE WHO IGNORE THE TRUTH.THE POINT IS IT IS BETTER TO LIVE IN THE CAUSE OF ALLAH AND IT IS NOT GOOD TO WATCH OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND THE INNOCENT PEOPLE DIE EVERYDAY. "EVERY MINUTE COUNTS IN ALLAH

  80. fouad subratty from Canada

    i have been touched though i share all of what u said. the fact , is indeed the division of muslims and in this case accentuate the abuse of people of other faith. I do indeed believe that ISLAM belongs to ALLAH and is under the safe protection of the almighty, but unfortunately not the muslim community. I strongly believe in what Allah says in the Qur'an, surat Al Imran, " do not place your trust in the non believers.....", and today our fault reside in the fact our faith is so low, thus creating a vacuum which allows doubt to force in and we r lost.

    hope that u will appreciate my comments and INSHA ALLAH , those who believe will succeed in this world and in the hereafter.

  81. Murtaza Siddiqui from Australia

    Indeed, a truly commendable article. One could feel the intensity of your thoughts and your very correct assessment of the dilema common Muslims of today are experiencing primarily because of the totally incapable rulers of the Muslim coutries and the leaders of various so-called Islamic movements. Still with all this chaos, I strongly believe that one day this blindfold will disappear and we will be united (Inshallah).

  82. Mustafa from Canada

    If you seek glory and power, KNOW that all glory and power belongs to ALLAH.

  83. halima sadia

    first asalamu alaykum brother or sister i have few word to say about mushrik and munafuQ been with the jews and chersity we are muslim and we fear allah the almighty we have to help our brother and sister how is every where we didn't came in to this world to play and gambling with girls or boys please wake up from the darkness. please email it to other freinds jasakallahul qayra.

    wasalamu alaykum

  84. S Hussain from USA

    Rarely has such profundity been expressed in so few words. Imam Saadullah is not only a learned Sheikh he is also an intellectual par excellence and he has hit THE chord on our hearts. Alhamdulillah and Jazakallah.

  85. Hwyda from USA

    What's going on now in the world and what's been going on is part of a big picture. The cause of Allah is simple: to believe in him as our only Lord, to obey Him and the prophet (SAW), and to defend Islam. In doing that, we have to act as a united nation, not as individuals. The word unity is easy said and not very difficult to achieve. It is so easy for us to cry and say Oh we Muslims are so poor and the whole world is so unfair to us. But it is very hard to confront ourselves and say, what is wrong with us? Islam had flourished for 1000 years and was on top of the world, because of one thing, Muslems then understood the spirit of Islam, which is to be one. We have no hope in lifting the injustice except if we do as the prophet (SAW), to be like one strong building, each brick is holding onto the other. Allah would not change what's (wrong) in a group of people until they change themselves. We have to start confronting ourselves and know that the humiliation and the injustice that we are suffering from is because we allowed ourselves to forget the cause and the spirit. If we don't start the change and do what we need to do by uniting our lines and uniting our hearts, our hopes and our dreams, Allah as promised, will exchange us with better people who would not be like us. Allah does not need us, we need Him. We all are believers, we believe that we all are going to die and then when the big day comes, we will be accounted for all our acts. The key here is by not to be afraid, how can we be afraid and we are trying the raise Alla's word. We have to start somewhere.

  86. Rizwana Habib Latha from South Africa

    Dear Sheik

    I am a mother and wife and live in Laudium. I also lecture at Vista University. I have had the privilege of meeting you as I lived in Jia Mansions, where your sister lived until she moved to Erasmia- where Iwent to pay my condolences recently. I cannot agree with you more, the tragedy is enormous and we need to pray collectively and learn lessons from this. However, the question is, what is to be done?. Providing aid and relief supplies cannot solve the root of the problem.



  87. American from USA

    Do not fear. We will crush you. Perhaps not today while we need your oil, but soon. Soon.

  88. susan from australia

    indeed imam khan has said it all

    my question, when will it be better, when will the muslims wake up and realise our condition

    i wonder do we even care when we have everything we need. when will we rise and have islam to guide us all the way, when

  89. Zack Shaheen from U.S.A.

    What is happening to the muslims around the world is hurting us American Muslims. My posting is assuring the world that each drop of blood from a muslim is a catastrophic action done by those who are resposible. Someone please act.

  90. zena from usa

    I am not a Muslim, but am still moved by the words of this article. It describes the injustice suffered by a people that should make us all ashamed as human beings, regardless of our form of worship or country of origin.

    May we all pray for God to bring peace to our world and love for each other to our hearts.

  91. Maria from USA


    I pray that the Muslims du'a are accepted I'm sure this Ramadan Insha'Allah.

    A good allegory in respect to the Muslims of today is that of a person sitting

    quietly while there is a huge sword or powerful weapn nearby. Some others come and

    attack him from all sides, yet still the man refuses to pick up the sword and defend himself. This is our state today. Allah has given Muslims all over the world great power, blessing and refuge in the Holy Qur'an and the Hadith, yet we refuse to follow it and instead follow the limited understand of the Kuffar. If only we would return to the true practice of the Qur'an and the Sunnah we would be so much more than we are now. Allah has given us everthing we need to survive on earth, now we can only blame ourselves if we fail to follow this precious wisdom.

  92. fasih khan from usa

    I could'n resist the subject matter on the above topic, so sincerely honestly truthfully you describe about the muslim ummah who are really suffering in this world, I couldn't able to finish the letter I burst into cry, bow down before Allah and begged for Mercy on all those muslims who are suffering. I am a disabled person and I want to donate some money from my savings, I would be very greateful if you give me a very legitimate agency/organisation whome I can trust that the money goes only to the needy people. Jazaak Allah Qair. As salaam alaikom, May Allah Bless you with a long an prosperous life and good health to serve the community many years to come. Fasih khan.

  93. Ali Kazmi from Spain

    Pakistan was also created on the Night of Power, for 14th August fell on the 27th of Ramadan in 1947.

    It is the second country in the entire history of mankind that was created solely for the sake Islam, after the Islamic State of Medina, created by the Prophet PBUH.

    For the criteria that defined nationhood in both the states, was not language, culture or race, but the religion Islam.

    Today the same country is the only Muslim nuclear power in the entire world.

    Is this not a miracle?

  94. Marhainie from SIngapore


    The whole ummah feels the pain of every

    single oppressed Muslim....but in the face of

    despair, I take refuge in Allah's promise that

    the prayers of the prayers of the oppressed

    will always reach Allah....

    and also, I take consolation that justice will

    only be complete on the Day of Judgment......

    May Allah bless the ummah.....


  95. Nadda Alshaer from America, Palestine

    This piece was so wonderful. There aren't enough good words in the english language. Salam Ediki Ya Imam Khan. You have good things to say never stop saying them Insha'Allah. Ramadan Mubarak. Salam Alykum

  96. Ralph Witcher Jr. from USA

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Brother you have said what many of us are feeling. May ALLAH lead us to help the powerless. It is not a good feeling to know there are Muslim in such great need.

    May Allah bless you and your family much.