Du'a: O Lord - do not save the tyrants

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The wretched of the earth have risen
O Lord - do not save the tyrants 

The hungry of the world are singing
The weak of the world are swinging
The oppressed of the world are smiling
O Lord - do not save the tyrants

O Lord - do not save the tyrants and
The brothers of the tyrants, and
The helpers of the tyrants,
The hypocrites who hail the tyrants,
O Lord - do not save the tyrants

O Lord - do not save the tyrants
From Maghrib to Iskandaria
From the Mediterranean to the Red Sea
From the Medina of Tunis to the Medina of the Prophet
O Lord - do not save the tyrants

O Lord - do not save the tyrants, and
Grant the wretched a scent of the freedom
Give the wretched a taste of dignity
Honor the wretched with crowns on their heads
O Lord - the wretched of the earth have risen

by Shakeel Syed  -  reflecting on the Middle East uprising[s]. 

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  1. Mohammad from USA

    YES, O Lord, please remove the tyrants and do not save them.

  2. Mustafa M Buhari from Nigeria

    The poem says everything about the oppression of the ummah by the rulers and their hypocrites of the west who support them.

  3. Mustafa M Buhari from Nigeria

    The song is just and says the real truth about the real situation of the world today where oppression is the vogue.