(Ramadan) Messenger of Love

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Official Music Video for Awakening's Ramadan song "Rasool-Al Hubb" (Messenger of Love) by Ali Magrebi

Lyrics: Ahmed Al-Yafie
Melody: Ali Magrebi
Arrangement: Bahadır Tanrıvermiş
Director: Alişan Günay Yıldırım
Executive Producers: Ali Magrebi & Bara Kherigi
Special Thanks: Humood AlKhudher, Maher Zain
#Ramadan2020 #TogetherAtHome #Ramadan

Lyrics: رسولَ الحُب

(O Messenger of Love)

رسولَ الحُبِّ أمنيتي

(O Messenger of Love, my biggest wish)

متى عَيني ترى عينيك

(is to know when will my eyes see yours)

ففي قلبي مسافاتٌ

(For there are vast glaciers in my heart)

يذوِّبُها الحنينُ إليك

(that are only melted by my longing for you)


يا رسولَ الله 

(O Messenger of God)

يا حبيبَ الله 

(O Beloved of God)

يا إمامَنا، يا محمد

(O our leader (Imam), O Muhammad!)

صلى الله عليك وسلم

(May God’s peace & blessings be upon you)

يا رسولَ الله

(O Messenger of God)

يا حبيبَ الله

(O Beloved of God)

يا شفيعَنا، يا محمد

(O our intercessor, O Muhammad!)

صلى الله عليك وسلم

(May God’s peace & blessings be upon you)

عرفتُكَ طيِّباً سهلاً

(I've known you as a kind and forgiving man)

عرفتُ الحُبَّ منكَ وفيك

(I’ve learned all about love from you and from loving you)

فمهما ضاق بي همّي

(And no matter how overcome I am with worry)

سيفرجُ بالصلاةِ عليك

(it is relieved when I send peace upon you)


غرستَ الحُبَّ في الدنيا

You planted love in this world

فحنَّ الجذعُ بين يديك

such that even the tree trunk cried, longing for your hands

وسَبَّحت الحصى شوقاً

And the pebbles praised God out of longing

وإيماناً على كفَّيْك

and submission, in the palms of your hands



  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Ramadan  Channel: Nasheed, Ramadan - Day 2
Views: 1261

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