Huwa AlQuran

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ذِكرٌ وموعظةٌ ونور

Remembrance, admonition and light

فيهِ شفاءٌ للصدور

A healing to the heart

وشفيعُنا يومَ النشور

And our intercessor on Judgement Day

آياتُه تَروي المَدى

Its verses quench our thirst

وصفاتُه نبعُ الهُدى

Its attributes are the source of guidance

نرقى الجنانَ بحُبهِ

We attain Paradise by loving it

لن تستقيمَ حياتُنا إلا بهِ 

Our life will never be set right...without it

هو القرآنُ والفرقان

It is the Quran, and the Criterion [between right & wrong]

إليهِ تُنصِتُ الأكوان

To it the worlds listen attentively

وفيه تُعطّرُ الآذان

And the ears rejoice when they hear it

هو القرآن

It is the Quran

ضياءٌ يملأُ الآفاق

An illumination that fills the horizons

ونورٌ يبعثُ الأشواق

A light that awakens the yearning [for all that is good]

وفيه مَحاسِنُ الأخلاق

Ethics and beautiful morals are contained within it

هو القرآن

It is the Quran

كم يهتدي الحيرانُ  فيه

It guides the lost and bewildered

والنّفسُ كم حنّت إليه

Our souls yearn for it so much

يعلو ولا يُعلى عليه

It's the highest and nothing can exceed it

هيَّا نُرتِّلُ آيِهِ

Let us recite its verses

ونعيشُ تحت ظلاله

And live under its shade

ننسى الهمومَ بقربه

We’ll forget our worries when we are close to it

لن تستقيمَ حياتُنا إلا بهِ 

Our life will never be set right...without it

أسعِدْ به قلوبَنا

Bring joy to our hearts through it

واغفِر به ذنوبَنا

Forgive our sins through it

واشرح به صدورنا

And relieve our heartaches through it

يا ربنا

O Lord!

أذهِب به أحزاننا

Erase our sorrows through it

فرّج به همومنا

Alleviate our hardships through it

واجعله شاهدا لنا يا ربنا

And make it a witness on our behalf [on Judgement Day] O Lord!

Lyrics: Ahmed Al-Yafie

Melody: Maher Zain

Arrangement: Emre Mogulkoc

  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Ramadan  Channel: Nasheed
Views: 1065

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