The Mozlems Are Coming

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A Poem by
M. Shahid Alam

The Mozlems Are Coming

Fear grips the country from coast to coast.
Politicos, anchors and talk-show hosts

chatter all day, The Mozlems are coming;
they've dropped their drivel about fighting

them there. While our troops fought in Iraq
holding the 'terrorists' at the gates, back

home, greater troubles were brewing.
Radical Mozlems were actively scheming

to impose an Islamo-fascist theocracy
on the United States. Our great democracy

confronts an existential threat from within.
Let us act fast - good Republicans raise a din - 

Moslems inside the US are working openly
to force sharia-law upon us. Act quickly,

harangue the pundits - or lose this great country
to heathens. Now's not the time for an energy

plan, overhaul Medicare, fix the infrastructure,
or trim the deficit. We face greater dangers

from the enemy within: The Mozlems are coming.
It's women in burqa, no gambling, no drinking,

nor driving for women. Americans get cracking
'cause your country is calling. The Mozlems are coming.


M. Shahid Alam is professor of economics at Northeastern University. He is author of Israeli Exceptionalism (Palgrave, 2009) and Poverty from the Wealth of Nations (Macmillan, 2000). Write to him at alqalam02760 [at]


  Category: Americas, World Affairs  Channel: Opinion, Poetry
Views: 5782

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Older Comments:

Subhan-n-Allah !

Does it not demonstrate beyond doubt that the practicing muslims (howsoever weak
they may be in their Deen) have impacted so much on the western minds than the more
aggressive ones. May Allah SWT rewards all Muslim Men and Women who have shown
the power of Deen-Islam simply through their interaction, their attitude and their
practice of Islam, wherever they are living.

Insha-a-Allah ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WORD not because of "sword", but because of
it being the final truth from the Creator, through average believers. Prophet SAW has
taught us a beautiful Duaa "Our Lord forgive all the muslim men and muslim women"
(that have passed away, or living or will come to live).

We must not underestimate the power of practicing the deen. Each one us alone and
together will Insha-a-Allah make a contribution towards the Islam. We pray for
guidance and mercy of Allah SWT in all our affairs...Amin!

How true.